Jason Ellis Learns How to Shred in a Few Hours!! Drift School With Danger Dan

  • Published on Apr 17, 2019
  • Our good friend Jason Ellis is a man of many talents: radio host, pro skateboarder, crocodile wrestler, boxer, UTV racer, and more. But one thing he hasn't learned how to do yet: shredding in a drift car. Thankfully, we have Danger Dan, who can pretty much teach anyone how to drift.
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Comments • 973

  • Hoonigan Daily Transmission
    Hoonigan Daily Transmission  9 months ago +130

    What other special guest would you like to see shred Shart Kart at the Burnyard!?

    • Jeremy Francis
      Jeremy Francis Month ago

      Stig from "Top Gear"

    • damarlo1
      damarlo1 6 months ago

      Nate Hamilton

    • Big Bird
      Big Bird 7 months ago

      where can the viewers sign up?

      GURB ALERT 8 months ago


      ATOM BOMB 8 months ago

      What if you guys call out drivers that dont drft! They come and try to drft the yard you could have celebs come out n sh!t haa! I wanna see if Kim Kardashian can drift ShartKart!!

  • Macktasticslick
    Macktasticslick 15 days ago

    I know I’m late to this but damn that car sounds insane

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B 24 days ago

    Does anyone else notice dan struggling to reach the hand break?

  • dan hopkinson
    dan hopkinson Month ago

    was the seat position not thought about? was it set for someone with longer arms or is it just slid back on rails? haha

  • Splitter S
    Splitter S Month ago

    He done good.....👍👍

  • David Long
    David Long Month ago

    Winchester house is the house with over 200 rooms

  • MrLeonard112
    MrLeonard112 Month ago

    Bring back some drifting memories

  • supermoto stü
    supermoto stü 2 months ago

    I'm a huge fan of Ellis since slam city jam in van in 99 and was listening to him on Tony hawk's whatever show in like 07 until he had his own show with raw Dogg all the way til now FUCK TULLY jasons Jesuit handler but I hate to say jay sucks at driving lol......#joseforpresident

  • Grey Ninja
    Grey Ninja 2 months ago

    Can he teach me how to drift?

  • CoryDaKiller CDK
    CoryDaKiller CDK 2 months ago

    Old school Ellis fan so this is cool as shit!

  • dizzychizzy
    dizzychizzy 2 months ago

    Jason wouldnt be seen dead in crocks boys... He aint no pussy...

  • MODI
    MODI 3 months ago

    Dan's Special Hoonigan hat/helmet....nice

  • Surta
    Surta 3 months ago

    That looks like an absolute blast

  • Jordan Schmidt
    Jordan Schmidt 3 months ago

    I wanna drift so bad

  • Susanneskadet sinn verdiløs eksistens

    Woodstock is gonna beat jason Ellis's ass

  • Ryan Harrell
    Ryan Harrell 4 months ago

    I want one more now!

  • andrenegwer
    andrenegwer 4 months ago

    Excuse me Sir, your whole Miata is showing.

  • Jimmy Channga
    Jimmy Channga 4 months ago

    Get Mr. T to the yard

  • BroToPro
    BroToPro 5 months ago

    no one mentions that he is a sick skater going way back

  • The Goat
    The Goat 5 months ago

    Poor Dan is just a LITTLE too short for ShartKart.

  • Devin Biddles
    Devin Biddles 5 months ago

    This was so hype , that was awesome!
    Also did you guys hit up Bucky or what?!

  • Officer Earl
    Officer Earl 5 months ago

    How much do lessons cost?

  • engquist206
    engquist206 6 months ago

    I think its time Hert designs a pair of crocs!

  • francisco Plaza
    francisco Plaza 6 months ago

    That handbrake could use a bend to it

  • LeBron jones
    LeBron jones 7 months ago

    Is that up for sale

  • Milninja
    Milninja 7 months ago

    That wee turbski whistling gets me rather excited to turbo my mx5 once i aquire one

    • Milninja
      Milninja 7 months ago

      Thats not the turbo is it..... Is it power steering?

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson 7 months ago

    That was awesome 😎🤙🤜🤛 catch that clearance holy shit!

  • Zachery Solomonson
    Zachery Solomonson 7 months ago

    Ok how is Hert not sponsored by Crocs yet. That’s what I want to know.

  • Jared
    Jared 7 months ago

    Those motor mounts are soooo bad

  • Brook Carlson
    Brook Carlson 7 months ago

    This is fucking sick, Ellis is the best. Get more Ellis on here! 💪💪

  • Ray Amaya
    Ray Amaya 8 months ago

    Jason!! I haven't seen you since the Tony Hawk Gigantic Skate Park Tour days! Good to see you're still shredding and learning new skills!

  • GlennAndFriends
    GlennAndFriends 8 months ago

    how good is the power steering in the cart??? solid video btw boys!!!!

  • GotchaBoii
    GotchaBoii 8 months ago

    Man i wish I could get the opportunity to do that, would be a dream.

    GURB ALERT 8 months ago

    13:25 lmao the most genuine moment lmfao real talk !

  • Jair Janes
    Jair Janes 8 months ago

    I always knew Ellis was a brawler...until the teal colored crocs...well at least he can shred sideways on the way to get the mani-pedi HaHa Awesome job mate, think he found a new hobby and Ellis would kill it too!

  • Tee Simon
    Tee Simon 8 months ago

    Lmao bucky lasek?

  • Tee Simon
    Tee Simon 8 months ago

    Yo, Dan's rockin a gold rolly? Lol whaatttt

  • Tee Simon
    Tee Simon 8 months ago

    Wow...Dan has to reach so far to get the hand brake. Lol not fair. Let's gift shart kart to Dan

  • someguy
    someguy 8 months ago

    Y'all gotta do something about those motor mounts lol

  • Regular Ruby
    Regular Ruby 8 months ago

    get ken to shred the new yard

    ATOM BOMB 8 months ago

    Jason Ellis is a Madman on a mission!! Need some adjustable seat brackets for Dan, got him lookn like a drift leprechaun arms fully extended reachin for the brake hahahaa

  • xKwapp
    xKwapp 8 months ago

    When Dan is driving shartkart he looks like a T-Rex trying to masterbate

  • Jae P
    Jae P 8 months ago

    I love how Dan has to reach into tomorrow to grab that ebrake

  • Joe Crews
    Joe Crews 8 months ago

    Please let me come to the burn yard and show you what I got. I bet I'm better than hurt matter fact I KNOW THAT I AM!!!!!

  • Chips Neeson
    Chips Neeson 8 months ago

    Jason has a lot of strings to his bow. Good to see him shredding the burnyard.

  • Full Tilt Drift
    Full Tilt Drift 8 months ago

    Hert: "Hey! Im Proud of you."
    Ellis officially earned himself rights to rock a hoonigan badge after this

  • wesly juerakhan
    wesly juerakhan 8 months ago

    HertDan are my best fran!

  • Adam Hafner
    Adam Hafner 8 months ago

    Is it weird that Jason looks like he could be Dan's dad?

  • Legacy Gaming
    Legacy Gaming 8 months ago

    I want to build a shart cart

  • cadprobill
    cadprobill 8 months ago

    Heart of a SHARK (cart)!
    Killing Tires 🛹🥊🐺🔪🀄️🔥🏴‍☠️

  • Remy Navar
    Remy Navar 8 months ago

    Someone move the seat up for dan pls

  • Deathdog7
    Deathdog7 8 months ago +2

    Hert out here about to singlehandedly raise the price of Crocks

  • Nitrokiller 99
    Nitrokiller 99 8 months ago

    Y’all should do a show called “Dan and Hert’s Drivings Cool”. Get it. Hehe. When they graduate they get a pair of hotboi crocs as a diploma. This was a fun video to watch.

  • Mista 808
    Mista 808 8 months ago

    God damn I'd love to join you guys in the sesh!


  • Terabyte47
    Terabyte47 8 months ago

    You guys need to do a drift lesson and drive for celebrities like Top gear does for the lap on the track.

  • Lord JeSith
    Lord JeSith 8 months ago +1

    I like how you guys keep your videos pg13 for the kids

  • Nofriendsdevyn KDP
    Nofriendsdevyn KDP 8 months ago


  • methardris
    methardris 8 months ago +1

    Dan is the smallest big inspiration of my life. Poor guy can barely reach his handbrake.

  • Spencer Bowers
    Spencer Bowers 8 months ago

    Brave soul to kick the Guccis

  • kevin seeger
    kevin seeger 8 months ago +1

    Get some AWR motor mounts! Shartkart's motor mounts are beyond shot.