THE WARRIORS MOVIE (1979) - 40th ANNIVERSARY - Where Are They Now.

  • Published on Jan 25, 2019
  • In honour of the 40th anniversary of the release of The Warriors, here's an update of all your favourite actors and actresses from the movie.

    But Enough About Me, Bill Paxton by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
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  • KemKingz
    KemKingz 3 hours ago

    love the movie and the game.

  • Kevin Elsey
    Kevin Elsey Day ago +1

    Great film I loved the Baseball Furies

  • Andrew Binnie
    Andrew Binnie 2 days ago +3

    I watched this again yesterday still a great film.

  • Judy McGaugh
    Judy McGaugh 3 days ago +1

    Man I did not realize that video was that old and that everyone had aged. Unless you keep up with the actors over the years time seems to stand still. That was such a great movie, I need to watch it again because I have only saw it the one time years ago... great work keeping us updated on the cast it was interesting seeing the then and now photos and getting to find out what other projects the cast had done after Warriors.

  • Joker Shakur
    Joker Shakur 4 days ago +2

    I still got this video game lol ... rip Rembrandt

    • leon nevels
      leon nevels 3 days ago +1

      +SOFARtheREBEL u can buy it for the ps4 @psstore

    • mike carr
      mike carr 3 days ago

      Joker Shakur Me too got it for ps2

      SOFARtheREBEL 4 days ago

      What do u play it on? Damn i miss that game!

  • Million Cool84
    Million Cool84 4 days ago

    Classic movie

  • joe bloggs
    joe bloggs 4 days ago +1

    this movie was one of the stupidest things I have ever seen,,,,an ex girlfriend really thought I would love it,,,its so dam corney it defies discripion

  • xrmweho
    xrmweho 5 days ago +1

    My parents hated this movie , I had zero chance of watching it . I was a 16 year old conservative then , so I went along .

  • rocker chick
    rocker chick 5 days ago +3

    Worriors come out to play!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tony Matranga
      Tony Matranga 5 days ago +2

      My friends and I used to repeat this line to each other over and over throughout the years.

  • 305Carnage
    305Carnage 7 days ago +2

    How could u not the lady dj did not do where in the world is Carmen San Diego

  • смертный приговор

    I love this movie one of my favorites of all times,I have it in dvd,and Xbox game too....Unfortunately today movies are really trash.

  • Patrick Ireland
    Patrick Ireland 8 days ago +2

    James Remar/Ajax also played Kim Cattral's/Samantha's boyfriend in Sex and the City.

  • Itzzmeagain28
    Itzzmeagain28 9 days ago +3


    • Lemmy Bon
      Lemmy Bon 7 days ago

      We gonna raaaid on you Warriors!!!

  • An Ta
    An Ta 9 days ago +3


  • Richard Aponte
    Richard Aponte 9 days ago +7

    Nothing but Gang Members when I went to see the film in 79' (Bronx NY).. The atmosphere was crazy but everything stayed cool for the showing. After the movie was a different story though..

  • Ederaldo Gonçalves
    Ederaldo Gonçalves 10 days ago

    E assim a vida vai passando...pena ter q envelhecer..

  • russell curtis
    russell curtis 11 days ago +2

    What do you know about Cyrus?

  • Jorge Franqui
    Jorge Franqui 11 days ago +3

    Can you Dig It

  • Lalalala Aahaha
    Lalalala Aahaha 13 days ago +1

    Play movie i become this Energy/felling... good akture and Rip for the other Team from Warriors..... 👍

  • G Money
    G Money 14 days ago +4

    Thank you!

  • Mister T
    Mister T 15 days ago +4

    Something hot about the store girl. ‘FOR WHAT!!??’

  • What's Good
    What's Good 15 days ago +2

    Nice instrumental also.

  • What's Good
    What's Good 15 days ago +2

    Thank you.

  • Naomi Christi silaen
    Naomi Christi silaen 16 days ago +1

    What name song

    • boogleben1
      boogleben1  14 days ago +2

      It's called "But Enough About Me, Bill Paxton" by Chris Zabriskie. There's a link in the description.

  • mohd Afizan
    mohd Afizan 16 days ago


  • ajax05swan
    ajax05swan 16 days ago +4

    How could this be a big meeting if The Orphans wasn’t there!!!!

  • Lance Goodthrust
    Lance Goodthrust 20 days ago +8

    I still enjoy this CLASSIC to this day. Great job to all of the cast and crew.

  • DaDirty WhiteBoy
    DaDirty WhiteBoy 20 days ago +1

    great video giving all the actors the credit they deserve , matter of time gonna go down as the greatest tcult classic, Charlloots straight from Coney !

  • Hemi Vic
    Hemi Vic 21 day ago +1

    I liked “The Lizzie’s” especially Lisa Maurer! A cutie!

  • The-Trustees
    The-Trustees 21 day ago +3

    This was way cool. The Warriors was a big part of my early teen years. I even made myself up as the Fury with the blue star around his eye for Halloween. It was nice because I got to carry a bat in an area where every now and then a trick or treater might get their candy stolen. :) THANKS!

  • Borderline Alcoholic
    Borderline Alcoholic 21 day ago +10


  • Six feet Under
    Six feet Under 23 days ago

    serious muscle!

  • Shawn Malone
    Shawn Malone 23 days ago +5

    Wow , it's hard to believe that this movie is 40 years old. In 1979 , this movie scared a lot of adults , because of the idea of gangs uniting and outnumbering the police. This movie was the movie to go see in 1979. I want to give a shout out to other baby boomer's who saw this movie. Heck , even President Ronald Reagan enjoyed this movie.

  • joe jacho
    joe jacho 23 days ago +2

    love this song your playing with the video very warriors were did you get it from

    • boogleben1
      boogleben1  23 days ago +1

      It was in the song library offered when making this. It's called "But Enough About Me, Bill Paxton" by Chris Zabriskie.

  • Pancho H.
    Pancho H. 23 days ago

    Connection : He was 20

  • Ninja Games
    Ninja Games 24 days ago +11

    R.i.p Rembrandt 🙏🏾

    • MT2SS
      MT2SS 22 days ago +1

      Another young man lost to the scourge of AIDS.

  • Pra5150
    Pra5150 24 days ago +10

    Mix race gang in New York city🤔 how did we go backwards with racism in 2019 and they went forward in 1979?

    • Sarah Silverlight
      Sarah Silverlight Day ago

      Moving to Coney Island, soon. Looking forward to that!

    • DaDirty WhiteBoy
      DaDirty WhiteBoy 20 days ago +1

      believe it or not Coney island has always been this way ! still is today , Charlloots straight from coney !

  • Anthony flores
    Anthony flores 25 days ago +7

    This movie is the shit my grandpa would always watch this and it became one of my favorite movies I’m 15

  • Jav Just Jav
    Jav Just Jav 25 days ago +3

    I think I was 14 or older when I saw this "this was back in 1999" I will always love this movie and the video game made by rockstar....that's what made me watch it whem the game was coming I wanted to see what this movie was about.

  • Thomas Guinan
    Thomas Guinan 25 days ago +3

    First saw 'Warriors' while at sea in the early '80's. I was a recruit. After washing dishes I assisted shipmates in showing films (reel to reel) to senior enlisted in chief's mess. Immediately taken by it. To this day, one of only 20 or so films I own. Watch it every few years. Never tire of it.

    • MT2SS
      MT2SS 22 days ago +1

      I first saw it in the theatre before I enlisted. The next time I saw it was in the early eighties while I was underwater on a submarine. This was before VCR players and tapes were easily available. If memory serves the movie was on three 16MM reels. We watched it at least two or three times during our patrol because about half of the 70 or so movies that we went to sea with were absolute crap.

  • Litazz81
    Litazz81 26 days ago +2

    🎶Warriors... come out to playyy🎶 *glass bottles clinking*
    Best movie. All time classic!

  • David Petrie
    David Petrie 26 days ago +1

    One of my earliest memories and an absolute classic I loved watching this when I was 10 years old. Question is though?
    The Warriors or The Wanderers?

    • David Petrie
      David Petrie 20 days ago +3

      Yeah guys they are both different eras of New York and I think some go with The Warriors because it's all set at night but for me they are both equally as good and can't choose a winner based on both having to many good scenes to decide. If I had to lean towards one it would be The Warriors based on the fact the majority of them could fight. Like I say each film has certain things that are better than the other like The Wanderers has better music and more realistic looking gangs. I mean you wouldn't see gangs going to school with face paint would you and in The Warriors it's set at night and the streets were deserted.
      CAN YOU DIG IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    • DaDirty WhiteBoy
      DaDirty WhiteBoy 20 days ago +1

      2 different worlds ! Warriors by far world wide cult classic.

    • Quint A
      Quint A 21 day ago

      Thats a tough one....loved both movies but...Wanderers for ever.... ; )

  • 鍋井慶久
    鍋井慶久 26 days ago


  • william Martinez
    william Martinez 28 days ago +3

    It seems long overdue for a stupid remake and when they do only the original will live forever

    • Jav Just Jav
      Jav Just Jav 25 days ago

      Agreed,this movie will always be a classic

    • burttschell
      burttschell 26 days ago

      Wouldn't mind a remake. But leave dialogue the same. Music same.

    • Big long Meat
      Big long Meat 26 days ago

      Yea I remember as a kid there was talk about a remake. I guess the plans never fell through

  • rawdog42
    rawdog42 28 days ago +2

    Just knew there would be no way to get through the list without some tragic endings.
    This movie will live forever though.

  • MOJIN 69
    MOJIN 69 Month ago +6

    Such a great iconic movie, BRILLIANT !!🤘

    • John Grip
      John Grip 26 days ago +1

      Without question. Iconic . Unfortunately they'll do A remake of it like they do with everything great & it'll be garbage.

  • L Me
    L Me Month ago +5

    R.I.P all the fallen soldiers. Best movie ever, Best rockstar Game ever too. Sad to see that Rembrandt died so young. Strange to see them all old now ha.

    • Travis H
      Travis H 16 days ago

      I just bought the game on Ps4 yesterday

    • craigie cubsfan
      craigie cubsfan 24 days ago

      Dank Spank Acevedo Thanks for the info!

    • Dank Spank Acevedo
      Dank Spank Acevedo 24 days ago +1

      @craigie cubsfan Story and Gameplay are top notch and Rockstar did an amazing job adding more backstory to the characters from the movie. Story should take you about 10 hours to complete. The soundtrack is still good with one noticable licensed song cut from the earlier versions of the game. Joe Walsh in the city(which plays in the end of the movie) was cut which was kind of a bummer but that didn't really ruin the experience. I recommend buying the game which is worth the money and Rumble mode being so much fun with alot of customizable modes and unlockables as well as 2 player action offering good replayability. I give it a 9/10 being a good port with little framerate drops when there are alot of enemies on screen but it plays solid.

    • craigie cubsfan
      craigie cubsfan 24 days ago +1

      Dank Spank Acevedo How does it play on the ps4? And is the music being cut a big factor?

    • John Grip
      John Grip 26 days ago

      +Dank Spank Acevedo thanks 👍

  • Declan Marshall
    Declan Marshall Month ago +3

    One of the best movies created

  • ALexo122
    ALexo122 Month ago +1

    that's pretty cool thx for sharing 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Ron Thuomas
    Ron Thuomas Month ago +3

    I still watch it every 4 or 5 years
    Just something about this movie clicks for me.

  • Josh I
    Josh I Month ago

    Personally i just love the warriors game so much better than the movie.

    • L Me
      L Me Month ago +2

      The game is ovs gonna be better cause u can do more with a game than u can with real people. The movie was excellent still.

  • Josh I
    Josh I Month ago

    Finally watching this to see most of the people who died are men now there is 1 woman man how is it women outlive men.

    • Josh I
      Josh I Month ago +1

      And Cyrus died the exact same way as my grandfather heart attack and at the exact same age.

  • phuturephunk
    phuturephunk Month ago +3

    I love that Walter Hill quote at the end. It just fills my heart. Yes Walter, we still love it and we love that you made it.

  • John  Hutchinson
    John Hutchinson Month ago +6

    This Movie is one of my Top10 favourites and always will be. I thank each and everyone of these great people for their contributions. I get a tear well up every time I read that one had passed on.

  • Kjraymond2005
    Kjraymond2005 Month ago +4

    F in the chat for Marcelino, Paul, Edward, Irwin, Lynne and Roger, I pay my respects. All of em are legends

  • Susan Fagan
    Susan Fagan Month ago +2

    Funnily enough I’m going to watch this today .. I’ve got a thing for Swann ❤️

  • Canadian Infidel
    Canadian Infidel Month ago +1

    Great movie, I was 16 when it came out! If anyone is going to get this
    movie get the original not the directors cut, the directors cut is an

  • Кирилл Павлюченко

    Фильм шедевр! Можно смотреть бесконечно.

  • Shiahian
    Shiahian Month ago +3

    Great Movie! Thanks for sharing!👍

  • Karl Sinkovits
    Karl Sinkovits Month ago +3

    Fantastic movie😁😁😁😁

  • LRMEntertainmentMedia

    I just did a tbt piece on The Warriors.

  • Mike G
    Mike G Month ago +2

    They got Marcelino Sanchez info, wrong ! If he was 24 when he did the Warriors, how could he be 28, 8 years later ? and he died of AIDS related cancer.

    • Josh I
      Josh I Month ago

      +boogleben1 You should play The Warriors game.

    • boogleben1
      boogleben1  Month ago +2

      +Mike G Lol.

    • Mike G
      Mike G Month ago +2

      You're a bigger man than I am, I usually never admit being wrong. LoL

    • boogleben1
      boogleben1  Month ago +3

      Yeah you're right. My math was wrong - he was 20 when The Warriors started filming. And you're also right - he did die of AIDS related cancer.

  • GodofWarChuka
    GodofWarChuka Month ago +1

    The Warriors was one of my favorite movies growing up 👍

  • Aug Snow
    Aug Snow Month ago +2

    They’re so beautiful. More beautiful to see them age. Love the Lizzie’s.

  • Mark Preston
    Mark Preston Month ago +2

    makes me wanna be back in brooklyn, 16 in the early 60"s ready to rumble. skid row, the south brooklyn boys. got my car antenna and ready to go!

  • Michael Abad
    Michael Abad Month ago +2

    To my brothers and sisters you're always loved and missed,to yous brothers and sisters whom rip,say hi for me to the man in heaven for me.yous missed by me also til we meet again

  • Charlo 73
    Charlo 73 Month ago

    I was in gr 8 when this came out

  • timothy westmorland

    cheese at it's

  • Michael Vongero
    Michael Vongero Month ago +1

    It's a classic. I saw it a couple of weeks ago on T.V.

  • Womble Stacker
    Womble Stacker Month ago

    What I give yo of met them

  • Womble Stacker
    Womble Stacker Month ago +2

    The Best

    ROBERTO MOTTA Month ago

    very sad for actor die ………………

  • Leonardo
    Leonardo Month ago +1

    I watched this video to know where Kate Klugman (playing Starr in the film) was now, AND SHE IS NOT THERE
    I had one of the biggest crush of my life on her :'D

    • boogleben1
      boogleben1  Month ago +1

      Yeah I had her included but I couldn't find a recent picture so I had to leave her out. Sorry man. lol

    • newforestroadwarrior
      newforestroadwarrior Month ago +1

      According to IMDB her appearance in the film was her only acting role

  • Ross Ludlam
    Ross Ludlam Month ago +2

    you didn't mention david patrick kelly's other hugely famous role - as uncle jerry on twin peaks!!

  • Edward Jackson
    Edward Jackson Month ago +2

    My favourite film of all time.

  • Lawson Desrochers
    Lawson Desrochers Month ago +1

    Great tribute to a movie everyone saw and talked about for years.

  • Lee Clarke
    Lee Clarke Month ago

    Great classic film.

  • snee
    snee Month ago +2

    it gets criticized unfairly when its a dystopian vision of society but all the while clock work orange is praised ? i don't quite understand why when it's a great movie that deserves its cult status.

  • rochstan123
    rochstan123 Month ago +13

    Critics don't know shit. The warriors didn't need Oscar winning performances. Every actor did what they needed to do, and they nailed it. Warrior's was epic and goes down as one of my best films ever.

  • Dave De Bruin
    Dave De Bruin Month ago +1

    Thank you so much for this video 👍🏻 it's so great to see them all again and what they have become ☺ and for them who aren't with us anymore 😢 RIP 🕯

  • pete robinson
    pete robinson Month ago +2

    'In charge of the Subway tokens'.
    Imagine getting a RICO cinviction for 'looking after bus tickets'... :/ lol

  • SimmeringPotpourri
    SimmeringPotpourri Month ago +1

    Man, I remember seeing this movie on video in the 80's. Thought is was a pretty cool premise. I immediately recognized Marcelino Sanchez from The Bloodhound Gang", a segment on 321 Contact. I also see that Genevieve Ortiz was also on that show at the same time. Wow! Now that I see her I totally remember her.
    The fact that he died in '86, which ain't too far from when he appear on that show is shocking, I guess, and really makes you think about how life can change on you in a split second.

  • YanksOnTop
    YanksOnTop Month ago +4

    Can you dig it!

    • pete robinson
      pete robinson Month ago +1

      Caaan yoooou diiiiig iiiiit?
      (we like the music... we like the disco sound...)

  • mazinz2
    mazinz2 Month ago +3

    Loved the back ground music track you added for this.

  • gil Rivera
    gil Rivera Month ago +2

    I love this movie

  • chazz Lucas
    chazz Lucas Month ago +1

    Was Tom G. Waits "Windows" in the the movie " The Thing" ?

    • chazz Lucas
      chazz Lucas Month ago +1

      +boogleben1 thanks ... I never put that together and those two movies are my all time favorite cult classics

    • boogleben1
      boogleben1  Month ago


  • J. Mtz
    J. Mtz Month ago

    Please do the wanderers movie next then do suburbia movie.THanks mate

  • BardiXgamer Official
    BardiXgamer Official Month ago +7

    Best Movie in my opinion, I give my deepest thanks to Rockstar Games for turning it into a Video game, Without them, I would've never seen one of the best movies *If not the best*

    • John57945
      John57945 Month ago

      I know what you mean. I was playing the warriors today on my PS2. Got to the point where Ajax shows up and says to Vermin and Cochise, "so I heard you guys need help wasting a cripple". Holy shit is that a funny line in the game. I'm surprised with Hollywood remaking so many old movies, they have not remade this one. Of course, they would probably screw it up

  • AlexLordAlcyone
    AlexLordAlcyone Month ago +2

    "That... is a miracle. And miracles... are the way things ought to be." RIP Roger Hill

  • George Stemple
    George Stemple Month ago

    I seen this movie when it first came out cops were their afraid of gang fights breaking out o the good old days excellent movie

  • J B
    J B Month ago +12

    It would be a sin to remake this movie . As popular as remakes are becoming I pray it never happens ! Because in my mind NOTHING can and would ever compare .

    • pete robinson
      pete robinson Month ago

      The first would be like 'Judge Dredd'.
      The 2030 remake would be 'Dredd'.

  • Vicki Smith
    Vicki Smith Month ago +3

    Looking at this movie made me want too move to New York now l been in NYC for 10 years l love this movie❤

  • Anthony Laconte
    Anthony Laconte Month ago +2

    I was swan

  • Bside
    Bside Month ago +4

    Classic!.... They don't make movies like this anymore, this movie is a part of alot of people's lives!!

  • bojuification
    bojuification Month ago +2

    I still love this movie today. Its forever a part of my life.

  • searaydrivingguy
    searaydrivingguy Month ago

    i seen this in 1982 at a theatre that showed reruns it was the only time i ever watched it it was a great movie i will never forget the part warriors come out too play

    LINZELIA TURNER Month ago +1

    I watched that movie so many times back in the days.

  • Melanie Kruse
    Melanie Kruse Month ago +2

    Hello from Germany.

  • Melanie Kruse
    Melanie Kruse Month ago +3

    The Warriors vs.The Wanderers .Warriors win

    • J. Mtz
      J. Mtz Month ago +1

      Naw the ducky boys would beat them both

  • James Patrick Philip Confrey

    Best Walter Hill Movie.