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  • Published on Feb 16, 2019
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  • princewish
    princewish 15 hours ago

    Love you jack! Jablinski rules! but fuck that weirdo rapist ninja dudes just straight creep.

  • Major Seasalt
    Major Seasalt Day ago

    I've subscribed to this, to see another Thomas (Jack) we are used to seeing.I must say the editing skills...who is doing this? If it's you then kudos. But then again you never know with an actor, if it's the real Thomas.

  • Theuns Botes
    Theuns Botes Day ago

    He sweared at u in xhosa. Meaning fuck u (knonduwako)

  • Top Movie Extras
    Top Movie Extras 3 days ago


  • Eyeofdarkness5 Gat
    Eyeofdarkness5 Gat 3 days ago +1

    2:25 Am I on bath salts

    SCOTT MACK 4 days ago


  • Izuku Midoria
    Izuku Midoria 5 days ago

    This is a tribute

  • iTheEpicGamer
    iTheEpicGamer 6 days ago

    i love this, wrong ninja omg all the best people in one! except for the actuall fortnight ninja

  • It began here, Where will it go?

    The South African ninja haha

  • Vladimir Avila
    Vladimir Avila 10 days ago

    I feel like your kids don’t love you that much

  • Christos Ioannou
    Christos Ioannou 10 days ago

    I think Tesla needs to find the secret energy formula of Jack😎😎😎

  • Ricky Pena
    Ricky Pena 12 days ago

    Why don't you respond to my comments are you to busy on the movie

  • Mr. JOker
    Mr. JOker 12 days ago

    You are awesome Jack black

  • eskimoooPlay
    eskimoooPlay 13 days ago

    That "Ancient Egypt Game" thingy reminded me of YuGi and his Grandfather lol

  • Saint Chadam
    Saint Chadam 14 days ago


  • gandalf lordofthedrinks


  • Jessrey Mark Solijon
    Jessrey Mark Solijon 16 days ago

    Its better than some hollywood shows out there. lmao.

  • Shable
    Shable 16 days ago

    So you want some games

  • iiistrqwbxrry
    iiistrqwbxrry 17 days ago

    when you see the jack black at a arcade

  • lucky_charmsBOI
    lucky_charmsBOI 18 days ago

    thats the guy from chappie

  • David K
    David K 18 days ago

    I love that he’s not gaming. Best gaming channel ever

  • Sebastian Flynn
    Sebastian Flynn 21 day ago


  • tin
    tin 21 day ago

    Love me some ninja

  • JukedGal
    JukedGal 21 day ago

    ninja is a gay bitch

  • Max Frequency
    Max Frequency 23 days ago

    8:55 "No I don't"

  • Skull Crusher115
    Skull Crusher115 24 days ago +1

    Whats next the 90s teenage mutant ninja turtles
    But replaced with jack black's face?

  • Legandknight45
    Legandknight45 24 days ago

    I just got clickbaited by jack

  • Simon Oliver
    Simon Oliver 24 days ago

    Jables ROCKING the Tom Araya beard. SSLLLAYYYEEERRRRRR

  • Pablo cabeza de tortuga


  • Red Beard Relic Hunter
    Red Beard Relic Hunter 24 days ago +2

    You're next level with these edits you've always been my fave actor comedian but hot damn jablinski you're my favorite youtuber too.
    -I'm the Weirdo with the Beardo but hot damn you are too

  • Bored
    Bored 24 days ago

    It's what I was telling Markiplier... Arcade shooter, who the hell calls it "shoot Em up?"
    The south did not create arcade shooters.... Atari did then the arcade which omg.... Was holding a bunch of Atari functioning games...

  • Bored
    Bored 24 days ago

    Your right no one can beat a fucking arcade...

  • Zachary Moore
    Zachary Moore 25 days ago

    Did I just get clickbaited by The Kung Fu Panda???

  • Bakura Ryou
    Bakura Ryou 25 days ago

    You already learned to click bait.

  • XxNoobSlayerxX69
    XxNoobSlayerxX69 25 days ago

    noice beard

  • 1.5k subs so my dad will buy me Minecraft? !

    Nice profile pic

  • just nightcore
    just nightcore 26 days ago

    4:47 thats some of his kung fu power oh mah god

  • Rosemary Harlan
    Rosemary Harlan 26 days ago

    People saying shit just for likes, how miserable. Love this channel!

  • Elizabeth Calderon
    Elizabeth Calderon 26 days ago

    Jack black is a genius

  • F U
    F U 26 days ago

    It's Die Antwoord! I love Die Antwoord!

  • happymonkey06
    happymonkey06 26 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 wrong ninja

  • Daniel Alfonso
    Daniel Alfonso 26 days ago


  • Emily Pratt
    Emily Pratt 26 days ago

    the casual money bookmark

  • Unpronounceble Names
    Unpronounceble Names 26 days ago

    You know how to pick your games. Senet is ancient stuff. They used to use 4 sticks as a counter instead of dice. Depending on how many black or white sides are up, you get 1,2,3,4 or 6 steps (that's right, there's no 5)
    1 white side up = 1 point/step.
    2 white side up = 2
    3 white side up = 3
    4 white side up = 4
    4 black sides up = 6
    Me and a friend played this "Game of slaves" for hours and days ^^

  • wakthespak 13
    wakthespak 13 26 days ago

    Nice intro well done

  • Mr. Oof
    Mr. Oof 26 days ago


  • Caster Onii-Chan
    Caster Onii-Chan 26 days ago +10

    Who else watches this because of Pewdiepie?

  • Goku Treasurer
    Goku Treasurer 26 days ago

    Haha south African ninja

  • PoseidonFN
    PoseidonFN 26 days ago

    Jack with The Japanese Atari T-Shirt

  • bemo209
    bemo209 27 days ago +1

    Roses are red.violets are blue,I just got clicked and so did you.

  • Atsu Chen
    Atsu Chen 27 days ago

    Oooops wrong one

  • Benny R. Grau
    Benny R. Grau 27 days ago

    beautiful channel, I was stuck on the awesome animated series, and enjoyed this a lot more. Kinda wish Jack and Cage played Hero quest. it's easier that D&D and harder to set up. plus it has a bunch of toy...I mean miniature game pieces.... no its cool toys with zombies and skeletons and mummies and death knights and treasure chests and dead tombs and elves ... and a dwarf with an axe and a beard similar to Jack's atm of this vid. Hoter than Pewd's house being on fire after murdering an innocent Jablinskiomeister

  • Bodie973
    Bodie973 28 days ago

    Dieantwood, didn't expect that!

  • venomTang
    venomTang Month ago


  • Finn S. Sørensen
    Finn S. Sørensen Month ago

    Such cringe memes

  • Reva FoSho
    Reva FoSho Month ago

    I feel like Jables is my long lost brother...I miss you bro!

  • The Highlander
    The Highlander Month ago

    jack: and sometimes he acts like the king of egypt
    tommy: no i dont

  • Harley Smith
    Harley Smith Month ago

    1:34 💀💀

  • zeddiken
    zeddiken Month ago

    "An elephant sliding down a razor blade using his B@!!$ as brakes." WHAT? LMAO

  • GhostFire
    GhostFire Month ago +1

    I just got click baited by jack black

  • I’m not actually JoJo Bean

  • I’m not actually JoJo Bean

    Just only play arcade games , that still counts.

  • Revenge _HS
    Revenge _HS Month ago

    bro from chapie

  • an 0ffensive gt
    an 0ffensive gt Month ago

    Jebaited by the jb

  • Joey Collins
    Joey Collins Month ago

    I'm hoping that ninja actually stars in one of his videos...

  • Gurdulu
    Gurdulu Month ago

    Those people pretending not to be fans were probably hired by Ninja

  • Spartan Productions

    Was that the guys from chappie?

  • Astrological- Aliens

    I'm screaming

    CCBDAVIS DAVIS Month ago

    The facial cascade that is rocking in the clip is worthy of it's own MYTHOS.F'ing ROCK

  • Jon Boshears
    Jon Boshears Month ago

    The ninja bit had me dying

  • Cujo
    Cujo Month ago


  • Rhett Melton
    Rhett Melton Month ago +1

    4:10 I'd like to see a pterodactyl livestream. Jables doesn't know it yet, but that's his final form.

  • maqq
    maqq Month ago


  • Laureano Ramirez
    Laureano Ramirez Month ago

    I only knew of this channel because of mediexcalibur2012
    Like if you also got that to happen to you

  • mark harmon
    mark harmon Month ago

    "don't make me do something stupid,".... too late. wtf are those tattoos under your eyes