Warrior class 2019 "Oathbreaker Eowen" - Activate & Review | Legacy of discord

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • Songs :-
    1- Cartoon why we lose
    2- Alan_Walker_-_Force
    3- Tobo_-_Hope
    #狂暴之翼 #G4G #LegacyOfDiscord
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Comments • 56

  • Games 4 Gamers
    Games 4 Gamers  29 days ago +7

    Songs :-
    1- Cartoon why we lose
    2- Alan_Walker_-_Force
    3- Tobo_-_Hope

    • xAMINEx GaMeR
      xAMINEx GaMeR 28 days ago

      Hi bro can you plz make a video about the felseth power in plunder/icefield

    • Edna Chaves
      Edna Chaves 28 days ago

      Hey bro, voce tem alguma conta parada para doar por favor :(

  • Massivec09
    Massivec09 18 hours ago

    I don’t get it how come when I got my oathbreaker I didn’t even get even close to 20 million BR... you got over 100 million... did it get nerfed?

  • Призрак спарты


  • JohnCedric Villegas
    JohnCedric Villegas 24 days ago

    Why other only got 17m BR+ after activating it and you got 184m BR+, Wtf?

  • Astronauta de Mármore

    O vídeo é ótimo, mas você poderia fazer um vídeo com uma conta VIP 0 (free).

    • SoulVoice
      SoulVoice 24 days ago

      What is the difference? You got 50 frags for free and 50 will cost you about 20-22k dias that you can save in 2.5 weeks.

  • Kaori Noshinme
    Kaori Noshinme 27 days ago

    Awww boss cek in item hunt is material up and evo

  • Mirjam Mahmutov
    Mirjam Mahmutov 28 days ago +1

    Can we change server? With account

  • John Wick
    John Wick 28 days ago +1

    I guess my stats with 18b br is better than yours a bit. Lol from an old server and much alive server. Come to our server check it out. Hkt125.

  • RAVe 52
    RAVe 52 28 days ago


  • Analyn Polles
    Analyn Polles 28 days ago

    Why the devs did not give you 50frag for free?
    Here on hkt gives free 50frags

  • Cancerous RATMY
    Cancerous RATMY 28 days ago +1

    Your account is very suspicious. My server is a bit older than yours and we're the same VIP but you're BR and stats is so high plus you have yellow pet.

    • Cancerous RATMY
      Cancerous RATMY 15 days ago

      +SoulVoice He's not a spender. He's just Vip8.

    • Cancerous RATMY
      Cancerous RATMY 15 days ago

      +ian low There's no way a Vip8 will get all of that. I've been playing this game for almost 2 years.

    • SoulVoice
      SoulVoice 24 days ago

      Depends when you started to play, 2 years ago when they just opened we were getting shit for 10k recharge, now the new players are getting hell lot of bonuses, its enough to recharge VIP15 (800k) dias and you get as a bonus almost all the best pets and mounts... so now basically is way easier to get upgraded, and the age of a server doesnt even matter here, my permanent server has a top player with 80b br, while another server which opened half year later, has its top player with over 150b br, and top 10 is 98b...

    • ian low
      ian low 25 days ago

      +Cancerous RATMY Yes looks suspicious to me too. He has the King of the Unseen Title and Holy Damage (6 star meta) too....hmmms wonder how many people actually used the diamond bug before they fixed it.

    • Cancerous RATMY
      Cancerous RATMY 27 days ago

      +Tru Desu It's still doesn't make sense. Ring only gives basic attributes and BR but in his case he has good rare attributes too plus all the expensive items like red mounts and yellow pet that he already have. There's no way a VIP8 can have all those by just saving diamonds and judging by his server his account is just a little more than a year only. Saving diamonds to get those expensive items will take months and while saving your character's attributes will get stucked but in his case its progressing. It's very suspicious really.

  • kaNeki Ken
    kaNeki Ken 28 days ago +1

    that permanent or not ?? 🤔🤔

  • KillerYouma
    KillerYouma 29 days ago

    They give 50 free fragments in mail . Why you spend for 100 fragments

  • Ahmad Juhariyanto
    Ahmad Juhariyanto 29 days ago

    Dude how much u spend to get quest for lucifron without RC can or not? Or keep RC??

    • Ahmad Juhariyanto
      Ahmad Juhariyanto 28 days ago

      Oh ok thanks dude nice share 😂

    • Prottay Roy
      Prottay Roy 28 days ago

      +Ahmad Juhariyanto yes coz i got lucifron yesterday... but if u can spent 350k dias then u need 20k rc... but u need to do rc

    • Ahmad Juhariyanto
      Ahmad Juhariyanto 28 days ago

      RC 40k with full star another quest. ??

    • Prottay Roy
      Prottay Roy 28 days ago

      +Ahmad Juhariyanto no u need to rc minimum 40k dias

    • Ahmad Juhariyanto
      Ahmad Juhariyanto 28 days ago

      But if i get full star from another quest like diamond spent,treasure hunt and etc i still can't get it??

  • Cheeni Rojas
    Cheeni Rojas 29 days ago

    But you never should the difference on your RA stats after activating the Outbreaker. The one you have shown has already with the addition of amplified wrathwings.

    • Games 4 Gamers
      Games 4 Gamers  28 days ago

      I see but It's not all, I will Wait for Materials and make another video

  • salman shalaldah
    salman shalaldah 29 days ago +1

    Hello that’s amazing and you are amazing but I won’t ask you how I can increase holy damg+ and holy damg reduction please bro answer me

    • salman shalaldah
      salman shalaldah 28 days ago +1

      Thanks bro

    • KillerYouma
      KillerYouma 29 days ago +1

      salman shalaldah you need to get metamorph 6 stars and evolve

  • Bahayles1991
    Bahayles1991 29 days ago +3

    You're in my bracket 😅😭

    PUBG MOBILE 29 days ago

    judul lagu nya apa ni?

    AUDIOSTOCK 29 days ago


  • Nick Brian
    Nick Brian 29 days ago +1

    Name song?

  • Mido Raul
    Mido Raul 29 days ago +5

    وحش استمر اول تعليق