Jordan Peterson on Brexit and the Doom of the EU

  • Published on Nov 14, 2018
  • Professor Jordan B. Peterson on Brexit, governance by referendum, and (the very likely doom of) the EU.
    Jordan Peterson: "... (Europe is) so big, it will certainly fail."
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  • Jonathan Hall
    Jonathan Hall 3 days ago

    Candid, straight answer, practical. JP

  • Gregory Jones
    Gregory Jones 3 days ago +1

    why pick on Greece, Italians have trouble don't pay their taxes either.

  • richard brown
    richard brown 4 days ago

    Maybe I got an abridged version. Brexit wasn't even mentioned.

  • Hipppogrifff
    Hipppogrifff 4 days ago

    I have mixed feelings about brexit. I mean on one hand I can see why and I have sympathy for the people who want it, but on the other hand there are so many wrong things going on around it. I have personally seen people even in a big multicultural city like London being attacked just because they look middle eastern. That is so wrong on so many different levels.

  • stevie bops
    stevie bops 4 days ago

    If 1/300 millionth was really to much of a stretch, then the US wouldn't work. I think the problem was the USA was a largely natural, grassroots idea, the EU has the sense of a construct by and for elites. Peterson says as much, the US grew into itself, the EU is kind of a forced meme.
    I live in Ireland, like the US we have our binding national mythology and character. The EU does not, what's the myth there? "We decided to cooperate for steel and coal, and later, fisheries." Not exactly inspiring, which is why pro-EU supporters are now trying to paint the EU as the sole creator of peace in post-WW2 Europe, which is just a vast oversimplification, and not accurate.

  • Michael Murphy
    Michael Murphy 5 days ago +1

    The E.U. is the old Roman Empire, biblical implications.

    • Peter A.
      Peter A. 5 days ago

      No true Christian believes this, because it's patently absurd.

  • Eric Flaquer
    Eric Flaquer 6 days ago +4

    "Why do we pay taxes? Who knows? It would be easier for us to pretend to pay taxes." lol

  • Stephen Picton
    Stephen Picton 7 days ago

  • jack brown
    jack brown 8 days ago

    EU is about the the new world order and global economy
    if you want to get deeper into enslavement go ahead and be a naive fool and buy into the
    “everyone gets along has mutual interest and works together “ bullshit
    go ahead and let other countries decide your fate see what happens
    the united nations is a corrupt joke and has done jack shit to fix anything
    the EU will fail and UK was smart to get the hell out
    Soros can take the NWO and shove it up the arse

  • Age case documentaries
    Age case documentaries 9 days ago +3

    Almost everyone in Europe would not want to be part of a 1 federal state of Europe if the EU was transparent and outright with their plans, its all done in very slow stages over years and its closing in and the UK want out

    • X X
      X X 5 days ago

      @Yomiko Readman yeah, I think we should be all thankful for being in the eu. I mean because of the eu we have longest period of peace in Europe. And wars are terrific and brutal.

    • Yomiko Readman
      Yomiko Readman 5 days ago +1

      Speak for yourself and the people you know. As for me, and quite a few people I know, we'd welcome a more federalised Europe. I have no issues with giving priority to my European identity over my national identity.

  • Gib Mattson
    Gib Mattson 9 days ago

    The nations of Europe have to be unified in todays world. Things have changed since before WWII. The old nationalistic competition of the pre WWII years ain't gonna work. At least not for long. If there are break ups amongst Europeans, then it won't be long before they unify again. Unity is strength and they need to compete economically with China, India, USA etc etc.
    Not necessarily England - it's too closely tied to the USA. England needs to concentrate on being Americas helper. Oh, and "independence" - ha ha ha!
    p.s. England can not simply divorce itself as easily as the clueless general public vaguely wished. What you might think are "British" companies in Britain are largely multi national. But still, I think Europe is ultimately better off without England.

  • Silot
    Silot 9 days ago

    I am getting extremely angry hearing intelligent people like Jordan Peterson thinking that average Greek is avoiding his taxes and slacking off work, the media has created a false image for the average Greek because it is convenient to blame the stupid Greek people and not the corrupt minority who holds most of the power and can spread propaganda to the desperate masses making them vote them over and over again just to fuck them over again and again.

    Most Greeks are working 10-12 hour shifts a day , getting payed close to nothing and giving the majority of their wages to the government which pockets a good sum and then gives the rest to the EU that "helped" them with a huge loan that the poor people have to work to pay off until they die.

    Sadly the only solution for the intelligent Greeks is to abandon ship and move to another country like Germany leaving the corrupt politicians and their zombie followers rot in the shithole that they created while foreign businesses take over what is left in dirt cheap prices to profit from tourism.

  • wong
    wong 10 days ago

    JP saying the things he does has confirmed for me that the UK leaving the EU is a disaster and he knows fuck all about the reality of the EU.

  • Jackie Planck
    Jackie Planck 10 days ago +2

    Is George Soros behind all this?

  • Susana Stephens
    Susana Stephens 10 days ago +1

    Same could be said about Multiculturalism

  • Gary Schroeder
    Gary Schroeder 11 days ago

    EU is bankrupt cause the players have NOTHING IN COMMON
    except disgust one on the other - lots of fresh air on Great Plains

  • Gary Schroeder
    Gary Schroeder 11 days ago +1

    Leftest have found that their daily beating -
    - by patriots will never end - until then -
    - President Trump & Clan will have to take RESPONSIBILITY for American prosperity vote TRUMP 2020

    • K TH
      K TH 8 days ago

      ... Why you americans, still want that lunatic as your president is just about the biggest mystery of all. You want him to take responsibility for american prosperity.?? It a joke right.?

  • Joel Morley
    Joel Morley 12 days ago

    He literally contradicted his own argument in the first two clips. Why do people think he's such a genius?

    • Brian McGuirk
      Brian McGuirk 2 days ago

      @Sean Gavin Is that another opinion? Still waiting to hear your point. Peterson is really wrong on this one. It had to happen eventually.

    • Sean Gavin
      Sean Gavin 12 days ago

      That's just your opinion

  • Alexander Schmoldt
    Alexander Schmoldt 15 days ago

    so 300million ar to much? multilingual ntities cannot work?
    like U sa? indonesia? india? china?
    like who the hell are the guysin brussels? the people we elected? i mean they do townhall just like congressmen in america in the last year i spoke to two of them. are they university educatemostly from humanities so are kinda fuck in the brain, but i didnt see much difference speaking with a represenative from my state from my nation or from eu. i might depend on country but if you want you can meet many of them in person every 2-4 weeks if you are willing to drive between 25-50km because they try to go to different locations.
    just in the last 3 years. in my area of 50km, i spoke to seceraty of finance, secretary of defense was here, frontrunner of spd was here, frontman of DieLInke was here, Frontman of FDP was here, frontwoman of the greens. several parilament members of state nation or eu you could talk too. and i dont live in a big city. its 80.000 people.
    so does eu need some identification? yes it does.
    but if we comparewashington to brussel. only about 20-40%of our laws are influence by EU,
    and in the judicative branch is independent from eu, except from on eu level court. and the executive branch is mostly free also. washington is the executive branch, legislativeand judicativebranch. so is characterization of the eu as a "nation" is a misconception. mostly told byright wingers. did you know thtat some journalist look at all the storys of boris johnson for brexit and found that over 50%of the stories where regulation from london not eu, but he blamed eu for it.
    and the last example of greeks and germans, alabama and new york + california are in the same nation, too. funny enough. the lower saxons get better a long with people from danmark and netherlands than with people from würtenberg or bavaria. why? cause they are all people from the coast sharing the same sea, while the other germans live in the hills and mountains.
    so even if it might not be self evident. it has happenedand worked for decade if not centuries. and part of democracy is to accept and tolerate dissent. so the problem is more the crazy right and the crazy left,

  • Оксана Кулинич

    But what about China? Doesn't seem like they are fragmenting. Is feeling like a 1/1 500 000 000th of an entity not affecting them?

    • Оксана Кулинич
      Оксана Кулинич 12 days ago

      @Another CynicalBrit Yes, that's exactly what I mean. The number of people is immaterial. It's about shared history and values

    • Another CynicalBrit
      Another CynicalBrit 13 days ago

      China is and always has been one country, it's not a union of different cultures and peoples. China as a country has been defined for a very very long time, the EU has never been defined as a single entity, it's always been many different nations with huge differences in languages, cultures and ethics. Jordan Peterson explains some of it here when he talks about greece and how no one pays their taxes, well that would not fly in most of these other countries, you don't really have these kind of problems in china so it's not really comparable.

      Obviously there are regional differences in china but no where near to the same extent as the EU, It's far more comparable to something like the soviet union.

    • Supercilious Dringus
      Supercilious Dringus 14 days ago

      I'm sure it is but they have no system of democracy for the people to oppose it

  • Vaclav Miller
    Vaclav Miller 17 days ago +1

    This contains some of the most stupid and superficial hot takes I've ever seen about a complex political issue. Peterson as ever has no concern whatsoever for detail and talks almost exclusively through his absurd Jungian filter.

  • Steve The Plumber
    Steve The Plumber 18 days ago +2

    However eloquent, it does not make him infallible or correct always

    • Johan_el_Rey
      Johan_el_Rey 16 days ago

      Steve The Plumber it never makes him infallible. And if you notice a fallacy in something he says, point it out! I would venture that his following would be more tolerant of opposing view points if they are substantive as opposed to purely cynical and or politically motivated. You may get some people who disagree with you and try to argue against your point but I would imagine that is more likely to be done with civility. This is not the hate spewing radical left or radical right.

  • Steve The Plumber
    Steve The Plumber 18 days ago

    Except it works for the United States 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Mark Thompson
    Mark Thompson 18 days ago +2

    I would be so happy to see the end of the EU.

  • Daniel Kovacs
    Daniel Kovacs 20 days ago

    By accepting what Peterson says it seems a straightforward consequence that US will also get disintegrated soon. Why? Because it is just as huge (or even bigger in some sense) as the EU but culturally even (and ever-increasingly) more complex. My problem with Peterson's point of view is that it does not focus on Brexit and expresses only a general argument against political systems with too much hierarchy. What he is stating here may just as well apply to any member country of the EU. So why do France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, etc. not want to quit as well?

  • Andrew Grey
    Andrew Grey 21 day ago +1

    Damn right JP. Americans always prevail.

    • Lordcool
      Lordcool 17 days ago

      Andrew Grey always ?.?? Not even 3 centuries of history ?? Lol .. too soon to say something like that

  • Laurie Wilson
    Laurie Wilson 21 day ago +1

    So the "oh wellian" world we live in derives from where.. the failing fall in it's compexity of and in of ANY form of despotisim

  • Laurie Wilson
    Laurie Wilson 21 day ago

    Also interesting Britain long held status of enemy toward the growing child of civilization in "the usa"

  • Laurie Wilson
    Laurie Wilson 21 day ago

    This is where you and i DISAGREE dr peterson.. if you consider how BRITAIN came to exist from sea to shininig sea they did not escape the Massive building of the power of taking without giving.. you know go back from the impressive distinction of the venetian hold.. and they're version of HOMOGENETY

  • Pedantic Punk
    Pedantic Punk 22 days ago +1

    My heart giggled at your compliments for America and the American nation. "robust people, they have the highest unconscionability to rise from the ashes stronger than before. "
    I've noticed America is really like that. The tougher times become, the tougher America comes out of them.

    • Pedantic Punk
      Pedantic Punk 21 day ago

      @MUFC AUFC I like how you blame the Great Depression affecting the world because of America such as if America wanted to go through a depression herself. That was not the people's fault. Whether you like the American government or not is none of my concern, but as people Americans really are one hell of a brave and enduring nation.

    • Pedantic Punk
      Pedantic Punk 21 day ago

      ​@MUFC AUFC I'm well aware that America isn't a place worth praising for everything and that maybe her role in WW1 wasn't as significant but it would be hilarious to state that Russia had a bigger and more significant role than America during WW2. Logic and timeline just don't add up. At best they had an equally important role.
      America just by entering WW2 single handedly turned the war's tide in the allies favor, her economy helped supply the allies with the necessary means, help launch a major landing to push back the nazis, prevented the Soviets from going further into Europe and concluded the war in the Pacific after a series of successful island hop tactics by dropping two nukes on Japan.
      12% of U.S.S.R's economy was directly accredited to America through the Land-Lease agreement. Supplies were coming in the South West through Iran and Syria and up in the ports of Murmansk through British convoys carrying American goods.
      Britain could not launch an invasion to help the Soviets , nor bomb the factories of Western and Eastern Germany alone as they were fighting for the air defense of their own country and they were losing in the Pacific before America intervened.

      MUFC AUFC 21 day ago

      Pedantic Punk oh and also your country was responsible the global Great Depression as well as the global financial crisis, so good for you

      MUFC AUFC 21 day ago

      You have been a nation for less than 500 years and only suffered on your own soil to a country that had no money to hold on to it. You are speaking dribble. Don’t bring up World War One or Two either both instances your country showed it’s face far later in the war and you were not responsible for the win, yes helpful but Russia was far more significant. You have not faced true adversity yet don’t be a naive child.

  • Ben de Goose
    Ben de Goose 23 days ago

    Has anyone else noticed the striking similarity of appearance between Prof Peterson and American actor Jeremy Irons...? I think if they made a movie about his life, the n1 choice for casting for the leading role can only be Jeremy Irons.

  • Zdzichu S.
    Zdzichu S. 23 days ago

    Why those people high in the EU (and any beauro-krats!) hierarchy cannot represent your local needs? 1. A simple answer: because they are simple-minded, stupid and corrupted 2. Because they do not posses /at any level/ any positive for humans attitudes and/or factors in their minds, souls (if any) and hearts /feelings -=> NO EMPATHY, NO SYMPATHY, NO UNDERSTANDING... THE LIST GOES ON AND ON) - Those individuals are using our human society cover to actully gain for themselves - and money takes the last possible place in their rat-race...

    • Zdzichu S.
      Zdzichu S. 23 days ago

      BBC? You're sliding down the slope, and fast!

    • Zdzichu S.
      Zdzichu S. 23 days ago

      I say, along with people like Mr Graham Hancock, and many others - ENOUGH! LEAVE US ALONE - take your toys and move to another sand-box...

  • Pmtd1234
    Pmtd1234 23 days ago

    I worked for a US company that was bought by an EEC based multinational. For me it was a real culture shock. Firstly price-fixing, which is illegal in the US, was fully embraced by the EEC company and their competitors in the EEC, including some US companies who sell there. The other significant shock was when, as a product asset manager, I was given a plant expansion project, but was told not to evaluate any plants in Europe because too much govt interference. I was told that the EEC plants were being treated as cash cows; capital investments in the US and Asia had better returns. I feel for the people of Europe, because if this is prevalent, future growth will be impacted. I have seen since then, the govt using restrictions, such as REACH have been implemented to try to reduce outside competition.

  • dionn flr
    dionn flr 25 days ago

    I love that: Spiritual Brexiteer, I like that, actually I see Nigel Farage as a kind of spiritual Brexiteer and I would gladly join his church.

  • dionn flr
    dionn flr 25 days ago

    EU is a socialist regime with unelected rulers and the professor is an ardent supporter of freedom of the people. Britain and the USA are the only real democracies. Britain is actually more democratic than the USA. UK doesn't have unelected rulers, well the royal family is unelected but preserves democracy. It has been elected by God, so the royal family is elected and in reality they lead by example...they sacrifice their own lives for the good of the people, they are folks like us. Mr. Peterson is a spiritual leader not just a professor and his speeches bring tear in my eyes.

  • Tony Smith
    Tony Smith 25 days ago +1


  • Fred Larracuente
    Fred Larracuente 26 days ago

    Mr. Peterson has more faith in the good people of the USA than some people I know.

  • Tasman Walker
    Tasman Walker 26 days ago +1

    Noah's flood is not a myth.

    • Tasman Walker
      Tasman Walker 24 days ago

      @Stuart Calvert there are multiple lines of evidence that the Genesis flood really happened. Try this article for a few of them.

    • Stuart Calvert
      Stuart Calvert 24 days ago

      How do you know ? Was you alive at the time when it happened ?

  • Ray Ellam
    Ray Ellam 26 days ago +2

    Globalism, another word for Marxism or fascism, a few leaders with a lot of thanks! What the hell is wrong with diversity and nationalism, where we all trade together under the umbrella of the human race?

    HBH ZTH 27 days ago +1

    Its like watching a toddler with a sharp blade. Peterson need to stay out of politics.

    • Jean Roch
      Jean Roch 26 days ago +1

      @HBH ZTH yep. Americans are basically the two ends of a normal distribution curve. Europe, however, is the whole thing. It might have equalized over time but from my days living in the US I still feel Europeans as a people are much more stable.

    • HBH ZTH
      HBH ZTH 26 days ago +1

      @Jean Roch Yup. And what the Americans sometimes seem to forget is that they are Europeans. The best and the worst of the Europans went there to establish a common experiment. Now the experiment has sidetracked and is starting to rot from within.

    • Jean Roch
      Jean Roch 26 days ago +2

      He's not that bad, and his thinking is sound... for what little information he has on the matter. What binds European countries together is a couple millennia of shared history. Our languages have common roots, our borders were redrawn very often, a lot of Europeans, especially millenials, actually _feel_ European. Brexit is a British issue that's very linked to it being an island. There's every indication that the EU is here to stay.
      Also, regarding the hierarchy JP speaks of : the EU political structure is very simple and easy to understand. Brexit is merely what happens when people don't learn about what they are told to vote against.

  • Liam Howard
    Liam Howard 27 days ago +1

    Here, here! Love it!

  • s
    s 28 days ago

    ever notice how moslimas always sit up front with their hijabs, their military uniform, to make a statement in videos?

    • Elizabeth
      Elizabeth 28 days ago

      Did it ever occur to you that they're good students who want to be in front and/or really enjoy the speaker or have problems hearing? Or that there could be others in hajibs sitting in the back who aren't visible because the camera is facing Dr. P? You are a bigot.

  • bierrollerful
    bierrollerful 28 days ago

    I can see the similarities between the EU in its current state and projectory and the tower of Babel. But I do not see any way around the need for a multilateral organisation for humanity to evolve past bickering nation states, which, according to JP, would never work considering the amount of people involved?
    Should I then just stay in bed all day because humanity is as good as it's ever going to get?

  • Richard S.
    Richard S. Month ago

  • thetruereality
    thetruereality Month ago

    As an outsider the democracy in UK is filled with people trying to take away power from one man but when things go wrong they are more than happy to blame it on that one person from who people took away power from.
    David Cameron abdicated because he knew that Brexit was a bad idea.
    Now the British people have found a scapegoat to blame. The real culprits are the people.

    • bierrollerful
      bierrollerful 28 days ago

      The entire idea that blame can or must be assigned is the real fallacy as doing so is primarily done to shed oneself of any responsibility of what has happened. If you are not responsible, you have no reason to blame -> by assigning blame, you admit to having had a share of responsibility.
      You call the people culprits, therefore making you a player in the blame game. You shouldn't do that even if you are involved - and *especially not* if you are *not* involved. It isn't constructive, it's fuel to the dumpster fire spreading through the UK.

  • Maria Teresa Pereira Fdez

    MONOSOPHICAL SYNTHESIS OF HUMAN THOUGHT. from THE PANTÉLICON by ROBERT. T. BROWNE. "Since the enforced rise of Babelism or confusion of tongues of People on plains of Shinar about the Tower of Babel there have been not only confusion of tongues, but also confusion of thought and great diversity in ethical consequences of such language and thought. It appears that the confusion of tongues is a consecuence, originally of a divine judgment, punitive in nature, inflicted upon mankind because of INTELLECTUAL Presumption. It acted, therefore, as a kind of "Flaming Sword" in the hands of the Cherub to keep manking away from storming the Kingdom of heaven by physical means. After the infliction of polyglotttism the "Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth" that they might not understand one another's speech. Dispersion, separation, hostility, conflict, warfare, hatred, fear, inhospitality, arrogance, and many other evils arose to execute further the judgment that had been rendered at the Tower of Babel. Apparently, Polyglotttism is one of the major causes of mountainous accumulations of the world'wickedness and therefore, of the Crisis of Eternity with which humanity is now faced".. I recomend to Mr. Jordan read the book The Pantélicon. (Theosophy). This is a little part of that chapter... Investigate more about "The Crisis of Eternity".by the way.. Humanity is one. Says.. RTB.🔥..

  • Bogdan Matis
    Bogdan Matis Month ago

    With all due respect I don't agree on this point. The EU is more homogeneous culturally and politically and especially historically than any other mega-states like occupy more territory and have larger populations, two of them would be India and China. And if we look at the past we have really artificial state structures like the Soviet Union which were held together solely by the use of force and have lasted for many many decades even though allot of the states did not fit together. The EU is a purely democratic union, at which states have adhered by the will of their own populations and their parliaments, and are bound together by their economies, their political systems and not the least their common national goals. EU countries benefit both from the advantages that come as individual nation states and the centralised coordination of a common political structure. I think this is the best of both worlds, which federal states do not really have. The British decision to leave the union was mainly catalysed by historic nostalgia and xenophobia and that's why we see so many tens of millions of British people who were not comfortable and will never be comfortable with the decision, no matter how hard the leave faction tries to convince them of the otherwise

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Month ago +1

    the answer to Jordan's question of how to make the Greeks pay their taxes lies in the vote. the vote must not be free, ever; it leads to corruption - it is the very source of corruption in democracies. the specifics are this: you pay taxes, you vote, you pay more taxes you get more votes - but not linearly. y = square root of x. that is how you do it. so simple, and here we are, 2500 years past the date of the invention of democracy, and no one has said a thing about smart is that? - i bet Rome failed exactly because of this problem of vote entitlements...corruption.

  • Seosamh Depaor
    Seosamh Depaor Month ago

    I'm no expert but I think Brexit happened because loud politicians of the right, left and center lied about and exaggerated the financial liabilities imposed on them by the EU simultaneously downplaying the economic advantages.... with the exception of the BBC (which was and remains relatively unbiased) it seemed all of the nation's media was pro Brexit Meanwhile the politicians who wished to remain in the EU sighted opinion polls as reasons not to reason with lunatics, I think the real reason was that they were afraid to argue with idiots for fear of how it would reflect on them.... Here in Ireland we have access to most of Britains media, I'm not talking out of my hole here, I actually was pretty confident that Brits would vote for Brexit and now I'm confident that they won't actually leave, I think that after the next general election in the UK they will have another referendum on Brexit because the second after the election results the mainstream media's narrative flipped to the counter position.... After the second referendum i reckon there will be so many disgruntled citizens, there will be many days or weeks of riots
    I identify as Irish and European, as many others of different nationalities do especially those under 30 across the EU...

    • Seosamh Depaor
      Seosamh Depaor Month ago

      @Supercilious Dringus if history and politics have thought us anything it's that people are easily manipulated by lies, that's a fact older than democracy itself... The average UK voter voted in favour of something that they didn't really know about... It's not insulting or not meant to be anyway. democracy isn't perfect but it's the best system of governance so far...

    • Supercilious Dringus
      Supercilious Dringus Month ago

      This underestimates the ability of the average UK voter to think for themselves. The assumption that we are all ripe for being manipulated by lies is insulting and makes a mockery of democracy itself.

  • Clay Green
    Clay Green Month ago

    If my answers frighten you then don't ask scary questions.

    • Mister P
      Mister P Month ago +1

      I double dare you, say Royale one more time 😎

    • Clay Green
      Clay Green Month ago

      @Mister P you mean to go with your Royale?

    • Mister P
      Mister P Month ago +1

      You know what they put on French fries in Amsterdam?

  • Stig Pedersen
    Stig Pedersen Month ago

    Jordan Peterson - always ready to talk...about everything. Bet he's believing the EU to be Marxist :-D
    I wonder what will be his next topic...How to tie shoelaces properly, perhaps...

  • Georg Tomazic
    Georg Tomazic Month ago +3

    And some people dream of world government.

  • Mark Staddon
    Mark Staddon Month ago

    Its true we dont speak the same language in elite or normal ppl and left or right.

  • Fred Loos
    Fred Loos Month ago +2

    Are we assuming that each and every nation in the EU was not created over time by the mass movement of peoples?

  • Pat O
    Pat O Month ago

    Babel is a representation if the fear of a rural and nomadic peopl losing their identity by being subsumed by the cosmopolitan civilisation they encountered.
    The siccarats reaching high to the sky must have seemed like an attempt to build a stairway to heaven.
    The many languages represented a nascent melting pot in which the Jewish language religion and culture and identity could be lost. This was the great fear of the Jews through millenia-assimilation which would mire surely destroy them as a people than persecution could.

  • Ahsan Abrar
    Ahsan Abrar Month ago

    He's getting weak, sad

  • Roland
    Roland Month ago

    Nice try Jordan, but there is no difference bewtween the EU and the US. How can you possibly miss this. A bit of polemics?

    • Username
      Username Month ago

      Are you being sarcastic? Please tell me you're being sarcastic.

  • udmbfck x
    udmbfck x Month ago +9

    Multiculturalism seeks to DESTROY THE LOCAL CULTURE. PERIOD.

    • udmbfck x
      udmbfck x Month ago +2

      ​@Teodora Ghita Globalism is the next evolution of mental, physical, financial and social slavery where the high priests in power will rule the planet and where dissent will be met with "re-education", "work-camps", imprisonment or even "deletion".The individual will lose his essence and become part of the Global Machine serving the whims of their forceful masters.

    • Teodora Ghita
      Teodora Ghita Month ago

      globalism is the next evolution of human society and human consciousness.

  • Michele Baffo
    Michele Baffo Month ago +2

    Peterson is a brilliant psychologist and I often enjoy the maturity of his trains of thought. In his home domain of psychology he is a consummate scientist with great breadth of knowledge, rigorous reasoning, attention to detail. That's in somewhat odd contrast to his ventures into other areas like politics, economics, or history. When he sets out to explain these things he seems a bit out of his depth. Simpler, often mainstream thoughts that don't quite match the complexity of the questions that he takes on. His slightly messianic urgency is a bit odd in these situations.

  • Nick Stenson
    Nick Stenson Month ago +17

    This chap is a true intellect. He is quite formidable.