Dunkey's Best of 2018

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Fourteen incredible games I played in 2018.
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    thumb art by twitter.com/Desuplex
    List of Games
    14. Monolith (0:35)
    13. Jackbox Party Packs (1:11)
    12. Downwell (1:47)
    11. Bloodstained : Curse of the Moon (2:13)
    10. Monster Hunter World (3:03)
    9. Lumines (4:05)
    8. Uncharted 4 : A Thief's End (4:35)
    7. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (5:26)
    6. Donkey Kong Country : Tropical Freeze (5:39)
    5. Enter the Gungeon (6:56)
    4. Zeroranger (7:20)
    3. Into the Breach (7:59)
    2. Celeste (8:49)
    1. God of War (9:15)
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  • marko9686
    marko9686 Day ago

    What was the God of War song right before "Super Mario Brothers 2"?

  • Dire-Wolf Xx
    Dire-Wolf Xx 2 days ago

    I think every one who has followed this channel for a while has expected super Mario bros 2 to pop up somewhere

  • Joseph Vaccaro
    Joseph Vaccaro 2 days ago

    Super mario brothers 2 again baby

  • Operative.
    Operative. 2 days ago

    it really makes you feel like donkey kong

  • SelfishFire
    SelfishFire 3 days ago


  • KSI OhyeahyeahBT
    KSI OhyeahyeahBT 3 days ago +1

    Spider-Man PS4?

  • Largish Sushi
    Largish Sushi 4 days ago

    Why does the mouse is spinning?

  • what
    what 4 days ago

    what about bookworm adventures 2

  • Ryan Cawley
    Ryan Cawley 4 days ago

    No-one saw, Hogan’s Castle on this list.

  • morbid mason
    morbid mason 6 days ago

    Video: 10:00
    *everyone disliked that

  • LuckyOwl
    LuckyOwl 7 days ago

    Celeste. Nuff said

  • Clare Eno
    Clare Eno 7 days ago +1

    No one:
    Old man: No you are an icecube

  • Gavin Myre
    Gavin Myre 7 days ago

    What was the song st the end (god of war)

  • Mixed Bag Clips
    Mixed Bag Clips 7 days ago

    Watching in 2019

  • Zayn mowzoon-mogharrabi

    here is the reason why i dont like celeste

    friend: hey, you wanna play celeste
    me: ya. i got 5 hours of free time. what else would i do

  • Emanuel Kline
    Emanuel Kline 7 days ago

    Maybe fortnite isn't fun for you, but that 8 million player count doesnt lie

  • Supa Mario Bodas 2 Baby

    #1 Spot is me

  • a cookie in disguise
    a cookie in disguise 9 days ago +4

    Y hasn't dunkey made a persona 5 vid yet

  • Nicholas West
    Nicholas West 9 days ago

    Ive been wanting to ask this for a while, thought you would give a quality answer. im wondering what you think about phantom dust and sonic adventure 2 battle? Ive put the most time in those games. Phantom i played until xbox shut the live down and opened 360s network they brought it back on xbox one and ive played it sence. But i been through 4 or 5 game cubes and i treat my chaos(sonic pokemon) on sonic like tamagotchi and have had the same ones sence like 3rd grade. Its been fun but destiny was my only other game that i really loved until they made destiny 2 and i stopped right there, i just felt taking away peoples armor and guns was a mentaly disabled move. I digress, just wanted youre opinion on phantom dust and sonic aventure 2 battle. Thanks man. Tier list was funny as hell. Arman white style comedy is youre bread and butter.

  • K-leb
    K-leb 10 days ago

    Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze is the worst game of 2018.

    Because it's actually a 2014 game (that also didn't cost me $60).

  • Squishy
    Squishy 10 days ago

    How have I never seen your channel. Fucking love this so much

  • Vanir II
    Vanir II 10 days ago

    9:35 distinctly pershonal

  • Kevlar Vrus 57
    Kevlar Vrus 57 11 days ago

    Who does the artwork for dunkey?

  • DudeaFrude Gaming
    DudeaFrude Gaming 11 days ago +3

    Like because god of war was number 1

  • Ash.
    Ash. 12 days ago +1

    People gonna complain about all the 8 bit games but their actually challenging with of self accomplishment. Playing Fortnite acting like the same experience is fun.
    Good list.

  • WTFAnyNameWorks
    WTFAnyNameWorks 12 days ago

    God i love thi ls channel !!

  • Hugh Quigley
    Hugh Quigley 13 days ago

    I love how professional critics that sell out more than give their honest opinions talk shit about dunkey because he’s a RU-clipr. Dunkey is in the video game critic elite: the people who are actually good.

  • ivan nilin
    ivan nilin 13 days ago

    Nintendo switch is shit

  • Limey Joe
    Limey Joe 13 days ago

    It's like going back in time with most of these games, I think I had one of those games on the ZX Spectrum in my youth!

  • penguin lord
    penguin lord 13 days ago

    Wait he only to put 100hr in enter the gungaon i put 325 i need help

  • darkness3ish
    darkness3ish 14 days ago

    Donkey where's knack 2

  • Prince Raphael
    Prince Raphael 14 days ago


  • Seba Di Giuseppe
    Seba Di Giuseppe 14 days ago

    "Into the Breach achieved something that I thought it was impossible: Made turn based combat exciting"... So Dunkey hasn't play Roguelikes it seems?

  • 1000000 subscribes with one Video

    I thought the number 1 game would be


  • L U C
    L U C 15 days ago

    Hi hi

  • SwagLord276 SwagLord276

    The song at 7:47 is called "ZeroRanger - Unstopping (w/intro)" I would post the link for it but then dunkey would have to review it and he has better things to do.

  • Raymond Fernandez
    Raymond Fernandez 15 days ago

    jontron vibe???

  • Owen Mahony
    Owen Mahony 15 days ago

    Tropical freeze was boring I thought, mayn
    Be Ive played it too much

  • Extremely Adequate
    Extremely Adequate 15 days ago

    i dont understand why is uncharted 4 on here

  • coreyon davis
    coreyon davis 16 days ago +1

    u said gow is the best of 2018, you sir have my respect

  • Denialz
    Denialz 16 days ago

    I dont see bookworm adventures

  • Awesome ALV
    Awesome ALV 16 days ago +2

    Uncharted 4 in 2018???

  • Unsub form T series And sub PewDiePie

    What kind of mad lad makes their video exactly 10 minutes but doesn’t put any ads on it

    • AJ Lucas
      AJ Lucas 15 days ago

      Also, you are a wise person,judging by your name

    • AJ Lucas
      AJ Lucas 15 days ago

      Unsub form T series And sub PewDiePie dunk

  • BT- 7274
    BT- 7274 17 days ago


  • TofuDaTurtle
    TofuDaTurtle 17 days ago +6


  • Pøitre
    Pøitre 17 days ago

    I stopped breathing at "Tornado Johnsons"

  • Lasagevev0
    Lasagevev0 18 days ago

    Dunkey should’ve just played nuclear throne tbh

  • sanity itself
    sanity itself 18 days ago

    Why was uncharted there ?

  • ManKind Divided
    ManKind Divided 18 days ago

    Anyone here have any good drawful rooms

  • ZealGreymon
    ZealGreymon 18 days ago +32

    7:47 That’s a banger, holy cow.

    • K-leb
      K-leb 10 days ago

      I heard bangers that bang better.

    • Kermit Rosè
      Kermit Rosè 15 days ago

      Shit thats what I said

  • Reggie Fils-Aimé
    Reggie Fils-Aimé 19 days ago +8

    Thank you dunkey for filling your list with all my brand new games, out now on the Nintendo switch and 3ds

  • trick chins
    trick chins 19 days ago +2

    This guy sounds like General Sam so I'm going to assume he's FAT

  • carpio reactz
    carpio reactz 19 days ago

    wheres castle crashers at

  • Poutine Au Syrop d'érable

    #1 should been knack lets be honest

  • Amarion McCoy
    Amarion McCoy 19 days ago

    You have to make a GOOMBA compilation

  • Trevor Spisto
    Trevor Spisto 20 days ago +1

    Thank you for recognizing Tropical Freeze's greatness

  • Mihir Sabnis
    Mihir Sabnis 21 day ago +1

    The last 10 second soft the GOW montage gives me chills

  • Ongaku Haze
    Ongaku Haze 22 days ago +1

    Enter the Gungeon is gay poopoo ass

  • Aris Koin
    Aris Koin 22 days ago

    the variety of tropical freeze reminds me a lot of crash

  • david salazar
    david salazar 22 days ago

    god of war sucks.👎👎 😠they shoulda just called it god of war 3 dlc in 4k but it leaps backward edition*

  • Adam West
    Adam West 24 days ago

    You sound like the guy from Secureteam10 putting on a tough guy voice.

  • Liam Hasselmann
    Liam Hasselmann 24 days ago

    bubberducky 12 when

  • Mal
    Mal 25 days ago

    shoulda put fortnite

  • Raditya Arga Putra
    Raditya Arga Putra 25 days ago

    i love monster hunter

  • sstankfish
    sstankfish 26 days ago

    Came to watch 2018 curious if God of War made the dunk, but it was #1 so, evidently a lie. Dunk says GoW is trash, so it's trash.

  • Chaotic Nightmares
    Chaotic Nightmares 29 days ago

    Overwatch is still good

  • SnowToad
    SnowToad 29 days ago

    106 hours? Rookie numbers pump it up

  • Tucker 213
    Tucker 213 29 days ago

    Enter the gungeon is so fun

  • TheBig PP
    TheBig PP Month ago

    Dunkey is the youtube

  • Lambdasan
    Lambdasan Month ago

    Who's Paulie?

  • Oak Tree Green 199570

    What's the outro?

  • beeneylord
    beeneylord Month ago +2

    Of the games I played from last year I'd say
    1- Red Dead 2
    2- Celeste
    3- Unravel 2
    4- God of War

  • Assassins Creeps
    Assassins Creeps Month ago +2

    Ah, don't shush us ya lil' fortass :)

  • Marvel fan456
    Marvel fan456 Month ago

    Uncharted 4 was 2016

  • Omar Mossad
    Omar Mossad Month ago

    Do a video on supreme commander 2

  • shadowmohd
    shadowmohd Month ago

    , super mario bros

  • Anonyore
    Anonyore Month ago

    i hate you dunkey

  • Dante's Inferno
    Dante's Inferno Month ago

    Guy mostly talks about Indies and people still watch him. Look at the no. of viewers

    • Dante's Inferno
      Dante's Inferno Month ago

      +PotatoCHIP DY it is good. My favorite indie game of all time are outlast 1 and Limbo. I love limbo

    • PotatoCHIP DY
      PotatoCHIP DY Month ago +1

      I think that’s good, we all already know about the big triple A games. This sheds light on lesser known gems.

  • Ben Opheim
    Ben Opheim Month ago


  • DorkMuffin_6730
    DorkMuffin_6730 Month ago

    He put the game under tropical freeze

  • City Hunter
    City Hunter Month ago +2

    "Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze" WOAW

  • Diana Gastrow
    Diana Gastrow Month ago

    You forgot about Inspired Photography!

  • poppy felix
    poppy felix Month ago

    can you play league of legends for one last time please : (

  • 2Big
    2Big Month ago +3

    100 hours? Pfft those are rookie hours

  • mechamill
    mechamill Month ago

    While I appreciate all the indie reps. Spider-Man and RDR2 needed some love.

    • One Dixie Cup Just For You
      One Dixie Cup Just For You Month ago

      Nah, they didn't. It's obvious they're good. No need to focus on what's already been said to death either.

  • CHAN김재원
    CHAN김재원 Month ago +2

    Knack 2? WTF



  • TheAKguy
    TheAKguy Month ago

    0:28 So True. Didn’t know I could love dunkey more than 100%

  • Walrus Onion
    Walrus Onion Month ago

    I now know Zer0Runner exsists. And that i need to play it

    And that i cant beat up people to get this game

  • Platypuzzled
    Platypuzzled Month ago +1

    Dunkey sounds so dead when he says super Mario bros 2. The trademark music he uses isn’t even there. It is clear now that dunkey is tired of the same joke year after year. He’s tired of uploading jokes. He’s tired of acting dumb.

  • Ja’ Grizzy Waffles

    God of war sucks RDR2 FOR LIFE

  • SpicyRaccoon
    SpicyRaccoon Month ago +4

    Man, i love Dunkey King: Frozen Ape

  • Rex8681
    Rex8681 Month ago

    Beeg beeg yoshi at 3:23

  • CookieJar
    CookieJar Month ago

    I love how he made a legit list while still being funny

  • pushman21
    pushman21 Month ago

    I agree with #1 its one of the best games ever made and one of the best i ever played imo

  • Leanna Krauel
    Leanna Krauel Month ago +14

    No one:
    Dunkey: No, *you* are an ice cube

  • devjock
    devjock Month ago

    It's been 3 months and Celeste is still not on GOG..

  • J.E.V.B
    J.E.V.B Month ago +1

    did you play dusk, if yes what is your opinion on the game.

  • Lord Flacko
    Lord Flacko Month ago +1

    6:10 My name is Gerald, and that was freaky.

    • Justice Parrish
      Justice Parrish Month ago

      What's funny is that I saw your comment the moment I thought,"There's gotta be someone actually named Gerald out there watching this video"

  • Alex Pauli
    Alex Pauli Month ago

    can someone explain the iceberg joke lol?

    • Alex Pauli
      Alex Pauli Month ago

      +Dokutsu ohhhhh hahaha thank you!

    • Dokutsu
      Dokutsu Month ago

      DKC: Tropical Freeze is about DK Island freezing over. The iceberg joke was probably an ice joke.