LaurDIY Red Carpet Interview - Streamys 2018

  • Опубликовано: 23 окт 2018
  • LaurDIY talks about wanting to collaborate with the Merrell Twins and how Shane Dawson should make a documentary series on Logan Paul.
    The 8th Annual Streamy Awards were LIVE from the Beverly Hilton on Monday, October 22nd. The Streamys, hosted by The Try Guys, honor the best in online entertainment and the creators behind it. The annual event brings together the biggest names in online entertainment for a night of celebration, discovery, and meaningful recognition!
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Комментарии • 13

  • candy_slimes
    candy_slimes 21 день назад +5

    If Merrell Twins and Lauren do a collab it would be the best vidddd ever!!!

  • Camila Bastos
    Camila Bastos 21 день назад +6

    Her answer ans Alex’s are basically the same

  • VickeyMouse
    VickeyMouse 21 день назад +9

    Omg I would LOVE a Merrell Twins LaurDIY collab!!

  • lea s
    lea s 21 день назад +7

    this is sooo awkward

  • Cyndifun
    Cyndifun 21 день назад


  • Dancing Donut
    Dancing Donut 21 день назад +5

    That makeup is on point! She is absolutely stunning! I’m also TOTALLY down for that Merrell Twins Laurdiy collab!

  • Becca Viljoen
    Becca Viljoen 21 день назад +1

    Literally everyone says Logan

  • Roshni sardesai
    Roshni sardesai 22 дня назад +9

    She kinda looks like Sylvia gani

  • Ben Dawson
    Ben Dawson 22 дня назад +37

    0:40 “I really want to collaborate with Alex wasabi”
    Too soon

  • Jonathan Lindamood
    Jonathan Lindamood 22 дня назад +56

    This is the laziest interviewer ever. She just repeats the same 3 questions

  • Paige Fox
    Paige Fox 22 дня назад +13


  • Lily Poon
    Lily Poon 22 дня назад +45

    So many breakups this year.

    • Lee Marie
      Lee Marie 22 дня назад +1

      Lily Poon omg sis.ikr😣💔