The Most Painful Things People Can Ever Experience In The World

  • Published on Apr 10, 2018
  • Everyone remembers painful experiences but there are some that stand out! Here are the most painful things people ever experienced.
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Comments • 9 432

  • Jake Thorn
    Jake Thorn Day ago

    The binding of isaac was in the video yay

  • DiehardBroncosfan

    The most painful thing I've been through is a second degree burn on my back

  • Legend Studois
    Legend Studois 3 days ago +1

    Anyone else watching this video the day after they got their t-dap (tetnis)😂😂😂

  • Isaiah Johnson
    Isaiah Johnson 4 days ago

    Still not as painful as stepping on a lego brick.


  • Sawyer Laflan
    Sawyer Laflan 4 days ago

    The most painful thing is subbing To T series

  • No name No Name
    No name No Name 5 days ago

    Most pain ever its toture eexecution Saw half human

  • C K
    C K 5 days ago +1

    Cold turkey opiate withdrawal

  • E Sern Tee
    E Sern Tee 6 days ago

    The most painful thing I experienced is


  • Garrett the man
    Garrett the man 7 days ago

    The true most painful thing

    *Stepping on a Lego*

  • James Moreno
    James Moreno 8 days ago

    The worst pain for me is sinusitis soo painful

  • Aidan Burger
    Aidan Burger 9 days ago

    my so called "FRIEND" threw a 30 pound rock onto the back of my head and said it wasn't him

  • all55games
    all55games 9 days ago

    I got bitten by a dog and I had to get Tetanus vaccine

  • Jack Gibson
    Jack Gibson 9 days ago +1

    Who else came here for the eye in the left...

  • Cris Cabantog
    Cris Cabantog 13 days ago

    When you and your friend just holding hands in a line

    Then played catch in a muddy place

    And slip down

    Then your friend slip too and

    John cena your stomach

    I got that experience

    I got 4 Scratches and one bruce
    Too painful for you!

  • Coolili Kid
    Coolili Kid 14 days ago

    The most painful thing I the universe is

    Stepping in a Lego nokia 3310

  • Triple Wolves
    Triple Wolves 14 days ago

    My worst experience is getting an m&m stuck up my nose going to the er and making my parents pay a lot of money lol good times

  • Jeffrey Sunderman
    Jeffrey Sunderman 15 days ago

    I suffer from cluster headaches they started when I got blown up in Afghanistan

  • TheKing
    TheKing 16 days ago

    We now know to think before calling someone fat

    JACOB ESSL 17 days ago +2

    Ciaote Peterson got stung by a bullet ant
    The stinger got stuck in his arm rip

    The stinger

  • Arcane Gulo
    Arcane Gulo 17 days ago

    not as painful as watching this boring video😒

    JACOB ESSL 17 days ago

    I had a second degree burn on my neck
    It hurt so bad but it went away good job

  • Heathen Wolf
    Heathen Wolf 18 days ago

    Yes, you forgot the Blood Eagle. That has to be the most painful way to die.

  • Angry Gamer
    Angry Gamer 19 days ago

    I had third and second degre burns on my leg twice

  • Atom
    Atom 20 days ago

    I stepped on a sewing needle bag sadly the tip of the needle balls on the back went on foot and we needed pliers to get them out did I mention one Time I also fell of my old play house (which is seven feet of the ground) onto a rusty nail it went through my knee oh yeah I was seven

  • Warded Scar
    Warded Scar 21 day ago +1

    One off the most painfull thing i experienced is when you acidetaly hit your arm in a wall or something and you fell ypur electrecuted but that doesnt hurt too much but what i experienced is when i hit my arm in a wall i feel electrecuted then i felt my hand is on fire and i cant move my three fingers from the midle one to the small one then later its like you fell that a hundreds of needle is in your hand it happened to me like 2 times but its not that much painfull but is soo weird

  • Ciaran Brady
    Ciaran Brady 21 day ago +1

    I had a clustered headache and it felt like my head was being ripped apart

  • midnight wolf
    midnight wolf 22 days ago

    Ahhhhh vic from peirce the veil in number 10

  • BBDS Bros
    BBDS Bros 22 days ago

    My worst pain is explosive diarrhea

  • Duane Davidson
    Duane Davidson 23 days ago

    I had a serious skin infection that, as women have told me that have had it, the pain is worse than childbirth. I have had it 3 times.

  • Samuel Oliver
    Samuel Oliver 24 days ago

    Oh and also stubbing your toe

  • Samuel Oliver
    Samuel Oliver 24 days ago

    The worse pain I had was purposely stepping on LEGOS

  • Thanya Garcia
    Thanya Garcia 25 days ago

    I once got a burn brown bubbles all over my back with hot water don't know what degree but the pain

  • Silverlining motion Pictures

    Yall ever had your wisdom teeth extremely slowly come through in waves all at different times mine have been doing it since my late 16s and still haven’t fully come through (I’m now 22)

  • RandomGuyWithoutAName • 20 years ago

    The Most painful I experienced is..

    Hitting your ankle accidently with your scooter

  • Joshoa Gucilatar
    Joshoa Gucilatar 27 days ago

    Cayote Peterson did it he's been bitten by a bullet ant

  • The Blue Pineapple
    The Blue Pineapple 27 days ago

    *this is why i never want a baby*

  • No one !
    No one ! 27 days ago

    Most painful thing:

    Having the words “Hello my friend” come from your crush

  • Frost burn36
    Frost burn36 28 days ago

    Do you have to get the Tetanus vaccine only once in a life time?If yes,I'm safe,If no,I'm fucked

  • Jason Houle
    Jason Houle 28 days ago

    The most painful thing I have ever experienced is,

    *Sm a s h i n g m y l e g o n a d r a w e r.*

  • Vantasteel King
    Vantasteel King 29 days ago

    The most painful thing in the world is a man-o-war jellyfish sting on my foot and groin. My foot still sometimes feels like throbbing pains to this day.

  • UnK0wN Us3r
    UnK0wN Us3r 29 days ago +1

    I've experienced something very painful more painful than the bullet ant

    It's called life

  • Lornx 543
    Lornx 543 29 days ago

    You missed no. 11
    *When your crush likes your bestfriend*

  • bedlingtonbramble
    bedlingtonbramble Month ago

    In 1980 I was 13 years old and fractured my ankle whilst ice skating. The staff at the ice rink removed the ice skating boots, then when I got to hospital the put my foot in a box of foam pieces then started to take x-rays. After each x-ray they would twist my ankle to a different position then take another x-ray. they took about 10 x-rays in total, without any pain relief being administered and I SCREAMED with pain each time they twisted my foot/ankle. I had to have a operation to have a steel pin inserted into my ankle. The surgeon said it was the worst fracture he had seen, and that the fractured pieces of bone were all over the place. (REALLY!!!! what did he expect) So thankyou Sunderland General Hospital for the worst pain I have ever had...…..Total narcissist working in the x-ray department. I hope karma visited you.

  • Batwom
    Batwom Month ago

    What the hell is up with the obsession with potential bites and stings to the EYE??!?!!? GGAAAAHHH
    I'm gonna go sit in a corner and rock back and forth now lol....😰😱😵

  • Mustafa Uğur
    Mustafa Uğur Month ago

    no cures for this or that,we are in 2019 and spending billion dollars for health care.

  • Doggo
    Doggo Month ago

    U forgot

    Getting hit by the chancla

  • wweworldchampion
    wweworldchampion Month ago

    My neice had it she was like 9 or 10

  • pecosROB
    pecosROB Month ago

    at first i thought how can scaphism not be the worst and then i saw the final one... but i think scaphism still is the worst!

  • Viktorija Vaicek
    Viktorija Vaicek Month ago

    I am litterally spazzing out, how do I help myself?

  • Viktorija Vaicek
    Viktorija Vaicek Month ago

    9:18 dammit! When you said to imagine it, my eyes tried to reacreate it and stayed shut until now, I can barely open them and it hurts.

  • Viktorija Vaicek
    Viktorija Vaicek Month ago

    The most intense pain I felt

    I mixed the cold and hot shower handles up and got burned with boiling water.
    The worst is when I got a nail infection, but it wasn't serious enough to go to the doctor. My mom cleaned it up.

  • Alex Nightingale
    Alex Nightingale Month ago

    Brave wilderness channel tested out the bullet any sting

  • mochamad nagata daf
    mochamad nagata daf Month ago +1

    the most pain i experienced is

    *stepping on lego bricks*

  • Peas Bemis
    Peas Bemis Month ago

    Lego bricks 😣😣😣

  • Illuminati Osvaldo
    Illuminati Osvaldo Month ago

    Well Coyote Peterson he got stung by both the bullet ant and the executioner wasp and said the executioner wasp hurt more than the bullet ant
    Sorry if i spelled anything wrong i couldn't really remember

  • marvcatz
    marvcatz Month ago

    I stepped on a rusty pin nothing happens OMG so Lucky LOLOLOLOLOL

  • Merrill Spurlin
    Merrill Spurlin Month ago

    8:45 Idk, ask Coyote Peterson. Lol

  • Jesy King
    Jesy King Month ago

    the viking blood eagle

  • josh nastasia
    josh nastasia Month ago

    Hey be amazed you missed the executioner wasp. By far topping a bullet ant sting.

  • Daniel TheGachafox99

    I have had a second degree burn when I was 4 or 5

  • flashes gaming
    flashes gaming Month ago

    i suffer in second degree burn

  • Narfmonger Narf
    Narfmonger Narf Month ago

    I don't know if this is a second degree burn or not but once I spilled a cup of noodles on my leg and I got water blisters on my leg. My leg was red and it burned. Some point I went to the park and it popped it felt nasty it felt like puss from a pimple or oil

  • Omar Tareq
    Omar Tareq Month ago

    Worst pain?

    Accidentally killing your dog in Minecraft
    Beat that

  • Vincent Evans
    Vincent Evans Month ago

    Painful things
    Stepping on legos
    stubbing your toe
    Getting your finger stuck in the fridge door
    Accidentally poking yourself in the eye with something
    Pepper spray in the face
    Ice in your pants
    Breaking your collarbone
    Strep throat
    Tetanus shot
    Super spicy Doritos
    Trying to like this comment with a broken finger
    Touching the pan on the stove
    Squirrel bite
    Falling off a house onto a trampoline onto another trampoline that flings you into the air very high all the way to toys’r us with a hole on top and falling to to that hole and bouncing on a trampoline with pillows, blankets and papers that say like this comment and landing in a bin of legos and falling and breaking your finger and then getting your phone and trying to like this comment and this video

  • Hans Schmidt
    Hans Schmidt Month ago

    I had a second degree burn. It was very painful

  • Radical Rainbow
    Radical Rainbow Month ago

    Watching this channel must come close

  • anime_lovers21 vsj
    anime_lovers21 vsj Month ago

    How do you get a paper cut on your ball sack

  • Kirk Darling
    Kirk Darling Month ago

    Lol I have migraines

  • Alejandro Gonzalez
    Alejandro Gonzalez Month ago

    I remember getting hit with the chancla

  • Runs2far
    Runs2far Month ago

    This video gave me a headache

  • Rui Xie
    Rui Xie Month ago

    9:24 that just suffer

  • Rui Xie
    Rui Xie Month ago

    3:18 I know that pain when I am too scary to go to the bathroom to poop in school it last forever and get worse after time it last forever unit you will poop let me tell it it like if someone take a hammer and hit you in the belly and kicking you as well as using a blade to cut it edit I was a man and don't give a fuck about it

  • Joshua Limon
    Joshua Limon Month ago

    I experience the most painful thing ever....

    Stepping on a lego

  • Juxtapostdream 12130

    It's a sting trust me I know

  • neela singh
    neela singh Month ago

    My toughest time was when a 2 inch nail stuck in my foot at the age of 6