Main Reasons to Avoid Multi-Sided LED Headlight Bulbs

  • Published on Aug 10, 2018
  • Details and pricing on the best performing LED Headlight bulbs here:
    Multi-Sided LED headlight bulbs (bulbs with three or more sides of LED chips) seem like a good idea in theory -- more LED chips in more directions are better, right? And especially in a projector housing, right? The simple answer is NO. Watch why.
    The key to a well-functioning LED headlight bulb is LED placement. LED chips located in the center of the bulb stem better mimic the location of a halogen bulb filament. Multi-sided LED headlight bulbs have a thicker bulb stem which positions the chips away from center and closer to the reflector housing. This leads to an unfocused, scattered, dim beam pattern. Watch as Eric describes the cons of these bulbs and demonstrates the bulbs inside a projector housing and reflector housing against 2-sided LED headlight bulbs.
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Comments • 961

  • alisen
    alisen 2 days ago

    You are absolutely right. A shop recommended the tri sided LED headlight bulbs for my FJ Cruiser and although they were very bright but the light was all over the place blinding everyone and the hi beam was unnoticeable... It took me only one day to return them back and reinstall the Halogen bulbs and start searching for better ones...

    DARTHBULLSHIT 2 days ago

    The 43 year old sealed beams on my Charger are better than any of these lights.....and they don't blind anyone.....

  • Tim Latour
    Tim Latour 2 days ago

    Mine work just fine

  • Raul Aguilar
    Raul Aguilar 3 days ago +1

    You blink to much for me to trust you...... js

  • High Pitch Eric Stern
    High Pitch Eric Stern 11 days ago +1

    Great video 👌🏼

  • Jon Perry
    Jon Perry 13 days ago +1

    I looked up Diode Dynamics Sl1. The reviews are not that great.

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  13 days ago

      LED bulbs are still very young. We will see some awesome upgrades here very soon!

  • Ric Powers
    Ric Powers 16 days ago +3

    I guess im skeptical of this guy trashing all these manufacturers. Is it possible hes in the LED biz himself?

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  14 days ago

      Hey Ric, our goal is never to trash other manufactures. We just like to lay out the facts behind the products on the market so you can get the best bulb and not waste money. Sure we are in the LED biz but we sell a wide variety of bulbs we don't own.

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith 18 days ago +1

    I wouldnt think projecting light to the sides and reflecting it outwards wouldn't be as effective say projecting forward and reflecting forwards...

  • Dez Nutz
    Dez Nutz 19 days ago

    If dust gets into the fan motor, it will cause it to slow down and not run at the proper RPM. As a result, the overheating prevention feature on these bulbs will turn the light off in order to allow it to cool.
    This is why I went back to halogen incandescent bulbs.

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  19 days ago

      Never go back to halogen! There are plenty of options with LED to avoid your concern.

  • Brian Sulowski
    Brian Sulowski 20 days ago +1

    "A thin PCB Board" That's equivalent to calling RG3, "RG3 the Third".

    • Brian Sulowski
      Brian Sulowski 19 days ago

      +Headlight Revolution Not to take away from the video content. Will look to you guys for the right stuff!

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  19 days ago

      Fair enough LOL

  • Joe Morganti
    Joe Morganti 22 days ago +1

    What do you guys recommend for a 2015 Mini Cooper 5 door hatch for under $100?

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  21 day ago

      Check out the link below for lights in the $59-112 range.

  • Robin Marquardt
    Robin Marquardt 23 days ago +2

    When they ain't working why are they produced?

    • Mister S
      Mister S 20 days ago

      +Headlight Revolution Because people will do their own research and buy cheap crap... Instead of buying your lights like I did...(I know cuz I tried the Cheap Crap first too) have you guys seen the "Boslla 4-mode Headlight" I would like to see your opinion...

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  21 day ago

      The world may never know.

  • jason henn
    jason henn 25 days ago +1

    Need to ensure ur reflectors match the light source

    • jason henn
      jason henn 24 days ago

      +Headlight Revolution
      Changed my 98 suburban to hid (is better than led) and the buckets /reflectors (all 4) and its awesome, but without the correct reflector it produced scattered light and many r changing the source type without doing the reflectors, and the government in some countries are banning aftermarket changes

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  25 days ago

      True that.

  • Matt B
    Matt B 27 days ago +1

    Weird I actually have that exact headlight on the right and my opt 7 LEDs made it so much better then my halogen bulbs. 🤷‍♂️

  • YOO 503
    YOO 503 27 days ago +1

    Now days. Nobody care about blinding people. Just buyba 40$ led n that it

  • Felipe Córdoba
    Felipe Córdoba 27 days ago +1

    Brands and publicity aside, thanks for the explanation. In my country we have tons of auto and moto shops that sells LED light kits like they are selling candy or something. I hate it when i got any vehicle coming to me or behind me with cheap LED modification and as you said, the beam pattern is everywhere but in the street. I got dazzled (is this the right word?) and furious. I wish you would do some drawings like when we studied mirrors in physics in high school so people understand better why at least you have to adjust your headlights when putting one of this cheap bulbs.

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  27 days ago +1

      We are glad you like our videos. I don't think drawings are in the works but we will keep releasing videos!

  • 323 CALi
    323 CALi 28 days ago

    True never again led , hid👈led in the interior

  • 28YorkshireRose12
    28YorkshireRose12 Month ago +2

    That makes sense of a lot of cars I've seen with not very bright, but blinding, dazzling light output similar to a badly adjusted LED bicycle light, and they can be absolute bastards on a dark night, especially in the pouring rain. I notice though that the majority of those who drive for a living, truckers, buses and the like, still seem to prefer a good, reliable tungsten halogen lamp............. Now I wonder why that is?
    It is true though, if your light source is not at the exact focal point of the reflector, all you're going to get is a lot of scatter, so it follows that the closer an LED bulb can mimic the original tungsten halogen (prime focus), the better the beam pattern will be.
    For the moment, I'm slowly 're-lamping' my car's lights, but the headlights are sacrosanct - I don't mind replacing side, tail and indicator bulbs with LED, but the headlights I have are as good as any I have used to date, and they're still tungsten halogen.

  • Chris Horsburgh
    Chris Horsburgh Month ago +1

    Had a set of h4 nighteyes in our old tiida... never had a problem with beam throw..

  • Kenneth
    Kenneth Month ago

    I messed with these, it's a waste of time and money. Just go to Autozone, buy a Halogen bulb and be done with it.

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  Month ago

      Or get a proper LED bulb with increased output, more efficiency, and a better color. :)

  • James Seeley
    James Seeley Month ago

    Lol they work just fuckin fine for me dip shit

    • James Seeley
      James Seeley Month ago

      Headlight Revolution what in thr inbred cousin fucker language is a salt bae? Hey internet take my opinion seriously cause bae would....moron

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  Month ago

      Salt bae visit your place recently?

  • Candido Feliciano
    Candido Feliciano Month ago

    I am regularly blinded by large pick trucks. Not Suvs or Sedans.

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  Month ago

      Pickups are more prone to glaring headlights due to their ride height being higher up compared to other vehicles. Truck owners need to take this into consideration when upgrading their lighting and adjust their headlights accordingly. Thank you for the comment!

    NEWYORK BOSS Month ago

    Always tryin to be better then other ppl lights i only use leds in my car bright enough for me

  • State Stefan-Cosmin

    OMG what prices? No HIKARY?, i have a H11 Hikary lumiled chip on Mazda 3 2016 and the lighting is superior to many of the brands out there

  • Sleepy Boiii
    Sleepy Boiii Month ago

    I use light bulbs that will make my road brighter and blind other drivers!

  • Ernie Desjardins
    Ernie Desjardins Month ago

    BRIGHTER LIGHTS MEAN MORE BLINDED TRUCKERS. sitting up high off the road these super bright lights put us truckers into total blindness for a split second when meeting oncoming traffic. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO BE ON A HIGHWAY WITH TRANSPORT TRUCKS HAULING 150 000 POUNDS WITH DRIVERS THAT ARE BLINDED.

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  Month ago

      This is what we want to prevent! As long as the correct LEDs are used in their respective housings and are installed and adjusted correctly, there will not be any glare issues. Thank You for the comment!

    GEEMEE MANUEL Month ago

    Full of shitty details. I suggest to delete this video.

  • Station
    Station Month ago +1

    I have many different brands of either led or hid and have never gotten the results that you show.

  • Shabbir Ahmad
    Shabbir Ahmad Month ago

    LED low beam is ok on my Honda, but high beam is terrible.

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  Month ago

      What is the Year/Model of your Honda? I would be happy to make you a High beam recommendation!

    ALL GOOD THINGS Month ago +1

    you crazzy 150 or more for lights aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa NO

  • TheOnlyGHOST1015
    TheOnlyGHOST1015 Month ago +1

    So he kills other people's headlight to shows hes Which his are Better BUT we are talking $150+ For his light vs $20 LED

    • Slader Roberts
      Slader Roberts Month ago

      TheOnlyGHOST1015 Yes. But look at the outcome. He showed what design of LED bulb to buy and the outputs of a correctly designed bulb vs incorrect. There is a reason those bulbs are cheap...

  • Timothy McCoy
    Timothy McCoy Month ago

    What he also does not add is what car you are installing the lights into . I recently bought and installed the 25 dollar 4 sided led into my 1995 del sol.. for older vehicles it does make a massive improvement.. newer cars where ther headlights are specially made.. not so much.

  • Jonny Jr Jay Junior

    Here's what you Dont seem to understand dude. Now im not trying to be rude okay, but not everyone can afford 150+$ bulbs for their car or truck .. So yeah.. We fall for that bogus "super awesome bright" dollar store LED because some us can only afford it .. Perhaps if you could not keep pushing these videos into buying these high end priced lights .. Instead helping out those with dusty wallets .. Again, i am Not trying to be a rude a**hole or anything, an i want to see better at night like the rest of them .. Maybe make a cheaper version LED for people.. Not everyone has a Lamborghini.
    If what i said seemed rude or ignorant, i apologize. It wasnt my intention.

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  Month ago

      I can see where you are coming from. They are an investment, but headlights are not something to play around with and buying the $20 Amazon bulbs might be an upgrade from stock, but 9/10 you will be blinding many many drivers with the poorly constructed bulbs. You wouldn't want to put $40 Brake pads & Rotors on your car when you depend on them to stop your vehicle, you want something that you can depend on and trust. The same reasoning follows headlight upgrades, where you could be blinding oncoming traffic and run the possibility of causing an accident and dealing with bulb failures every other month with no customer service to back them up. It is a tricky topic when it comes to headlight upgrades, hopefully you see where I am coming from. :) Thank you for the comment!

  • SimonTek
    SimonTek Month ago +1

    The entire reason I haven't spent money on LED headlights

  • fa sao
    fa sao Month ago

    Question: my LED light shine bright at Low Beam but doesn’t make much different at high beam, just only a slight difference. Am i using the wrong LED ?

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  Month ago

      +fa sao Make sure they are pointed directly Left to Right in the headlight housings. This is key for a Dual beam bulb. If they are already adjusted this way, chances are that the chip placement is not quite up to the standards to form a great High beam, resulting in a rather useless High beam.

    • fa sao
      fa sao Month ago

      +Headlight Revolution Yes it is dual beam bulb.

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  Month ago

      Are you running a Dual beam bulb?

  • TheSlimCP
    TheSlimCP Month ago

    This video doesn't go into detail at all to explain anything. You don't even get to see the headlight assemblies used for testing. The 2018 Toyota matrix had 4 different options for headlights that I know of. Rams have too many to count. Too many missing variables here. For all we know these led bulbs were not running at full voltage.

  • Neal Archer
    Neal Archer Month ago

    What the hell is a lux?

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  Month ago +1

      Lux measures illuminance, which is the amount of light on a surface per unit area. :) Lumens is the measurement that an LED/Bulb emits from the source. Great question!

  • Nathaniel Hill
    Nathaniel Hill Month ago

    Yeah, I'll stick to my $20 LED that works instead of the overpriced shit you're selling.

  • 4B vEnOm
    4B vEnOm Month ago +9

    You can always adjust the beam lower and you will get a better lighting on the ground

  • Johnny gonzalez
    Johnny gonzalez Month ago

    Fuck it im gonna keep on blinding everybody

  • Thefirstgalaxybeing
    Thefirstgalaxybeing Month ago +1

    The only good led bulbs are the two-sided.

    • John Rodriguez
      John Rodriguez Month ago

      False ive tried about 6 led headlights in my car. And the 3-4 sided bulbs always give me better beam pattern and better brightness. The two sided always give me blotchy lighting

  • MotoK tips
    MotoK tips Month ago +1

    I've tried a few LED bulbs, and they are all crap. The light goes everywhere but where it's supposed to.

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  Month ago

      You haven't been trying the right ones my man. :) Shoot us an email so that we can set you up with the best of the best!

  • MM1E
    MM1E Month ago +1

    As someone who has properly designed headlights like you describe, I've been trying to explain this to people for years. They always insist having LED bulbs makes me an asshole or a safety risk and don't understand the optics and geometry at play. It also infuriates me that the *manufacturers* of all those shitty bulbs don't seem to understand how they work, either! Making a proper drop-in replacement LED module really isn't rocket science! The light needs to originate from the same point as the bulb type's filament! A couple years back it took me *ages* to find even one bulb that did that properly. Still can't find ones for my fog lights! I found some online that looked to have the right size, shape, and measurements, bought them, but it turned out the LEDs pointed out horizontally instead of vertically into the reflector. WTF?

  • laythywbas
    laythywbas Month ago

    It's crazy when bullshiting Ppl because they don't know or know how to test a light, shame on you, this video is a pure bullshit.

  • Edgar Perez
    Edgar Perez Month ago

    We need type of LED which will blind that idiot who doesn't care about you, and will not turn off high beams.

  • Jim Huggins
    Jim Huggins 2 months ago

    What else is needed for these to work with a 2016 Ram and not flicker and throw bulb out errors?

  • Benito Benitez
    Benito Benitez 2 months ago

    For the 3 sided led bulb the 2 leds that are the same are supposed to be facing up and the 1 thats more back is supposed to be facing down. Am i correct ? Because i cant find anything that will tell you what side goes up or down.

  • philip dias
    philip dias 2 months ago

    3 sided ones work well for h4, with the third one doing the highbeam in reflectiors.

  • Stanley Grant
    Stanley Grant 2 months ago +1

    Well explained excellent video, very informative

  • Ernesto Jaime
    Ernesto Jaime 2 months ago +2

    Exactly all these stupid people blinding everyone at night should watch this.

  • Devin McKenzie
    Devin McKenzie 2 months ago

    This guy is an absolute dipshit 😂

  • Robert Bell
    Robert Bell 2 months ago +4

    If your low beams are illuminating above the trunk of the car in front of you, you are blinding people. Aim your lights down some.

    • Mister S
      Mister S 20 days ago

      Well if you have shitty scatter everywhere like some of the cheap can aim them 10' in front your car and still blind everyone! (AND STILL HAVE WORSE LIGHTS)

  • Cindy H LED Battery
    Cindy H LED Battery 2 months ago

    many different led headlight models

  • The Dude
    The Dude 2 months ago

    I like the wider pattern of LED see more on the road - at 6000 Kelvins its still brighter than the halogen by FAR!

  • Life of Dave
    Life of Dave 2 months ago

    “The filament is in the middle and the manufacturer specially designed it like that.” Every filament bulb on the planet has a filament in the direct center of the bulb you idiot. It’s been that way for oh I don’t know...80 years? I don’t think you understand that there are fundamental differences between a Light Emitting Diode and a gas/filament bulb. If you were to look at LED flashlights, the industry standard is to use Forward Biased LEDs, meaning the beam of light projects in one direction. Unlike traditional bulbs a forward biased LED doesn’t necessarily require a reflector and instead require specific lenses to focus the light. The color, wavelengths and overall design are completely different from filament bulbs and you should take some time to learn these things. Or don’t, doesn’t matter to me if you want to be an idiot.

  • theravedaddy
    theravedaddy 2 months ago +2

    Now i know why every thai twat with 6inch hub spacers and nascar window nets (in the back side windows!) Blinds me at night..... thanks.

  • Josh De Alba
    Josh De Alba 2 months ago

    Those prices on that website are crazy!

  • Werevertumoto
    Werevertumoto 2 months ago

    Worked on the headlights manufacturing industry, this is 100% true, wont go into details about the importance of the quality of the projector and the light it projects, don't want to say people is dumb, but some of the comments here are incredibly ignorant

  • Che Cook
    Che Cook 2 months ago

    I have a 2015 4runner. I wish I had seen this before buying bulbs. The LED were awful in the projector. HID is so much better. They did work well in the hi-beam and fog though.

  • nlo114
    nlo114 2 months ago

    We have laws in UK regarding vehicle lighting. If you dazzle and cause an accident, your insurance is invalid, and you get a criminal record. I've been pulled for dodgy lights, so I know, but luckily no accident happened. You can of course do as you wish, not near me please :-)

  • Joshua Parks
    Joshua Parks 2 months ago +1

    People who blink that much are known liars

  • Walter Asencio
    Walter Asencio 2 months ago


    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  2 months ago

      Here is the 9007 you will need:

  • Walter Asencio
    Walter Asencio 2 months ago


  • silviu adrian miu
    silviu adrian miu 2 months ago +1

    Those prices are a scam in our faces

  • Duolingo Owl
    Duolingo Owl 2 months ago

    I feel like everyone in Hawaii gets these headlights. Because im always getting blinded by them

  • papi kei
    papi kei 2 months ago +1

    I recommend everyone to buy 4 sided led

  • Beneath Remains
    Beneath Remains 2 months ago

    2 directions: down and up. Lowbeam and highbeam.

  • jeremy wang
    jeremy wang 2 months ago

    So Which kind leds are bad and good? Oh those leds are all bad, we need to buy the one you selling are good, right? Funny

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  2 months ago

      We've done the testing and only sell the LEDs that met the standards so you don't have to deal with the guessing game of what will work and what won't. :)

  • huk bb3
    huk bb3 2 months ago

    h11 led fr prececion for my camry and i have it for 4 years now and still bright like new

  • Matthew Stinar
    Matthew Stinar 2 months ago

    Brian Cooley touched on this in an episode of Road Show, but he didn't go into nearly this much depth. This makes so much sense now.

  • Billy Darley
    Billy Darley 2 months ago

    i put a set of 120w Mostplus bulbs in my '90 f250 and '99 grand prix. bought them on ebay. super bright and so far no one has flashed their high beams at me so the aim must be ok for them too.

  • JMR
    JMR 2 months ago

    obviously this guy just want to sell their headlights. i bought a 4 side led headlights and its really much brighter than the 2 side led lights that i had

  • Neng Thao
    Neng Thao 2 months ago

    I bought some high end halogen bulbs for my tribecca and even after I set the height of it, it seems dim and don't project far enough from the driver perspective. Although if view from the outside, its pretty damn bright. Help please because im about to replace the whole headlight assembly.

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  2 months ago

      +Neng Thao I see you have Projectors, I recommend giving an HID kit a try!
      (H7, I recommend 5,000k)

    • Neng Thao
      Neng Thao 2 months ago

      +Headlight Revolution 2006.

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  2 months ago

      What year is your Tribecca?

  • Doug C
    Doug C 2 months ago

    Great video I've always wondered why those LED headlights are so bad. While I prefer halogens with upgraded wiring, hell I preferred the old square sealed beams, that doesn't mean somebody else won't benefit from your videos or upgrading to LED headlights properly

  • DJDekgit
    DJDekgit 2 months ago +1

    Any led headlight that's claims anything over over 6000 lumens combined per set of units is a scam.

  • Thomas
    Thomas 2 months ago

    I'm a prick and drive a BMW. What is the brand of the one best for blinding everyone? 🤔

  • Bill Carini
    Bill Carini 2 months ago

    Just looked at the website... $170 for LED headlights! Are you serious? I've got a few sets of ebay LEDs and had never had much of a problem.

    • Bill Carini
      Bill Carini 2 months ago

      +Headlight Revolution I'm sure they would be much better I'm just say'n that it's rediculous. Y'all probably make a killing off them! What's the mark up 200%

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  2 months ago +1

      I assure you they are well worth the investment. If you think that the Ebay LEDs perform well for you, I would love to see your reaction to the V.4 LEDs. :)

  • Sonshing Yu
    Sonshing Yu 2 months ago


  • Alex Afa
    Alex Afa 2 months ago

    Fuck LED. I go with Xenon HID

  • Jose Arreguin
    Jose Arreguin 2 months ago

    "theyre lying to you to get you to buy your products" just like this video. Mine work just fine. Fuck these videos. Scared of the competition because your shits so overpriced thats all

  • Flying Karapet
    Flying Karapet 2 months ago +1

    I want to see head lamps with the CREE XHP70.2 now that should be bright.

  • jeffrey narbaiz
    jeffrey narbaiz 2 months ago

    Lol wuss

  • William Tolbirt
    William Tolbirt 2 months ago +3

    I still prefer HID in projectors.

    • Sonac
      Sonac 2 months ago +2

      LED is slowly overtaking HID in performance as technology has got better. New industries in LED lighting has been pushing the performance higher and higher. You can definitely get LED's that match HID in performance with none of the drawbacks now.

  • Ra Li
    Ra Li 2 months ago

    The brightness is as good as your reflection on your lighting housing reflectors

  • 680ecks
    680ecks 2 months ago

    I get the white light halogens then the snow melts off and they clear themselves in winter.

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  2 months ago

      This is true, that is one benefit over LEDs. But in terms of all the other Benefits that come with LEDs, I'd be fine with wiping my headlights clean before driving. Thanks for the comment!

  • Fed
    Fed 2 months ago +10

    Led make deer eyes glow better, offer a overall cleaner non yellow light, and I dunno if mabe I'm just lucky but led are way brighter in both my Jeep and Chevy truck, not only that but the cleaner LED light doesn't seem to burn the eyes as much a halogen does...just saying

  • Edward Steinjolt
    Edward Steinjolt 2 months ago

    I have 4 sides led bulbs in my grille fog lights, they act as flood lights, ALSO in engineering you design the reflector housings considering the lux and plasma volume and you design it around an sphere, with specific measurements, so those mimic led positions mimic the plasma location not the filament. Update your info

  • zapro_dk
    zapro_dk 2 months ago

    PCB = Printed Circuit Board, so PCB-board, double the board :)

  • JUice Vang
    JUice Vang 2 months ago

    Did you try rotating the led bulb when it was installed in the housing? I did and that also threw out different beam patterns. Just rotate until i got the correct or closest beam pattern

  • James Burch
    James Burch 2 months ago

    watched this for 20 secs before I saw that this is just a pitch for the shit he sellss

  • ps tasman
    ps tasman 2 months ago

    I am glad that at least there is a channel that actually checks the pattern of the produced light.
    What I don't get is why everyone wants to put the brightest lights to their car. Are they blind or do they have vision problems? And white light at the roads? Especially at the night? Are we shooting a movie?

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  2 months ago

      Some people have a harder time driving at night than others, so they invest in aftermarket lighting to gain that safety aspect to their nightly commutes. As long as the correct LED/HID is used and installed & adjusted correctly, you will not blind other people at all! :) Thank you for your comment.

  • Martin Weizenacker
    Martin Weizenacker 2 months ago +3

    I don't understand what the fuss is all about because LED halogen retrofits are not road legal (well not in Europe anyways)! So unless I was driving my vehicle exclusively off road, why would you even care they exist?

    • Martin Weizenacker
      Martin Weizenacker 2 months ago

      +Richard Pait Alright... don't feed the trolls. So here, one last time, just for you, because you still seem to be unable to read. It's not "LED halogen" (well, just that alone doesn't make sense, yes, Sherlock) it's "LED halogen *RETROFIT*" - that last word is mandatory.
      You can't be serious. I was thinking you might be 12. I'm 28.

    • Martin Weizenacker
      Martin Weizenacker 2 months ago

      +Richard Pait Why not "Oh, you're right, my bad" instead of such immature reply. I'm not responsible for you not reading the words or not understanding their meaning.

    • Martin Weizenacker
      Martin Weizenacker 2 months ago

      +Richard Pait No, you didn't read correctly. These lamps are LED technology retrofitting halogen lamps. That's what "LED halogen retrofits" (obviously) means. -.-

  • Adam Lewellen
    Adam Lewellen 2 months ago

    How about i don't give a s hit if I blind people. Thay do it to me. I want the maximum amount of light with biggest, brightest pattern.

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  2 months ago

      Two wrongs don't make a right, Adam! We can certainly help you with the best recommendation for your vehicle if you would like! :)

  • Advice Teller
    Advice Teller 2 months ago

    Halogen is old outdated I used lasfit retrofit to led 9005 socket and h11 socket works grate

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  2 months ago

      If you thought Lasfit was good... I would love to see your reaction to the V.4 LEDs!

  • Uncle Fjester
    Uncle Fjester 2 months ago +1

    Ahhhh, thats why I cant replace my halogen on My 2011 Harley Streetglide H4

  • Mushrine O
    Mushrine O 2 months ago +1

    Nice sales pitch!

  • charbizzle2007
    charbizzle2007 2 months ago

    What's your thoughts on Auxbeam?

    • Headlight Revolution
      Headlight Revolution  2 months ago

      We have tested a great amount on Auxbeam and they are terrible I'm afraid to say...

  • Killadragon2000 Gaming
    Killadragon2000 Gaming 2 months ago

    i just got some for my 2004 Pontiac Bonneville and the are much brighter and look just fine.

    MARTIN WOOLDRIDGE 2 months ago

    Mine are 7200 lumens and the are like the sun!

  • jason tang
    jason tang 2 months ago

    360 around led not good install?