• Published on Jul 9, 2017
  • Don't send hate to Time4free, he doesn't just have sync videos!!
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  • SEA
    SEA Year ago +113

    This was actually really good and funny ;3; nice job :) also glad to see another British GD RU-clipr talking sense ;)

  • SwagMasta001
    SwagMasta001 3 months ago +1

    26 videos in the sync playlist? That’s more uploads than I have on my channel!

  • GD Shadowcast - Pixel gun and more!

    420th like SMOAK MOAR WED!!!!!!

  • EinfachRobi
    EinfachRobi Year ago +1

    He has a new channel!😂😂😂

  • theconqueror12
    theconqueror12 Year ago

    how to sink a level like Time4Free. First you put a shitty ass dark red filter on so you don't even know what your looking at. Second you take a random overused song and just put it as the music and don't worry about sink! it's not that important! Finally you clickbait the hell outta it. THanks for reading and hope you enoyed the tut!

  • Time4free
    Time4free Year ago +3

    Rct3edster Gaming is awful! It´s the truth lmao

    • SoariN
      SoariN  Year ago

      Time4free-YT it’s not completely false XD

    • EinfachRobi
      EinfachRobi Year ago +1

      Time4free-YT !!InDerTat!!

  • Rageemy
    Rageemy Year ago

    There was literally a Time4Free sync video in the "Up Next" section on youtube for me

    Actually, 2

  • Payton Frith
    Payton Frith Year ago

    I'm guilty of this, but at least I tried to make it quality.

  • Moose Nouhan
    Moose Nouhan Year ago

    1:08 OMG PINGU!!!!

  • GD Styx
    GD Styx Year ago

    I have a song that synches with this whole video


  • spaceLet'splay
    spaceLet'splay Year ago +2

    Your asshoul

  • spaceLet'splay
    spaceLet'splay Year ago +2

    Your ass wagen

  • Zephlix
    Zephlix Year ago

    like hypersonic with space battle scared me how good it synced but time4moneys vids are actually garbage

  • Vernosis
    Vernosis Year ago

    Hey dude can you tell me your discord tag I need to talk to you and get some tips about becoming a great channel like yours I love your types of videos it looks really fun to make I need some tips. Please )/ also love the channel man keep up he great work!

  • Polygon Donut
    Polygon Donut Year ago

    Welp, time to make a geometry dash sync video.

  • xNotYourType
    xNotYourType Year ago


  • Nega
    Nega Year ago

    there's a damn guy that I'd very much hope you'd address. he goes by the name of jhostyn sanchez...

    SONIC GD Year ago

    wow! ur just roasting people

  • Evaplex
    Evaplex Year ago

    I see a Legend user

  • Purplegaze
    Purplegaze Year ago

    tfw the most viewed video on my channel is a sync video

  • Adam 27
    Adam 27 Year ago

    When you use Time Leaper as your intro song you're not gonna make any efforts with your content

  • Filip T.
    Filip T. Year ago

    MiKha is worse, still agree

  • Evan Blake
    Evan Blake Year ago

    Thought this would be sort of weird and petty, but this is a pretty well made and fair critique.

  • mrdoggy1234
    mrdoggy1234 Year ago

    nice, a time4free video appeared in my recommendations. :)

  • MadAssAssin GD
    MadAssAssin GD Year ago

    shut up and show the fucking levels w the bad sync oh my god!!!

  • Zesty
    Zesty Year ago

    Great Video! I subbed :)

  • GingaSalt
    GingaSalt Year ago

    y'know what actually syncs?

    Xstep and Hi (hotline miami vol3)

  • Brennan Edwards
    Brennan Edwards Year ago

    I watched this video, but then it showed me one from time4free where the sync was almost flawless, so I'm not sure who to agree with

  • Caused Galaxy
    Caused Galaxy Year ago

    a good sync would be stero madness with stero madness 2017 remix

  • GDS
    GDS Year ago

    Never seen this guy's channel before, and I'll keep this in mind.

  • Cynic
    Cynic Year ago

    So I just finished the video (which i agreed with) and the video that came up on up next was *Top 5 songs that sync with Deadlocked* like wtf

  • Stardevoir
    Stardevoir Year ago

    If you want a good sync video go look at Omughar's, he actually tries to sync the songs well and has more than 1 song

  • Yeet bois
    Yeet bois Year ago

    Red is the color of being triggered

    SUPERV0ID Year ago

    Artificial Ideloleogy

  • [GP] GenesiX
    [GP] GenesiX Year ago

    omg genesis by mafiapineapple syncs with subsonic

  • Rebin Go
    Rebin Go Year ago +1

    I thought the video would be about players making levels with bad sync. This feels like clickbait to me...

  • HoliMoliZ
    HoliMoliZ Year ago

    Fingerdash with Colorblind. Try that :)

  • Moose
    Moose Year ago +1

    sea ur pieror

    • SoariN
      SoariN  Year ago +1

      Moose dunno what that means xxxxxxddd

  • ZG Colorforce
    ZG Colorforce Year ago

    I hate when people switch to a song with an another bpm, that will almost never work.

  • elsa
    elsa Year ago +1

    read the comments on his videos, i hate him (lenny)

  • Poltargot91
    Poltargot91 Year ago


  • Chrono
    Chrono Year ago

    Fingerdash and colorblind do sync very well

  • Cyclonium
    Cyclonium Year ago

    You earned a sub tbh. This shit is pretty funny lol

  • GD Pokecreeper
    GD Pokecreeper Year ago +1

    -crap i made sync videos-

  • Bio03
    Bio03 Year ago

    First find the BPM before you even make a sync level! Discord Remix syncs with Unity by TheFatRat.

  • feamtortress2
    feamtortress2 Year ago

    hypersonic and space battle was good tho

  • coolssh3
    coolssh3 Year ago


  • GrenateGD
    GrenateGD Year ago

    +1 sub

  • 1&1
    1&1 Year ago +4

    you just use the trend to get clicks xD

    • Astro
      Astro Year ago

      Vulkan Crafter stop hating boi

  • ds !?
    ds !? Year ago

    Agreed with you 100%. Make a video about Jhostyn Sanchez. (PLEASE MAKE ONE, FATHER)

  • Yaz
    Yaz Year ago

    level name at 4:19 ?

  • Mochi bunn
    Mochi bunn Year ago

    The only somewhat good sync video I remember was deadlocked with blast processing, and the opposite.

  • This Random Meme Dealer

    I like turtles.

  • Polarbeahr
    Polarbeahr Year ago

    Even Time4Free's intro does not sync.

  • The magic school bus

    Hypersonic and space battle was on the channel and the sync is pretty good, but it's been done before

    STATMAGNET Year ago

    As long as it's by Time4free, then it's shit.

  • Geometry Dash BayVe

    Thank you so much! I've been so irritated by these vids for SO LONG... xD

  • Fabulous Cheeto
    Fabulous Cheeto Year ago

    i USED one of those songs on this and im offended by whoever made that level

  • Lazy Hydra
    Lazy Hydra Year ago

    Having done videos like this before, I understand exactly where you're coming from. I have tried, and luckily never uploaded, poorly synced levels and songs. However, when I did find a great syncing song with a level, I think it worked out much better.

  • Ashdasher
    Ashdasher Year ago

    some of the syncing videos are actually really interesting

  • SoariN
    SoariN  Year ago +33

    Could someone please tell who this Jhostlyn Sanchez is?? XDDDD

  • GD Virtua
    GD Virtua Year ago +9

    Also, don't misunderstand sync videos, some are good, some are bad, SOME ARE HORRIBLE
    but still, i like them and understand your opinion.

  • shade -iwnl-
    shade -iwnl- Year ago

    Like I understand some people think that somebody on the internet wants to know how a level will sync with another song from a diffrent level but for FUCKS SAKE. To check it yourself you need the abbility to move your hand and type on your keyboard and to check the video you need to do THE SAME FUCKING THING

  • Dale Stengel
    Dale Stengel Year ago +4

    Waiting for Jhostlyn Sanchez To Comment....

  • TheSwordSlay
    TheSwordSlay Year ago +10

    back on track sync with exasperation music.

  • Ermazar GW
    Ermazar GW Year ago +4

    What? Geometry dash syncs are good!

    • Astro
      Astro Year ago

      Fatt Mound lmao

    • Fatt Mound
      Fatt Mound Year ago +2

      Rct3edster Gaming check you out ed getting money and bitches

    • Ermazar GW
      Ermazar GW Year ago

      Rct3edster Gaming you are amazing

    • SoariN
      SoariN  Year ago +7

      Oh dont worry I know there are some absolutely amazing and downright scary syncs out there! But it's just these ones XD

    • [RS]Obsidium
      [RS]Obsidium Year ago +1

      dead ded But mostly bad ones, which are only viewed because of clickbait.

  • CamIsOnline
    CamIsOnline Year ago +1

    The only reason people click on that is clickbait, and that they think the sync will be good. Why put it on RU-clip if it's bad? Dumb.

  • DoubleOK
    DoubleOK Year ago +1

    the only levels with perfect sync to other songs are blast processing with the deadlocked gd cut and motion with badland

  • TheJosiahTurner
    TheJosiahTurner Year ago +6

    this is true and all but

    • TheJosiahTurner
      TheJosiahTurner Year ago

      not self advertising, *showcasing* 8)

    • GD Pokecreeper
      GD Pokecreeper Year ago

      TheJosiahTurner Self-Advertising is scummy.

    • Aedrian
      Aedrian Year ago +1

      retention syncs with:
      Ena by hinkik
      Volt by lockyn
      Punyaso popcorn colbreakz remix (kinda)
      Gradient by lockyn
      Moment of truth by namice
      Nerf this by multex
      Zaphkiel by colchiancat
      Holography by garlagan
      Btw you need to change the offset in some songs so that the drop and transitions sync well
      Tons more but that's all I remember

    • Mister
      Mister Year ago


    • Mister
      Mister Year ago

      Death Moon syncs with Stereo Madness

  • Firelog2000
    Firelog2000 Year ago

    Hello everyone oss steve wreck stair here
    Aussie rek ster
    Mossy red bur
    Boss meat rest her

  • Alex K
    Alex K Year ago

    i agree, now search up Betrayal of fate and the final phase.. it is actually wierd

  • ArcadeZ Games
    ArcadeZ Games Year ago

    There are sync videos that are actually good, go watch those they put time into it.

    • SoariN
      SoariN  Year ago

      I actually agree! Some are amazing! But the thing is they don't really take that much time to make, like overlaying a video with some music isn't that difficult...

    • [RS]Obsidium
      [RS]Obsidium Year ago

      GD Arcade Like none. The only thing he has to do is steal gameplay and put music over it. A 5 year old could make those videos.

  • Judd Greene
    Judd Greene Year ago

    virtual boy confirmed 2:52

  • Judd Greene
    Judd Greene Year ago +1


  • ElectroManiac
    ElectroManiac Year ago +1

    so you are nerrerating while playing?

  • First Element
    First Element Year ago +3

    He is cool guy xD

  • Breezi
    Breezi Year ago +8

    This guy is the fucking MrGear of Geometry Dash

  • SparkZ GD
    SparkZ GD Year ago +1


  • Lê Quân
    Lê Quân Year ago +56

    Actually good content.
    Unlike Jhostlyn Sanchez...

    • Xeph
      Xeph Year ago +1

      MiKha .-.

    • CaJun B34ts
      CaJun B34ts Year ago

      Really, the only good stuff he uploads are some level playthroughs, but you can find them anywhere. Everything else isn't worth your time.

    • Lê Quân
      Lê Quân Year ago +3

      Weeabootrash 101 Then don't ever check his channel out. It's not worth your time.

    • coolssh3
      coolssh3 Year ago

      Jhostlyn Sanchez? Never heard of him.

    • Mikhail Platinov
      Mikhail Platinov Year ago +3

      I wanna kms when I hear "I said meow" again... This is so cringy

  • Marka Var
    Marka Var Year ago +22

    lmao agreed, i saw 1 retarded faggot sync a song with geometrical dominator, more than half of the used to ,,sync" song was late for like 20 seconds, BOOOOOOOOOOOOi if u make dem vids about shit and waste my precious time im going to find your nan and insert a fucking rocket down her eye, miss me with that gay shit nigga git the fuck out of here

    • TheButterCrossiantGuy
      TheButterCrossiantGuy Year ago

      like if you're making a geometry dash sync video at least have the drop sync with the level for example blast processing in dead locked and dead locked in blast processing they both sync

    • ToshDeCamerz
      ToshDeCamerz Year ago

      Marka Var 🕴🏼

  • NebbyNeb :D
    NebbyNeb :D Year ago +1


  • NorLaux
    NorLaux Year ago +2

    Hi I love your vids keep up the good work

  • Zarif Riaz
    Zarif Riaz Year ago +37

    Agreed 100%