Household Alternatives to Resin Dyes

  • Published on Jun 28, 2018
  • I've been wanting to try this for a while!
    Today we test household alternatives to resin dyes! Some items I'm pretty sure of and some I'm pretty convinced will fail!
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    Rubber Mat:
    Rubber Gloves:
    Mixing Cups:
    Mixing sticks:
    Silicone Rubber Mat:
    Heart Mold:
    Mold Release:
    Unicorn Mold (discontinued)
    Food Dye:
    Colmans Mustard:
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  • Brian M
    Brian M 11 months ago +719

    i bet you will lose your endorsements for this. Also, you should make a swirl kool aid paperweight.

    • deadpool366 Venom
      deadpool366 Venom 2 months ago +1

      I am new to this all I wonder how liquid gel pens, lip stick or even crayons .

    • Anna J
      Anna J 5 months ago +3

      +Peter Brown your weird projects are why I subscribed. Also I should probably know this but what is that big peeler thing you use. It shaves things down. Ok obviously I haven't watched your videos long. I will be watching a lot more though and I want to look up that thinger bobber. Yeah I am one of those crafters. I am not sure what it is, but I definitely know I want it. 😋

    • Amber Navarro
      Amber Navarro 7 months ago +1

      Yes, but is the koolaid resin scented?

    • Kubiki
      Kubiki 8 months ago +2

      Brian M Well, at least he’s honest. When people sponsor these kind of videos, they are heavily scripted.

    • Summer Rebecca
      Summer Rebecca 10 months ago

      He can gain endorsements from food and makeup brands :)

  • Andrew Walker
    Andrew Walker Hour ago

    Ok how did red hot sauce become that color and would another layer of resin make those to harder?

  • eldenl1
    eldenl1 14 hours ago

    Where do you live? Kool-Aid is 25¢ a pack in South Carolina. Must be California.

  • Dibright
    Dibright Day ago

    This was awesome, thank you. 😉

  • Christi AndCoffee
    Christi AndCoffee 7 days ago

    Art resin is a softer resin, isn’t it?

  • Jim Kettle
    Jim Kettle 9 days ago

    Hi Peter, that was great. I'm curious about sanding the finished resins, especially when poured into a timber inlay. Would you then apply a clear finish over the sanded timber and resin? Thanks

  • Mike L
    Mike L 11 days ago

    try dry spices, like paprika, chilli

  • JESSICA Avery
    JESSICA Avery 11 days ago

    do they smell ?

  • Tiffany Briley
    Tiffany Briley 11 days ago

    Your best bet is the eye shadow for your cheap er 'affordable' resin dyes you might find a pearly white in the white eye Shadow! Awesome video!

  • Pet Human
    Pet Human 12 days ago

    the cocoa looks like ebony. It has great potential

  • Jonathan Pittman
    Jonathan Pittman 13 days ago

    I bet the mustard and franks red hot would cure harder if you put a little bit more hardener

  • Mutated Orange
    Mutated Orange 14 days ago

    6:18 oh is THAT what is looks like ;) ;) ;)

  • Jeanne Mason
    Jeanne Mason 14 days ago

    Fascinating....I look forward to new stuff....did they smell like what went into them? Dollar store make up would be great!

  • Madeline Ramos
    Madeline Ramos 16 days ago

    Subscribed!! 😍

  • Immigration Law
    Immigration Law 16 days ago

    Did the mustard and pepper uni-corns harden up over time? Epoxy keeps curing for a week or more it seems. And, ..only you could make a resin color test vid. suspenseful, lol, .. made me laugh, ....

  • Paul Anthony San Luis
    Paul Anthony San Luis 16 days ago

    What type/brand pf resin did you use?..

  • Tom Jansen
    Tom Jansen 16 days ago

    Did the finished products smell and/or taste good?

  • Chelsea Girl
    Chelsea Girl 16 days ago

    Turmeric prob. Would have worked

    • Walter Szarek
      Walter Szarek 15 days ago

      thats what yellow mustard is, water, vinegar and tummeric

  • PoppaTom1948
    PoppaTom1948 17 days ago

    Pretty cool!!! I like the way your brain works.

  • Art Connolly
    Art Connolly 19 days ago

    Did they each smell as expected after they cured?

  • MyrnNecromanson
    MyrnNecromanson 20 days ago

    Amazing brand casting resin works with acrylic paints, which have a lot of water.

  • amaraca
    amaraca 20 days ago

    Wasabi powder, matcha, wheat grass, algae, curry, graphite.

  • Entrepreneur Mom of 7
    Entrepreneur Mom of 7 20 days ago

    Love it keep doing pigments.

  • Kaitlyn Gerik
    Kaitlyn Gerik 20 days ago

    I didn’t expect the sauces to set at all. I thought there would be too much water

  • Luca Crisi
    Luca Crisi 20 days ago

    Wouldn't al these items smell and attract any sort of insects (ants, in particular)?

  • DRiley
    DRiley 20 days ago +1

    So theoretically any powdered kitchen seasoning could work. Paprika. White Pepper. Ground ginger. Coffee creamer. Cocaine. Anything.

  • SteppapaJon
    SteppapaJon 21 day ago

    i wonder if the vinegar in the mustard and Franks red hot caused the soft set.

  • Craig B
    Craig B 21 day ago

    No there is not. DO not use food to dye your resin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oldschoolsmart
    oldschoolsmart 23 days ago

    I'm really curious if the mustard and hot sauce cures, being softer, would hold up in a hybrid turning?

  • oldschoolsmart
    oldschoolsmart 23 days ago

    Saw the Frank's in the thumbnail and had to stop and thumbs up!

  • brewskisdodge
    brewskisdodge 25 days ago

    How about air brush metallic paint? Turn some of the coolaide and see if it’s scented please!

  • anthony whitehouse
    anthony whitehouse 26 days ago

    Have you tried poster paints or acrylic ?

  • Crystal S. Lewis
    Crystal S. Lewis 26 days ago

    Thanks so much for the eyeshadow tip. Based on your helpful recommendation, I'll be hitting the dollar store to get a bunch this week!

  • D K
    D K 27 days ago

    Dissolve the kooolaid in alcohol then add it to the resin

  • Jerry Howard
    Jerry Howard 28 days ago

    Yep 👍 I like! New to your channel. You’re cool, love to try new things! Works great on makeup and I’ve had some sitting there afraid I’d waste the expensive resin or acrylics. Will def be looking inmore to see what fun stuff you have

  • Dwarven Gamesmith
    Dwarven Gamesmith 28 days ago

    The cocoa powder almost looks like obsidian

  • cilorawr
    cilorawr Month ago

    I hope you answer this. Does uv resin dye work on epoxy resin not uv resin?

  • Emmett McMullan
    Emmett McMullan Month ago

    How about a spice-centric installment in this series? Turmeric, peppercorns. Obvious at this point that anything dry will be uniquely effective and have interesting results. Some spices are also much more expensive than commercial dyes though, so it might be contrary to the spirit of the series.

  • Florian Haist
    Florian Haist Month ago

    Hey Peter! Thanks to you i just poured a live edge river bench with make up pigments. And i love how it turned out.
    Greetings from Germany

  • Dom Tompkins
    Dom Tompkins Month ago

    Think of the potential of that soft could mold and shape it with pressure.

  • Craig B
    Craig B Month ago

    Look up Vomit Clocks and see how all of your food pigments will look in a decade or less.

  • C joy K
    C joy K Month ago

    Would love to see more of the experiments

  • Boochieboy
    Boochieboy Month ago

    In the case of urethane resins, anything that will color urethane paint will work for the resins as well (check your local paint suppliers). Also, the powdered toner from copy machines will color urethane.

  • Obama _Gaming
    Obama _Gaming Month ago

    Try booty juice

  • Jean Boardman
    Jean Boardman Month ago

    With most makeup you can use a magnet to take individual pans out of the trays

  • Penny Van
    Penny Van Month ago

    I was SO waiting for you to lick those once cured! hahah. MORE MORE MORE experiments!

  • Ronald Ainaire
    Ronald Ainaire Month ago

    I agree with Nathan! Don't stop.

  • jbeargrr
    jbeargrr Month ago

    As to why the food coloring worked better than mustard and Frank's Red Hot, I know Frank's contains vinegar, I think mustard does, too. It could be a chemical reaction from the vinegar that keeps the resin from fully hardening. If you wanted to make an item that was somewhat flexible, maybe for a keychain fob or something that might be more comfortable in your pocket, or a kid's toy maybe, it's an interesting thing to know.
    I like how you did this, great results. Sometimes you can catch Koolaid, or the cheaper Lik-M-Aid, on sale 3 for a buck, or better. Seems like I got L-M-A in packets of 10 for maybe $3? I don't remember for sure, it was several years ago, had a houseful of younger people for a short time.
    I know you can use it for a temporary hair dye.

  • Siarra Stickle
    Siarra Stickle Month ago

    For the Frank's and Mustard what if you add an extra layer of resin after it's cured to harden the exterior

  • Chanice Cooke-Khan
    Chanice Cooke-Khan Month ago

    This is exactly what I needed 😭❤️thank you!

  • Ayla Gamer
    Ayla Gamer Month ago

    The mustard resin looks like Chick-Fil-A Sauce

  • Judith Epstein
    Judith Epstein Month ago

    What a useful and educational video! Now I know that if I want to do a lot of resin work I'd still want to buy commercial pigments, but if I only wanted to do a little bit and needed a different color for each thing I wanted, I'd probably go get some Kool-Aid packets.
    In watching, I think I've found an alternative reason for why the water-based food color set while the mustard and hot sauce didn't: acidity. Spreadable mustards contain not water but vinegar and/or wine, and hot sauce will use either vinegar, lime juice, or citric acid as a flavoring agent. Any sort of acidity in your color source would have a very different effect than the water from your food coloring.

  • Nicolas Winyard
    Nicolas Winyard Month ago +1

    Interesting. I've got a wood working project with cracks that I wanted to stabilize with some red resin. Its probably something I won't repeat - so the food coloring sounds like a great option.

  • Christian Raschke
    Christian Raschke Month ago

    Chillipowder, matchapowder, seeshells grind to powder

  • jenky1044
    jenky1044 Month ago


  • jenky1044
    jenky1044 Month ago

    Don't leave these where a dog can get them and eat would be fatal.

  • C Van Cleave
    C Van Cleave Month ago

    I loved your ideas and it gave me some of my own. Thanks

  • JuSo Art
    JuSo Art Month ago

    Do they still smell like food, after they cured?

  • Jaynie Chartrand
    Jaynie Chartrand Month ago

    Jesse's girl loose pigments would work great they're really really fine

  • Patric Lam
    Patric Lam Month ago

    Use Jell-O and blood

  • Tony Osborne
    Tony Osborne Month ago

    try paprika for a nice red an tumeric for yellow :)

  • Eeyore_Chick
    Eeyore_Chick Month ago

    Would nail polish work?

  • Mark Boyle
    Mark Boyle Month ago

    Now I get why a craftswoman would have lots of makeup

  • Doug Dale
    Doug Dale Month ago

    Actually mustard has a ton of vinegar in it.

  • Maksym Lazirko
    Maksym Lazirko Month ago

    Crush up flower petals and get the juice from them. Also try different white outs. Creatine or pre workout. Try to break open a florecent hilighter to get the ink.

  • Allen MUllis
    Allen MUllis Month ago

    Koolaid is 25 cents a pack, where tf do u get yours!

  • Marcy RP
    Marcy RP Month ago

    Did the cocoa one smell like chocolate after it dried? AND.... did the hot sauce and mustard ones ever cure completely? Just wondering, as it seems like after time, they'd dry, but may cause surface shrinkage or degradation. That cherry koolaid was really a great color!

  • Sir Blurble IV
    Sir Blurble IV Month ago

    Lick it

  • glittermytimbers
    glittermytimbers Month ago +1

    If the sugar in the coolaid is what makes it pearlescent, what would happen if you added plain sugar?

  • Onyx BlackScale
    Onyx BlackScale Month ago

    With koolaid wonder if adding a drop of water to the powder first to make a thick gel would get it mixing better and would activate the colourants better

  • Lirel Tamora
    Lirel Tamora Month ago

    Nail polish

  • The Sage
    The Sage Month ago

    I lover this series, keep it up !

  • Kate FX
    Kate FX Month ago +1

    Great experiments. The crystals in Kool Aid are sugar. Maybe try sugar free Kool Aid?

  • Nanten2682
    Nanten2682 Month ago

    a dollar for koolaid? its 24 cents a packs where i get it

  • Brent Langford
    Brent Langford Month ago

    What about cheap acrylic paints? The tiny bottles you can get at Walmart for like 50 cents. I’ve tried using them myself for resin, but the resin turned out a bit gummy even with only a couple drops of the paint. I’m not sure if it’s the paint or I mixed the resin wrong

  • Sheila Beare Foot
    Sheila Beare Foot Month ago +1

    Mustard, and Hot Sauce have vinegar in it...

  • faroshscale
    faroshscale Month ago

    Man, now I'm hungry...😭

  • Mr Son
    Mr Son Month ago +1

    $1 a pack for Koolaid? OUCH! I get mine for 20-25c each.

  • T-Fyre
    T-Fyre Month ago +1

    Blue raspberry lemonade? Perleslent white?? How bizarre

  • Katherine Oakey
    Katherine Oakey Month ago

    Brilliant experiment!!! I am so using the coco powder!

  • A google Account
    A google Account Month ago

    Kool aid is oft used as a wood stain

  • delcidkidv
    delcidkidv Month ago

    Weird flecks but ok.

  • Acashi Batoke
    Acashi Batoke Month ago

    will blood work?

  • Lightningbug
    Lightningbug Month ago

    What about those highly concentrated gel food dyes? Like the ones for cake frosting and such?

  • Oscar Figueroa
    Oscar Figueroa Month ago

    THANKS!! Very interesting video!! You made my day...and probably ruin my wife's day and makeup!😂😂😂

  • kaiyodei
    kaiyodei Month ago

    now this is a science. wouldn't it be more than the liquid to mess with your resin? for sauce? I would think the vinagar in the hotsauce might of been it
    so what about mixxing in other things? instant coffie? mix in dried leaves in resin? blood...

  • Jordan Allen
    Jordan Allen Month ago

    do the kool aid ones taste like koolaid? id have to lick one once to find out.....

  • davindranath ramnarine

    There's something Hindus use for a festival called a abir it's a coloured powder they mix in water and spray on other people

  • MaryAnn Sterling
    MaryAnn Sterling Month ago


  • MaryAnn Sterling
    MaryAnn Sterling Month ago

    Nice, keep going on different resins

  • eXtreme Rafting by Macky B. Outdoors

    get procure bait die powder

  • rab woody
    rab woody Month ago

    UV nail varnish works great with UV resin..

  • Terry Tenley
    Terry Tenley Month ago

    Turmeric is the yellow in mustard and is sold as a powder in health food stores.. I enjoyed your tests ..thanks

  • John Moussiaux
    John Moussiaux Month ago

    I very turmeric would have done great. Printer toner, too.

  • toby ladd
    toby ladd Month ago

    buuuuuut , what do they smell like :) ?

  • Harold H
    Harold H Month ago

    Oh, yes, please make more like this. Tons of fun and informative.

  • My Orchid Oasis
    My Orchid Oasis Month ago

    Links to the resin colors that you show at beginning of video?

  • Bruno Costa
    Bruno Costa Month ago

    The cocoa powder blew me away with that blackness

  • Barry Maynard
    Barry Maynard 2 months ago +1

    This is great the pigments can work put expensive my wife has loads of make up hanging about

  • nobody fu
    nobody fu 2 months ago

    nice vid, rust flakes,dust or slurry could be cool too. ive been making a shungite mineral power in a cheap kids rock tumbler makes amazing wood stain for a wood burnt /chard look, cant wait to add sum to resin! next batch will be mica and fools gold and dolomite or quarts. was thinking about grinding up paint flakes or glow in the dark plastic into power in a old cafe grinder / bullet blender to try out too.
    i wish there was cheap diy resin to play around with coloring in!