How Chucky Lozano would fit in at Manchester United | Two on Tri

  • Published on Apr 11, 2019
  • Herculez Gomez and Sebastian Salazar debate where PSV Eindhoven and Mexico midfielder Hirving 'Chucky' Lozano will play next season as rumors of Manchester United continue to heat up. Gomez does not feel he'd be a starter under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but feels a move to Napoli in Serie A would suit him better.
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Comments • 219

  • D Sairam
    D Sairam 4 days ago

    The transition from the Eredivisie to the Premier League is difficult and Chucky Lozano may represent a risk in that regard.

  • LiveWireRed B.
    LiveWireRed B. Month ago +1

    He is absolutely perfect for United. What are these guys on about?

  • Rafa Garcia
    Rafa Garcia Month ago

    Chucky needs to go to Arsenal. Best place for his age skill and play style

  • Rafa Garcia
    Rafa Garcia Month ago

    Chucky needs to go to Arsenal. Best place for his age skill and play style

  • Gus
    Gus Month ago

    Lozano at Man U and Pulisic at Chelsea 🤔 That would be really cool to see.

  • Sonny Andrade
    Sonny Andrade Month ago

    Fuck I mean if Tronko Chicharito played in That Team. What makes you think he is Not ready For That Fucking Team Lozano is Way better Player Than Chicharito. 😆😆

  • hugo martinez
    hugo martinez Month ago

    I don’t want Lozano at Manchester , I know for a fact he won’t start even though he’s on the same level or slightly better then rashford / lingard/ martial(FIFA stats show), I would like him at Napoli , Dortmund, or even Athletico Madrid

  • DRgaming
    DRgaming Month ago

    These idiots are discussing whether he’ll start. He will be the only right winger in the team you idiots. Of course he’ll be first choice

  • Prashant Singh
    Prashant Singh Month ago +2

    I think Utd would go in for Chucky because there is less chance of Dortmund selling Sancho. Also, these men are comparing him with players that aren't traditionally RW's. We are dying for a RWinger in Utd. I would love to see a genuine RW playing with a genuine RB so that it brings a balance to the team & even make the left side more effective. Now all the teams just pile up players against us on one side because they know Young can't hit even a single pass.

  • Nawfy medina
    Nawfy medina Month ago

    To me they sound like haters

  • Nawfy medina
    Nawfy medina Month ago

    Lozano is way better then most players in united

  • Abdullah Ahmed
    Abdullah Ahmed Month ago

    I think he can personally play for man united and it would be perfect for Mason Greenwood development

  • Beefy Mcwhatnow
    Beefy Mcwhatnow Month ago +2

    Shitty Lozano ain't going no where

  • x18Busby78x
    x18Busby78x Month ago +1

    Lingard is not a wide player..Try watching Man United before any opinions

  • Rene Descartes
    Rene Descartes Month ago +1

    Really??? He does not have the size?
    So you say Messi, being in the small size would not fit in the ManU???? Hahaha
    What a narrow mind. Lozano is fast, good dribble, good shot. He has already 40 goals in his two first seasons with PSV. Much better than other famous players in this same team as Robben being one of them.
    You are a joke, really!

  • Roma Thapa
    Roma Thapa Month ago

    Sign Zaha

  • Vincenzo Vieri
    Vincenzo Vieri Month ago

    lmao, everytime "Espn fc" talks about Mexicans, they always leave Freddy mercury and the cry baby sitting down to talk about them just shows that they don't care about u guys and u only make ur so called people look more stupid as u degrade ur only countryman, pathetic!

  • Esteban Mendez
    Esteban Mendez Month ago

    Premier league have always overlooked Mexican players hopefully Lozano god to Napoli fuck going to manu

  • Abyss
    Abyss Month ago

    LOVE Herc Gomez! Wish he was on ESPN FC show more often.

  • Teije Van der Laan
    Teije Van der Laan Month ago

    I've watched every psv game this season and Lozano is easily the most overrated young player in 2019. Bergwijn is much better + Lozano isn't gonna make it at a top club. He just dives every second and tries to not play football, little cunt

  • Rome Grad
    Rome Grad Month ago

    Homie wasn't trying to hear anything Herc was saying at the end 🤣🤣🤣. That national pride was blocking everything out.

  • Ramakrishnan Ravindran

    Young isnt the only problem at United!Gotta get rid of Alexis Sanchez! He has screwed the wage structure at United and this gives power to the players and agents to hold Manchester United ransom to their demands. Ed Woodward shouldn't oversee anything other than United's sponsorship deals! Get a sporting director(DoF), preferably someone with good relations to clubs like Ajax, Monaco, Dortmund etc so United can be among the first clubs to cherry pick promising talents produced by such clubs and loan out our promising academy players to them to see if they have what it takes to be a first team regular.
    We risk losing the likes of De Gea, Pogba, Lukaku and Herrera thanks to the selfish signing of one "Marquee" declining player aka Sanchez by "Ediot" Woodward and Mourhino- Get rid of him!!! The board spent over 500m£ for 3 managers, they should do the same to back up Ole to get United back to the top of EPL and challenge for the Champions league.
    As things are United have only 6 players who can be considered first team worthy when compared to other top clubs- De Gea, Shaw, Lindelof, Pogba, Martial and Rashford. Lukaku, Lingard, Pereira, Fred, McTominay, Smalling, Bailly, Dalot and Romero(9 players) are good second choices in the event the rest are either sold or leave on a free.
    This leaves United with 15 good players in the squad. No attack or defence on the right side. No backup in case Martial/Rashford/Shaw get injured/burn out/out of form. Even if United promote players from the academy/ loaned players( 5 players at most) United need to invest in 5 more players just to have a good enough squad to compete at the top level with the likes of City and Liverpool leave alone Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG, Juventus and Bayern. Wake the hell up Woodward! Wake up Glazers! If you guys want to keep turning out profits the club should be successful and for the club to be successful you gotta invest in the club!!!
    Stop chasing the likes of Bale, Alderwield etc. Ageing injury prone marquee signings are no use to Ole or the squad. Bale is reportedly on sale for 130m£. You can get Manolas(40m£) Wan-Bissaka (40m£) and Lozano(65m£) for less than 150m£. That's 3 players who fill up the areas we need to improve for 20m£ more than the cost of one player Woodward wants!! If you want to splash that much on one player then go for the likes of Mbappe or more realistic target Sancho!
    Ideal targets:
    Defence: Koulibaly,Manolas, Wan-Bissaka and Sessagnon (GET ALL 4 OR AT LEAST 3 defence needs a complete revamp to let our midfield and attack work more effectively)
    Midfield: Neves, Rabiot, Rice
    Forwards: Sancho, Lozano,Pepe Bailey( starting 11 quality), Depay(LW/CF backup) Zaha( RW/LW backup) (3 out of these 6 should be targeted)
    Oles's high intensity tactics will cause burn out and lead to injuries if there aren't good enough backups for squad rotation. Academy players can do a job every now and then but not consistently when a key player is out for long periods. Pre season training and personal fitness will be key factors if United are to succeed with Ole's style. The players should also be comfortable in playing different tactical formations as in today's game weakness in any formation are analysed and counter measures prepared within 2 weeks of using a particular formation.
    End of rant: Get rid of Sanchez , Get a DoF and build transfer relations with clubs that keep producing talented players, Splurge cash in the summer but make smart signings in areas the team needs.

  • William Ng
    William Ng Month ago

    if lozano is tearing teams apart, he won't cost 40-50mil....

  • Ivan J Pulido Mora
    Ivan J Pulido Mora Month ago

    Better then rashford , young and martial

  • al merino
    al merino Month ago

    Good lucky beating out Lindgard? wtf he plays because alexis is shit and that's all ole has to work with

  • Sergio Alvarez
    Sergio Alvarez Month ago +1

    Lozano would be a nice choice for man unite,he is better than some of the players there

  • ImmortalMachine
    ImmortalMachine Month ago

    Why does the host say 'chucky' as 'chewky' 🤔

  • Thomas Tittley
    Thomas Tittley Month ago

    listen, i watch a ton of eredivisie. Lozano is filthy, but hes not going for 40 mill. lets calm down

    • OssJerson 53
      OssJerson 53 Month ago

      Thomas Tittley he’s going for more

  • Dripdripdrip
    Dripdripdrip Month ago

    Napoli is the best fit ❌ 🧢

  • doug2278
    doug2278 Month ago

    Bro why they trying so hard to put mediocre Mexican players on big teams just to warm the bench they get play time in Netherlands why leave

    • ANONYMOUS Venom
      ANONYMOUS Venom Month ago +2

      What's wrong on bringing Mexicans to big teams??? Lozano is turning into a big star what's so bad about joining a better team and a better league? Pulisic hasn't done shit in Dortmund and look Chelsea bought him for 70 mill seriously??? 70??? What's the point of bringing useless Americans to big teams?? Mexican players are worth more in the market

  • steven clark
    steven clark Month ago

    I don't think he is good enough for man utd,I haven't saw him play match after match but he isn't going to utd,they need to aim higher..

    • I'm Triggered
      I'm Triggered Month ago

      Anyone is good enough for Manchester at this point

  • Chris C
    Chris C Month ago +1

    LW Martial ~ ST Martial ~ RW Lozano A VERY speedy front three thats for sure

    • Don'T Read My Name
      Don'T Read My Name Month ago +1

      If you just want speed play bolt in there and he is aviaible for free.

  • Adriano
    Adriano Month ago +22

    *Don't ask Craig Burley anything if you want any kind of positive, optimistic answer.*

    • Sebastian Benitez
      Sebastian Benitez Month ago +2

      hes a salty ass mexican hater who gives a fuck about that inbred bitch

  • Joshua Tree
    Joshua Tree Month ago

    He'll end up in La Liga. Hope he does well

  • 96 God
    96 God Month ago +1

    Herc really thinks Jesse lingard is a world class player 😂😂

    • x18Busby78x
      x18Busby78x Month ago

      He's not even a wide player..😂

  • Auggie Ghau ghau
    Auggie Ghau ghau Month ago

    Buy everyone, next season is ours.

  • abdur200845
    abdur200845 Month ago +3

    What if he turns out like Alexis Sanchez 😮

    • ANONYMOUS Venom
      ANONYMOUS Venom Month ago +1

      abdur200845 Naw I don't thinks so the guy has been grinding to be one of the best players in the world he is young, has speed, and a very good left foot for attack I think he can bring slot to United

    • Voltic Diamond
      Voltic Diamond Month ago +2

      At least he won't be paid 400k a week.

  • Francisco Gonzalez
    Francisco Gonzalez Month ago

    He would be a star at united. Lozano is extremely underrated. Massive improvement over Lingard on the right wing. That pundit seems to have zero football intellect.

  • Speedy
    Speedy Month ago

    This anchor got humiliated by those clowns so much that he decided to do it on his own with a TV. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣. Now no one can bully him. 😂

  • Fernando Padres
    Fernando Padres Month ago +1

    Lozano is well above Martial and Jesse Lingard. Give him a chance to show it

  • Millennium wisdom
    Millennium wisdom Month ago

    Fck no chucky lozano better not go there his a crucial player in United there just gonna throw that talent to waste his better off if he goes to athletic Madrid, valencia, inter Milan, a.c. Milan, roma, napoli, psg, Chelsea, arsenal, everton, any were expect United there's too much ego and they play shity football Lozano likes to counter attack a lot United plays park the bus and if y'all don't play how he likes to it's gana be the same just like Alexis Sanchez another talent thrown to waste why.. because United is all about parking the bus and chicharito fucken sucks and am surprise y'all glorify him RAUL Jimenez is the Men to replace him international and even in United he can replace lukaku which his one main reason why United plays shitty his to slow.. cant jump.. he literally needs a pass right in front of the goalies just to push it in and he can't even do that

  • kenna Robi
    kenna Robi Month ago

    sign back januzai and also sign Sancho

    • Mike Ruiz
      Mike Ruiz Month ago

      Januzaj is trash lol, Sancho tho😍 he would be perfect for United

  • Bryan Copca
    Bryan Copca Month ago +1

    If he were Brazilian or Argentine everyone at espnfc would say he is but since he’s Mexican he’s not good enough! That’s crazy!!

    • Sebastian Benitez
      Sebastian Benitez Month ago +1

      +Alex Lander your girl flew across the pond to suck on some mexican chori? you mad bruh

    • I'm Triggered
      I'm Triggered Month ago

      +Alex Lander is everything okay?

    • Alex Lander
      Alex Lander Month ago

      because brazilians and argentinians are good? and mexicans are all shit at football

    • Millennium wisdom
      Millennium wisdom Month ago +1

      They British mate they glorify there white folks more than immigrants just ask dany rose

  • Enterthedarkness23
    Enterthedarkness23 Month ago

    Lozano is a talented player with potential growth. He will be on the cheaper side compared to Sancho. Man United should go for him, think long term, he will be a bargain transfer given the prices now.

    • Mike Ruiz
      Mike Ruiz Month ago

      I would rather have Sancho than lozano at United

  • Taha Saeed
    Taha Saeed Month ago +1

    Sancho over Lazano

    • ANONYMOUS Venom
      ANONYMOUS Venom Month ago

      Hahaha yeah like they will pay 100 million for a player that just joined Dortmund you Man U fans be treating Sancho like Messi hahahahahaha

    AUAPC Month ago +1

    Chucky is better than lingard and mata and martial

  • Deeq z
    Deeq z Month ago

    I don't think he is the quality player we are looking for.

    • Sebastian Benitez
      Sebastian Benitez Month ago

      you british cucks dont deserve him and hope he doesnt sign for your trash team, he needs to go to Espana or Italy to develop even more, as he is already on his way.

    • ANONYMOUS Venom
      ANONYMOUS Venom Month ago

      Why not? He is one of the fastest players in Europe he has speed, Vision, a d an overrated left foot he can give a lot of attack to Manchester Unites they lack speed and attack on the wings and that is what Lozano brings on the Barcelona game you guys sucked ass! Clearly in need of reinforcements and you still say he isn't the quality player what the fuck do u want then Messi???

  • Djms&capo DeMorais
    Djms&capo DeMorais Month ago

    Another Hispanic subhuman imported to Europe after slaughter horse alive and raping children young as 8 yrs old.

  • Kelvin Football
    Kelvin Football Month ago +3

    This guy is so negative

    • Mike Ruiz
      Mike Ruiz Month ago

      Kelvin Football he’s not negative lol he’s realistic

  • Leon White
    Leon White Month ago +9

    If jese lingard can play for utd chucky definitely can idiots an wouldn't be the only signing

    • Delano Blanco
      Delano Blanco Month ago +1

      It's look a bit like Jamaican thinks the same about lingard. I don't know his position and propose in united

  • JoelNuman
    JoelNuman Month ago

    Lozano is really shit All Ajax Wingers are 60x better then Lozano

  • Cheddah C
    Cheddah C Month ago

    as much as these transfer would be cool, i think chucky still needs some time to develop, he has to go to a club where he'd get the game time. If sancho does leave dortmund, and with pulisic already leaving to chelsea, lozano would do great at bvb.

    • tolucafreak
      tolucafreak Month ago

      He's already 23 and has already shown that he's ready to make the jump. I personally don't think Man U is a good fit. I would say Spurs, Dortmund, Napoli or a Spanish team would be a better fit for him.

  • Sebastan Lof
    Sebastan Lof Month ago

    Leon Bailey is better in every way

  • Leenkesh Ramlagun
    Leenkesh Ramlagun Month ago +1

    I am a utd fan but we are not a class A team. Class A club but not team

    • Leenkesh Ramlagun
      Leenkesh Ramlagun Month ago

      +Don'T Read My Name Of course. But who? Sancho has had one good season.

    • Don'T Read My Name
      Don'T Read My Name Month ago +1

      Threre are not class A team but they want to be class A team with quality signinng not with headless chicken like lozano.

  • MJM
    MJM Month ago +7

    Not a starter? Who is gonna start ahead of him, Ashley Young? 🤣🤣🤣

    • Mike Ruiz
      Mike Ruiz Month ago

      If they buy Lozano it’s not to put him as starter, most likely as a replacement for a bale or Sancho

    • MJM
      MJM Month ago

      Ronni Noir not gonna buy two right wingers mate

    • Fianna
      Fianna Month ago

      +Sebastan Lof nope

    • Sebastan Lof
      Sebastan Lof Month ago

      Leon Bailey

  • Edwin Becerra
    Edwin Becerra Month ago

    This guys speak so unprofessionally!

  • Alonzo Solis
    Alonzo Solis Month ago

    I would say that Chucky lozano is almost identical to Pedro from Chelsea and he played in the best Barca under Pep I think Chucky can be a player for any class A team but he would not be the star he would be a player that plays alot of minutes but no the star of a class A team .

    • Mike Ruiz
      Mike Ruiz Month ago

      Lozano doesn’t have the vision, all he has is pace🤷🏻‍♂️

  • killer miller
    killer miller Month ago

    If you want to sign a right winger zaha or nebil fekir should be on top of list replace mata with james Rodriguez, but on top of that sign a right back and kouliably or harry maguire

    • Leon leo
      Leon leo Month ago

      Yeah, i think you are right about zaha...i see him as a player who can develop to be like mané if he plays in a big team

  • Retro game room Reviews

    Had two good games in a totally handicapped World Cup . He’s overrated as hell

    • Alex Lander
      Alex Lander Month ago

      +Ho Sway he is trash at psv only scores silly tap ins against garbage teams

    • Ho Sway
      Ho Sway Month ago

      have you seen any of his games with PSV?? Man is too good

    • Sebastan Lof
      Sebastan Lof Month ago

      Leon Bailey

  • habz mahmud
    habz mahmud Month ago +4

    I would love for us to buy Lozano to replace Sanchez. Still think we need the Sancho signing aswell.

  • Will Allen
    Will Allen Month ago +1

    Lozani would fit in well at Liverpool. Would give Mane and Salah some proper competition for places

  • SheBad Z34
    SheBad Z34 Month ago +16

    A flop saying lozano wont start smh Hater

    • SmithsnMoz
      SmithsnMoz Month ago

      ABSOLUTELY... look at Raul Jimenez in Wolverhampton. Whoever gets Lozano will not regret it. The man creates his own goals unlike Chicharito or Jimenez

  • Chauncey Wade
    Chauncey Wade Month ago +1

    So basically he wouldn’t start over Lukaku and Martial? Yeah right kid might be even better than Rashford in all honestly

    • Fianna
      Fianna Month ago

      Rashford is overrated

  • Luis  Varela
    Luis Varela Month ago +2

    Chucky should go to Atlético Madrid

  • Samuel
    Samuel Month ago +2

    Martial-lw, Rashford-st and Lozano-rw. Yes please

    • F A L L E N Z
      F A L L E N Z Month ago

      Irish Rover and who does?

    • Fianna
      Fianna Month ago +1

      martial and rashford dont score enough goals

  • Armando Hernandez
    Armando Hernandez Month ago

    Man U is gonna go for Bale who hasn't done much at Real most of the time cause he was injured

  • David
    David Month ago +2

    Lozano isnt going to Man U... I agree with Herc, Napoli would be a solid fit for someone like Lozano and would be a big transfer fee just like Pulisic and not a lot of teams are ready to spend that kind of money like Chelsea did

  • Tinaye Mubaiwa
    Tinaye Mubaiwa Month ago +15

    united should sign ziyech from ajax to play RW or david neres whats there to think about

    • Luis Gonzo
      Luis Gonzo Month ago

      Tinaye Mubaiwa BVB was looking into ziyech but neres is a good for united

  • Bilal Siddiqui
    Bilal Siddiqui Month ago +1

    United need a RW which can take on players, Lozano is perfect.🧐 Doesnt take a genius to figure out he is going to start every game, currently Dalot plays as RW.🤦‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂😂, ESPN analyst have no idea about football. DAVID NERES is even better❤

    • killer miller
      killer miller Month ago

      +Remz 04 i would like nabil fekir or zaha

    • Remz 04
      Remz 04 Month ago

      Yh these retards on ESPN think that if Sancho/Lozano/Neres were to join United they wouldn't start at RW over Lingard. The thing is neither Lingard or Mata are right wingers!

  • Brian Garcia
    Brian Garcia Month ago +11

    I don’t really care which club he goes to as long as it’s somewhat a well known club and he’s always in the starting eleven.

  • Dubb Official
    Dubb Official Month ago +53

    If he's about 30 - 40 mil then we should buy ,pundits said the same bs about chicharito when he first came and he gave us glorious memories,chucky could do the same

    • SmithsnMoz
      SmithsnMoz Month ago +1

      +Lockjaw .. Well let's see what happens. One can say the same thing about Pulisic. I believe hes definitely not worth what Chelsea paid for him. But time will tell. You seem to have a hatred for Lozano.? Is it because hes Mexican? Raul Jimenez is having an AWESOME season in the premier league, so perhaps Lozano will surprise you. Let's see what he can do. I think the kid Lainez from El Betis in La Liga is overrated but hes still only 18yo. So time will tell.

    • Lockjaw
      Lockjaw Month ago +1

      +SmithsnMoz The big teams don't even consider him. He's an overrated nobody that was hyped up by die-hard Mexican fanboys during the World Cup.

    • SmithsnMoz
      SmithsnMoz Month ago

      +Lockjaw .. Well let's see what Lozano does in a bigger team. I think teams are going to kick themselves for not getting him. Hes extremely talented. But time will tell.

    • Lockjaw
      Lockjaw Month ago

      +SmithsnMoz Chicharito has played for Real Madrid as a starter, Lozano isn't shit and has no talent compared to him.

    • SmithsnMoz
      SmithsnMoz Month ago

      +Lockjaw .. Lozano much better than the cherry picker Hernandez

  • De leon
    De leon Month ago +18

    Man utd has no RW.against barca we saw man utd had no attack on that side Ashley young can't cross.lozano can be a starter in a 433 system. Lingard has said he can't play on the right wing .martial is better on the LW.

    • Hanif Kamaly
      Hanif Kamaly 23 days ago

      +logirex he plays better at rw

    • I'm Triggered
      I'm Triggered Month ago +1

      +logirex he can play both

    • logirex
      logirex Month ago

      The problem with that is Lozano is primarily a left winger where we got Martial, Rashford and Sanchez.

  • Google Warrior
    Google Warrior Month ago +1

    Lozano play like Aquero he need to go to Manchester City...

  • Mario Adventure 2
    Mario Adventure 2 Month ago +1

    I think Lozano will stay with PSV for one more season. He still has a lot to show if he wants to make a transfer to a big club, like Frenkie. I mean last season Lozano was a fucking beast. This year too but after winter things went downhill...

  • Pelon Sanchez
    Pelon Sanchez Month ago

    Lozano to Arsenal

  • Xavier 0001
    Xavier 0001 Month ago +1

    His style of playing will fit perfect with Napoli. Also Man United but that’s if they give him minutes. It all depends on the coach.

  • mark datvolta
    mark datvolta Month ago +44

    lozano is well better than lingard

    • Xavier 0001
      Xavier 0001 28 days ago

      Alex Lander Shitty league? Look at where Ajax is at in the Champions League right now. You clearly don’t know nothing about football.

    • ANONYMOUS Venom
      ANONYMOUS Venom Month ago +1

      Alex Lander Just because he plays in a league that doesn't have a lot of level doesn't mean he isn't a badass player dumbass fucking hater piece of shit don't forget the best players in the world started in the Eredivise Suarez, Ibrahimovic, Ronaldo with psv shut the fuck up you don't know shit

    • steven clark
      steven clark Month ago

      Lingard isn't good enough for utd,he is a Manchester lad and fan... but he isn't good enough to be a starter...

    • Alex Lander
      Alex Lander Month ago +1

      +Sihle sihle lozano plays in a shitty league

    • Sihle sihle
      Sihle sihle Month ago +1

      +Sebastan Lof nah Bailey isn't consistent like lazano

  • Ricardo Arrieta
    Ricardo Arrieta Month ago

    Lozano is a great reliable player, as a sub would be a great buy we need a flexible affordable players that have the opposing team guessing whos starting, good idea to have a back up that is reliable and affordable.

    • it's me Abi
      it's me Abi Month ago

      Affordable....that's what Mexican players have. Like Raul Jimenez is worth 40 million and he is in the top 10 PL goalscorrers with players that have between 90 to 130 million or something.

  • KingJay Jay! YT
    KingJay Jay! YT Month ago +1

    Hercules coulnt score tho

  • Romario Lawrence
    Romario Lawrence Month ago +1

    Manchester United should target Douglas Costa, Neres, Ziyech, Rebic or Cheisa

    • Dezz B
      Dezz B Month ago

      Romario Lawrence i know but he would rather play on left propably and we already Got Martial

    • Romario Lawrence
      Romario Lawrence Month ago

      +Dezz B Neres plays on both wings he is left footed and can cut inside

    • Mario Adventure 2
      Mario Adventure 2 Month ago

      Ew Ajax

    • Dezz B
      Dezz B Month ago


  • declan murphy
    declan murphy Month ago

    I think he would start at man Utd . A front 3 with rashford and Lingard in it is poor even if it's hazard or neymar playing with them

    • ahmed nadeem
      ahmed nadeem Month ago

      I agree

    • declan murphy
      declan murphy Month ago

      +ahmed nadeem I would not. With the current players I would say Lozano martial and lukaku would be the best 3 for most games.

    • ahmed nadeem
      ahmed nadeem Month ago

      So u would stat Lozano over martial

    • declan murphy
      declan murphy Month ago

      +ahmed nadeem what about martial?

    • ahmed nadeem
      ahmed nadeem Month ago


  • Yossarian
    Yossarian Month ago +37

    Hopefully Mason Greenwood will play a lot more minutes at Utd next season.

    • DRgaming
      DRgaming Month ago

      Not good enough, especially when Lukaku and Rashford are there

    • eugene1leroy
      eugene1leroy Month ago +1

      +Fianna 🤣🤣🤣🤣hope u said the same about jadon sancho as Greenwood putting up better numbers at this age

    • Vishnu Raj
      Vishnu Raj Month ago +1

      +Fianna Irish rover he is better than you think . In the last season he is one of top scorers for the youth academy along with Chong . If you are thinking he is not good enough most of English youth academy (as a whole) is not good enough.

    • Destiny david
      Destiny david Month ago +2

      +Fianna shut the hell up

    • Fianna
      Fianna Month ago +1

      not good enough

  • Alan B'Stard
    Alan B'Stard Month ago +2

    Chuckie Lozano is a diver and hasn't been impressing in the second half of the Eredivisie

    • Alex Lander
      Alex Lander Month ago

      +Xavier 0001 he is trash Neres or Ziyech are much much better players

    • Randall Esquivel
      Randall Esquivel Month ago +3

      He also got injured in the second half

    • Xavier 0001
      Xavier 0001 Month ago +3

      Alan B'Stard what do you mean hater. He has been impressed on both seasons. Diver? They always foul him a lot cause they can’t stop him he needs a better league.

  • shidhraj bharat raut dessai

    lozano is good player ill say a big match player....he can play along with martial rashford upfront .... if Manchester united not getting sanc they should go for lozano

    • 89classical
      89classical Month ago +1

      I'd fully agree he would start at right wing they are talking rubbish

    • Mr.Bubbles
      Mr.Bubbles Month ago +5

      martial and rashford aren't even good enough dude, we ain't winning shit if that is our front 3.

  • Andrew Vale
    Andrew Vale Month ago

    Come to Everton Come On Marcel Brands

    • Auggie Ghau ghau
      Auggie Ghau ghau Month ago

      Nonono man united is big, no team can compare, next season.......

  • Duval Hazard
    Duval Hazard Month ago +15

    Lozano is way better than a lot of Man U players,My advise is don't go there

    • Sonny Andrade
      Sonny Andrade Month ago

      Didn't those Dumbasses of Manchester United Lost Against Wolverhampton Twice. ?? Fuck that team. Lolol

    • hugo martinez
      hugo martinez Month ago

      Remz 04 LMAO pogba is overrated , I think it’s the pressure on his shoulders that dropped his game , he plays very lazy .

    • Millennium wisdom
      Millennium wisdom Month ago +1

      +Remz 04 you must be a str8 shitba fan huh saying who's Andre herrera.. I bet you would suck that monkeys balls sacks huh you fagot but anyways I say facts boy and I don't bother watching United they are soo boring even them fans get excited based on pogba making a couple of dribbles or passes that's all he has to bring to the table otherwise he fucken sucks and you can defend him all you want it's not like I care I just don't want Lozano going to United they trash go for sancho since his British y'all be more happy with him and Andre Herrera deserves better fan base his been crucial for United so he gets injured now u don't value him wow this is the main reason why I don't want Lozano just like I didn't wanted Alexis to go to United base on United you guys reek like negativity why am I not surprised

    • Remz 04
      Remz 04 Month ago +1

      +Millennium wisdom First of all who is Andre Herrera?? Second of all, Pogba doesn't always disappear against big team by your logic I presume that matches against Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea are small and he doesn't only score against relegation teams LOL you sound so retarded by saying that. Looks like when he inspired the comeback against City last season didn't exist. Pogba (along with Mata and Fred) is our only creative player, Herrera has dropped off a bit. If Lozano is too good for United tell me what he do to prevent PSV from coming last in their group??

    • Millennium wisdom
      Millennium wisdom Month ago +1

      +Remz 04 mate they suck the only one thats good is martial and rashford Andre Herrera is better than pogba pogba even knows he can't handle the heat why you think he wants to leave to barca or real Madrid so he can have more easy games and win easy titles based on he can't carry United he always disappears in big matches always scores against relegation teams if anything Lozano is too good for United

  • fishjungle9
    fishjungle9 Month ago +34

    He should go to Atletico Madrid

    • SmithsnMoz
      SmithsnMoz Month ago

      +Lockjaw .. Straight up hater. Really silly comment. You must be a an American.?

    • Lockjaw
      Lockjaw Month ago

      +fishjungle9 he's not good enough for La Liga

    • StarstruCk728
      StarstruCk728 Month ago

      fishjungle9 hector herrera already heading there this summer

    • fishjungle9
      fishjungle9 Month ago +3

      +peterdjelevski I would respectfully disagree, his style of play suits la Liga more and would probably be more successful.

    • peterdjelevski
      peterdjelevski Month ago +5

      he is perfect for utd. He is a utd fan he would give his all

  • Zain Mohammad
    Zain Mohammad Month ago

    Sell:young,bailly,lukaku,matic,valencia,sanchez,darmian,marcos rojo buy:jadon sancho,varane or koulibaly, 1 striker and 1 left winger,1 mc, 1 right back

  • Mikey
    Mikey Month ago +1

    Good for squad depth, along with Sancho. Still think United need to go for a world class ruthless striker, a class above Lozano

    • Remz 04
      Remz 04 Month ago

      +Sylvester O Johnson Thanks bro for backing me up👊🏽

    • Sylvester O Johnson
      Sylvester O Johnson Month ago

      +Andrew Edherue where does it say that United are gonna get Sancho?
      He just listed the players he would like.

    • Andrew Edherue
      Andrew Edherue Month ago

      Why do Man U fan think there gonna get Sancho next season.

    • Sylvester O Johnson
      Sylvester O Johnson Month ago

      +Remz 04 I like that combination. All realistic and affordable except Sancho. Dortmund not ready to sell and Sancho not gonna force a move. I like Steven Bergwijn. Fast and tenacious. More LW than RW and unsure if he is ready for the big stage. Might as well just groom Jong and Greenwood.

    • Remz 04
      Remz 04 Month ago +1

      +Sylvester O Johnson yh bro. imo the signings should be
      CB= Skriniar
      RB= Meunier
      CM/CDM= Ndombele/Neves
      RW= Sancho

  • officialnich
    officialnich Month ago +41

    Can't believe Chucky is already 23, I thought he was 19 or 20

  • John w Mustin
    John w Mustin Month ago +16

    WHO'S CRAIG .. this Lazano is better in million way than lingard

    • Øyvind Aanderaa
      Øyvind Aanderaa Month ago

      ​+Sylvester O Johnson Even though you can compare doesn't mean you should. And while Lozano is definitely better than Lingard in some aspects, he is definitely worse in other aspects. So yes, I do disagree that Lozano overall is better. They fulfill completely different roles. It's like saying Messi is better than Shaw, but Shaw is still the better left back. Even if you assume Lozano is the better player, doesn't mean he's the better player for man utd based on the type of player man utd need.

    • Øyvind Aanderaa
      Øyvind Aanderaa Month ago

      +Sebastan Lof Bailey is pretty good but he hasn't had the best season with Leverkusen, but he has plenty of potentials. Given a choice I'd rather have Havertz he's impressed me whenever ive watched Leverkusen more.

    • Sebastan Lof
      Sebastan Lof Month ago

      +Øyvind Aanderaa Leon Bailey is better than both, He's faster,better dribbler, better in 1vs1,technically better, plays both wings and midfield and is a good passer of the ball and a free kick expert something united needs badly

    • Sylvester O Johnson
      Sylvester O Johnson Month ago

      +David doubt that too. I doubt if he is good enough to start. What United need is a player that could go right into the team and immediately improve on what they've got. Not sure if Lozano offer much on Lingard, but I just feel that he is better. But United need a lot more than little improvements. They need a lot more than Lozano might offer. I don't know mate.

    • David
      David Month ago

      +Sylvester O Johnson If you think Lozano is going to come into Man U if he even got the chance, i doubt he'd fully take Lingard's role

  • Carlos Quintero
    Carlos Quintero Month ago +10

    Lozano to Napoli