Dumb Arguments

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
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  • destiny davis
    destiny davis 58 minutes ago

    Wopoooooooooooooow those text messages woooooooooooooooooo

  • I only have 3 sub prove me wrong

    I’m I the only one who likes arguing?

  • Little Miss Cuttlefish
    Little Miss Cuttlefish 2 hours ago +1

    but what about arguing w/a introvert

  • dead ghost
    dead ghost 4 hours ago

    Me and my sister had a fight about if our toothpaste was blue or green

  • Ariella
    Ariella 7 hours ago

    Honestly I feel so attacked right now lmao this video is basically about me and I need to change my shit ASAP, because I suck 😭

  • LilKitty_Chan 18
    LilKitty_Chan 18 9 hours ago

    Naruto sadness and sorrow! At 4:08

  • Red Wolf
    Red Wolf 9 hours ago

    It's so accurate that at 5:48 her thought bubble has zodiac signs in it... never trust a horoscope girl

    SIMON STANLEY 11 hours ago

    I honestly find it kinda depressing how I get really good advice from this channel, and then I'm to much of a dumbass to use it

  • Lemonade Menolade
    Lemonade Menolade 13 hours ago

    LOL That conversation though. You see, that's the problem with todays generation. Mostly everyone is so sensitive over small things

  • PingSpoofing idots
    PingSpoofing idots 14 hours ago

    LMAO the like number is 69

  • Dat Guy Huan
    Dat Guy Huan 15 hours ago

    Wait you basicly explained what i do on saturday nights

  • Hector Nguyen
    Hector Nguyen 18 hours ago

    Why was it liked by 69 people the facebook picture in the video

  • wolftrex 36
    wolftrex 36 Day ago

    Did anyone notice the music at 4:06 is NARUTO track - Sadness and Sorrow

  • Elixius UwU
    Elixius UwU Day ago +1

    Ok i only agree about credit but the fact she took it a tad bit too far is uh...no thx

  • J1mB0BwE
    J1mB0BwE Day ago

    Playstation versus Xbox

  • Ace The wildcard
    Ace The wildcard 2 days ago

    She knew you had clout bro she wanted the attention honestly

  • Anusha_ blue_
    Anusha_ blue_ 2 days ago

    This is so funny lmao

  • Pranshu Agrawal
    Pranshu Agrawal 2 days ago

    you know what audible is not the leading provider I ARGUE!!!

  • t Thirdy
    t Thirdy 3 days ago +1

    Me and my friend argue or tro-
    Wait i would not say this to youtube but we argue and we did u know what we argue about a candy

  • ZirizoGaming
    ZirizoGaming 3 days ago

    6.95M subs. Nice

  • Jessica Anderson
    Jessica Anderson 3 days ago


  • Dan Val
    Dan Val 3 days ago

    I loved that sad naruto music

    DEUS VULT 3 days ago

    Have a argument like a world war

  • Chris De Marcos
    Chris De Marcos 4 days ago

    They bully me bc im fat 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Yenix
    Yenix 4 days ago

    let guess yo ex is white?

  • Ryan Knight
    Ryan Knight 4 days ago

    The drawing competition is on my birth day

  • Avery Jonas
    Avery Jonas 4 days ago


  • jonathan kydd
    jonathan kydd 4 days ago

    i dont enjoy arguing, i enjoy debating.
    i enjoy having a meaningful conversation where we discuss various points of our respective opinions and either come to mutual agreement on the superior opinion or agree that both sides are perfectly valid.

  • fireballingast
    fireballingast 4 days ago

    I once was in a fight over xbox v Pc, I was on the pc side, it lasted nearly a month, it was pretty stupid

  • Cykaslav Blyat
    Cykaslav Blyat 4 days ago

    4:01 thats the part when you BLOCK 'EM

  • cupcake heaven
    cupcake heaven 5 days ago

    4:34 its me and and i like the animations

  • Kawaii_UwU_ Gaming
    Kawaii_UwU_ Gaming 6 days ago

    His GF: u just want attention dats why u don’t want to put me on credits

    Me: if u wanted a credits then u want attention like is jus a pic of nala like don’t make such big deal of a flipping dog picture like omagad where’s yo common sense

  • Mystic Yeets
    Mystic Yeets 6 days ago

    4:08 All weebs stand up for the national anthem

  • plasti fear
    plasti fear 6 days ago

    I feel like this isn't quite the best example because when I think of hypocrisy I dont think "well why don't YoU dO bEtTer" Idk if is just me but when i think hypocrisy i think more double standards where someone does something that they clearly think is ok and when you do so back at them they act like it is terrible like it's ok when they do it but not you. Or if someone says something isn't good for x reason then do it anyways despite it conflicting with earlier x reason. Ex. One time I gave my friend some gift art for their fake fungi species. They didn't use it cuz it didn't look fungusy enough to them which i mean fair enough it is a gift it is up to them to use it, but they later described a concept that also wasn't very fungusy. Like if they didn't like it that's fine but like if you give a reason keep your reason. This isn't the best example since art is more subjective so what is fungusy enough and what the vision might be can vary it is the best example i could think of atm.

    I personally think bringing that up is a valid point in an argument because they should hold themselves to the same standards they hold others and people should keep their reasons unless they change their mind and acknowledge their past reason was wrong otherwise it is contradictory.

    P.S. The thing with me and my friend worked out cuz we talked it out.

  • Randale Nico Fernandez

    5:48 okay she wants 69. Problem fixed

  • Rented Pug
    Rented Pug 6 days ago +1

    Liked by 69 people😂😂😂😂... I'm not talking about video.

  • commmandy Yt
    commmandy Yt 7 days ago

    4:12 I can play the recorder better

  • Rondrick Williams
    Rondrick Williams 7 days ago

    Yeah "not arguing''

  • u w u
    u w u 7 days ago

    i'm laughing too much at how immature that gorl is

  • Julia Leoncio
    Julia Leoncio 7 days ago +1

    “Karen, this is a critique.” LMAO😂

  • nad
    nad 7 days ago

    that ex is really messed up, yikes, good thing you broke up with her
    me: oh, are you dom's ex?
    her: yea, who are you?
    me: you're 3 millionth viewer of you're bad behaviour which i hate because you act like a -fucking asshole- little baby
    her: ...

  • Agent 2
    Agent 2 7 days ago

    r/entitled people in a nutshell

  • DianaSenpie
    DianaSenpie 7 days ago

    I hated my brother for a while after each time we played Monopoly because he would always land on Akropolis and I would be like "DON'T BUY IT." and he would always buy it just to piss me off. I mostly got pissed cause I never got a chance to buy it myself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • arrowblade
    arrowblade 7 days ago

    The first time i watched this video I was eating chipotle and now whenever i watch it i get hungry for chipotle lmao

  • Jeremy Shanklin
    Jeremy Shanklin 7 days ago

    Ummm true fact.....alot of women are like this

  • Almohadez Lumatao
    Almohadez Lumatao 7 days ago

    I love this showw hahahha

  • Matt 199
    Matt 199 7 days ago +1


  • Cats meow :3
    Cats meow :3 7 days ago

    Ex: well I took it
    What I would have said: with my phone!

  • c00kie
    c00kie 7 days ago


  • Cookies & Milk!
    Cookies & Milk! 7 days ago +1

    The picture had 69 likes 2:36

  • Herbertmlgkid 90123
    Herbertmlgkid 90123 8 days ago

    I wish apple and android made a phone together

  • Cha d
    Cha d 8 days ago

    Damn this mans is smart

  • Angel Bruner
    Angel Bruner 8 days ago

    I actually do like to argue and in a relationship I do sometimes need confrontation in order to re-spark or desolve my need for drama in my life so I’ll start an argument over some movie or something insignificant without putting down the other person

  • Jake The Dog
    Jake The Dog 8 days ago

    Some women: *takes one photo on phone*

  • Lol Lots of laughter
    Lol Lots of laughter 8 days ago +1

    1:20 is actually what my friend said to me lol

  • Tactical Rave Gaming

    If Doms was my teacher for values and anything besides math. Maybe I'll love School more

  • Celestial Kitten
    Celestial Kitten 8 days ago

    "You think your so fucking important" **ugh ugh says the toxic fish ugh ugh**
    like she wanted the spotlight 24/7 . She is the one who think shes so fucking important

  • Hahurr Howdy
    Hahurr Howdy 9 days ago

    Ur ex sounds just like my ex best friend. WE’RE BETTER OFF HONEY

  • lamalamalex
    lamalamalex 9 days ago

    What would a Canadian know? They just try to see who’s the most soryy

  • Cubcub & Me
    Cubcub & Me 9 days ago

    I had a fight with my friend because she said if she’s slytherin that means I’m not a slytherin so stop being stupid 😂😂