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The Most AWESOME Plants around the World!

  • Published on Aug 11, 2017
  • What are the most awesome plants around the world?! Is it the dancing plant? Or the venus flytrap?! Find out more about bizarre plants on earth in this video!
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    Here are 10 of the most awesome plants in the world!

    8 - Tree Tumbo
    The Tree Tumbo is native to the Namib desert within Namibia and Angola. It’s mostly known as a living fossil, as it’s a plant that’s been around for pretty much forever. It’s informally known as “the most resilient plant in the world”!
    This plant that’s native to Africa has a rather Germanic official name, because it's named after the Austrian botanist and doctor, Friedrich Welwitsch. Supposedly back in 1859, Welwitsch was so fascinated with the plant that he spent days on the ground kneeling and looking at the Tree Tumbo!
    While it's definitely not really all that pretty to look at, the Welwitschia plant is truly one of a kind. The plant consists of only two leaves and a sturdy stem with roots. The two leaves continue to grow and can reach lengths of up to 13 feet! While the largest specimens may be no more than 5 feet above ground, the circumference of the leaves can grow more than 25 feet wide! The age of individual plants is difficult to assess, but many plants are over 1000 years old, with some plants even as old as TWO THOUSAND years old! Seriously, are livings things really supposed to last this long?!
    Because of its resiliency, the plant is actually part of the emblem in the national coat of Arms in Namibia. Oddly enough, some people eat this thing as well - they cook it in hot ashes and call it the onion of the desert. But really though, why would you wanna eat something that’s 1000 years old?

    7 - Bleeding Tooth Fungus
    Ever heard of the bleeding tooth fungus? Yeah me neither. The fruit bodies of this non-toxic fungus can pretty much bleed a bright red fluid that contains a pigment with anticoagulant properties. This guy is found in North America, where it’s especially common in the Pacific Northwest.
    The unusual appearance of the fruit bodies is what sets this mushroom apart. It produces spores on the surface of tooth-like protrusions that hang from the underside of its fruit bodies. The fruit bodies typically have a funnel-shaped cap with a white edge, although the shape isn't guaranteed.
    Although the fruit bodies are pretty interesting looking when young, they become brown and nondescript when they age. However, you don't wanna try one of these to eat even if they're nontoxic; supposedly they're so bitter tasting it pretty much makes them inedible!

    6 - The Pitcher plant
    Pitcher plants are several different carnivorous plants that have modified leaves that make pitfall traps. Think of a watery grave with insides wayyyy too slippery for a bug to crawl out. The watery part is essentially digestive fluid for the plant!
    Pitcher plants are exactly what they sound like; they look like pitchers. Like all carnivorous plants, they grow in locations where the soil is too poor in minerals or too acidic for most plants to survive. Rather than relying on photosynthetic glucose to survive, pitcher plants supplement available nutrients and minerals normally gotten through the soil by devouring their insect prey! Seriously, how smart can plants be?
    Insects are attracted to the cavity formed by the cupped leaf, often by visual lure. Inside the elongated structure is a pool of water. The interior walls are waxy and slippery, and there are hairs toward the top that help to make sure anything that got in stay trapped. Once inside, many insects don't make it out, so they eventually drown in the liquid. The plant's enzymes digest the prey and the plant is then able to replenish nutrients that the soil can't provide.

    5 - Corpse Flower
    The c0rpse flower is a species of flowering plant that’s characterized as a carrion flower, since well, it pretty much smells like the very strong horrible odor of decaying flesh. Ughhhh…..on a brighter note, it’s known for producing the largest individual flower on earth.
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    10 amazing plants. Starts off at 8

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    when i was younger my mom(God bless) had a venus fly trap plant thought it was cool how it worked, idk if it trapped a roach or something but i think it got sick and died, really cool to observe...

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    Why would #2 Hydnora Africana want to look like a weird alien vagina, but smell like poop? YUCK EVOLUTION!!!

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    The Viet Namibia man-eating sleaztumho: most dangerous and vile organism on earth.

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