Votegasm 2020: June Democratic Debates - Night One | The Daily Show

  • Published on Jun 27, 2019
  • In the Democrats’ first 2020 primary debate, Beto O’Rourke shows off his fluency in Spanish, Bill de Blasio gets aggressive and Amy Klobuchar fights the clock.
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Comments • 5 130

  • Phillip Christopher
    Phillip Christopher 6 hours ago

    John Delaney knows that people don't care who their health provider is as long as they have their doctor.

  • Julian Legend Cruz
    Julian Legend Cruz 4 days ago

    Trevor: oh yeah this guy

  • AdamsAudiVlog *
    AdamsAudiVlog * 10 days ago

    To say all their policies are basically the same COULD NOT be more disingenuous and WRONG. I like Trevor very much but these things make me question the shit we all watch and how easily people believe what they hear from people they like. They seem sincere but this clearly is purposely untruthful.

  • Len Polistina
    Len Polistina 11 days ago

    Trevor...why don’t you speak on how retarded they are all are

  • The Architect
    The Architect 16 days ago

    It’s all Democratic cannon fodders.
    Such a waste of time and money. It’s sad.
    Being a Dem Liberal for thirty five years and a Hillary Voter I’ve had the wool removed from my eyes.
    It’s true the older the wiser.
    With talking head comedians and well the same which comes from news , it’s a sad state to be in.
    Trump will win again, because the majority rules and the minority only grows with insanity.
    When you use this feeling of hate to lead you to the answers of deemed truth, you only will meet disappointment in the wake ok second guessing the point you pushed in the first place.
    An individuals opinion doesn’t matter.
    Only the shared opinion of many have power.
    Now, the youths of today having no guidance from parents and only from internet strangers and propagandist surely will mold these growing minds to destruction and therefore will never be considered as relevant.
    One more truth.
    When clowns like Trevor Noah has an opinion on politics then that’s a surefire sign there’s no relevance to any point here.
    The extreme left needs and deserves a slap in the face , if not to bring them back to reality, then to shut these extremists up for at least the time being.

  • Νινα Zυμνη
    Νινα Zυμνη 17 days ago

    I'm confused why are the doing debates so many months before the election?? (I'm from Greece I don't know how it works 😅)

  • captain AMERICA
    captain AMERICA 20 days ago

    why politician's can't understand the difference between IMMIGRANTS and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? 🤔

  • Jay_907
    Jay_907 21 day ago

    to me it looked like Trevor's eyes were glazed and red like he had to smoke weed before the show but thats just my opinion, the runners should ask the people who cant afford health care what they think, like me i dont have private insurance i cant even work cause of my condition the insurance i have saves my life everyday and im thankful for that and i tell my family, its like we have to pay to live now a days i wish it was the old days where you had nothing to worry about.

  • Sarah Pedro
    Sarah Pedro 24 days ago

    Fluent? No fuckin way homie. He sounds like hes smokin weed. He cant conjugate veebs or even use them correctly. Idiot. HE CANT SPEAK SPANISH.

  • Bryan Romero
    Bryan Romero 25 days ago +1

    I'm goi g to laugh once again at this little beto,just as soon as 2020 Election when President Trump wins by land slide.

  • MerelMelchers ASMR
    MerelMelchers ASMR Month ago

    Warren for president!

  • Sydnee
    Sydnee Month ago

    Can Trevor run for president

  • Nicholas Ruhling
    Nicholas Ruhling Month ago

    Winston Churchill conducted foreign policy in his bathrobe at 5 in the morning and look what happened: the Allies won WW2

  • Nikhil Verma
    Nikhil Verma Month ago

    You didn't cover tulsi? (I got that from the comments section). Now I understand why trump complains all the time.

  • Conrad Weis
    Conrad Weis Month ago

    What an obnoxious blowhard, how is he still on tv.

  • Dain Anderson
    Dain Anderson Month ago

    He made two glaring mistakes in a few sentences. Amazing what passes for "fluent." His Spanish impressed moronic Americans who pompously assumed it was good because their public school Spanish class failed them and "hey it sounds fluent." Idiots

  • copy paste
    copy paste Month ago

    The US: The only country on earth where being bilingual is something extraordinary.

    HOBBY! MONEY Month ago

    3:34 The BLACKS didn't create the situation that the BLACKS are in either; IT IS THE WHITES USING BLACKS TO BUILD THE WHITE PEOPLE'S WEALTH! But I don't hear you speaking up on that topic! Immigrants on AMERICAN SOIL ILLEGALLY should not get a pass because you sympathize with them! YOU AIN'T NEVER FUNKING SYMPATHIZE WITH BLACKS!

  • nomar mar
    nomar mar Month ago

    his spanish is actually crap. he was just talking spanish to talk spanish

  • Sarah Pedro
    Sarah Pedro Month ago


  • The FBI & DOJ colluded to cover up hillary's crimes

    TRUMP won that debate! And he wasn't even on the stage

  • Dalina Delgado
    Dalina Delgado Month ago +1

    lol beto o'rourke had trash spanish, non spanish speakers be like wooooow; he's bilingual!

  • Richard Crowell
    Richard Crowell Month ago

    MAGA that means all of you louse filled Democraps and lefty loonies.

  • Minority Justice
    Minority Justice Month ago

    Big cooperation been fucking up many domestic Generations of American. Not immigrants.

  • Da Steelerz
    Da Steelerz Month ago

    Any time the candidates start saying real shit:

  • pprkt0
    pprkt0 Month ago


  • The Doge-Emperor of Dogekind

    Shame on Beta O'Rourke.

    Shame on that arrogant little moron.

  • Jim Elliott
    Jim Elliott Month ago

    There's ALWAYS been a pathway to citizenship, idiot who will be GONE next week Klobuchar. It'll end up being Comrade Sanders, Biden, Harris, and for some reason Warren while the other whackadoo's fade into the sunset.

  • May Rose
    May Rose Month ago

    That debate was fire!!!! I hate that they cut them off sadly

  • Wrekon boll
    Wrekon boll Month ago

    VOTEGASM??? W.T.F??? You perverts get wood/wet over liberal/socialists telling working people to work harder/more hours for less money/freedom. You are ALL garbage.

  • BransinQLFChico
    BransinQLFChico Month ago

    They had « ideas » Were we watching the same debate ??😭😭

  • Dante Frigerio
    Dante Frigerio Month ago

    Beto’s Spanish is trash

  • puma spirt
    puma spirt Month ago +1

    Where's Bernie Sanders

  • OA Crunir
    OA Crunir Month ago

    When trump says go back to where you came from it’s not raciest it’s fact if you want to change my fuckin country than you don’t like it so sit the down or get out

  • OA Crunir
    OA Crunir Month ago



  • Hayley Moritz
    Hayley Moritz Month ago

    "We should be the party that keeps what works and fixes whats broken!" Okay, but that doesn't actually mean anything. It's just a soundbite, not a plan. I'm revoking his applause.

  • Dlightz100
    Dlightz100 Month ago

    Awesome critizism!!!

  • Greta
    Greta Month ago +1

    Unpopular opinion: Cory Booker looks like a pterodactyl

  • Jesus Garza
    Jesus Garza Month ago

    the look on Corey Booker and Elizabeth wARREN'S face!

  • Jonathan Warren
    Jonathan Warren Month ago

    U mention Tim ryan but not tulsi destroying his career. Also who liked Bill de Blasio for real

  • gudbrandur magnusson
    gudbrandur magnusson 2 months ago

    That "Tease the answers" joke felt. so very similar. to Trump speech

  • ida g
    ida g 2 months ago

    Maryland represent😂😂😂😭

  • Mad Monkee
    Mad Monkee 2 months ago

    Wow! I didn't now Beto's Spanish was so bad! No tenía ni idea.

  • Jordan Cridland
    Jordan Cridland 2 months ago

    Live from New York ITS SATURDAY NIGHT

  • riverman
    riverman 2 months ago

    Omg shut up beto

    LYNDA CLARKE 2 months ago

    You also look like a blackasm?

  • aquarius3276
    aquarius3276 2 months ago

    OK, I always notice Trevor Noah making fun of President Trump which I got tired of because I’m a Trump supporter, BUT THIS absolutely made my day! Thanks Trevor! 👏🔥😂🤣

  • M° Maroth Araya
    M° Maroth Araya 2 months ago +1

    2:38 if you are going to speak Spanish, then SPEAK PROPER SPANISH! Xd

  • angery birb
    angery birb 2 months ago

    does S.A.P. stand for "Spanish away please"?

  • Natalee  Steele
    Natalee Steele 2 months ago

    Democratic DJ Kahlid 😂😂

  • x x
    x x 2 months ago

    🤡🌎 mundo de payasos

  • Dozha Deville
    Dozha Deville 2 months ago


  • PutinWithAnimals
    PutinWithAnimals 2 months ago

    In Sweden we say "Skämskudde" (pillow of shame) about Beto's Spanish. He seems like a great guy, though. But Buttigieg is like the same, but sharper.

    • Lilliz91
      Lilliz91 2 months ago

      PutinWithAnimals he’s just a virtue signaler trying to pamper to Spanish people. That was gringy as fuck.

  • so amazing
    so amazing 2 months ago +1

    I just unsubscribed....VETERANS FOR TULSI2020

    • QuackyDuck
      QuackyDuck 2 months ago

      seriously? there were 10 candidates and he had told mention all of em in a short segment, he didn't mention tulsi because she was boring and this is a COMEDY show. You might like her policy but that shouldnt be why you watch this show.

  • Lightning
    Lightning 2 months ago

    I don't think I'd ever bitch slap a guy, but Trevor has that face. I think it's all the makeup. Any he's probably gay.

  • Alexa N
    Alexa N 2 months ago

    im Hispanic and speak Spanish and i can tell you that as not fluent spanish (beto), also Beto is NOT HISPANIC he only pretends to be by renaming himself Beto, hes white!

  • Isaac Torres
    Isaac Torres 2 months ago

    Lol that Spanish was so bad if I spoke like that, all Mexicans would disown me 😂

  • 00_Keven 11
    00_Keven 11 2 months ago

    He said Amy was "Cocked and Loaded". Trump's wearing off on him unconsciously

  • preeti 2112
    preeti 2112 2 months ago

    Talk about Tulsi

  • kunkunLAH
    kunkunLAH 2 months ago

    Kamala president, Elizabeth vice.