LIVING for FREE for 24 HOURS in THE UK! (Day #5)

  • Published on Jun 13, 2018
  • For 24 Hours I lived for free in The UK on this Day #5. This 24 hour challenge was both a living cheap hack video, and an interesting way to discover free things! From free food, to free travel to freebie dollar meals enjoy this amazing challenge! LIVING for FREE for 24 HOURS in THE UK! (Day #6) comes out tomorrow at 3:30PM EST! Cast your votes to control my life today on this challenge - Instagram: iamlivingbobby

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  • Ninja playz 123
    Ninja playz 123 Month ago

    Lol thia is khizra mosque

  • 壮良ProShqipeZ
    壮良ProShqipeZ Month ago

    If you find a real Muslim I swear they will give you their food.

  • Trawpical Chica
    Trawpical Chica 3 months ago

    I love your videos so much but some would be so dangerous for a woman traveling alone to replicate.. in some of your more recent videos in india and some other countries I noticed you go to some night markets where women are either not allowed or advised not to go to and I always think you should mention that in your videos.. I feel like there's a lot though that you might not even be aware of since you're allowed/safe there... maybe it could be one of the questions you ask your local guides, especially in regions that have certain laws that only apply to women... this doesn't really apply to this video just I started laughing to myself imagining sleeping on a full strangers sofa haha.. I have used couch surfing websites and apps with reviews before but you can really filter through people there

  • Tara
    Tara 3 months ago

    That waiter Ollie i think his name was, is so fricking wholesome. what a champ

  • The Posie Girls
    The Posie Girls 3 months ago

    Don't you think if we do the same in America that there will be no more hungry people!!

  • xHibachi24x
    xHibachi24x 4 months ago +1

    You’ve literally become my favorite channel I’ve subscribed to recently!
    At first I was in shock at how you’re able to do these challenges, but then I realize you’ve got such a bright, bubbly, positive personality that attracts people who wanna help ya out.

  • bayram bellikli
    bayram bellikli 5 months ago +1

    Ramadan is now again this year 2019 and every years will again everyones will be welcoming👍🇹🇷

  • SoMedia Production
    SoMedia Production 5 months ago

    Hi Oli!

  • Sokhena x
    Sokhena x 5 months ago

    Omgggggg my dad was in this video wtffffff

  • Efrain Femfem
    Efrain Femfem 7 months ago

    It's that my favorite band mcr?

  • Hawo Ahmed
    Hawo Ahmed 8 months ago


  • Lisa and lois
    Lisa and lois 8 months ago +1

    0:58 i usually go into that fountain lol its in the back ground

  • Muzzamil Hussain
    Muzzamil Hussain 8 months ago

    On my street the mosque

  • Ilikescotchtape 011
    Ilikescotchtape 011 8 months ago


  • jaden jackson
    jaden jackson 9 months ago

    oli u can't say it was amazing through the whole time lapse you didn't even eat

    • Oliver Moss
      Oliver Moss 7 months ago

      jaden jackson I am just a super slow eater but I did get it down me in the end haha

  • Nicole Marie
    Nicole Marie 9 months ago

    Ali and his friends are hott.

  • Cameron Bright
    Cameron Bright 9 months ago

    Its so nice ppl treat so nice with a NEW YORKER, although I had different experience as a PERSIAN

  • zool facts
    zool facts Year ago

    I realy appreciate the way u presented a muslim community thats was remarkable. Thanks for our Pakistani and indians brother who served u in proper way

  • Reizoe Dour
    Reizoe Dour Year ago

    Omg you go intu a muslim fud testerant gob😁👍👍👍👍

  • Baksho Masih
    Baksho Masih Year ago

    You should come to Glasgow next time

  • Good Guy
    Good Guy Year ago

    I wish I have the ability to blend in to anyone like this guy. This guy just incredible

  • Saad Irfan
    Saad Irfan Year ago

    How you Pakistani Dinner

  • Daring Warrior
    Daring Warrior Year ago

    Just put food in the thumbnail and Filipino kids will go


  • djo bard
    djo bard Year ago

    le clochaaaard

  • Animon Master
    Animon Master Year ago

    I been watching your channel for 1 day and you inspire me to try new thing you deserve subscribers

  • NightxxOwl
    NightxxOwl Year ago

    Why do you say living free for 24hrs when you do it for multiple days? Why not just say living free for a week/5 days/ etc?

  • Harold BeaumontFinns

    Dude is he paying that place where you pay what you want?

  • Soamla
    Soamla Year ago

    dat banana

    DOMINATOR Year ago

    That Last meal is absolutely the best meal of entire series of any country or place by far, o my god man

  • aaronpoulsen
    aaronpoulsen Year ago +1

    2:48 “I have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 millions in my bank account”

  • Alexander Baker
    Alexander Baker Year ago

    I just wanna know how you took a shower everyday lol

  • Davidson
    Davidson Year ago

    1:12 London Hacks?

  • John Alvee
    John Alvee Year ago

    Its Called Iftar and Thank you man for going Mosque...We muslims dont judge people by their Apperence or Religion..We judge that we all are Human and we all are brothers and sisters 😍😍😍

  • admir hasani
    admir hasani Year ago

    I feel so happy to see a Mosque in this vid❤❤

  • Bilal Saleem
    Bilal Saleem Year ago

    We Muslims now that the starving or poor need to stay feeded because we’re all human in this world and they deserve to stay with a full stomach

  • Vince Evans
    Vince Evans Year ago

    Sweet potatoe chicken Masala duuude Baller!!!! Yeah I believe there’s a quote in the Quran that is a commandment saying if someone is hungry you must feed them.

  • Moist Pudding
    Moist Pudding Year ago

    Ollie is a beast

  • Haris Ahmed
    Haris Ahmed Year ago +1

    0:37 Liam Payne??

  • TheNew Brazy999
    TheNew Brazy999 Year ago

    Next: living for free for a year...

  • xCloudy_Skies
    xCloudy_Skies Year ago +1

    Wow the mosque food looks good

  • FBI
    FBI Year ago

    As a Muslim my self, Very happy you got iftar in a Mosque, And hope that the people see that Muslim don't hate other religions they let everyone come in and have iftar. As the Quran says ''Every person or religion needs to be treated with respect, Don't hate and if they hate, Ignore it, And let Allah do the job.'' (Sorry for bad English)

  • ZEN.TV
    ZEN.TV Year ago +3

    you could try and give back to the mosque or educate your channel more on the goodness of Ramadan instead of just eating their charitable food...

  • Jaii gogetit
    Jaii gogetit Year ago

    Sometimes the most delicious food is Free food. 2 yrs ago i traveled all over Australia from mid June to late August and one night I was walking around Merlbourne's city centre late at night and I came across a long line of people waiting outside what I thought was a restaurant. It turned out to be somewhat like a soup kitchen (it was an entire family cooking and serving the food themselves). They did not charge but did welcome donations from those that could and wanted to help the cause (any amount.) It was an amazing experience!!

  • Scott Maclean
    Scott Maclean Year ago

    You’re an inspiration, not only are you doing what I think is the hardest challenge on the internet but you’re doing it in an completely new country to you! Keep doing what you’re doing bro 🤙🏽

  • Ammar Fachri
    Ammar Fachri Year ago

    Whats your religion bobby

  • iHaashyHD
    iHaashyHD Year ago

    What is Islam is really about

  • thepenguinking
    thepenguinking Year ago

    Why are you in the scummiest place in England come to the south it’s much better

  • Skeleton
    Skeleton Year ago

    Outro song?

  • Moto Thumper
    Moto Thumper Year ago

    That food at the mosque looked unreal!

    HAREMG0D Year ago


  • khem chess
    khem chess Year ago

    it will be a real challenge when you live free in india

  • DJ Mufasa
    DJ Mufasa Year ago

    This dude is so amazing!!!! I want to travel so bad one day and thought I would have to spend tons of money to enjoy it but this guy shows that you don't have to do too much to enjoy the simpler things in life. Keep making awesome and helpful videos like this man because you are making people's dreams realities and giving them the inspiration and motivation to follow them. I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!!.

  • Adil Afzal
    Adil Afzal Year ago

    A lot of respect am muslim and u just earned ur self a subscriber a hell loads of respect and awesome prayers for u made my day my brother respect

  • Liam Cope
    Liam Cope Year ago

    I’d feel bad not paying anything for the real junk food

  • kayshaa24h
    kayshaa24h Year ago

    Lol when you say Ollie it sounds like Ali

  • Mr. Aztec
    Mr. Aztec Year ago

    The music! The swing! So good!

  • Abdullah Shouket
    Abdullah Shouket Year ago

    That’s Pakistani food

  • cass_n _slaks
    cass_n _slaks Year ago

    Don't go into a sacred place if you arnt in the religion. Only for the food smh

  • shahilagh
    shahilagh Year ago

    i came to manchester 3 years ago ... and .. manchester is a multicultural place. it is great. it makes me feel safe and good

  • Ethan Logan
    Ethan Logan Year ago

    Join yes theory