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  • Published on Apr 9, 2020
  • My answer. May 26, 2019.
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  • @helpdeskjnp
    @helpdeskjnp 2 years ago +14

    Brilliant response and articulation! You’ve summed it all up perfectly and I thank you for posting this reply! I’ve bookmarked it to my favorites! Thank you again!

  • @DeathValleyDazed
    @DeathValleyDazed 2 years ago +4

    For me this one of your best videos yet. You summarize the Electric Universe perspective so well and to use the question answer format is masterful and inspirational for me. I wish your view count was 1M on this one!

  • @jamesmorgan5616
    @jamesmorgan5616 Year ago +1

    Absolutely brilliant and eloquent. As a species we have become (generally) so narrowly minded. I really don't know where we are going. I've been following the Electric Universe science (to the best of my ability), Suspicious Observers and Jimmy at Bright Insight channels and started reading Velikovsky.

  • @Wildbane
    @Wildbane 2 years ago +1

    Beautifully written, you're an inspiration...

  • @letstalkshittv
    @letstalkshittv 2 years ago +4

    Sadly, the downside of understanding our electric origins and nature means "they" will pervert it horribly... if they haven't already. Great video BTW!

  • @mattiaspersson381
    @mattiaspersson381 Year ago +1

    This is so mesmerising. Thank you so much for this. I fell in love with the electric universe at first sight because it explained why the gods of old were planets, something I always wondered why as a kid. It just makes so much sense.

  • @user-dn5dh3zx1b
    @user-dn5dh3zx1b 2 years ago +10

    You are not insane but in my experience people are 'afraid' or are not able to continue to ask these questions at a certain age/stage in life (unless it somehow your profession). I used to talk about these subjects withe two friends (PhD's) extensively but now they are married and have children, mortgage etc. I notice they don't wan't to talk about these subjects because in the end we also have to ask (asked) ourselves why don't we know this because we should. (this might be an odd observation)

  • @GameAngelUK
    @GameAngelUK 2 years ago +6

    So much love for you, I am so grateful for all your time and effort, you help my family understand.

  • @gcrady
    @gcrady 2 years ago +6

    Holy smokes,, now that was an articulant masterpiece. Had me on the edge of seat the whole time.

  • @christiansather8438

    That is a very succinct response that touches on the fascinating points that should intrigue people... I wish I could copy and paste a response like this to everyone I discuss this stuff with who blindly dismiss all of it because Carl Sagan wouldn't have liked it.

  • @AAAanomalies

    Very nice! Would be fun to have seen the people's faces when they read your answer...

  • @FractalEarth
    @FractalEarth 2 years ago +5

    Well said, sir!

  • @margarethoff1992
    @margarethoff1992 2 years ago +1

    Wonderful! Brilliant answer!❤️

  • @JoeDeglman
    @JoeDeglman 2 years ago +1

    I am have been curious about these earlier myths, of Uranus and Gaia. Especially Uranus was the original sun or father of Saturn.

  • @chyka9572
    @chyka9572 2 years ago +1

    Im looking forward to the visible Electrical event happening in our sky in a few weeks! Comet Atlas C-19

  • @ObsidianRadio
    @ObsidianRadio 2 years ago +2

    Excellent presentation!

  • @jonpob2313
    @jonpob2313 2 years ago +2

    Fantastic presentation 👏👏👏👏

  • @hivetyrant36
    @hivetyrant36 2 years ago +2

    Your narration is 10/10