Attack of the 50 Foot Woman - Trailer (1958)

  • Published on Feb 17, 2007
  • After an encounter with aliens, a wealthy women grows to, surprise surprise, 50 feet tall. With her new found size she decides to get revenge on her husband and others that annoyed her.
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  • buddyfriendguy
    buddyfriendguy 6 years ago

    So much period blood...

  • nazzthespazz16
    nazzthespazz16 7 years ago +1

    Because in the 50's nothing scared guys more then a independent woman with free will.
    "THE HORROR!! Now who's gonna do the cooking and cleaning?!?!"

  • Vintage Warhol
    Vintage Warhol 7 years ago

    Terrible and funny sci fi classic that's 50 feet long.

  • xenafan234
    xenafan234 8 years ago


  • Dallas Tanner
    Dallas Tanner 8 years ago

    Horror novel see video book trailer

  • HARISH chidambaram
    HARISH chidambaram 8 years ago

    this is what happens when soceity neglects a human God opens them another door getting in2 which they can do anything they wish.

  • Kelly Concepcion
    Kelly Concepcion 8 years ago

    So she has big PUSSY !

  • Robert Goldman
    Robert Goldman 8 years ago

    Who played the male giant alien with the hairy hand who sparks a striking resemblence to MR. CLEAN?

  • Corman Rockwell
    Corman Rockwell 12 years ago

    A true classic!