10 Celeb Kids That Are Better Looking Than Their Parents

  • Published on Oct 27, 2017
  • 10 Famous kids and teens that grew up to be beautiful!
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    Celebs are known for being extremely beautiful. It’s like they came from a different planet or something. But there is one group of people that can actually outdo celebs when it comes to looks. Their kids! Sometimes celeb children grow up to completely surpass their parents in the looks department. So, here are 10 Celeb Kids That Are Better Looking Than Their Parents!
    Just take Evan Ross for instance. You know his mother Diana Ross. She was a singing queen and gorgeous model. But now that she has gotten older, her children have taken the limelight. Especially Evan who has made the transition into acting.
    Or Ireland Baldwin, the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger. She is so beautiful that the president of her modeling agency once sad that she could command the attention of a room with no makeup on. She’s also been featured in Vanity Fair, Elle, DuJour, and several other high caliber magazines!
    Georgia May Jagger is another prime example. She’s the famed daughter of rock star Mick Jagger but has made a name for herself with her alarming good looks. She has been the face of Rimmel London since 2009 and worked with big brands like Chanel, Mugler, and Versace.
    Whether it’s Sasha Spielberg, Billie Lourd, Kendall Jenner, or Kaia Jordan Gerber, there are some celeb kids who have completely surpassed their parents in beauty! Stay tuned to 10 Celeb Kids That Are Better Looking Than Their Parents to find out which celeb lies about her last name to book jobs!
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Comments • 1 270

  • Jennifer Shepherd

    In my opinion Demi Moore is a lot prettier than her daughter. Her daughter looks to much like her father.

  • Terrell Moody
    Terrell Moody Day ago

    Its Blackish not BACKlash

  • m. mache
    m. mache 3 days ago

    10 gorgeous children's growing up much better looking the mother and father it's not sicret at all its perfect and I love it public sector voted 100k like each congratulations by mo RAAD Artists and judges on RU-clip International? Mo?

    NONEXISTENT 6 days ago

    “Empire out of their good looks,” in large part their looks are man made. No hate, just stating a fact.

  • TolitsDterrible
    TolitsDterrible 8 days ago

    One of the pics supposedly of Cindy Crawford was actually Brook Shields. Lousy work.

  • king Junior
    king Junior 13 days ago

    I just waisted 11minutes 46 seconds of my time

  • Cheryl Cheung
    Cheryl Cheung 17 days ago

    Kaia Gerber very honestly although she is a gorgeous girl, but her beauty just cannot beat her mum Cindy Crawford when Cindy was at her prime..just no way

  • dreamtheway
    dreamtheway 17 days ago

    No one can be more beautiful than Cindy, not even her daughter who is a shell of her mother IMO.

  • KY
    KY 18 days ago

    In what world is Rumor better looking than Demi?! Sorry but that MASSIVE JAW, just generally her massive face.... just awful? She looks like she got those genetics off a big boned male ancestor.

  • Stephaniespc Casey
    Stephaniespc Casey 28 days ago

    Demi's kids are no where close to Demi in her beauty..Demi was ...so beautiful

  • Alissia Phillip
    Alissia Phillip 29 days ago

    Y’all are lying 🤥! 😂

  • Shewolf Poodle
    Shewolf Poodle Month ago

    Uh...Kim Bassinger in her day was most beautiful. Still is. She wins.

  • Angel Wings
    Angel Wings Month ago

    Steven Spielberg daughter would be 100% prettier with a nose job

  • Keith Reeves
    Keith Reeves Month ago

    why was there is a picture of Brooke shields in the Cindy Crawford bit?

  • Flibgonrt Sheglis
    Flibgonrt Sheglis Month ago

    Yeah, Ireland is in NO way more beautiful than her mother. Also, NO chance Rumer even comes close.

  • Lyn Blair
    Lyn Blair Month ago

    Good gawd! You are clearly WAY too young to remember these parents at the same age as their children are now. Watch 9 1/2 Weeks and The Hunt for Red October. Then NEVER,, EVER be too fecking lazy to do research before filming. Dimwit kid.

  • Lorena Davenport
    Lorena Davenport Month ago

    How about adding more ethnicity 🤔

  • Mara Glover
    Mara Glover Month ago

    this is kinda mean

  • Kellie Chasity
    Kellie Chasity Month ago

    Nice video ❤️

  • Lily Rose
    Lily Rose Month ago

    They're not beautiful. They're just white. #eurostandards

  • Sid Thevar
    Sid Thevar 2 months ago +1

    wtf........these are all ugly kids........

  • Nicole Meneses
    Nicole Meneses 2 months ago

    ... so, none of these kids are better looking than their parents hahaha

  • Nikki Nicks
    Nikki Nicks 2 months ago

    I’m sorry, but Demi Moore’s daughter is NOT more beautiful than her mother, I actually think she’s kind of creepy looking

  • jenny334jg
    jenny334jg 2 months ago

    My sense of beauty is different than these

  • anonymous bourne
    anonymous bourne 2 months ago

    No way is demi moore's daughter better looking

  • anonymous bourne
    anonymous bourne 2 months ago

    Demi Moore is better

  • Desja Mae
    Desja Mae 2 months ago

    The title should read, 10 Celeb Kids That Got their Good Looks from their Parents!! Honestly, none of them surpass their parents good looks, but are lucky enough to have some similar traits.

  • Mrs J
    Mrs J 2 months ago

    No link in your disclaimer box for the trendy

  • Liz Bee
    Liz Bee 2 months ago

    Are you really not gonna mention that girl’s teeth???

  • Trinity Dallas
    Trinity Dallas 2 months ago

    Backlash? Did she say “Backlash” ? Ik I’m not the only person who heard her say “Backlash” instead of Blackish

  • naomi chambers
    naomi chambers 2 months ago

    Rumor is not better looking than Demi. She has a huge jaw.

  • Miepi09
    Miepi09 2 months ago

    most of this girls arent really "beautifull stunned " there just normal daughters O.o i dont see such amazing beauti like omg modus get on ... some mothers of them are way more stunning than this kids of them . and thats ok, thats how the world works .... i think most people think wow her parents are celeb than shes top ore beauty but there just normal humans too, having celeb parents doesnt mean we need to call them top people ore hot people ... there are unknown kids all over the world that are hundred times more stunning with beauty eyes ore smile. and nobody reports about this liddle kids ore young woman from poor family ... sadly ...

  • Lauren Black
    Lauren Black 2 months ago

    Gigi's and Kia's mum was actually nicer looking them at that age ?

  • Lauren Black
    Lauren Black 2 months ago

    Hahah how on earth is demi moore less attractive than her daughter ???

  • Lauren Black
    Lauren Black 2 months ago

    I'm sorry but Ireland is not prettier than her mum. Wtf ?

  • Vanessa Carvalho
    Vanessa Carvalho 2 months ago

    Sorry.... Rubbish! Ireland isn't more beautiful than her mother Kim, neither is Georgia than Jerry, Spielberg's daughter is average, Carrie's daughter same. Rumer & Demi....pleeeeeease! Demi all the way. Evan is beautiful as his mother. The Baldwins children aren't beautiful as their parents were when they were young. Soooooorry.... The Jenners are beautiful due to plastic surgery. Kris hadn't surgery when she was young. She was a natural beauty. Also de Hadids are full plastic surgery remake....Kaia is really beautiful but still not match for her mother Cindy. Come on. Get real.

  • T H
    T H 2 months ago

    Whaaats? None of these kids are better looking than the parents.

    CHIEF BONSU 2 months ago

    😃👩‍🚀🌐🏛️: Bro...Keñ

  • Ella Stewart
    Ella Stewart 2 months ago

    Ireland? Ehh

  • Mariana Mendes
    Mariana Mendes 2 months ago

    I disagree with list . I find the parents way better looking . In my point of view they look like ordinary kids . 1 or another are better looking .

  • Inkpod
    Inkpod 2 months ago

    Did anyone notice when hey said backlash instead of blackish

  • Brianna Palmisano
    Brianna Palmisano 2 months ago

    2:06 im sorry but no with her gap between her teeth lmfao. and her deer in headlights look on her face.

  • Napcsi István Nagy
    Napcsi István Nagy 2 months ago

    bullshit al!!!

  • Maryscott OConnor
    Maryscott OConnor 2 months ago

    This is ABSURD.
    If you need proof, look no further than the attempt to compare Rymer Willis favourably with Demi Moore.
    You’d have to be delusional to think Rumer is even remotely comparable, let alone better looking.

  • SniperRose
    SniperRose 2 months ago

    Ireland Baldwin looks bland. Rumer does not look better than Demi in annny universe. 😑

  • Deba Dev
    Deba Dev 2 months ago

    Bad title it should be as beautiful as their parents

  • Angela Fulton
    Angela Fulton 3 months ago

    Ireland is definitely not prettier her mother.

  • Stefanie Espunkt
    Stefanie Espunkt 3 months ago

    Ireland Baldwin is pretty average looking and Rumor Willis is definitely not prettier than her mother...

  • Avara Niah
    Avara Niah 3 months ago

    How about patrick schwarzenegger? *am I spelling it right? 😂 for me he's much better looking than his father arnold.. aand I agree from one of the comments mentioning zoe kravitz and lily collins

  • daniela arroyo
    daniela arroyo 3 months ago

    Some of them are not that beautiful

  • jacquees lover
    jacquees lover 3 months ago

    This video is so mean, so controversial

  • Niña Del Trópico
    Niña Del Trópico 3 months ago

    Only Jenner and Hadid are prettier than their moms.
    Where’s Reese Witherspoon’s daughter?

  • Dinandrea
    Dinandrea 3 months ago

    Tracey's show is "BLACKISH" not "BACKLASH."

  • Kelvin Lee
    Kelvin Lee 3 months ago

    Hire new writers and critics, the ones that wrote this are full of crap.

  • Lucy Mendoza
    Lucy Mendoza 3 months ago

    Wrong wrong wrong

  • NatCat D
    NatCat D 3 months ago

    Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

    Beauty isn't in the looks it's in the heart.

  • Kathleen Hardiman
    Kathleen Hardiman 3 months ago

    One of the pictures shown when talking about Cindy Crawford is actually Brooke Shields..or am I wrong?

  • Ayelet Hazut
    Ayelet Hazut 3 months ago

    What a stupid video
    Some of the kids are not even pretty just much younger than their parents what makes them a little bit better looking... Hate this awful cannel

  • You Tuber
    You Tuber 3 months ago

    georga may jagger is not more beautiful than her mom
    sasha spielberg is BUTT UGLY
    rumor is not more beautiful than demi
    kardashians are trailer-trash
    kaia is pretty but not more beautiful than cindy

  • Mimi washe
    Mimi washe 3 months ago

    its sick to compare a child to their parents

  • Jo Jo
    Jo Jo 3 months ago

    Sorry but the mothers are more gorgeous than their daughters

  • Rosetta Louisseus
    Rosetta Louisseus 3 months ago

    Kendall had many plastic surgery. If It's not natural it doesn't count. Anyone can become beautiful with plastic surgery these days as long as they have money to have a good surgeon.

  • sidowalker
    sidowalker 3 months ago

    Billie Lord and Rumer Willis? Uh??

  • wanderer79
    wanderer79 3 months ago

    The only ones I agree with are Evan Ross and Kendall Jenner, and that's mostly because Kendall's the only member of that family who hasn't had plastic surgery (that we know of). Many of the rest of these seem to focus on comparing the kids to their parents in the present day. You mean 20 somethings look better than their 50+ parents? Shocker!!! One exception- Rumor Willis is a lovely girl, but in no way is she prettier than her mother (even before her mom's plastic surgery).

  • Niki Reynolds
    Niki Reynolds 4 months ago

    I bet Kendall Jenner ends up being gay or bi.

  • gabby utt
    gabby utt 4 months ago

    Ireland Baldwin fricken caked make up on her face , you can see her pores in 0:51 and other pictures

  • Adrianne Merideth
    Adrianne Merideth 4 months ago

    I guess everyone's right about your eyesight - at 10:40 the woman is Brooke Shields, not Cindy Crawford.

  • Emily Medina
    Emily Medina 4 months ago

    You placed photo of Brooke sheilds ... As cindy crawford...

  • Chocolate Pop
    Chocolate Pop 4 months ago

    Kendall is a natural beauty

  • Chocolate Pop
    Chocolate Pop 4 months ago

    1:39 ? What just happened?

  • Cate Dennis
    Cate Dennis 4 months ago

    Kim Basinger is MUCH more beautiful than her daughter! Oh, yeah. Georgia May Jagger with that huge gap in her teeth - what a beauty - NOT!! Sasha Spielberg - as ugly as her mother. Billie Lourd - tiny, ugly mouth. Rumer Willis - NO WAY is she better looking than Demi. She has a huge chin and, except for her eyes, she looks very masculine. Evan Ross - not bad looking at all. Alaia Baldwin....not that good looking. Kendall Jenner is a pretty girl. On Cindy Crawford picture, they sneaked in Brooke Shield's young picture, not Cindy Crawford. Kaia is beautiful.

  • J Nicole
    J Nicole 4 months ago

    The show is called BLACKish, not BACKlash, smh.

  • kristabelification
    kristabelification 4 months ago

    Ok... this is a joke, right?? Willis is one of the ugliest women I have seen.

  • kristabelification
    kristabelification 4 months ago

    Sasha Speilberg?? She looks like a bag lady.

  • kristabelification
    kristabelification 4 months ago

    Georgia Jagger?? She looks like Mick in drag.

  • kristabelification
    kristabelification 4 months ago

    Ireland Baldwin? No.

  • Trevena Williams
    Trevena Williams 4 months ago

    Did these assholes just say Tracie Ellis Ross plays on #Backlash??? The Fuq???

    MONIQUE UECHI 4 months ago


  • serenityspoofs ?
    serenityspoofs ? 4 months ago

    6:36 Did she really just say "backlash"

  • Micah Bandow
    Micah Bandow 4 months ago

    This list is wrong I mean come on

  • Micah Bandow
    Micah Bandow 4 months ago

    Fix her teeth then we’ll talk

  • Marlene Rosado
    Marlene Rosado 4 months ago

    Sorry i mean closed

  • Marlene Rosado
    Marlene Rosado 4 months ago

    Mick Jaggers daughter's teeth distract u it's like she has 2 faces with her mouth closs beautiful with her mouth open WTF?

  • Marlene Rosado
    Marlene Rosado 4 months ago

    Ireland better looking than Kim lol Ireland is beautiful but Kim is gorgeous & u didn't even show a picture of Alec now he was 1of hottes Baldwins why u think he's such a Diva?

  • Leo Oaso
    Leo Oaso 4 months ago +1

    no. demi moore's daughter aint better looking than her.

  • Online Rn
    Online Rn 4 months ago

    Jagger is so masculine looking lol

  • SpeakMyMind500
    SpeakMyMind500 5 months ago

    This has to be one of the dumbest videos from Talko ever...of course a younger girl or guy is going to be far more good looking than their older, legendary parent...

  • richard gray
    richard gray 5 months ago

    Most of these are not even that good looking and would never of got as far without there celebrity parents!

  • sassy lovee
    sassy lovee 5 months ago

    Omg I'm sorry but Rumor Willis is butt ugly why is she in the category!!!! So is Stevens Spielberg 's daughter ugly ugly girls but rumor is defenetly the fugliest!!

  • Ivana Ljeto1983
    Ivana Ljeto1983 5 months ago

    sasha spielberg modelling LOL

  • Ivana Ljeto1983
    Ivana Ljeto1983 5 months ago

    All these celeb kids are way overrated. It seems like hollywood created a certain sort of caste, where certain professions are only given to a privileged even tho those privileged have no skills, talents or looks whatsoever. What a weird branch.

  • Cherie Domingo
    Cherie Domingo 5 months ago

    All meh -_-

  • Aliisandra Upton
    Aliisandra Upton 5 months ago

    Wait a minute EIRLAND BALDWIN ( sorry for the wrong spelling 😐) is she related to HAILY BALDWIN 😱🤩😅⁉️⁉️⁉️ ( again sorry for The wrong spelling ) i’m just not good at this and 14 by the way so that’s really embarrassing 🤣😂😬😲

    8:32 oh no oh no no no no no that’s not a real beauty Unless lip filler , nose job , brow lift is that true beauty for you then that’s another story I am totally agreeing with kindle being the most beautiful in the Kardashian /Jenner clan but that was from 1996 - 2013 after that the surgeries begun appearing on her 😢😓 I mean not only her that also stand for Kim , kourtney , Kloe , Kylie and kris now I will tell you the list of the beauty of the Kardashian 😅
    Kim k ( 1980 - 2008 )
    Kloe ( always)
    Kourtney ( 1979 - 2011 )
    Kylie ( 1998 - 2014 )
    Kris ( ❓- 2002)

    Now they all look gorgeous but with the help of surgery 😢

    NONEXISTENT 5 months ago

    Carrie Fisher’s daughter isn’t biological, she is her adopted daughter. As to the others, I cannot agree on most of these. As to Diana Ross being “envied” for her looks, that is a huge leap. Talented, absolutely amazing. ☺️

  • kmeccat
    kmeccat 5 months ago

    Sorry. Have to disagree with your picks. Most of these girls are not only not better looking than their parents, but are downright fugly!

  • William Gates
    William Gates 5 months ago

    Spielberg's daughter is hardly beautiful, but compared to Stephen, she is, in fact, better looking.

  • Dolly Dagger
    Dolly Dagger 5 months ago

    Rumer Willis? Ya wanna try that again?

    • Dolly Dagger
      Dolly Dagger 5 months ago

      Rumer Willis looks like Bruce Willis in drag, and Demi keeps looking good for her age cos she is 88 percent made out of plastic. Cindy Crawford and Kim Basinger are much much more painfully beautiful than their daughters.

  • Katie Thompson
    Katie Thompson 5 months ago

    10 Celeb Kids That Are NOT Better Looking Than Their Parents.

  • Raven Bourdon
    Raven Bourdon 5 months ago

    6:36 "backlash" lol

  • Angeli Therese
    Angeli Therese 5 months ago

    I don't get you the talko why are you always comparing people by looks???!