Anthony Davis Trade Request: The 2019 NBA Offseason May Reshape The NBA

  • Published on Jan 28, 2019
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    Anthony Davis requested a trade today (Surprise surprise)
    The 2019 NBA offseason will be one of the biggest in history.
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Comments • 813

    TRAM PHAN 3 months ago +1

    Boy were they wro-

    Wait wrong vid?

    Boy were you right!

  • Trung Thanh
    Trung Thanh 3 months ago

    6 month later and AD is a laker

  • Afnaan Syed
    Afnaan Syed 7 months ago +1

    Who's here after he got traded to the Lakers

  • Eduardo Lee
    Eduardo Lee 7 months ago +2

    Anthony to Lakers 😂

  • Michelle Brown
    Michelle Brown 8 months ago +2

    Watch Anthony Davis sign with the warriors and Demarcous Cousin fuckaround be the 6man. 4 straight Championships' 4 straight 70+ win seasons

  • iq2992
    iq2992 10 months ago

    yo whats the name of that instrumental in the background? please let me know.

  • Melvyn Singleton
    Melvyn Singleton 11 months ago

    Davis can't handle the pressure in New Orleans how can he handle the Lakers. Especially given their history of Mikan, Wilt, Kareem and Shaq. He's a good 2nd option or role player. Despite the stats he's not the man

  • Byron Green
    Byron Green 11 months ago

    Please lord🙏 keep AD from Golden State

  • b- north
    b- north 11 months ago

    i fuck with the new intro , it look like a 30 for 30 about to start lol ...

  • Joshua Phelps
    Joshua Phelps 11 months ago


    Go to Houston

  • Justin Last
    Justin Last 11 months ago

    Wizards are my dark horse.
    Beal centered deal could get it done and make Wall worth while.
    Portland makes sense too

  • George Avgeris
    George Avgeris 11 months ago +1

    What about 76ers??

  • Dragonspheres
    Dragonspheres 11 months ago

    Klay has said he'd be willing to go to LA if AD went, so it's entirely possible

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia 11 months ago

    AD is coming home to Chicago

  • lilbrobeast 11
    lilbrobeast 11 11 months ago

    Go Celtics

  • Rick Das
    Rick Das Year ago +1

    Plz AD go to thunder

  • green_razor
    green_razor Year ago

    I would like for him to go to L.A so we could see a lakers vs Celtics rivalry but Celtics would be smarter tbh

  • Søren L
    Søren L Year ago

    I feel like the Pelicans are gonna be okay after they trade AD. If it is the Celtics they'll probably have to Trade two of the star players.

  • Sana love Tzuyu all day

    We all know LeGM is gonna get it done, his recruitment skills are off the charts, ad will be a laker most definitely

  • GoodGuy
    GoodGuy Year ago

    So Kyrie wants out = gets traded
    Butler wants out = gets traded
    PG wants out = gets traded
    Porzingod wants out = gets traded
    AD wants out = "Lebum doesn't deserve him" and its a problem all of a sudden

  • iAmPerson21
    iAmPerson21 Year ago

    He’s obviously going to the Thunder. IDK how, but they always trade for someone that’s supposed to go to LA.

  • Jackson CJ
    Jackson CJ Year ago +2

    OKC is my team and I still would not want him to come here because that’s stupid and I like completion. Make a super team instead of join one!!!

    • Jackson CJ
      Jackson CJ 11 months ago

      Kane from the ballas or join the pacers that would be cool

    • Jackson CJ
      Jackson CJ 11 months ago

      Kane from the ballas what I’m sayin is join like Kyries team or a team that has a really good player that isn’t quite a super team. And if he joins them they’ll become one

  • Jackson CJ
    Jackson CJ Year ago

    Go to a good team in the east so the east can actually be decent.
    Ps... are the pelicans in the east or west

  • Jackson CJ
    Jackson CJ Year ago

    If he goes to the lakers imma commit thermal scoped assault rifle

  • home9dog2blue
    home9dog2blue Year ago


  • Henry Allen
    Henry Allen Year ago

    Dear lord baby Raptor jesus, please for the love of all that is holy don't let AD go to an eastern conference team not named the Toronto Raptors.

  • Huong Dieu
    Huong Dieu Year ago

    If New Orleans trade Davis this year or lose him for nothing in 2020, we'll have "How the Hornets/Pelicans lost 2 franchise players in 20 years" video.

  • Cee Tee
    Cee Tee Year ago

    I hope he goes to the Timberwolves and help Rose. Not that Rose need it but it'll be nice to see him in the playoffs.

  • timothy.
    timothy. Year ago +1

    If the Celtics are only allowed to trade for AD on the 1st July, how can the Bostons picks be involved in the tradepackage, when the draft is on the 20th June? Isn't there a logical mistake?

  • Andrew Thomas
    Andrew Thomas Year ago +1

    Really wish you’d bring back 3KONY or something like that again, really loved that series!

  • Randan Barnes
    Randan Barnes Year ago

    Sounding like a true Boston Celtic fan always against the Lakers 😂😂😂 jk jk. I know somewhere in here there’s a serious comment like this though 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tyler Aguilar
    Tyler Aguilar Year ago

    You’ve spoken as tho Boston will keep Kyrie

  • David Sur
    David Sur Year ago

    Know that this might sound really far-fetched... but what if ALL of the recent occurrences involving Lebron, Kyrie and AD were planned out years ago??? What if the Kyrie-Lebron beef was a temporary "ploy" to keep us distracted?? At the time of Kyrie's trade request from Cleveland, Kyrie had two years left on his contract and Lebron had one. Both knew they weren't winning again with a steadfast Warriors dynasty. What if Kyrie and Lebron BOTH wanted to LEAVE Cleveland and come to LA, but wanted it to make it look natural?? Understanding that Lebron had an exit before he did, and not wanting to be in Cleveland for the next two years, Kyrie and Lebron fabricate a beef and Kyrie asks for a trade and gives the Cavs his preference list, but excludes the Lakers. The following summer, Lebron signs with the Lakers and with Kyrie's contract on the verge of expiring, they make good on their supposed "beef," creating a door for Kyrie to rejoin Lebron. No one would suspect a thing. Think about it. I can't blame a young superstar, who's already making movies and living that celebrity lifestyle, wanting to spend TWO MORE years in Cleveland. Also, it is well documented that Kyrie is an adamant fan of and idolizes Kobe. What better way to carry out your career then to wear the same purple and gold, be in Hollywood, and perhaps win another title again with Lebron? As for AD, he and Kyrie are known to be good friends. With Lebron aging, and not knowing when the Warriors dynasty will come to an end, both Lebron and Kyrie knew they needed a better piece than KLove and picked AD to be the third star to join their masterplan. Hence, the recent occurrences... WHEN, the Lakers get AD, Lebron will win a title or two to make a stronger argument for his GOAT argument and Kyrie and AD will officially be deemed the next "Shaq-and-Kobe" while enjoying personal lives in the warm, beautiful Los Angeles. Win-win-win situation for all three. I know this might sound crazy and there are a lot of "what ifs..." ... but let's see how it plays out.

    LAWST Year ago

    When I read that AD wanted a trade I almost cried... us Pels fans knew it was gonna happen sooner or later. I just want the man to win a championship.

    THE CHOSEN1 Year ago

    the prayer is hilarious!!!!

  • Indo FourTwenty
    Indo FourTwenty Year ago

    this dude a LAKER HATER, lol, didnt even mention all the money LA has to play with and the effect MAGIC has...... ohh and its LA, best place for a STAR to earn more money during and after NBA. LAKER HATER EXPOSED

  • Bjg77
    Bjg77 Year ago +1

    AD should go to the wizards or Celtics

  • Gwop Boy
    Gwop Boy Year ago

    Amen 🙏

  • Pramit Vyas
    Pramit Vyas Year ago +1

    There is no way ad is a top 5 player

  • Pramit Vyas
    Pramit Vyas Year ago +1

    Im praying ad goes to the warriors

  • Homeless to Greatness

    He'll sign with GSW on 2020

  • Isayeet
    Isayeet Year ago +1

    I'm calling it now. He's going to the Mavs.

  • Le Goat
    Le Goat Year ago

    This mf a bron hater

  • Hamza El Housseiny

    AD goes to lakers. For BI, Kuz, Zubac and a first round pick
    KD realizes how bad his legacy is and leaves.
    Draymond, boogie and Klay fight for the max contract.
    Best case scenario for the NBA
    And kahwi stays in toronto

  • Infinity Mixtapes

    I hope AD joins the Warriors because why the fuck not at this point

  • Mo Jerm
    Mo Jerm Year ago

    I'm a sub but plz don't go to the Celtics 😂

  • Richard Bridgelal


  • Black Flag NGU
    Black Flag NGU Year ago

    AMEN 🙏🏽😂

  • Genxtasy 99
    Genxtasy 99 Year ago

    come to Toronto and enjoy this shitty weather

  • V3TTELFanboY_5
    V3TTELFanboY_5 Year ago

    Lakers should trade Rondo Ingram and a pick 4 Davis or...... bye.... Lonzo..... or bye..... Kuz

  • Ju0bu . BERTUCCI
    Ju0bu . BERTUCCI Year ago

    Bucks said they would trade anyone besides giannas

  • Sharita Reynolds
    Sharita Reynolds Year ago

    Im a Lakers fan and warriors fan and hope Anthony Davis goes to the lakers but what if he goes to okc or rockets

  • Dead Pizza
    Dead Pizza Year ago

    Well he just annoced he won't resign with Boston or any team other than Lakers #damnit

  • Kevin Eiford
    Kevin Eiford Year ago

    Is Toronto a possibility? Trade Kyle Lowry for AD and go all-in for a championship this year?

  • Sir Cartier
    Sir Cartier Year ago

    Kyrie koming to LA

  • Arii Price
    Arii Price Year ago

    Anthony Davis to the Utah Jazz 🤣🤣. Dude can go any damn where.

  • ArchStonieBoi
    ArchStonieBoi Year ago

    An interesting three team trade that I think works for all teams:
    Lakers Receive: Anthony Davis and Elfrid Payton
    76ers Receive: Nikola Mirotic, Lance Stephenson, Darius Miller, and a 1st round pick from the Lakers
    Pelicans Receive: Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, Ivica Zubac, Wilson Chandler, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Markelle Fultz, Sacramento's 1st round pick, Miami's 2021 1st round pick, and a 2nd rounder from the Lakers
    The picks are a bit iffy in who gets what but a trade like this seems to benefit every team greatly.

  • TheNamesDitto
    TheNamesDitto Year ago

    Dom, kyrie said he wants to play with Bron. This'll end up giving AD a superstar teammate. Also, AD via his agent Rich Paul could say that he only intends to sign with the Lakers thereby massively killing interest.

  • Ben The person
    Ben The person Year ago

    KNICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!(can’t give up porzingis)

  • kasda asdasda
    kasda asdasda Year ago

    If durant is leaving then AD is the right player to replace him.