6 Rappers vs 1 Fake Rapper

  • Published on Oct 27, 2019
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    Blimes Brixton - blimesbrixton
    Colette Carr - colettecarr
    Deazy Treez - deazytreez
    Kingston The Barber - kingstonthebarber
    Kito Fortune - kitofortune
    Milania Monroe - milaniaamonroe
    Tenn Buick - tennbuick
    Beats by Skinny Chase: ru-clip.com/user/officialjollyrecords
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Comments • 17 463

  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  Month ago +6691

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    • Kostello323
      Kostello323 4 days ago

      I would outrap most of em iG @SoCal_Eyez

    • Robe Virrueta
      Robe Virrueta 11 days ago

      Did you just asume my species

    • The Rxckstar
      The Rxckstar 14 days ago

      Don't do it again

    • HEROFIGHT 40
      HEROFIGHT 40 18 days ago

      @officialjollyrecords dude plz tell the link of the beat plz dude plz

    • paul byrne
      paul byrne 22 days ago

      Early money

  • joseph j adukuzhil
    joseph j adukuzhil 27 minutes ago

    o h n o m y p h o n e

  • Monyroth Ros
    Monyroth Ros 30 minutes ago

    Please do which one is not a real model. 😂😂

  • Cassa C
    Cassa C 50 minutes ago

    That rapper is gonna get his ass beat for that gang sign tbh

  • Ochre Clay
    Ochre Clay 57 minutes ago

    I am full of cRapper

  • 2kMX
    2kMX Hour ago


  • Kayla Belt
    Kayla Belt Hour ago

    blimes could get it

  • Honesti Sok
    Honesti Sok 2 hours ago

    deazy’s cute ngl

  • Mari Amor
    Mari Amor 2 hours ago

    Why was that one girl shaped like a imvu character lmaooo

  • Sans
    Sans 2 hours ago

    No one:
    “Blimes Brixton”: wid it

  • Dino Souvatdy
    Dino Souvatdy 3 hours ago

    bruh i have the same name as the boy named kingston im on my cousins pc

  • misterK1nd
    misterK1nd 3 hours ago

    Tenn got dem tim🅱s

  • Caitlin Emilio
    Caitlin Emilio 4 hours ago

    I couldn't take deazy serious with that hello Kitty tattoo on his neck

  • Kendall Shields
    Kendall Shields 4 hours ago

    Liking just for Deazy Treez

  • deformed shrek
    deformed shrek 4 hours ago

    I can’t be the only one who thought it was Deazy at first, but honestly, he looked so darn stereotypical.

  • all that king
    all that king 4 hours ago +1

    I hear Tenn and think of Eminem

  • Aubree Brandt
    Aubree Brandt 4 hours ago

    I thought this said raper 😟😳

    THAGODCHRIS 5 hours ago

    He is from New York thats why he is wearing timberlands

  • Laney Gelarden
    Laney Gelarden 5 hours ago

    Deazy’s freestyle was him just saying rhyming words

  • *cristin*
    *cristin* 6 hours ago


  • Cyber Demon
    Cyber Demon 6 hours ago

    5:24 I thought that dude jumping around was ghostemane

  • ladybluu
    ladybluu 6 hours ago


  • Daniel Czyzewicz
    Daniel Czyzewicz 6 hours ago

    Yo... Blimes' got BARS!! If that was off the dome, I am sincerely impressed. Anyone know where we can check these guys out?

  • Lilox
    Lilox 7 hours ago

    Honestly thought Milania was the mole 😪

  • Ever Liberato
    Ever Liberato 8 hours ago

    Dontais reaction vid

  • De ad
    De ad 8 hours ago

    When u buy lil peep from alibaba

  • CaptainTalon448
    CaptainTalon448 8 hours ago

    Deazy is a rapper? Not with what he put out in the freestyle round

  • Twickzys
    Twickzys 8 hours ago

    Every SoundCloud rapper

  • Horacio
    Horacio 8 hours ago

    I'm a rapper and they wouldve eliminated my ass immediately 🤣. Wack ass questions.

  • Isioma Ekome
    Isioma Ekome 8 hours ago +1

    A bunch of irrelevant rappers with no money I'll be happy once they bring in 21 savage lil yacthy and lil uzi

  • glove enthusiast
    glove enthusiast 9 hours ago

    You can't rhyme widit four times in a row with widit...

  • Morgan Anderson
    Morgan Anderson 9 hours ago

    This makes me wish Eminem was in this.

  • Nina Koch
    Nina Koch 9 hours ago

    the audience isnt a great idea tbh

  • Radae Jay
    Radae Jay 9 hours ago

    4:38 I swear sounds like Eminem

  • Mic Quinn
    Mic Quinn 10 hours ago

    Blimes a babe too!!

  • Mic Quinn
    Mic Quinn 10 hours ago

    Colette a cutie 😂

  • the dude
    the dude 12 hours ago

    Who the hell got me here ?

  • Sophie Macleod
    Sophie Macleod 12 hours ago

    Hey! Why don't you call it: Odd One Out, instead of Odd Man Out? It's more including ;)

  • Allacra
    Allacra 12 hours ago

    Did he say pH 2? Basic? 2 is acid :D ^^

  • 4 hairy steves
    4 hairy steves 12 hours ago

    it’s a hard no for whatever the hell deazy is

  • Johannes Birdy
    Johannes Birdy 13 hours ago +1

    Looks like everyone who writes some text that rhymes is nowadays called a ,,Rapper"

  • Yudanita P
    Yudanita P 13 hours ago

    That deazy dude tho lmao

  • James Preston
    James Preston 13 hours ago +1

    Plot Twist: They are all the mole as none of them can rap

  • Z a r a e
    Z a r a e 15 hours ago

    “Oh no ,my phone.......slat”

  • mjmoore87
    mjmoore87 15 hours ago

    I mean...a spoken word poet more or less is a rapper....

  • Fawad Munawar
    Fawad Munawar 16 hours ago +1

    10:48 ''Gold digger spotted''


    Deazy is adorable 🥰

  • Aya chan
    Aya chan 16 hours ago

    Deazy was fuckin soft

  • Turquoise Turtle
    Turquoise Turtle 17 hours ago

    4:19 just because you have a good flow doesn’t mean it good

    Not to be mean just my opinion

  • Beific
    Beific 17 hours ago

    Yo this is so cringe

  • U v U Stxr
    U v U Stxr 19 hours ago

    Why do I hear "wrapper" instead of rapper ;-;

  • Gacha Cookie
    Gacha Cookie 19 hours ago

    Realize the hello kitty tattoo on deazy's neck

  • Imane El Mohalil
    Imane El Mohalil 21 hour ago

    Deazy is so cute!!!

  • Winston Kasaval
    Winston Kasaval 22 hours ago

    That down syndrome dude is a rapper?

  • murtaza ahmed
    murtaza ahmed 22 hours ago


  • Thao Bui
    Thao Bui 23 hours ago

    Colette was so cringe like wth

  • Noa Krklec
    Noa Krklec Day ago

    Didn't finish it yet, but I think its Blimes lol

  • Jordan Marshall
    Jordan Marshall Day ago

    Lmao deazy said slat that’s prolly the only one he knows 😂

  • its.meh.jazzie
    its.meh.jazzie Day ago

    malania monroe came to my school and rapped a couple months ago :D

  • Justen Fraser
    Justen Fraser Day ago

    Y is the emo dude throwin up gang signs and disrespecting blood bru he fina get shot one day