GTA Online Grinding To $504 Million Legitimately And Helping Subs

  • Published on Jan 17, 2019
  • I am a hardcore GTA grinder but I am also very helpful towards other players. I am anti tryhard, anti griefer.I am very against cheating and always trying to make helpful videos. I make guides for people ranging from making money in my playlists to vehicle reviews to top lists, etc. I do livestreams usually on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays EST US time afternoon.READ DESCRIPTION PLEASE FOR ALL NEW VIEWERS
    FAQ-1.I do not ignore questions unless they are stupid. If I do not read your question right away do not think I am ignoring you there are many comments on the screen at once.
    2. I am not a modder I am an all legit player. If you want to know how I get so much money watch my money guides under playlists
    4. The PlayStation community is TheProfessional ( RU-clip ) Fan army
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  • Winter
    Winter 6 months ago

    I also like to grind i follow your 4 mil money guide, and i making 4 mil every day it made me rich, and i also love to fly around in my aircrafts minding my own buisness in passive mode

    KID COOLER 9 months ago

    He says “0k” like 200,000 timess!!!!!

  • Exotwin
    Exotwin 9 months ago

    SUBSCRIBED,you are the GTA5 HERO,thanks for sharing your time with us.

  • Bryan Quinones
    Bryan Quinones 9 months ago

    C full. L.

  • stuart hough
    stuart hough 9 months ago

    kids shouldnt b playing gta v its 18 for a reason

  • stuart hough
    stuart hough 9 months ago

    i bet sean got frustrated when he knew he couldnt get him with the orbital cannon has anyone sent a msg to him on psn to tell him how much of a scumbag he is?

  • stuart hough
    stuart hough 9 months ago

    it was a shame u got stuck in the clouds for the rest of the livestream u can thank sean for that patrick

  • stuart hough
    stuart hough 9 months ago

    excuse me sean calling him a noob youre doing something much worse and doing what youre doing its gonna get u banned oh and look at the video sean is back sean is here sean is trying to get in be careful sean is here watch out youre popular for all the wrong reasons

  • stuart hough
    stuart hough 9 months ago

    well done saucercats for reporting sean good for u i hope he gets banned maybe he will 1 day

  • stuart hough
    stuart hough 9 months ago

    seanchelseafc15 get a life loser hope u get caught doing that and u get banned

  • X KVNG X
    X KVNG X Year ago +1

    And also if soneobe sends a message dont reply because thats how ubcan get hut offline

  • X KVNG X
    X KVNG X Year ago +1

    The orbital cannon is patchrd

  • The Man
    The Man Year ago +1

    Yeooo!!!...son I found no one like me who had money that's fully legit as mines not that amount. Link wit me...looking for a real money squad frfr...

  • Charlie Hodgson
    Charlie Hodgson Year ago

    Pro, your subs aren't your friends. Just say "one of my subs sent me a video" instead of "friends"

  • Charlie Hodgson
    Charlie Hodgson Year ago

    This dude sighs so much

      STUDIO OXYGEN HD Year ago +1

      Imagine grinding over $500 Million legitimately in GTA ONLINE

  • ShermanPlays
    ShermanPlays Year ago +2

    Lol pro stopped reacting to getting obliterated haha

  • -_- NIGHT
    -_- NIGHT Year ago


  • RB26_dett_ Quen
    RB26_dett_ Quen Year ago +2

    The more I hear him talk, the more I think he’s autistic

    • gary the snail
      gary the snail Year ago +1

      Ok if you are a mrboss fanboy gtf outta here

    • Jonathan P.
      Jonathan P. Year ago +5

      Shut up... that sounds just as bad as ppl making fun of my southern accent... really irritates me and hurts my feelings tbh

    • Joey's Black Child
      Joey's Black Child Year ago +8

      He seems cool to me. No awkwardness, always respectful, acts responsible.

    • Red Storm
      Red Storm Year ago

      lol maybe he is

  • matt jones
    matt jones Year ago

    Great channel bro

  • Andrew Tivet
    Andrew Tivet Year ago +1


  • Tricky
    Tricky Year ago


  • Joshua Silverglade
    Joshua Silverglade Year ago +1

    RIP chat

  • Fat Chinese Gaming
    Fat Chinese Gaming Year ago +6

    Do you think the reason you get stuck on loading screen is because of your spawn location? I had this problem almost 3 years ago when me and my friends were playing heist on PC, and sometimes when we finished a heist, and we were trying to get back to the lobby, we all get stuck on loading screen forever, and that was almost 3 years ago, I cannot believe you still have to face the problem, sorry that your stream has to end like this :(