The Godfather Waltz ~Ennio Morricone & Nino Rota~

  • Published on Feb 12, 2012
  • H/M Prats
    אנו זקוקים לעזרתכם כדי לממן קטעי וידאו שלנו."
    Piece: The Godfather Waltz
    Composer: Ennio Morricone and Nino Rota
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  • mahedi hassan
    mahedi hassan Month ago

    I wanna be a invisible & staying with You forever

  • Lana In America
    Lana In America Month ago

    Stunning music, stunning film. Unforgettable.

  • Diamond fangle megalodon

    What a movie and the acting excellent!!!

  • Fatima Loria Cartin


  • cathy77 77
    cathy77 77 Month ago +2

    Stunning Beautiful 😘❤💞🙏

  • Patrick Boyela
    Patrick Boyela 2 months ago +1

    That's the original the I know

  • Evan Espino
    Evan Espino 2 months ago

    What do these pics have to do woth the movie.

  • Sam Stone
    Sam Stone 3 months ago


  • hermann müller
    hermann müller 4 months ago


  • Fatima Loria Cartin
    Fatima Loria Cartin 6 months ago


  • Fatima Loria Cartin
    Fatima Loria Cartin 6 months ago


  • Viktor Muhoray
    Viktor Muhoray 6 months ago


  • blue light orchestra
    blue light orchestra 7 months ago

    a really beautiful video! My respect! Many greetings Peter (bandleader / composer blue light orchestra)

  • Salvatore
    Salvatore 7 months ago

    Che cosa c'entra Morricone?

  • Deniz Abay
    Deniz Abay 8 months ago

    Heey that's my Radcliffe :)

  • Nicholas Musanga
    Nicholas Musanga 8 months ago

    where can i get you dvd i need one

  • Never After
    Never After 8 months ago

    A lady doesn't blow on another man's dice.-King Sinatra'

  • Fatima Loria Cartin
    Fatima Loria Cartin 10 months ago +1

    Envió Marriconn & Ennio Rota. . .
    20/7/ 2018. 🌹🌹🌹. )))

  • Azad Kevser
    Azad Kevser 10 months ago

    World have lost creativity for a long time.

  • Katia Martins
    Katia Martins 10 months ago

    Boney the MC tos sings is more new of every stories in musics Young and old.

  • christy rousch
    christy rousch 10 months ago

    It is so entrancing and beautiful.

  • Nicolas Longuet
    Nicolas Longuet 10 months ago

    The Nino Rota's score is perfect but why Morricone? It's totally false! Why there are pictures of Daniel Radcliffe? They are NOT any common point between this actor and the godfather.

  • Fatima Loria Cartin
    Fatima Loria Cartin 11 months ago

    Obras de Arte Musical. Son implacables....para ustedes esto es
    Una gran melodia. ♡♡♡♡♡

  • Anthony Allegra
    Anthony Allegra 11 months ago +2


  • Dark Side
    Dark Side 11 months ago

    Could have used Michael's photos... even Tom's would work. Schieße

  • Mike Chermonitz
    Mike Chermonitz 11 months ago +1

    It never goes away.....never.

  • Marks Lakhtman
    Marks Lakhtman 11 months ago

    слёзы текут.

  • Imréné Kisjuhász
    Imréné Kisjuhász 11 months ago +1

    Wonderful music!!!

  • ultraparadoxical
    ultraparadoxical 11 months ago

    Composed by Nino Rota. Why do you mention Morricone in the description? This is incorrect!

  • elbones1982
    elbones1982 11 months ago

    African bodies are disappearing in to the sea off the sicilian coast...
    Someone has taken the issues of mass illegal immigration in to their own hands...
    But who?
    I guess we will never find out.

  • Antonio Colucci
    Antonio Colucci 11 months ago +1

    The Clan off Gotti Family Cosa Nostra Clan Sicily 🇮🇹 🇮🇹 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 Corleone Sicily


    Как бы надо и по-русски добавить .Нино Рото--это да ! Есть фильм про него .Рекомендую ! Душа -пополам ...

  • nino nino
    nino nino 11 months ago

    Che conosce la storia italiana, e Mostra perché succede allora e lo sa così allora capisce tutto

  • Yahkins B.
    Yahkins B. Year ago +1

    "Buonasera, Buonasera (Mr. Goodnite the undertaker)....What have ever done to you to be treated with such disrespect?"

  • Annamaria Campisi

    Grandissima opera

  • txlish
    txlish Year ago +1

    ohh that haunted music piercing through the silence.

  • Nícolas Cerentini
    Nícolas Cerentini Year ago +3

    125 people are sleeping with the fishes

  • Klára Farkas
    Klára Farkas Year ago +1

    kerszapa betét dala. bravó. imádom. klára . hungary. budapest

  • Mehmet Askerı
    Mehmet Askerı Year ago

    124 People refused the offer.

  • Fatima Loria Cartin
    Fatima Loria Cartin Year ago +1

    Felicitaciones. RU-clip. Por tener esta géneros. Obras La Historia Musical. Obras de Óscar en La gran Pantalla. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Estas interpretaciones son de etiqueta. Mil Gracias. !!!!!.

  • Fatima Loria Cartin
    Fatima Loria Cartin Year ago +1

    Ennio Marricone. Es ; y será uno de mis artistas preferidos.RU-clip. FÁTIMA Loria Cartin. Mil gracias.

  • Fatima Loria Cartin

    Mil gracias. Buena Noche. FÁTIMA Loria C.

  • Fatima Loria Cartin
    Fatima Loria Cartin Year ago +1

    My dear Freind. GOOD NIGH. Europa, Europa Este, Turquía, Israel...Oriente. .THANK VERY SO MUCH. FÁTIMA. ♥. ADN RU-clip ♥♥♥.

  • Shroff Aviation
    Shroff Aviation Year ago


  • Klára Farkas
    Klára Farkas Year ago

    marlon brando al pacinó. szuper.

  • Klára Farkas
    Klára Farkas Year ago

    kednenc filmem és abetét dal hozzá.

  • Monica Magdala Macina VoxMotus

    Ennio Morricone the best!!

  • marco antonio rocha rodrigues

    Ennio Morricone pra mim é o melhor do melhor

  • Wil Kramer
    Wil Kramer Year ago

    Maestro, Maestro, Maestro. Grazie, Grazie Grazie.

  • MrMeke97
    MrMeke97 Year ago +2

    amazing song ever never

    GIGGANTO Year ago

    Ennio Morricone?
    And this scene was from movie "The Woman in Black".
    What can do Daniel Radcliff in Godfather?

  • alejoeisabel
    alejoeisabel Year ago

    The United States is the biggest mafia in the world, and sTrumpET is the godfather.

    • alejoeisabel
      alejoeisabel 11 months ago

      So says the ruler of the world.

    • christy rousch
      christy rousch Year ago +1

      I love my President Trump. He does not and will not have the class and intellect that Don Corleone had in the Godfather. I love my country USA all the way.

  • Khanz Return
    Khanz Return Year ago +5

    U place hary potter in this music😡😡😡😡

  • Gülcan Meryem Cana


  • LBIIdanybcn
    LBIIdanybcn Year ago

    just amazing, keep your culture and don't let muslims ruin your country

  • Gigi Mel
    Gigi Mel Year ago +1

    magari musikaa

  • Cristinel Mihalache
    Cristinel Mihalache Year ago +2

    La musica dei morti

    • Annamaria Campisi
      Annamaria Campisi Year ago

      Cristinel Mihalache perfettamente.Ti accorgi che la vita ha un senso.

  • Телерадіостудія Бриз МО України

    А нот до сих пор то семь...

  • Arvind Patel
    Arvind Patel Year ago +1

    Had first soundtrack of The Godfather at Victoria station in 1972. And still have it. What a superb melody it just moves your v
    Heart. The best. Modern composers are ok but like old ones

  • Javier Cabornero
    Javier Cabornero Year ago

    Why Radcliffe???

  • Silvia Rühsen
    Silvia Rühsen Year ago

    As an immigrant - who is 'godfather'?

  • Mmis Tmurt
    Mmis Tmurt Year ago +10


    • Spirito Rinato
      Spirito Rinato 7 months ago

      Ennio Morricone e Nino Rota tutti due.

    • kim m.
      kim m. 11 months ago +1

      Not Morricone, but Nino Rota.

  • 王淑煖
    王淑煖 Year ago


  • Martina Skupin
    Martina Skupin Year ago

    Why there is picture of Daniel Radcliffe???

  • Rıdvan Cingöz
    Rıdvan Cingöz Year ago

    This is photo from the women in black.

  • chainizzz
    chainizzz Year ago +2

    Me encanta la canción, me hace llorwr

  • Nicola Decorato
    Nicola Decorato Year ago +4

    Morricone never wrote this, and neither Mancini. Nino Rota composed the score. Please correct the informations.

  • Sérgio Braga
    Sérgio Braga Year ago

    What this theme has to do with Harry Potter?

  • Luxury Voyage Kıyıdan köşeden

    padre di vaft the godfather 👍ci chiamano cugini 😎🇹🇷

  • Sandra Appriou
    Sandra Appriou Year ago +1


  • antonio david arequipeño ugaz


  • Mario Stankovic
    Mario Stankovic Year ago


    • DEK1980
      DEK1980 Year ago

      неразобрав не собрать)

  • Luc Clymans
    Luc Clymans Year ago +7

    J'aime bien ses souvenirs

  • Menci Menő
    Menci Menő Year ago

  • Iida Huuskonen
    Iida Huuskonen Year ago


  • lautano 73
    lautano 73 Year ago

    Grazie MISTER Rota..

  • dualityofnature
    dualityofnature Year ago +4

    hey Helena babe, what has Morricone got to do with this movie?? u dumb huh? and you spoil the video by putting stupid pics, and then you have gall to ask for money to fund your videos? as if you composed this music! you need a nice spanking on your bottom!

  • Dusan Kovacevic
    Dusan Kovacevic Year ago +17

    What Ennio had with Godfather? Nothing! Why you write his name?

    • Trommel57
      Trommel57 Year ago +2

      You are right. The Godfather made Ennio an offer that he just couldn´t refuse.
      Ci vediamo, Leonardo.

    • Nando Moura Anarcocapitalista
      Nando Moura Anarcocapitalista Year ago

      just to gain views

    • steve dore
      steve dore Year ago +2

      Ennio did not compose the Godfather soundtrack

    • Leonardo Ieva
      Leonardo Ieva Year ago +1

      Dusan Kovacevic He helped CARMINE COPOLLA AND Nino Rota a lot!🙏

    • Dusan Kovacevic
      Dusan Kovacevic Year ago +1

      What you stupid idiot? What?????? Nothing!!!!!! FU

  • Zouis Mounia
    Zouis Mounia Year ago +3

    plus belles mélodie

  • Paulo Apulcro Fonseca

    Mas acredito, Helena Prats, que esta valsa, assim como toda a trilha de "O Poderoso Chefão" sejam apenas obra do compositor Nino Rota. Ennio Morricone realizou centenas de trilhas belíssimas, mas desta, creio que não.

  • Ali Shahmoradi
    Ali Shahmoradi Year ago +40

    This pictures are not appropriate...this is a criminal music not a romance

    • danilo faieta
      danilo faieta 7 months ago

      And you are stupid

    • Dino Carlucci
      Dino Carlucci 10 months ago

      Ali Shahmoradi
      What is criminal music? No such thing. If the soundtrack music to the Godfather movies was instead used in a western movie that doesn't make it cowboy music either. It is music that accompanys the film to create an atmosphere. If the music was composed not for a movie but just for listening pleasure not attached to anything would you describe it as criminal music ? NO!! because there is no "criminal" music. But there is music out there so awful that it could be described as criminal. 😊😊

      LUIGI LOREFICE 11 months ago

      you are a donkey criminal

    • christy rousch
      christy rousch Year ago

      Ba Fangual!!!

    • Mehmet Askerı
      Mehmet Askerı Year ago

      Ali Shahmoradi Criminal?
      You mean a music of people of Honor and Respect.
      Lunga Vita alla Mafia Siciliana

  • Michele Tornatora
    Michele Tornatora 2 years ago

    musica deil Grande Mi o ROTA

  • Michele Tornatora
    Michele Tornatora 2 years ago

    Nino Rota,the goffamente saltata,orchestra Henry Manco i Or chestra

  • Caroline Pilon
    Caroline Pilon 2 years ago +5

    j'adore !

  • Gerard Beaubrun
    Gerard Beaubrun 3 years ago +155

    The famous trumpet theme of Godfather movie embodies the character Godfather as he stands as the character is presented to us. Noble and yet emanating a sense of solitude he allows an audience in which woes or wishes will be expressed.
    One can’t help but wonder… how does such a figure come to possess, wield and symbolize such a power.
    Following such a solemn introduction, almost whimsical, the waltz unfolds. at 0:35 Light, possessing minor harmonies pulsating with the energy and feigned happiness of major tone, the trumpet isn't alone anymore. The same solemn theme accompanied by the mandolin, accordion and a doleful clarinet becomes the doorway to a complex character.
    This become more obvious at 1:15. Just like Tchaikovsky could juxtapose an addendum of utter sadness to song of dance and levity, the waltz reveals that not everything is what it seems. The Godfather isn't simply a man of power and means.
    The apex comes when the wind instruments dance in this wonderful waving of harmonies and interplay at 2:02...a doleful chant of a character who embodies a code of honor, a desire to conduct business in ways that fall within a personal code of honor, the hearsay of his past, the gifts of bilateral loyalty and a careful relationship with violence.
    But let's not dwell on the sadness and the sacrifice that has brought life to the Godfather. The waltz goes on, stronger, more enthralling, more entrancing, beckoning us to loose ourselves in the celebration that cloaks the prevailing darkness that fuels this said reality.
    at 3:31 The rhythm slows down as a reminder that for the audience it is a story that is just starting. We are unaware of the consequences of holding such a position of power, viewers blinded by shows of luxury, mafia based shows of loyalty, omerta and masculine strength. What we view from afar...isn't so or in deceptively more so than what we imagined

    • Saint ._.
      Saint ._. 10 months ago

      Its possible for me to copy this and turn it in as an short essay but yeah i agree

    • Dino Carlucci
      Dino Carlucci 11 months ago

      Emanuele di fiumicino
      You do not and I repeat do not have to be Italian to understand The Godfather and it's music. The same as you don't have to be German to understand Beethoven. You made such a ridiculous statement. Music does not have a nationality it's you understand American rock n roll of course you do you don't have to be American. You silly ass You are not Italian. Why did your mother name you after Roma airport. Why not ciampino. 😂

    • Css Exam Preparation
      Css Exam Preparation 11 months ago

      Gerard Beaubrun this an excellent piece of writing , it expressed full meaning of musical theme with that of character .

    • joncaju
      joncaju Year ago +3

      Brilliant analysis of the music in the context of the movie, specifically with respect to the character of the Godfather. A+

    • Georges Dubuis
      Georges Dubuis Year ago

      Just god, father of a strong family of trust with equal power of life & death, he write history & print is own mark, a fatal destiny .Morality the lineage is everything &...... If you have friends keeps them even closer

  • Alexia Nieva
    Alexia Nieva 5 years ago +43

    Pregunta: que hacen imágenes de La Dama de Negro en un video que se supone es de El Padrino?

  • Helena Prats
    Helena Prats  6 years ago +7

    Perhaps many others were themselves at Ennio Morricone...
    Greetings to Houston, Texas♥

  • luckyday465768
    luckyday465768 6 years ago +24

    It's funny that everyone kept on crediting Ennio Morricone when in reality he had no involvement in any of the three movies.

    • david fyre
      david fyre Year ago

      giaso ricci. Siciliano, Americano Siciliano. E" assai fiero da essere. Buona Sera della Bagheria Sicilia. Viva Sicilia per sempre.

    • giaso ricci
      giaso ricci Year ago


  • Hugh
    Hugh 6 years ago +24

    Don't tell me you placed the Harry Potter guy in your clip of pictures!! Here I was feeling like Don Corleone and then you go ruin my G moment

  • NabilStevieG
    NabilStevieG 7 years ago

    You're welcome my friend

  • Helena Prats
    Helena Prats  7 years ago +1

    Thanks Nenad

  • Helena Prats
    Helena Prats  7 years ago +2

    Thanks for the info. ♥

  • NabilStevieG
    NabilStevieG 7 years ago +17

    actually, this music is composed by Henry Mancini and Nino Rota

    • Michele Abate
      Michele Abate Year ago +3

      Mancini didn't contribute to the goofather soundtrack

    • shanghai149
      shanghai149 Year ago +1

      i think Nino Rota voice Mancini comped it!

  • Nenad Romanić
    Nenad Romanić 7 years ago

    It's nice :-)