Super Mario Galaxy Versus - Part 14

  • Published on Aug 28, 2017
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    So if you're new to versus, here's what we're doing! AttackingTucans and JoshJepson will be starting from the beginning of the game and racing to beat the game 100%. The goal is to see who can play through the whole game the fastest! While being able to see both of our game footage on the screen at the same time, and a live scoreboard, you're easily able to gauge how well they're doing against each other. We're supposed to try and finish each world to the best of our ability before we move onto the next one, but it's not a big deal if we don't because we still have to get all of the stars to win regardless.
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    • Edited by Tyler Sederwall
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Comments • 25

  • Logan Haynes
    Logan Haynes 10 months ago

    1:33 (Yep I'm late on this comment) but this is when I finished basically :P

  • Ethan__YT
    Ethan__YT Year ago

    by 22:51 I got 120 stars

  • Austin Duckworth
    Austin Duckworth Year ago

    Just so you know there is a trick to the loopdeswoop galaxy that makes it super easy if you press the A button and then let go of the A button every single second it becomes super easy and you will always make it before 3 minutes this is how I always get the star and never once have I ever run out of time.

  • Ethan__YT
    Ethan__YT Year ago

    27:31 is when I got 120 stars but do I need to fight bowser again?

  • Edric Loto
    Edric Loto Year ago

    Hola soy milk. = Hello I am milk.

  • Tim Martin
    Tim Martin Year ago

    Hi Josh are you still doing DK 64?

  • MiniVoltar/Jajaja
    MiniVoltar/Jajaja Year ago +3

    14:51 When you just started dating a girl and you ask her to have sex and she says yes.
    19:14 When the girl said the sex wasn't good.

    • Noj Jon
      Noj Jon Year ago

      43:56 when the sex starts getting better

  • hereonly2comment
    hereonly2comment Year ago

    S/o to the Hamiltrash in the chat. I see you.

  • sinnoh born
    sinnoh born Year ago +1

    Moana is just moan with an extra a

  • Brendiesel :3
    Brendiesel :3 Year ago +7

    14:52 Tyler's orgasm. Your welcome.

  • CrazyDK96
    CrazyDK96 Year ago

    Super Mario Galaxy VS on part 14
    Deaths :
    Tyler : 44;
    Josh : 69;2
    Dollars/Bits gotten :
    Tyler :813;/16457;
    Josh : 35;/29002;420

  • Mythx1138
    Mythx1138 Year ago

    Made me so sad to see Tyler didn't really understand the Hamilton at the end there lol

  • CrazyDK96
    CrazyDK96 Year ago +1

    22:23 Woo. I didn't cheat, I just know the game so well.

  • Princess Kitty
    Princess Kitty Year ago +4

    Saw the Hamilton fans on Tyler's chat towards the end there. XD

  • Unfriendly Guy
    Unfriendly Guy Year ago

    I was catching up to your Mario Galaxy and Twighlight Princess Versus my whole holidays long. You two keep succeeding making me happy because how well entertaning you are. Keep doing what you are doing :3

  • A Very Disappointed Red Engineer

    Everytime I see Josh skip a shortcut transport, I die a little.

  • Brad Anstey
    Brad Anstey Year ago +114

    "I can't get enough of fucking" *video ends*
    -Josh Jepson 2017

  • DerT0d
    DerT0d Year ago +37

    Final sentence by Josh is gold!

  • Slay Xay
    Slay Xay Year ago +1

    If ur lipss are movinn then u ly ly ly bab

  • Neonblast
    Neonblast Year ago +1

    Yeaahh boiiiiiii

  • Dansad2005
    Dansad2005 Year ago +1