5 Biggest Fat Loss Mistakes (AVOID THESE!)

  • Published on Jun 23, 2018
  • These are the 5 biggest fat loss mistakes. In order to burn lower stubborn belly fat and to lose weight fast you need to avoid these common weight loss mistakes. If you hit a plateau make sure you aren't making these beginners mistakes.
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    #1 Not Focusing Enough on Lean Body Mass 0:53
    #2 Treating All Calories Equally 2:55
    #3 Eat More Meals to Lose Weight and Burn Fat 6:16
    #4 Hours & Hours of Cardio to Burn Some Fat 8:19
    #5 Falling for Pills, Potions, Creams etc.10:26
    One of the best ways to get faster results in any area of your life is by learning from other people's mistakes so you don't have to make those same mistakes your self. Not only have I made a lot of these mistakes with fat loss myself but I've also worked with thousands of clients in my gyms and online that came to me after trying so hard to burn some fat without any success. No matter what they did they still couldn't see any results in the mirror. No matter how much they worked out and dieted they couldn't burn their stubborn fat away just because of some very common mistakes... ..mistakes like thinking that they had to do hours of cardio every week to be successful or count their calories and eat five to six small meals a day everyday just to see some body fat come off. So before you go and waste your time making these same easy to correct mistakes watch this video because it'll speed up your progress by a lot. First I want to start with a mistake that you don't hear about too often and that's not focusing enough on lean body mass. So many people get caught up in doing whatever it takes to burn fat whether that be doing cardio every day of the week or decreasing calories to extremely low levels. I've had clients that have come to me after cutting their calories lower than 800 per day, yet they couldn't lose any fat. After working with them for some time & helping them increase their lean body mass, these clients are able to easily lose weight, and burn fat at a much higher calorie range. If you find yourself continuosly cutting calories & upping your cardio yet the fat doesn't seem to budge it may be a good idea to focus on your lean body mass instead. Not only can increasing lean body mass increase your resting metabolism, but more importantly it has an effect on many different hormones in your body. Hormones like leptin, ghrelin, Adiponectin, resistin, & insulin all communicate with your cells including your fat cells & they tell them when it's time to release fat or store fat. Your body composition has a lot to do with how these hormones function in your body. For that reason if you're only focusing on burning fat, but your not focused on building muscle please understand that you're going to hit a wall. You need to increase lean body mass to support fat loss especially if you go from being sedentary for years to suddenly exercising. Over the years of being sedentary you may have lost a lot of muscle mass. In fact it's very normal for people to lose about a pound of muscle every two years after the age of 25. This can create a situation where you might be working harder & eating cleaner than someone else that has a higher lean body mass yet you're not getting nearly the amount of results that they are. Focus on your lean body mass. By increasing muscle over time it'll make the entire process easier. If you're not weight training make sure you start & focus on progressively increasing the weight you use over time. Let's move on to the next mistakes which is one of the biggest mistakes that people have made for a long time & continue to making today..... treating all calories equally. If you still believe that losing weight & especially burning body fat is all about just counting your calories taken in & subtracting the calories that come out from exercise then you're not seeing the whole picture. A calorie is not a calorie & just to prove that I think we can all agree that a hundred calories of vegetables & 100 calories of ice cream is not the same thing & it won't have the same effect on your body. In regard to Fat Loss one of the greatest factors that we have to consider is how much insulin is released based on the specific type of calories that you're eating. When a lot of insulin is released throughout the day not only does it prevent fat loss but it also encourages your body to store energy as body fat. The types of calories that Spike insulin the most are under the category of carbohydrates in the form of simple sugars. Now this doesn't mean that carbs are bad nor does it mean that you can't burn fat while eating even a high carb diet but once again when you compare the carbs from cake & cauliflower you get two completely different effects on insulin levels.
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    Steve Vũ
    9 months ago
    3 key factors for losing fat:
    1) Fasting to lower insulin level
    2) Resistance trainings to build lean muscles
    3) Time and Determination

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    Where my thyroid causes my metabolism to struggle i was told by my nutritionist that for me one big meal a day is actually bad. Ive started 3 square healthy meals a day with a small snack (like nuts, a veggie or string cheese) in between to help with protien and keeping my metabolism active. It also means i have to stay active throughout the day by taking extra walks and stuff. I feel all of these tips are on par with what ive learned in my journey but everyone is different. Working with a doctor and nutritionist as well as ensuring you are doing the right workouts for your fitness level (i hire a trainer to help me work up a plan) has helped me tremendously and im already down 18 lbs in just a month

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    There are fast food companies and other food companies exploiting a biological flaw in people, and they’re getting pretty rich off of these fat people, especially in America. Our neurotransmitters were originally designed to help us remember which fruits have a lot of sugar and calories by releasing dopamine when consumed for easier survival, which creates a bit of an addiction (but these plants have quite a bit less sugar than pure, white sugar), but your body does not know when to stop consuming sugar. You can eat a whole complete healthy meal and still feel like reaching for sugary foods, or feel an appeal to sugary foods while shopping for food, and buy it. Your body doesn’t actually know what to do with this sugar and it just stores it as fat. It’ll be hard to do, but just cut out processed foods and sugar from your diet completely, eat healthy and work out. Your subconscious thinks in the moment, you think for the future.

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    I am sure lots of people with the above-mentioned body conditions would LOVE to watch a video where you devote your skill to suggest proper solutions, starting, of course, from seeing a doctor first and see what they can and cannot do to burn fat, lower fat and, especially, avoiding putting on fat first of all!

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    • CnCEmpire
      CnCEmpire 2 months ago

      +Hl A Again, that is incorrect... 1 calorie from sugar is the EXACT same as 1 calorie from anything else in the world. It is the macronutrients that your body utilises differently. Let me put it this way, a ferrari and a toyota go to the gas station, they both fill up using the exact same fuel (hypothetically, these are "calories"). The Ferrari being say protein will use the calorie (fuel) the same amount of fuel will be used the same way it will in a toyota through combustion (the simple carb) look at macros as the engine. The engine in the Ferrari is a lot more complex and it can do more things (protein or branch chain amino acids) than the small engine in a toyota that is quite basic (the simple carbs) the same thing goes into both cars (fuel/calories) but its what happens in the engine (the more complex the molecule aka macro and micronutrients).
      The reason im making this so clear is because at a cellular level our body runs on the laws of thermodynamics, i dont care how much this guy says calories are different from eachother, the laws of physics and anyone with a credible degree will disagree with his statement.
      The people that are on RU-clip watching fitness videos from people like this guy are LIKELY uneducated on the subject and are going to take what he says as fact. If someone is just starting to workout or eat healthy calories in vs calories out is the most important factor period.

    • Hl A
      Hl A 2 months ago

      Yes, like the other commetor replied, he wasn't being literal. He was saying one calorie of sugar isn't the same as one calorie of protein, your body will react differently to these two.

    • M C
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      What he meant is: Not all foods are created equal. Some cause insulin to spike, others don't.

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