BTS' most absurd moments reaction (crackhead behaviour) // ItsGeorginaOkay

  • Published on Nov 6, 2018
  • In this video I react to BTS' most absurd moments
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Comments • 95

  • Albert Almario
    Albert Almario 10 months ago

    BTS go go 😉😉😉

  • 팟전
    팟전 Year ago

    곰돌이 귀엽네요 ^^*

  • 김속리산땡초

    😀 ㅋᆞㅋ유투버펜이 이런영상
    을어디서구했대?BTS.💜 💜💜

  • Taeangel xoxo
    Taeangel xoxo Year ago

    whos your bias?

  • army army
    army army Year ago

    I love your black hair it's so beautiful

  • Flutter Days
    Flutter Days Year ago

    I finally found someone with the same name as me!

  • MissGally MSP
    MissGally MSP Year ago

    When THEY go into S market thats in Finland 🇫🇮 where i live

  • 치킨냉면조아

    0:02 너무 귀여워ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  • KrisPAINT
    KrisPAINT Year ago +1 Mr, WOrldWide HANDSOME in HERE look !!

  • Kaye Cabatbat
    Kaye Cabatbat Year ago

    Black is actually my fave hair color on you 💖

  • Lauryn Rodriguez
    Lauryn Rodriguez Year ago +2

    You should watch the Blackpink members individual moments I think about. They are really good and they are compilation videos for you to watch!!!

  • monika krell
    monika krell Year ago

    Dont forget to Watch Jungkook and Charlie Puth singing together at MGA 2018 and Fake Love

  • MelanieStan Crybaby

    "My question is why does he have 2 toothbrushes"
    Girl I have 5

  • Ana Stanojevic
    Ana Stanojevic Year ago

    yess i love bv 1 so much,, it sucked that joon had to go but it's just the fact that they came to europe and they were so close to where i'm from (thousands of miles away but still closer than ever lol) and i knew what the heck was going on hhh but bv 3 is a close second

  • Yoonrose _ARMY
    Yoonrose _ARMY Year ago

    The moment when you are ready for the drop, but it never starts😂😅😂 12:03
    your reaction was so cute😄😙

  • Sabrina Floris
    Sabrina Floris Year ago

    Black is back.

  • 김니니
    김니니 Year ago

    Black hair so beautiful 😍

  • Suga’s Sugar
    Suga’s Sugar Year ago

    That is such a mood-

  • Suga’s Sugar
    Suga’s Sugar Year ago

    O w o
    I have two toothbrushes- one with a soft and one with a rougher brush-

    BUNGS GAMING Year ago +2

    React to WASTE IT ON ME BTS

  • Funny bee240
    Funny bee240 Year ago

    That show you haven’t watched is called the boss is watching

  • 민옵리
    민옵리 Year ago

    You actually look amazing in whatever hair color you have: brown or blonde or black but I hope you avoid dyeing it too much since it can lead to damage but I think you're maintaining it well so just do you 😂😂

  • Utirah Dorasamy
    Utirah Dorasamy Year ago

    React to GOT7 Jackson Wang new mv

  • JessieRosa99
    JessieRosa99 Year ago

    Airplane pt.2 official mv, japanese version is out!

  • Zeina Ian
    Zeina Ian Year ago

    12:05 okay that oh was so adorable.

  • Alisha H
    Alisha H Year ago

    link to the jumper?

  • Shownuz_ Back
    Shownuz_ Back Year ago

    I feel that you look better as a blonde but I think that's cuz I'm used to seeing you that way bit you still look BEaTuTIfUll

  • Mea Jess
    Mea Jess Year ago

    You should watch Stray Kids

  • lisa stohr
    lisa stohr Year ago +1

    " e v e r y c r e v i c e "

  • Toowice
    Toowice Year ago

    omg you’re such an iconic queen 😩 love ur hair 💗🖤

  • YuqiBean •
    YuqiBean • Year ago

    I love your black hair it's so pretty I'm glad it was brought back ❤

  • Jimin-ssi
    Jimin-ssi Year ago +3

    I like how your eyes are popping with black hair, I can’t have black hair cause my nose becomes bigger - seems like it hahaha

  • brielle
    brielle Year ago


  • Mohammed islam
    Mohammed islam Year ago

    U need to react to waste it on me..

  • Christian Paredes
    Christian Paredes Year ago +10

    I know she has said it before but I didn't know. Why does she not react to EXO? Just curious.

    • Zeina Ian
      Zeina Ian Year ago +13

      Some of their fans were rude in the comments when she did reactions to them.

  • Tenzin wangchuk
    Tenzin wangchuk Year ago

    Even my hair too black... Coz its simple n decent, which is perfect on you...

  • Bangtan kookie
    Bangtan kookie Year ago +3

    Will you react to Airplane pt2 mv or did you already watched it

  • Vitor Hugo
    Vitor Hugo Year ago

    Linda ^-^

  • Sin Bane
    Sin Bane Year ago

    wheres the sweater from

  • Aisulu Abdykeeva
    Aisulu Abdykeeva Year ago

    Good hair color black 👍👍👍

  • Mya Sanchez
    Mya Sanchez Year ago

    Please react to Jungkook x Charlie MGA performance!❣

  • Mia Hardtke
    Mia Hardtke Year ago

    I ship Georgina and Namjoon so much omg 😂😂. Btw thank you so much, I found BTS just by watching your videos so thanks, love you ❤

  • Telepathy97
    Telepathy97 Year ago +3

    That show you were wondering about is called 'The Boss is Watching' and it was really good ^_^

  • Heaven
    Heaven Year ago

    You should to more mamamoo videos. Their crack videos are always so funny

  • fan ker
    fan ker Year ago

    my hair is black 😂😂😂😂😀 that's make my day girl😁

  • MadBalalaika
    MadBalalaika Year ago

    Because of you I now want to watch the 1st season of BV too. :""))
    Idk, there's something about it, like... In Russian, we have a word ламповый. It means something very homelike and cozy, something that makes you curl up in a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa. Idk, it probably doesn't make sense, but yeah. :"D

  • JessieRosa99
    JessieRosa99 Year ago

    Hey Georgina, if u happen to see this than I recommend u react to "BTS collab with Charlie Puth in the GMA's"

  • Lauren Everitt
    Lauren Everitt Year ago

    How do you find bon voyage or what do you watch it on. Thank you 💜

  • bangtan's galaxy
    bangtan's galaxy Year ago

    hi could you please react to the airplane pt.2 mv !! by the way you look so pretty with black hair ahh ✨💓

  • Palwasha
    Palwasha Year ago

    The show at 3:15 is called "the boss is watching" ill give you the links for it with english subs, its not on youtube, but it is on dailymotion : - part 1 - part 2 - part 3
    12:04 - that was EXACTLY me and i also thought that taehyung hit his head on that ramp :(

  • Tom
    Tom Year ago +1


  • Maria Wallwitz
    Maria Wallwitz Year ago +4

    You look amazing with black hair

  • Shraddha J
    Shraddha J Year ago +4

    1. You dislocated your knee while dancing to fire?!
    2. you are so beautiful
    3. Love your reactions❤💜

    • Miranda Stephens
      Miranda Stephens Year ago +1

      I PurpleYouTaehyung yep towards the beginning of her being an army i think

  • 김zeus
    김zeus Year ago


  • fanisha ishaak
    fanisha ishaak Year ago +2

    Can you pls react to "jinmin friendship" by squishy min yoongi?

  • moreu gesseo
    moreu gesseo Year ago

    Like many people mentioned I think that you should react to the performance of BTS and Charlie Puth, as well as airplane pt.2 japanese version. If you want any more reccommendations then I'd say Yes or Yes by Twice (even though ik you're not a fan of cutesy stuff) and La Vie En Rose by Iz*One (it's their debut song)

  • NO 4K JUST 3D
    NO 4K JUST 3D Year ago

    Please react to hobgoblin mv by an underrated kpop group called clc
    It was their first badass song and mv and the beat drop is great!
    I think you'll like it if you like strong badass concepts

  • hattivatti
    hattivatti Year ago +4


  • A Cup Of Tae
    A Cup Of Tae Year ago +1

    Woho! I love your reactions, they are really honest and you genuinely love BTS. I love that about you. We 💜 You!

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover Year ago +1

    nice hair, but your eye blush(? - sorry, guy here) is very pretty