Test Driving AMD's Epyc 32 Core Monster CPU

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
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Comments • 282

  • MrTurboTash
    MrTurboTash 5 days ago

    9:20 OMG a valid argument to RGB

  • juanme555
    juanme555 14 days ago

    i wanna see gaming in this o.o

  • Carnyzzle
    Carnyzzle Month ago

    Shit that's such a huge cpu

  • Kulibzz
    Kulibzz Month ago +1

    "Customers don't look for 400W CPU".
    Fast forward to April 2019. 400W Intels monsters shown on stage.

  • Chris Bullock
    Chris Bullock 2 months ago

    So seems like the perfect EPYC / Threadripper Balance CPU is the 2770X (24 core/48 thread CPU)

  • S captures
    S captures 2 months ago

    But, can it run Crysis?

  • Matt Denman
    Matt Denman 3 months ago

    One benefit to having multiple physical boxes instead of consolidating is redundancy and ability to service a system like add memory, replace power supply, etc., without disturbing the workloads on the other machines.

  • TheColonel
    TheColonel 3 months ago

    That feeling when Epyc consumes less watts than FX-9590.

  • randommusings
    randommusings 4 months ago

    Your doing the worlds good work! Thank you for spreading the word of Epyc to the masses. (4) boxes consolidated into (1).

  • osgnuru
    osgnuru 4 months ago

    A great build. I am going to consider this for my next SOHO VM server.

  • LFly R
    LFly R 4 months ago

    It's very obvious why nobody is buying Shintel server cpu-s since December of 2017 :).

  • César Monroy-Olivares
    César Monroy-Olivares 4 months ago

    Nice vid! Do you think it outperforms Intel when running a DB server?

    ELEMENTAL MSTAR 4 months ago


  • Mr. Petkov
    Mr. Petkov 4 months ago +1

    so what you saying is that you'll install 16 Optane SSDs (4 into a single 16x slot) *wink wink* ;)

  • sebastian
    sebastian 4 months ago

    i can't afford the power bill to own an i9 or epyc

  • David Erickson
    David Erickson 4 months ago

    How does it perform with VMware ESXi? or is it even compatible with VMware ESXi 6.5 ot 6.7?

  • Maisonier
    Maisonier 4 months ago +1

    Every house should have 1 server like these, so the people could save their pictures here, use for domotics, all kind of sensors, autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners, cameras and security (so we don't even use keys! Cameras can detect faces and open the door when you go home, google software should be offline working in this server to give the best performance with things like google now, RU-clip, IA !!! WE NEED MORE IA, a cheap tablet with android could use a Virtual Machine with Windows and work through lan/wifi ... and more.

  • Matthew Ghali
    Matthew Ghali 4 months ago

    One nit to pick.. you say the BMC is socketed, but at the same time you show a BGA packaged ast2500 soldered to the motherboard?

  • Matthew Ghali
    Matthew Ghali 4 months ago +4

    In a youtube full of garbage like Linus, i really appreciate your videos. Thanks for doing your homework and shooting excellent videos.

  • Outland
    Outland 4 months ago +1

    Came for the jokes... Stayed for the lowdown.

    Or was it the other way around? 🤔

  • Aldous Yelxuh
    Aldous Yelxuh 4 months ago

    Surprised not to see the customary Cinebench score fall out of this video. great work!

  • Halim
    Halim 4 months ago +1

    Epic review, i just have to say it :)

  • Adam949
    Adam949 4 months ago

    Are their any EPYC workstation motherbords at all? Can this board maybe overclock EPYC? I want a virtual server to run multiple OS including my gaming OS. I want to simultaneously run at least 5 VM's in addition to what ever VM's im just playing with (not referring to gaming for aditional VM's). Im looking to and it sounds like this board can serve multiple porposes at once including active and long term data storage, daily computing, streaming, gaming, workstation task such as auto cad and 3d design, streaming and possably more. I would really like to take my 6 computers and consolidate them into 1 system. My only real concern with this platform is clock speeds for gaming. Can I reporpose this server chip to suck power and run fast? Or do I have go brake out still yet another couple grand just for entertainment even though its 2018 going on 2019?

  • Jdjd Jdif
    Jdjd Jdif 4 months ago

    It's hard to find a shop selling that motherboard.

  • TylertheGeek28
    TylertheGeek28 4 months ago

    Great video Wendell. I wish you would do more workstation/server videos like you used to

  • Seth Williamson
    Seth Williamson 4 months ago

    Anyone have a recommendation for a source for internal PCIe riser/breakout cables if I want to take advantage of that lane splitting? I'd prefer if they maintain the x16 physical slots for maximum compatibility, but I have some applications that'd benefit from that _x16 --> x8x8_ and _x16 --> x4x4x4x4_ capability in particular.

  • sparkyenergia
    sparkyenergia 4 months ago

    Those sata port would be coming out of the cpu. Would be good to benchmark them to see how good they are.
    If you don't know AMD has a GPIO block (they do have a name for it - but I forgot it) that can be switched by the motherboard designer to be either: PCIe, Infinity fabric or SATA. Looks like gigabyte have opted to take a couple of these GPIO blocks and switch them to SATA. Consumer boards just use SATA from the chipset.

  • trumanhw
    trumanhw 4 months ago

    PORN MUSIC for the intro? How do you REALLY feel about this proc !?

  • Fenix Lolnope
    Fenix Lolnope 4 months ago

    So can you overclock this at all? No way at all? x3

  • Solar Soul
    Solar Soul 4 months ago

    Fryzen? Dafuq.

  • napoleon smith
    napoleon smith 4 months ago

    i could listen all day, thanks for the jokes too.

  • Glenn V
    Glenn V 4 months ago

    Does it run crysis?

  • Thrift Pup
    Thrift Pup 4 months ago +1

    @ 1:15 its slower on windows because you would be using windows 10 or 7 or any other operating system that is not an windows server operating system.
    You could use windows 7 ultimate or windows 10 professional for the great features that come with it such as hyper V,
    Processors like these with lots of cores are not typically designed for gameplay work loads but more in favor for multi tasking and heavy enterprise network environments.

  • nightwolf1966
    nightwolf1966 5 months ago

    very informative keep up the great work and the awesome vids

  • Syprene
    Syprene 5 months ago

    Can you test it compiling a really big source engine map? That'd be the best benchmark you could test with all that processing power.

  • phil hacker
    phil hacker 5 months ago +3

    an easy work load. blender3d.org benchmarks

  • MrChrisMoo
    MrChrisMoo 5 months ago

    128 pci lanes!!!!!

  • Oyster
    Oyster 5 months ago

    Epyc gamer moment

  • 0espen
    0espen 5 months ago

    In 2990 half the cores don't have "local" connectivity to memory (to anything, in fact) and have to rely on InfinityFabric to reach memory through other zeppelin-dies and correcponding memory controllers. As the result half the cores have much worse memory performance.
    That's why 2950 in some workloads can be faster, since it has a "local" memory and PCIe controllers for all the dies.
    For the same reason Epyc can be faster than 2990 even running at a lower frequency.
    Regarding Windows vs. Linux thing on 2990, I guess Linux just does a much better job of the NUMA stuff, hence the better results than Windows. AMD had specific update for the Ryzen Master to improve the Windows scheduler's NUMA-awareness for Threadripper WX chips.

  • Anthony Rosa
    Anthony Rosa 5 months ago

    Good to see you Wendel. I have no idea what happened to your earlier team effort but it seems to have ended badly.

  • Bren In
    Bren In 5 months ago

    what other boards support PCIE add-in cards? Do gaming boars support PCIE Add-in cards? What is PCIE Add-in?

  • Sasquatch Guy
    Sasquatch Guy 5 months ago

    I would use this for Gold Farming in video games...

  • dela vago
    dela vago 5 months ago

    As a Linux user (also use Mac os and windows because I write application) this cpu would be better utilized on linux.

  • lakorai2
    lakorai2 5 months ago +1

    Bad ass. I love cutting edge enterprise equipment

  • Doom2pro
    Doom2pro 5 months ago

    8 dim sockets, one channel per socket. Fjeudnsjfjsjs

  • Apple Bag
    Apple Bag 5 months ago

    could you imagine duel TR4 socket 64 core 128 threads

    • Apple Bag
      Apple Bag 4 months ago

      that would be nuckin futz

    • Matt Roy
      Matt Roy 4 months ago

      You can do it on a single socket as soon as AMD launches Rome. Or 128 cores 256 threads on a dual socket setup.

  • edseit66
    edseit66 5 months ago

    Could you list out all the parts?

  • Emulation Everything
    Emulation Everything 5 months ago

    You talked a lot but no testing.. FFS

  • Emulation Everything
    Emulation Everything 5 months ago +3

    You didn't show TESTING AT ALL.

    DAVID GREGORY KERR 5 months ago

    Maybe Linux Mint Mate 19.1 (Tessa) 64bit edition should run better on the AMD EPYC processor.

  • Potassium Chloride
    Potassium Chloride 5 months ago

    I like the way he talks, so satisfying! XP

  • Zeb Shah
    Zeb Shah 5 months ago

    I closed my eyes and I heard Seth Rogen talking about some techy stuff

  • Scott Anger
    Scott Anger 5 months ago

    This is what I've been looking for. A mobo with multiple x16 slots that work at full speed. I don't want a bunch of Tesla cards. I want a bunch of nvme risers like the example you showed. Thank you!

  • LanLock Gaming
    LanLock Gaming 5 months ago

    no way id ever consider running air cooling on a server that you dont see everyday, atleast with a liquid loop it would stand a chance of surviving if the pump went out . if the fans go out its done.

    • Matt Roy
      Matt Roy 4 months ago

      What? CPU's still kill themselves from heat? What year is this? 1999?

  • Scott Anger
    Scott Anger 5 months ago

    Jokes and jokes and jokes. Spaghetti!

  • Ian Kirby
    Ian Kirby 5 months ago

    11:09 yummy tide pods

    ALMA DIXON-CIDER 5 months ago

    His Tone And Inflection Is Really Soothing!!
    Uh, I Mean No homo!

  • Zach Gilbert
    Zach Gilbert 5 months ago

    thanks for the great video on Epyc and touching off on how other platforms work with this cpu and getting into the bios configs , with the removable bios chips on that gigabit mobo, very neat! props to gigabit. liked and sub. thanks wendall and level1 tech for your content.

  • skyhawk311
    skyhawk311 5 months ago

    17 minutes of you talking about motherboard and no benchmarks of the cpu u claim video is about...

  • David Powell
    David Powell 5 months ago

    I'm planning on building with this board next year at my office to replace our private cloud host. Love to hear how the performance is of some virtual Windows 7 systems. How responsive is Windows inside a VM on this CPU?

  • MsJinkerson
    MsJinkerson 5 months ago

    with those prices people would be nuts to buy them

    • Matt Roy
      Matt Roy 4 months ago

      They're not meant for people. They're meant for nerds.

  • Rane Fisher
    Rane Fisher 5 months ago +1

    This is the kind if stuff I am interested in.

  • Dean White
    Dean White 5 months ago

    But can it play Crysis?

  • Lothar Scholz
    Lothar Scholz 5 months ago

    Can't wait for Linus to get one of them and put 8 GPUs in it with 16xPCIe each, forcing him to attach his disks via USB.

  • AtomicMuffin
    AtomicMuffin 5 months ago

    "It won't run that hot, it only uses like 180W"
    *looks at r5 2600x running at 95W rated TDP*

    • Matt Roy
      Matt Roy 4 months ago

      +AtomicMuffin Ahh, I guess the FX9590 ruined that for me with its 220w TDP

    • AtomicMuffin
      AtomicMuffin 4 months ago

      +Matt Roy Most computers that people deal with are consumer level chips running at like 100W or 140 max. I just find it funny that he casually mentions a near-200W tdp, way beyond what most people deal with.

    • Matt Roy
      Matt Roy 4 months ago

      I don't understand your comment

  • Javier García Prieto
    Javier García Prieto 5 months ago

    Es un excelente video, yo tengo algo similar con windows para hacer sistemas de información geográfica.

  • H C
    H C 5 months ago

    elon smusk is like "epyc"......brilliant... damn, why didnt my PR company think of that so that i could have claimed to have come up with it....

  • Michel van Briemen
    Michel van Briemen 5 months ago

    14:00 sounds just like what Linus Tech Tips needs for their tricky $100k build

  • Chief Keyes
    Chief Keyes 5 months ago

    Feels good to see AMD making a comeback
    I hope you setup an account at robertsspaceindustries.com to claim ur free Sabre Raven spaceship and a digital copy of Star Citizen that comes with the intel optane drive

  • John Buckmaster
    John Buckmaster 5 months ago

    We moved from 4x dual socket Intel to 3x single socket Epyc (7601 in specific), and saved a buttload. They're amazing for our workloads (lots of VMs).

  • Michael S.
    Michael S. 5 months ago

    This set-up is SEX. Hopefully we see at least half that performance on Ryzen 3800x or 3700x. Really looking forward to that new video. Last time I consolidated I combined the i5 6500 with a Xeon multi core chip by switching to Ryzen 1700.

  • Ryan Pruske
    Ryan Pruske 5 months ago

    you didnt put the cpu cooler in description like you said.

  • Heriberto Nieves
    Heriberto Nieves 5 months ago

    But does it play crysis?

  • dennis seuferling
    dennis seuferling 5 months ago

    I ran into a similar issue trying windows 10 on a Dell Poweredge. Most versions of Windows only support up to 32 cores across 2 procs. That is likely the issue you are having with 32 core TR.

  • Googlar
    Googlar 5 months ago

    It's funny when a "gaming" branded product is actually the best option for a non-gaming system. It shows how meaningless the branding really is.

  • SeenCreaTive
    SeenCreaTive 5 months ago

    This was a great video about the motherboard ;) heh, pretty awesome though

  • Boon Chuan Tan
    Boon Chuan Tan 5 months ago

    I'm not here for the joke, I'm here for you Wendell. ❤️

  • Healyourmind Jenkins
    Healyourmind Jenkins 5 months ago

    Run games on it plz lol just so I can dream more about a bigger wallet.

  • KrKyoutube
    KrKyoutube 5 months ago

    Have you tried Cubes OS on it ?

  • Adam Smart
    Adam Smart 5 months ago

    So linus should use this for his many editors one workstation thing is what you are saying? :)

  • dillerdallerglor
    dillerdallerglor 5 months ago

    What are the VRM temps like under extended full load? I will be building a dual EPYC soon, and I am concerned about the airflow, since it will be in a "workstation" case, and not a high airflow rackmount case.

    TNKRBEL 5 months ago

    OK so you guys need to make your own coffee like the other tech tubers and it needs to be called Boiler Snake Oil Blend. Would be awesome.

  • Leonard Nimoy
    Leonard Nimoy 5 months ago

    Will you take a look at Epyc 2 when it comes out next year?

  • KangoV
    KangoV 5 months ago

    Windows' Scheduler is crap!!!!!!!!

  • Zarcondeegrissom
    Zarcondeegrissom 5 months ago

    I would so love to have an EPYC with a Tesla V100 for 3D rendering. I'm sure not even the Tesla V100 has enough memory to cram the Stargate Atlantis city-ship into Iray, however for 3delight on the EPYC CPU that would be sweet, and for doing smaller projects on the Compute card. Very correct about the consolidation as well, cuz of the reduction in PCIe lanes intel has gotten into of late, I have no doubt many boxes exist purely due to the lack of enough lanes to put the extra stuff in fewer boxes.
    Great vid Wendell and crew. B)

  • Francois Weber
    Francois Weber 5 months ago

    Getting them Linus Sebastian Punches deep in the ribs

    CLEISON 5 months ago


  • Nova Prosperidade
    Nova Prosperidade 5 months ago

    very nice server you have there Wendell. I love to have one on my hands, but the CPU it's too expensive, I will wait 3 ou 4 years to buy it used :) I have to keep playing with my two X5675 monster :) Merry Christmas from Portugal!

  • johnm2012
    johnm2012 5 months ago

    At 3:10 "...it [the P-suffix processor] will only work in single socket motherboards." Is that actually true? I realise it won't work in 2P mode but will it really not work alone in a dual socket motherboard?

  • TheBibliofilus
    TheBibliofilus 5 months ago

    Oh yes, we definitely need to see some risers-splitters and then some flexible PCI-E cables to make a real frankenbuild, the issue might be finding a configurable chassis. might be interesting...

    • Jake Garrett
      Jake Garrett 5 months ago

      You can have GPUs hanging from zip ties (I had a Fury in crossfire like that, gave better airflow having it moved away from the other card, and it just suspended by 2 zip ties swinging around and having fun while it played games). I've also had them sitting on top of a pop-tart box and some other thing, maybe a book (it was on my test bench, so no case to suspend from, and the mATX didn't exactly have enough space for the tripple slot thick cards). I'm pretty sure I even had it just laying on a book on top of carpet at one point as well...
      My backup system was so lazily built, I didn't even spend 30 seconds to put it on my test bench, its just sitting bare on a wooden table (you need to move it to the left side so the Titan's bracket thing doesn't interfere with the table and lift it out of the slot, which only took me a few minutes to realize since it wasn't lighting up the "Galactic Empire" logo.

  • PowWowChicken
    PowWowChicken 5 months ago

    Behaves weird on windows? Maybe because this gets destroyed by 4790k in gaming LoL. AMD changed the game on price but they are not the Gamers choice, just the server's choice.

  • Benjamin
    Benjamin 5 months ago

    I love how excited you get about tech.

  • Tim Carpenter
    Tim Carpenter 5 months ago +1

    So nice to see articles that are not about RGB or frame rates.
    I have an ArcXL, waiting for Zen2

  • thegreatga
    thegreatga 5 months ago

    This is the stuff that gets me all excited! Would love to see different setups and testing. Things like vmware, citrix, proxmox, tested for compatibility. Also would like to see all those core attempt some epyc plex testing, or some video rendering.

  • Michael Theurer
    Michael Theurer 5 months ago +2

    the performance regressions have since been repaired since your first video.

  • D107
    D107 5 months ago

    Optane dosnt work with amd.

  • Jan Girke
    Jan Girke 5 months ago

    Hi Wendel please let the editor draw frames around the chips you mean in post, otherwise it might not be obvious alle the time which chip you are referring to. Thanks
    17:25 I guess the thing with the threadripper is that they haven't paid MS enough or Intel sabotaged the firmware.^^

  • Vince I
    Vince I 5 months ago +1

    Damnit! I wish I'd seen this video and the link to the cooler before I bought the Noctua fan and the Corsair memory I did. The memory is extra tall so I had to move the fan proud of the memory so it no longer fits over the heatsink fully by about 3/4" - 1". To top all that BS off the heatsink with the proud fan just about fits in Cooler Master MasterCase H500M case that I bought. The H500 case I would not recommend. It is the stupidest designed case I have ever had the misfortune of buying. Wanna damage your motherboard while routing power by buying this case then go ahead.

  • Jason Gooden
    Jason Gooden 5 months ago

    EPYC in a desktop case...It Just Works..

  • Martin darlington
    Martin darlington 5 months ago +4

    a lot of the subjects you talk about are totally above my pay grade! but love watching your videos, i pick up little bits! - hope you have a lovely Christmas, many thanks.