New Shop!! Garage Tour!


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  • billybike57
    billybike57 17 дней назад

    Just saw the video, would like to see what you've done so far, that being said I think you are on the way to an awesome garage and shop. I'm not a big toll box fan, I like wall cabinets. I have nothing setting on the floor, everything is in storage cabinets and hung to the wall. When I framed out my garage I made sure I would have walls strong enough that I could hang engine from the wall if needed. When I want to hose it out, a bucket full of detergent and mope-squeegee the floor. Epoxy floor, OMG what an investment for any shop. A little pricey but I look at it as an investment. I stepped up with the Whirpool gladiator cabinets. Excellent choice on lighting, I went with "Daylight" LED lighting. My garage is lit up like a surgical suite. Outstanding view from you and a good walk though, hope it turned out as you wished!

  • Ron Jones
    Ron Jones 26 дней назад

    Great Garage. You can never have to much space. Good Luck.

  • Joe Schaecher
    Joe Schaecher Месяц назад +1

    Congratulations on the new shop. I'm building a 30'x40' garage/shop this spring so it's nice to see one roughly the same size to get an idea of how much space I'll have and some ideas on different things I should do. I can't wait for upcoming videos.

  • John Berlingieri
    John Berlingieri Месяц назад

    Can you please do an updated shop tour

  • Mike Aux
    Mike Aux 2 месяца назад

    A bit jealous, actaully.

  • BRICEN18
    BRICEN18 3 месяца назад

    How tall are the ceilings??

  • Jimmy Waters
    Jimmy Waters 3 месяца назад

    You've got a nice building with lots of potential. You asked, so here it is: 3 or 4 stage alarm system ( cameras ( inside / outside) infrared light beams on all roll up doors/ plus walk in door, and a big, mean guard dog). Next, you didn't say anything about the attic, how substantial are the rafters; I mean can you put anything up there? Could be a potential parts room, etc. Next, epoxy floor coating while nothing is in the shop(much easier to do, less hassle). Replace all that PVC tubing with steel tubing. While you are at it, get a 120 gallon air compressor, or, if you can afford it, get a screw compressor; much less maintainance in the long run. You need one area devoted to machine work and cleaning. You want to be self sufficient- by that I mean, you do not want to rely on anyone for help. Such as: having a decent sized lathe, a Bridgeport mill, various welding machines (mig, tig, plasma cutter,etc.) bench grinder, sand blaster, parts washer to get yourself started. This way, you won't have to rely on buddies for favors, and you can get more done without leaving the shop. Oh, while I'm at it, a decent sized frig, sink and maybe a stove. After you have been there a while, have a good sized concrete slab poured out in front of the shop. That way, you won't be tracking in as much dirt and rocks on the shop floor. Sweeping that stuff out gets to be a pain in the keister after a while.

  • Krispin Gord
    Krispin Gord 3 месяца назад

    I am curious as to why you chose this building? Great deal? Close to home, etc? I ask because the ceiling is so low is is far from ideal as an auto shop

  • Paul Dysinger
    Paul Dysinger 3 месяца назад

    You should make a updated video of the shop as is it today.

  • Ammar Siddiqui
    Ammar Siddiqui 4 месяца назад +1


  • wharpig
    wharpig 5 месяцев назад

    You should do a shop tour update. Nice building.

  • classic287
    classic287 6 месяцев назад +1

    Looking cool 😎 in the sunglasses. Nice space you got there. I still have to fool
    around with jack stands.

  • champagneedward
    champagneedward 7 месяцев назад


  • Gojira
    Gojira 8 месяцев назад

    i wish i could live in ur garage

    • Gojira
      Gojira 8 месяцев назад +1

      Real Tool Reviews is that a challenge?

    • Real Tool Reviews
      Real Tool Reviews  8 месяцев назад

      It would be pretty tough with no bed & no running water....

    ELIRAXPRT 8 месяцев назад

    Not sure where you live but might consider a ductless mini split air conditioner and heater for all or just the office space.

  • Lee Ross
    Lee Ross 9 месяцев назад

    Full tear down. Build from scratch.

  • Joe N
    Joe N 9 месяцев назад

    Apoxy the floor

  • ElectronicMechanic
    ElectronicMechanic 10 месяцев назад

    Also look into raising one of the ceilings in one of the bays so u can get full height lift all u need is 2 more feet

  • ElectronicMechanic
    ElectronicMechanic 10 месяцев назад

    Get a 12000lbs 2 post lift won't hog up floor space like a 4 post does as long as the slab can handle it

  • A K
    A K 10 месяцев назад

    just dig 4 feet deep pits to work under the vehicles, 3 feet lift + 4 feet lift

  • davegt27
    davegt27 10 месяцев назад

    1) paint the floor 2) I put $3K work of premier garage cabinets in my 900SF garage, all along the back wall up high in the area that is not used. 3) cement pad out in front of the garage. 4) another small storage shed in the yard 5) don't put a lift in the middle of the shop it will limit all 3 bays to one car/truck 6) check out garage Journal forum 7) don't buy any garage specific cabinets they are way over priced

  • kctyphoon
    kctyphoon 10 месяцев назад

    Wood burning stove for sure.

  • kctyphoon
    kctyphoon 10 месяцев назад

    Raise the ceiling in the middle bay.. done correctly, which is not hard. You'd even be able to gain access above both sides of the ceilings at the original height for storage, and have the lift to help bring things up and down too.

  • bori lopez
    bori lopez 11 месяцев назад +1

    Men you have a dream garage space thank you for share

  • Mike Harvey
    Mike Harvey 11 месяцев назад

    Nice Shop space.. Wish I had that much room. Miss seeing any new Ridgid tool videos in awhile. You are always good at testing them to ensure they will perform well.

  • poorboy126
    poorboy126 Год назад

    Oh my God I'm so jealous, I would love that garage. I hope you include a video when you are done with it.

  • zempron
    zempron Год назад

    wash the outside

  • J.M. The Mechanic
    J.M. The Mechanic Год назад +1

    Can you do an updated tour once you get everything moved in?

  • jeff tovani
    jeff tovani Год назад

    When,I have time i,will make a vidieo,of my shop,may be giving you some ideas,for your shop!!!! Best tool reviews on line,bar none,keep up the good work,!!!!

  • jeff tovani
    jeff tovani Год назад

    I,built, 4000 sq ft,garage,8 years ago! 17 foot ceilings, have,2 post lift, love it,like your shop, you need more height,12' 6'' minumin!!

    • Real Tool Reviews
      Real Tool Reviews  Год назад

      I chance I would go with under 14’ ceilings with the next one I actually build. 👍

  • 296jayce
    296jayce Год назад +2

    Tire and balance machine, a garage cabinet organization system like the bold series, a small lift for things like a motorcycles, atvs etc to either work on or store it in the air out of the way. Dont forget a nice radio to listen to music while in the shop. I would make a nice lounge area in the other room also just to chill out. For the floors, i would probably do some kind of epoxy. Also look at running plumbing and get like an eye wash station and maybe a sink that u can clean parts and tools off in

  • Susan Longmire
    Susan Longmire Год назад

    Leave one garage space open were your shop is its so much easier

  • North East Vloggers
    North East Vloggers Год назад

    Where's the bathroom

  • abcd EFGH
    abcd EFGH Год назад

    All the air line in my shop is 3/4" PVC at 120psi. I have had absolutely no problems with it, and it's cheap to fix if you do end up with a leak or a crack.

  • asm154
    asm154 Год назад +1

    Late to this party but I ❤️ the space

  • Rogers1911
    Rogers1911 Год назад +1

    Let's see an update on this to see what you've done with it.

  • J.G The Auto Tech
    J.G The Auto Tech Год назад

    Have you gotten a hold on the Second Gen m18 1/2" impact.
    I received mines today and it's awesome! I would like to see you give us the dynamic torque

  • Stefan Czechorski
    Stefan Czechorski Год назад +1

    Motorcity Mechanic's comment is very well taken; even if you only put up a High well made metal shell (for now) and a solid concrete floor , your four post lift would work out much more effectively (as per your comment of wanting one). You could always weather off the "truck space" better at a later date; after all your truck work may be limited as I'm not sure what you focus your efforts on. A good two post lift could be placed in your main space-for automobiles. That layout is clearly meant for cars and not trucks. Great problems to have! Congratulations!!

  • Mike Zupancic
    Mike Zupancic Год назад

    Unless those flourescent lights are T12 you aren't saving much in energy costs by getting rid of them. It will take you years and years recovering the costs of converting/replacing a T-8 Fixture to LED. Additionally, flourescent puts out very little heat and the bulbs really don't get hot to the touch. Overall, I'd keep what you have an add additional lighting on different switches to brighten up the front and rear areas around each vehicle.

  • LeonaTimberCompany
    LeonaTimberCompany Год назад

    Nice space. You already have a retractable tarp it looks like. Change that to a heavier material and make it go from as close to the ceiling as you can to just touching the floor. Put HVAC or a shop heater into the stall next to your office, then in the winter you can pull that tarp and have a heated stall to work in. I have a friend with a similar size shop who did that, you would be surprised how well it actually works.

  • ega0117
    ega0117 Год назад

    Bro, I highly suggest taller ceiling space so that you can lift the vehicles higher. Are you able to take out that existing ceiling? Also, what's very important is providing proper ventilation for your workshop. Feel free to contact me, I happen to be an Architect (by trade). I don't mind helping good folks out in return. Thank you for your videos they are very good when deciding to make your next tool investment.

  • ega0117
    ega0117 Год назад

    Is that your very own garage or are you renting it?

  • GlenGlenervo
    GlenGlenervo Год назад

    cant wait to see some content about car lift options

  • Anabel Perera
    Anabel Perera Год назад

    Hey just Curious when are you gonna do a review on the new Milwaukee 2767 impact?

  • Nate G
    Nate G Год назад

    Concrete stain or something of the like

  • Mechan Knuckle
    Mechan Knuckle Год назад

    Would love to see a review / comparison of a new HF Vulcan mig vs. comparable Lincoln welder. Thanks!

  • Batman's Parents
    Batman's Parents Год назад

    Any updates on the shop?

  • Jeremy Chorney
    Jeremy Chorney Год назад

    wow, you have a nice blank space to work with. In my garage, i take on a lot of different projects. Woodworking, welding, automotive, and so on. I put a a few flat screen TV's up, with speakers wired up like a theater. Granite top, weathered oak Rolling bar and a old white fridge painted with some old school style flames. Next is EVERYTHING is on wheels. Every bench, stand, toolbox, compressor......... every thing. So much my family makes fun of me when i get excited that casters come on sale at the local store. Sweeping up, or wash down becomes a joy, not a burden. When i see a shop your size...... i think wheels. Enjoy.

  • mecanicien37
    mecanicien37 Год назад

    Congratulations for your new Garage.
    can you modify the roof?
    pipe line must be obviously Metal to use High pressure air.

  • Turbo
    Turbo Год назад

    i would keep a bed so that i can bring grls and bang

  • ElectronicMechanic
    ElectronicMechanic Год назад

    Lighting, storage and put everything on good casters so it all can be moved. Bendpack lift

  • CanadianCharlie64
    CanadianCharlie64 Год назад

    Rip the center bay ceiling out and install a hoist, nice garage

  • Dan Johnson
    Dan Johnson Год назад

    Hmmm, what do I think about it. Errr I wish it was MINE! All mine. I need to find someone with one of these who is not using is and rent it from them... Would be awesome for restoring my 1965 convertible bug project...

  • Kyle Novak
    Kyle Novak Год назад

    I would kill to have it

  • Jose Correa
    Jose Correa Год назад

    Air compressor and lines

  • otherstuffbybob
    otherstuffbybob Год назад

    Bust out that ceiling and put the taller lift in...oh wait, I see you already have plans so you won't have to crawl under the vehicles.

  • Jason Cole
    Jason Cole Год назад

    I'd be curious if you wanted to test the Quickjack jacks. I have a small garage and I'm looking for a compact lift like this.

  • Nick
    Nick Год назад

    Might want to consider ceiling mounted lighting brackets to hold and position lighting for your videos or even for your work! I use a C stand at my shop to hold lights while working under vehicles or even to illuminate engine bays, love it.

  • llspragulus
    llspragulus Год назад

    I have a 2400 sqft shop and I heat it with a diesel military heater H-140. I built an air filter box for it and in the summer it doubles as a great fan.

  • Sam Lawrence
    Sam Lawrence Год назад

    Tray out the ceiling in the center bay

  • J Lang
    J Lang Год назад

    Not sure if the building could be modified to do this, but I would look into removing the dry wall ceiling at least above where you plan on putting the lift and moving/altering (safely) the trusses for the roof. That way it would allow you to lift vehicles higher.

  • ToJen1981
    ToJen1981 Год назад

    I'd raise the ceiling in the middle and do a 2-post instead. A PITA but worth it in the long run. You'll thank yourself later.
    At 30 ft deep, 4-post is a huge waste of space unless you're going to be doing alignments. It will basically be like putting a wall up in the middle of your shop. Plus less underneath clearance due to being lifted by the wheels instead of the frame/lift points. They're also more $$$ by the time you get the rolling jacks.

    • Real Tool Reviews
      Real Tool Reviews  Год назад

      The 4-post is my idea for the easiest way to get better camera angles & also not having the rip a part of the floor up to pour thicker is still up in the air at this point.....thanks for the input!

  • Zac Boswell
    Zac Boswell Год назад +1

    If you are going to use one of the bays as a parking spot for you put a garage door opener so then you can open it from inside your truck. I would also get a lot of metal shelving to store parts like oil and stuff like that. I would also paint the floor to add more protection from it chipping if you drop anything heavy on it.

  • Nick H Deep 6 Leather Works
    Nick H Deep 6 Leather Works Год назад

    How's the shopping coming now? I saw the video a few days ago.

    • Real Tool Reviews
      Real Tool Reviews  Год назад

      I have spent about $3k around the property already and still have not gotten moved in......gotta love maintenance!

  • Marc Goodman
    Marc Goodman Год назад

    Before you swap out your old fluorescents for new LED lighting, check with your local electricity supplier (the utility company not the electrician who will do the work) and see if there are upfront 'cash' incentives for the change to more efficient lighting (other than the long-term savings on electricity costs). If it's a matter of submitting paperwork in a timely fashion before or after the work is done, you don't want to miss out on any savings. And don't forget there are rugged all-weather external LED security lights available that will help with camera monitoring after hours. And while the electrician is in the shop, have him/her run some CAT5 or CAT6 lines and outlets around the entire shop so you can do your filming and security set-up from anywhere in the facility; wireless is nice but nothing beats a hardwire set-up for maximum transmission speeds.

  • S A D N E S S
    S A D N E S S Год назад

    Id like to see an battery chisel if they exist.

  • Ben The Mechanic
    Ben The Mechanic Год назад

    Please review the new earthquake cordless line.

  • Red_Ram_479
    Red_Ram_479 Год назад

    Snap-on Junkie made a video on snap-on vs harbor frieght talked about you in it.

    • Red_Ram_479
      Red_Ram_479 Год назад +1

      Real Tool Reviews hahahah your video love to watch keep it up.

    • Real Tool Reviews
      Real Tool Reviews  Год назад

      +Stephen M the amount of negativity I catch on a daily basis would make most people cancel their internet service...

  • siucbset
    siucbset Год назад

    2PostLift: Nice garage but I think you should dump it. If you are going to do some do it your self work then fine but if you are going to get serious then you need to get a garage with taller ceiling. You will want to have a BendPak XPR-10A-LP.

  • Mark Spotter
    Mark Spotter Год назад

    Before pressure-washing and scrubbing the exterior, spray it with straight vinegar to kill the "growth." Let it sit for 30+ minutes before proceeding. Apparently, the previous owners (or their painters) used either an interior paint or the cheapest "exterior" paint they could find. Little or no (1) fungicide in the paint, (2) sunlight, and (3) airflow will leave your cladding highly prone to "growth."
    Also, before re-painting, you may want to pull a few pieces of siding from random parts of the building to check for rot and mold on the backsides. Make sure the building envelope has been properly weatherized against air and water infiltration, and that any water that gets behind the cladding can be shed down and out via weather-barrier and flashing.

  • Brian Parker
    Brian Parker Год назад

    For the lift, remove part of the drywall ceiling and box it into the attic. Not like your going to get in the car while its lifted, so who cares if it goes up into the ceiling a bit.

  • Brian Parker
    Brian Parker Год назад

    Right off the bat, pressure washer review. Strong enough for a car, gentle enough for your siding.

  • Jeremy Dale
    Jeremy Dale Год назад

    Don't do a 4 post. You won't be able to do nearly as much on it as you would think.

  • Woodworking Wannabe
    Woodworking Wannabe Год назад

    Remove the ceiling from the center bay and put a full height lift in.

  • CTSully1
    CTSully1 Год назад +2

    Put a sex swing in there with a jello wrestling ring!!

  • Randy Lamountain
    Randy Lamountain Год назад

    I'd put a bigger concrete slab out front to work on cars so you can use jacks, jack stands and a creeper. Then I would prob make a room on the out side wall to put the air compressor to keep some room In the shop and plus noise reduction.

  • Scott Foster
    Scott Foster Год назад

    Use the middle bay for a vehicle lift. Instal a air supply system ,I would pour a pad out side and build a small building for a compresser and a bit of storage. Need to have tire changer and balancer at some point. Build a divider wall in the front for a small office to do video editing and have a clean place for internet surfing. Intstall all led lighting.

  • Al Cyr
    Al Cyr Год назад

    Heating is a major consideration for me. Being that I'm up in central Alberta Canada. My previous 2 car garage had in floor heating, when the temperature dipped to -30`C, that hot water tank ran continuously. I liked the radiant heater my late father had in his wood shop. I thought that would never work, a tube mounted near the ceiling. It works exceptionally well. Last 5 yrs I've used a diesel fueled torpedo heater. Fumes are horrible, and I lost enough brain cells in the 80's. My brother has a 2 car RV garage, tall door and ceiling. Natural gas, forced air heating, at the ceiling. When it kicks in, you're oh that feels good, when it shuts off, you're cold. I'm leaning towards radiant heat.

  • krissrock
    krissrock Год назад

    congrats...i'm sure you know what you're gonna do with it, but whatever you do, please just video/review everything!!

  • realtaur
    realtaur Год назад

    If you going to do a 4 post then you need a 2 post Bend Pak as a 2 post makes working on cars easier!

  • Evan Watson
    Evan Watson Год назад

    keep us updated. like the space. Alot. wish I had one like it.

  • USS_Boom
    USS_Boom Год назад

    Oh you might look into the attic and see if there is a way to Raise the Roof area above the lift, so to lift Vehicle higher as well. you could easy reframe a Section over the Lift bay and if any clearance in attic ..

  • USS_Boom
    USS_Boom Год назад

    though I can do mechanical work, that's a bad Ass Wood shop in my Eyes, Awesome Find, (my 2 cents worth) I would put the lift to the far end away from the Office though or its basically a Huge wall in center, when Not in use, I would put the tool Boxes close to office incase your working in there and need a tool, instead of the end farthest away, I would also put a small shed outside with the Compressor so as not hear it while you work constant coming on and off, the wall opposite the doors would be hanging tools, used a lot, and have them organized for what you do in that bay Mostly, if you have benches make them so Rolling carts can fit under it for cart storage when there not needed. and as for LED lights they are Great, but you might look into solar Tube Lighting also ( ), easy to install tubes from roof feed light down and into the shop, I wood Pressure wash and Epoxy that floor soon as Possible, it makes clean up much easier and oil want be Soaking in to and staining the floors. again Grats on your new shop, I'm very Jealous 8)

  • Lawrence Meyers
    Lawrence Meyers Год назад

    That cool u can used last bay for element stay in

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson Год назад

    I have an inspection pit in my garage and it is a really great feature. Great for getting under a vehicle for inspection and servicing. Vehicle can't fall and can stand up straight below vehicle. A cleaning area for parts is essential. Blast cabinets,wash cabinets and storage racking. Everything needs to be clean,you can't be going putting dirty parts back on. Dust and fume extraction. Waste fluids area. You need a clean work and dirty work area.

  • SRT392
    SRT392 Год назад

    I would definitely power wash the vinyl siding first

  • Harley Burns
    Harley Burns Год назад

    Do you keep all of your tools You test?

  • Jared
    Jared Год назад

    I would take off your sunglasses when you do a video. Do the bright lights blind you?

  • Hypebeast N
    Hypebeast N Год назад

    Get lift master 3500 jackshaft garage door openers for the doors

  • Myriad
    Myriad Год назад

    I agree with the paint and floor epoxy. On that note, verify the floor is completely flat and take care of any cracks when you see them.
    Whilst you're doing renovations, install a ventalating fan in the wall; any real use of paint, chemicals, or welding requires it. You could also install hanging fans between bays to circulate.

  • Simon99
    Simon99 Год назад

    The siding is dirty. Start by cleaning that.

  • mike gager
    mike gager Год назад

    did you buy a garage by itself or was it part of a house purchase?

  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed Год назад +1

    you should do a video over the new harbor freight power tools, they seem promising

  • Paul M
    Paul M Год назад +1

    First of all... Congratulations on the new shop. Bright and beautiful, I do envy your new space.
    My recommendation is towards the plan of installing only one lift.
    Though it seems ambitious, if possible, I'd like to recommend, in the center bay only, the ceiling be removed.
    This way the the lift will be able to achieve a higher lift ability.
    Additionally with the ceiling is removed, there may be way to incorporate sky lights for natural light.
    Moreover, as you're still a young guy now, in your older years, your back will greatly appreciate your ability to stand straight up while under a vehicle later.
    The cost to do this may be high but the benefits could be:
    ~Summer time, the peaked ceiling would be a natural heat sink, meaning cool in the shop where you work and all the heat goes up.
    ~While the lift's up, Another vehicle goes under the lift space, meaning an almost doubling of that specific square footage.
    ~ Higher lift means saving your back... You've only got one. Keep it straight, you'll have less stress on your joints, feet etc,
    best of all it could offer your boyish good looks for years to come.
    Winter time, Yes all the heat will go up there, a simple fan to push is back down will work, but even better, redirect/duct the heat to;
    A. Go back through the office before re-entering the shop.
    B. While the heat's up there, locate your hot water heater up there too. This way, as the ambient temperature is already warm, the hot water heater will not have to work as hard to heat the water, saving you money
    Side comment, that youtuber I think SHAKA38 that mentioned the used oil heater... BRILLIANT !!!
    I"m going to research those/that.... NOW!
    Lastly... I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS. Thank you so much for doing what you do.

  • 09turbodiesel
    09turbodiesel Год назад

    Sorry something went wrong with what I was wrting. The area on the side I would put a lathe and a drill press, mill. Enjoy your videos

  • Ian Spice
    Ian Spice Год назад

    A split unit on the office to heat and cool would be very efficient. Also using the back space for the air compressor would cut down on the noise

    DAVE GUNTHER Год назад

    cut a pocket in the ceiling so you can lift a vehicle to full hight. be aware some structural modifications may be necessary.

  • Carson Jensen
    Carson Jensen Год назад

    I'd power wash the moss off the outside bricks. It would make it look much sharper from the outside!

  • 45NUTS
    45NUTS Год назад

    forgot an important item for your garage , Automatic Emergency Lights , saw an episode of Forged in Fire , and a guy was in his shop working and a severe rain storm hit , he close his garage door a second later the power went out , than he was in total darkness.

  • RobShutt357
    RobShutt357 Год назад

    It needs a stage and a striped pole