Man takes knee during national anthem at White House event

  • Published on Jun 5, 2018
  • A man took a knee during the national anthem at the 'A Celebration of America' event that was held in place after President Trump canceled the Philadelphia Eagles' White House Super Bowl ceremony.Credit: Carina Bergfeldt/SVT via Twitter and AP
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  • Ravage Gonza
    Ravage Gonza 5 months ago

    Where was this gringo during Obama's gun running scam of operation fast and furious?
    Puto betamale coward...

  • Muslim Slayer
    Muslim Slayer 7 months ago


  • Russ Wong
    Russ Wong 11 months ago

    Someone should of soccer kicked that fat fuck in the head!

  • Denise Eugene
    Denise Eugene 11 months ago

    lol.. like he deferred 5 times to avoid the draft ? Did trumps sons ever serve ? Of course not ...

  • Paul Levere
    Paul Levere 11 months ago +2

    This President is an idiot... and thats mildly put. I guess his deception of the American people is patriotic too, huh? Lol #deplorable

  • mustang9279
    mustang9279 11 months ago +2

    Donald Trump respects the military so much. he dodged the draft so he wouldn't hog all the glory.

  • Nigel Uchiha
    Nigel Uchiha 11 months ago


  • calvin .
    calvin . 11 months ago

    some vets don't have knees to sit on like this fat fuck smfh

  • mason orosco
    mason orosco 11 months ago


  • Kyle Abbott
    Kyle Abbott 11 months ago


  • C C
    C C 11 months ago +4

    I wonder if any of the military members in the band on stage wanted to kick his ass for disrespecting the country they so proudly swore an oath to serve. I would have paid money to see that.

  • quietman356 123455
    quietman356 123455 11 months ago +2

    Yeah... this is great....awesome ...from the Philadelphia Eagles to a fat white guy kneeling.

  • timber_beast
    timber_beast 11 months ago +2

    One brave man among a gaggle of phony patriots

  • Linda Wright
    Linda Wright 11 months ago +1

    "Dissent is the highest form of patriotism." - Thomas Jefferson

  • T E C C
    T E C C 11 months ago +2

    Lmao!! 😂 You guys think he kneeled in protest, then he claps. He was tired from carrying WAY too much weight on his skeleton. Those who wish the captain of the ship to fail are borderline suicidal. We can easily just toss you overboard if you really wanna drown. Just say the word! Also, those who praise this guy should pay more attention to human behavior instead of instantly taking a side. Praisers get an IQ of a maximum of 90 😂

  • Antonio Preciado
    Antonio Preciado 11 months ago

    Big deal smh stop worrying about that shit people

  • ray perez
    ray perez 11 months ago

    You go whoever you are make a statement by kneeling for what you believe. The first amendment is our God given right to express ourselves.

  • Rcbif
    Rcbif 11 months ago +11

    Well he looks to be about 300lbs, so more than likely he just got tired of standing or his leg gave out on him.

  • dfy goh
    dfy goh 11 months ago +2

    if he didn't like being there why did he show up

    • Chaos Commando
      Chaos Commando 9 months ago +1

      pittsburghpirate58 by fucking shitting on a flag millions of soldiers have died to keep up?

    • pittsburghpirate58
      pittsburghpirate58 11 months ago +3

      dfy goh To protest the rule of a tyrant!

  • Herr Führer Trump
    Herr Führer Trump 11 months ago +7

    That damn Draft Dodger Trump is going to overdose on McDonald’s, KFC, and cases of Coke tonight. He must be livid!😂

  • Arrmia Benton
    Arrmia Benton 11 months ago +6

    That damn Draft Dodger 45 is going to overdose on McDonald’s, KFC, and Coke tonight. He must be livid.

  • jackie nasta
    jackie nasta 11 months ago +17

    May The God bless that man who took a knee in the face of that tyrant!

    • Ravage Gonza
      Ravage Gonza 5 months ago

      Venomous Soup
      It might gender fluid identify itself as a vegetable.
      I'm a lesbian attack helicopter...

    • Ravage Gonza
      Ravage Gonza 5 months ago

      muhammed ruiz remember bengazi, operation fast and furious ?

    • MaPee1982
      MaPee1982 5 months ago

      The only tyrant is your child raping paedophile moooslim God Allaccckkkk Snackbar

    • jackie nasta
      jackie nasta 9 months ago


  • NerdyGal Art
    NerdyGal Art 11 months ago +12

    Good for him 💯👌🏼

  • zscotsman1
    zscotsman1 11 months ago +6

    LMAO @ the 1 anti- American to show up at a Trump event.
    It would be nice to see a liberal rooting for America just once
    but if they wanna be unpatriotic and traitorous well, that's on them.
    All I can say is GOD Bless America!
    God Bless our Commander in Chief
    and GOD Bless you all. Even the unpatriotic libbies.
    May they find the country of their dreams and go there with GOD's speed
    and let Freedom forever reign in this glorious land of Hope and Promise
    that we call home.

    • Chaos Commando
      Chaos Commando 9 months ago

      God bless America and our brave heroes that fight for it! Deport the traitors!

    • pittsburghpirate58
      pittsburghpirate58 11 months ago +1

      zscotsman1 We stand for this......No Man, No Person and No President is ABOVE THE RULE OF LAW!!

    • jackie nasta
      jackie nasta 11 months ago +2

      zscotsman1 remember this you fool you and all Disbeliever's in this sun worshiping shit hole country, Allah will cause you to DIE and Allah will bring you back for judgement over everything that you ever think, say and do!

    • jackie nasta
      jackie nasta 11 months ago


    • NerdyGal Art
      NerdyGal Art 11 months ago +7

      zscotsman1 this is more about being a true leader and not a follower. Throw out that liberal/conservative bullshit and start thinking like an individual.

  • David Rook
    David Rook 11 months ago +4

    Well he wasn't in uniform, nor on the field getting paid, so the man kneeling was on his own time, so he can protest all he wants. Nobody cares...

  • Someguy1302
    Someguy1302 11 months ago +2

    I think buddy was just tired. Standing is hard work when you're that big

  • flintbrenick
    flintbrenick 11 months ago +4


  • Hongkong Phooey
    Hongkong Phooey 11 months ago +1

    Football player or buttsniffer?

  • True or False
    True or False 11 months ago

    Anyone who would take a knee during the National Anthem should be kicked in the ass until he or she would stand up. Kicking in the balls is uncalled for. Just a swift kick in the ass.

  • Mila villagómez
    Mila villagómez 11 months ago +10

    The president we deserve.

    • Robert
      Robert 11 months ago +1

      Linda Van Rijn Why are you mocking the unemployment rate? That's a tremendous success. As a matter of fact, Black and Women unemployment rates is at an all time high. I see no racism in that at all. CNN and other such news organizations spew out bullshit to get you to vote for Democrats.

    • Robert
      Robert 11 months ago +1

      Linda Van Rijn How is Trump a terrorist you fucking idiot.

    • Eric Smalls
      Eric Smalls 11 months ago +1

      And meanwhile the poorest , least educated, and the highest recipients of welfare happen to be in the mid-west/ southern, white and republican. In addition, more cops are killed by white men including the overwhelmingly majority of mass shootings in the US. The ACA helped more majority white counties with access to health insurance that they couldn't perviously get. So care to pull more BS stats out of your ass.

    • David Rook
      David Rook 11 months ago +2

      Linda Van Rijn. Please seek professional mental help as soon as possible, because Trump is not all that bad, and he is correcting problems that were way overdue but nobody had the balls to do it, because they afraid of getting voted out. We can't keep taking in illegal immigrants. We can't keep letting other countries take advantage of us through their own tariffs and subsidies, without eventually going bankrupt ourselves. We can't afford another war that both parties seem to want, while Trump is trying to negotiate a peaceful reunion of the Koreas, which could save the United States an incredible amount of money used to guard the border of the Koreas. James Hodges is also right about Obamacare, it is for all purposes a disaster because the Democrats left both the insurance companies and the medical establishment in control, which is the reason it was going down in the first place. Now Democrats trying to get reelected are saying yes to universal healthcare, which is what they should have done when they had the presidency, house and senate. Also Obama helped to start the division in our country when he would side over criminals over our law enforcement before investigations were even completed. Trump just took advantage of Obama's screw ups and won.

    • Mila villagómez
      Mila villagómez 11 months ago +2

      James Hodges “tHe UnEmplOymT blablabla” yas the rich people are even richer now. But dont you dare to say that America is doing well at the moment. The increase of school shootings, the way people of color are being harrased because racist people think they have the right because of the orange shit we have as a president. And the health care program??? PEOPLE ARE DYING BECAUSE THEY CANT PAY IT BECAUSE OF FUCKING DONALD TRUMP.

  • Domino Slim
    Domino Slim 11 months ago +6

    You guys are reading too much into this , he was simply too fat to stand in the heat.

    • David Rook
      David Rook 11 months ago +1

      jb2. He is 72 years old, how old are you?

    • Domino Slim
      Domino Slim 11 months ago +3

      jb2 You may hate the man , but you can't deny his successful presidency. He was right, I am getting a little sick of winning so much losers!

    • Kwame
      Kwame 11 months ago +1

      Greeneyed Devil until he stood up right after. Lolol

    • jb2
      jb2 11 months ago +1

      By the looks of President Trump, he should be on both knees...what a disgrace..he’s starting to breathe hard during his speeches...what an embarrassment to his wife and family.

    • Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD
      Run Ronaldo Run #THEBESTINTHEWORLD 11 months ago

      How's that even possible? Pfft


    Nice, Trump finally got trolled. LoL

    • Mclovin Mclovin
      Mclovin Mclovin 8 months ago

      Yeah...sure bet trump got really afected by that 1 guy kneeling...that show the president yeah

    • David Rook
      David Rook 11 months ago

      Was the man working at the time, probably not. People like you don't understand why so many hate the players for kneeling and why the NFL suffered because of it. I have no problem with people protesting on their own time, do you?