Jason Momoa Has Gael Garcia Bernal & James Feeling Smaller

  • Published on Nov 10, 2017
  • It doesn't take long for James to acknowledge the obvious: Jason Momoa is cut from a different cloth from himself and Gael Garcia Bernal -- despite Gael's state of eternal youth.
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Comments • 431

  • Vise Versa-VV
    Vise Versa-VV 10 days ago

    Ahhhhhh it's Hector from Coco...nice too see you again.

  • Rafael Romero
    Rafael Romero Month ago

    i think Gael's got the hots for Jason.

  • Dely Rivera
    Dely Rivera Month ago

    I was scrolling down videos looking for something good...Jason Momoa is in this video. ❤️😍

  • MaryLou G
    MaryLou G Month ago

    Love Gael 😍😍😍

  • Miss D.2018
    Miss D.2018 Month ago

    Oh, yeah. What's my Gael been doing lately???

  • Alan Garcia
    Alan Garcia Month ago


  • Gerard LopezZ
    Gerard LopezZ Month ago

    3 Handsome DUdes...

  • marito242
    marito242 Month ago

    I’m surprised Gael doesn’t get more work, I know he is not an Oscar winning actor , but still better that lots that does.

  • The Best Of Everything 2019

    Gael is simply gorgeous and he is like fine wine, the older he gets the better he taste; I mean, look 😋🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽. Viva Mexico!!!

  • Ltorres0727
    Ltorres0727 Month ago

    ❤️Gael, one my favorite actors.

  • La mera neta
    La mera neta Month ago


  • Abraham Sanchez
    Abraham Sanchez Month ago

    gracias gael por hacernos ver como pendejos

  • Armando Sanchez
    Armando Sanchez Month ago


  • Ivan Storey
    Ivan Storey Month ago

    James said less manly.... lol

  • Ana Del
    Ana Del 2 months ago

    Jason sits like so comfortable and men around just tense 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • chicka hippie
    chicka hippie 2 months ago

    Two of the hottest men on the planet in the same place

  • Donaji Altamirano
    Donaji Altamirano 2 months ago

    Arriba tío 🤘🤘🤘

  • Selina Kerr
    Selina Kerr 3 months ago +1

    Jason mamoa such a humble guy with a beautiful sense of humour an inspirational guy selina 🎶🌹❤️

  • kansasgoldilocks
    kansasgoldilocks 4 months ago

    When Gael said he was a Sagittarius I almost lost it. For some reason, every single celebrity crush I've ever had and every actual guy I've dated has been a Sagittarius. And take him seriously when he says "watch out." LOL

  • Dr Spielbergo
    Dr Spielbergo 4 months ago

    Does Jason had ever take a bath?

  • Baby Doll
    Baby Doll 4 months ago

    Gael voices is damn sexy

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez 4 months ago

    I hate MOMOA! he is a horrible actor! I just watched AQUAMAN last night... It sucked!

  • oswaldo Vazquez
    oswaldo Vazquez 4 months ago

    our great gael..
    good chamaco 😉

  • Hugo Godinez
    Hugo Godinez 4 months ago

    Partners in skateboarding.

  • Hugo Godinez
    Hugo Godinez 4 months ago

    Go gael.

  • Hugo Godinez
    Hugo Godinez 4 months ago

    El aguelo y yo. Super fan. Go Garcia.

  • Justdissin
    Justdissin 4 months ago

    Gael seems like a great guy..

  • Alejandro Abner
    Alejandro Abner 4 months ago

    Dark skin ages slower than white. That's all.

  • Vanessa CM
    Vanessa CM 5 months ago

    Gael G. Seems the years go backwards

  • Stephanie Evjen
    Stephanie Evjen 5 months ago

    Hector: "Muy guapo, eh?" ❤️❤️❤️

  • America Aguirre
    America Aguirre 5 months ago

    Hermoso y talentoso Gael!! Es igualito a su mamá!

  • Kelly Cristina de Araujo

    I love Gael. Amazing actor and person. He is so kind.

  • Pekitas113
    Pekitas113 5 months ago

    Love him my forever crush 💝💝💝gael my future husband lol

  • Theo Devlaminck
    Theo Devlaminck 5 months ago +1

    "Too much of that, you know...." Too much of that YAYOOOOOO

  • Edgar Z. Gervacio
    Edgar Z. Gervacio 5 months ago

    It rang a bell with me Gael .. I'm nearly forty too and I feel happy about it but I would be lying if I said I wouldn't have done certain things differently certainly.

  • Shiyito
    Shiyito 5 months ago

    VIVA MEXICO !!!!!

  • milo800
    milo800 5 months ago +1


  • Martina Caballero
    Martina Caballero 5 months ago


  • zeke matos
    zeke matos 5 months ago +1

    Jason momoa needs a haircut

  • eggs benedict
    eggs benedict 5 months ago

    Sorry James but you're unbearable and pathetic.

  • Neoclaw
    Neoclaw 5 months ago

    Le cuesta un poco el ingles a mi socio ah

  • Veronica Gonzalez
    Veronica Gonzalez 5 months ago +2

    And what was the purpose of this video?...i didnt understand Gael at all 😵

  • lh ds
    lh ds 5 months ago

    They remember us to big show and Rey Misterio.

  • georgie23
    georgie23 5 months ago

    I’m just imagining myself sitting between those two hotties 😍😊

  • Gabriel Coronado
    Gabriel Coronado 5 months ago

    Gael García is sooo gay! He seems to be excited with Momoa...😂😂😂

      MUSELINE 5 months ago +2

      I think Momoa was the excited

  • Omar Padhan Harshad
    Omar Padhan Harshad 5 months ago

    Awful English he has

    • Alicia Carrillo
      Alicia Carrillo 5 months ago +1

      Omar Padhan Harshad I think his English is sexy

  • Dimitri Kavanaugh
    Dimitri Kavanaugh 5 months ago +1

    He feels good about getting older because he is getting younger

  • DJ M
    DJ M 5 months ago +2

    Too bad women can't feel good about getting older.. wah wah wahhhhhh.
    BIENG MAN RULES!!!!! 😎🍺🏋️✊🍺

  • Herbert Cov-Mar
    Herbert Cov-Mar 5 months ago +1

    Y pensar que se hizo famoso por besarse con Diego Luna

  • Alejandro Uribe
    Alejandro Uribe 6 months ago

    Momoa's sholud bring the trident and stick it up in to the chairo's throat

  • Eve Laray
    Eve Laray 6 months ago +1

    Mexicans age well ;)

  • anahi gamero
    anahi gamero 6 months ago +5

    Gael eres un guapo. Dios mío castígame con un hombre así 😍

    • Mario Guerrero
      Mario Guerrero 4 months ago

      anahi gamero yo no soy un Gael pero casi le llegó aquí estoy yo ❤️

  • Jajackboss
    Jajackboss 6 months ago

    Actriz de Hollywood y no ha mejorado su inglés que no mame

  • The ChilaKILL
    The ChilaKILL 6 months ago +1

    Y ese wey qué hace con el pinche aquaman XD.

  • Lucilla Le Comte
    Lucilla Le Comte 6 months ago

    where's the whole episode? :)

  • Oscar Ramos
    Oscar Ramos 6 months ago

    Jason is having a crush on Gael. Gayquaman. Lol 😂

  • neftali cortez
    neftali cortez 7 months ago

    I am an absolute Jason Momoa stan 😍❤ but as soon as Gael started talking I completely blocked him out. What is this sorcery 😱

  • Nolvora
    Nolvora 7 months ago +1

    The secret to flawless skin, besides genetics, is mainly the environment (my diet has been normal, nothing special, so I wouldn't say it's a major factor). I lived in rather dry Southern Europe for a while and I used only Avene face washing & shower gel that I bought from a drugstore for my face. I would wash my face only once a day and use minimum to no moisturizer (I would use a small tube of Clinique face gel just for winter to prevent extreme dryness). My eczemas very rarely flared up and when they did like once in a couple of years I applied specific mild steroid cream and they would go away in a day or two. My skin looked next to flawless and I often got complimented on and my secret was keep the skincare products to the bare minimum and no makeup (which I believe is also the case with Gael). This is coming from someone diagnosed with atopic dermatitis. Now I've moved to somewhere in Asia where it's really humid and the environment is poorly controlled. Besides the eczema flareups that aren't completely cured, my face is extremely acne prone. I blame the water and the environment.

  • whoa horsey whoa
    whoa horsey whoa 7 months ago +1

    im Mexican but damn I wanted more focus on that gorgeous man mountain called Jason ..yum.

  • youngbove ha
    youngbove ha 7 months ago

    I felt like I touched a tree LMAO

  • M S
    M S 8 months ago

    Made in Mexico 🇲🇽
    Galán como siempre

  • David Wolf
    David Wolf 9 months ago +2

    He's got the Spanish vampire genes that my parents gave me 😂

  • 2115virgo13
    2115virgo13 9 months ago

    Both of them yummy! But Jason 😍

  • Laser Teeth
    Laser Teeth 9 months ago +1

    El cursi y kahl drogo! Nice

  • Shannon Copeland
    Shannon Copeland 9 months ago +2

    Gael beside Jason, no competition. Gael is just amazing!

  • Mala S
    Mala S 9 months ago

    i love the way he say sagitarius

  • 91clarie
    91clarie 10 months ago +7

    Gael and Jason 😍😍😍😍 my ovaries can't handle this duo....🙈

  • Stinky Pete
    Stinky Pete 10 months ago +1

    Gael is hotter than that gigolo!

  • Hyun Sunhee
    Hyun Sunhee 11 months ago

    I just can't stop laughing with Gael. He always brings this joy to me, and he's always funny, kind and hot af. Best things are made in Mexico

  • CafeTeologia
    CafeTeologia 11 months ago +1

    Same with Diego Luna xD

  • nenabunena
    nenabunena 11 months ago

    bernal is balding badly and is aging badly actually

  • Geraldine Vargas
    Geraldine Vargas 11 months ago

    Gael 💕

  • OkashiiAmerican
    OkashiiAmerican 11 months ago

    I don't understand how someone can still look so MASSIVE when sitting sideways o__0 I'm hoping cause his body is not fully turned why it looks like that.....his body....his..... body.....

  • ternitamas
    ternitamas 11 months ago +4

    he's so hot and I don't think he's aware of it, his kindest makes him even hotter, he exudes attractiveness

  • CassieValor
    CassieValor Year ago +1

    "Dermatologists HATE him!"

  • Eva Schon
    Eva Schon Year ago +1


  • Eddy Viggers
    Eddy Viggers Year ago

    I hate that guy Gel Garcia. He seems a laughing possom

  • addahlyinne kendrick

    i clicked briskly as soon as i saw Gael Garcia in the thumbnail...
    the only thing that is missing in the show is his brother Diego Luna 😍 it will be perfect with both in it 👌

  • Majessty _
    Majessty _ Year ago

    Is it me or did I actually come here because of Gael & not Jason 😆

  • Tess Woodard
    Tess Woodard Year ago

    Wow had never heard of Gael but he is adorable

  • Samriddhi Sharma
    Samriddhi Sharma Year ago

    He so looks like Freddie prince jr!!!!

  • E C
    E C Year ago

    Jason is the youngest of the three...

  • Damian Ocampo
    Damian Ocampo Year ago

    Que combinacion tan mas rara y chingona a la vez jaja

  • megadezzie dez
    megadezzie dez Year ago +2

    I cannot believe I barely discovered Jason and OMG he is so handsome. Wow!!!

  • vedomedo
    vedomedo Year ago

    cool, 30th november, same here

  • Christine Catelo
    Christine Catelo Year ago +5

    Am I the only one who came here cuz I wanna hear more of Hector's voice?

  • Calitme Dion
    Calitme Dion Year ago +16

    No es raro ver gente que se ve joven, si tienes sangre indigena, es la piel es muy resistente y si se fijan los indigenas casi no se arrugan hasta ya muy viejitos

  • Rosa VR
    Rosa VR Year ago

    I love Gael Garcia Bernal!

  • Céline Fiszbin
    Céline Fiszbin Year ago +4

    what the hell he really is Rodrigo de Sousa in real life

  • Sierra Myers
    Sierra Myers Year ago +1

    Jason and Gael are both sexy in their own way. :)

  • Evelynwashere 1
    Evelynwashere 1 Year ago

    Well this was click bait. Gael is really hot.... but I came here for Jason...😒😒😒

  • C B
    C B Year ago

    Omg I love these 2 fine men!

  • Pokemon tcg opening Mario and Michelle

    Gael is a disgrace for Mexico, and im mexican

  • luzform
    luzform Year ago

    My two favorite men. Right here.

  • Florence Jean
    Florence Jean Year ago

    He’s so fine GAWD ❤️❤️😩😩 and he married the girl from the bill Cosby show and had Zoe 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🍫

  • MN CJ
    MN CJ Year ago

    Is there more of this interview somewhere? like the whole thing?

  • 6kchea !
    6kchea ! Year ago

    Yea id be happy to be 40 too if i looked like that.

  • Messicana* e Italiana*


  • Jen Shea
    Jen Shea Year ago

    40's were awesome... 50's, not so much, LOL
    Gael, you are beautiful!

  • TehMomo
    TehMomo Year ago +41

    His beauty routine is that he's Latin.