How the U.S. Stole a Soviet Nuclear Submarine?

  • Published on Oct 12, 2018
  • Project Azorian, a dark CIA secret to steal sunken soviet nuclear submarine during cold war. Soviet submarine K-129 carrying nuclear-armed ballistic missiles with entire crew got lost. Central Intelligence Agency agreed to find the vessel to get intelligence on Soviet strategic capabilities. Most secret mission of cold war-era with footage is included in our history documentary.
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Comments • 57

  • Shifttube
    Shifttube 8 months ago

    no a russian on the usa shit recoving the sub is the 1 who try to sabatage the usa by relasing the claw holding up 1 section of the sub

  • Shifttube
    Shifttube 8 months ago

    How did they get out the sub with out the usa seeing them??

  • Luke Warm
    Luke Warm 9 months ago

    it was a diesel electric submarine, though it might have had nuclear weapons onboard ? I'm glad they stole it was they stole the atomic bomb data and the 8-29 bomber from the U.S. ...and that is just a start.

  • Kumar Trendzz
    Kumar Trendzz 10 months ago

    It was nvrtolen lie

  • yveslo lou
    yveslo lou Year ago

    If any vessel is abandon in international water it becomes fair game for anybody to take so it was nothing stolen here

  • Mi_69_ck 01
    Mi_69_ck 01 Year ago

    Hahahaha yeh im sure they didnt return, no intel there.

  • Russell K. Bonney

    Most of it fell back down as it was coming up.

  • No Spam
    No Spam Year ago

    And the USSR never thought to find their sub and blow it to pieces!

  • jerry umfress
    jerry umfress Year ago

    The sub suffered from the same problems that USS Scorpion and Thresher suffered from. ...too much WW2 technology still incorporated in a supposedly advanced nuclear powered boat.

  • Lee Mullen
    Lee Mullen Year ago

    I remember reading an article in either Popular Mechanics or Popular Science magazine about Howard Hugh's plan to build the Glomar Explorer years before its real purpose was revealed.

  • David Reynoso
    David Reynoso Year ago

    Well done USA. ..

  • aubi faedra
    aubi faedra Year ago

    USA Globally acknowledged scum. Shows how disrespectful America is, robbing graves~ cant get much lower than that.

    • Walter Hailey
      Walter Hailey Year ago

      aubi faedra What's a Tomb Raider? every country has them...

  • Tru fact earth
    Tru fact earth Year ago

    Every one knew the Russian was the first nation to lunch the human and satellite to space. the Five Eyes Nations together copied and reverse engineering better then, also few people knew that the WWII was won first by the Russian ,but provided techs form the 5 eyes nations....

  • The Last Conqueror

    I read The Taking of K129, it was a really good book.

  • ObjectivelyInoffensiveUsername

    Stolen? I thought they were communists, they shouldn't have any concept of property. Clearly the US needed it more, so that's who should have gotten it.

    • Walter Hailey
      Walter Hailey Year ago

      BobsAndVegane : don't be fooled we got what we wanted and went back for what we missed. They had no idea until we let them in on it way later..and just to cover future leaks and show some good faith.half told the truth.. they still can't touch what's left down there..The russians got played on that old rope a dope mining expedition companies trick..just like they played us sneaking those missiles into Cuba..and there was talk for awhile not all left Cuba hidden mountain caves might have some capable medium range 300 milers who knows...they on both sides lie...Space is already armed wether there's a treaty or not...

  • lobo de la suerte
    lobo de la suerte Year ago +2

    great cold war story.howard hughes even gets involved.

  • GrizzledGhost
    GrizzledGhost Year ago

    Were any conclusions drawn as to the cause of the sub's loss? The animation gives the impression that the aft section separated from the main body of the sub.

  • Anlushac11
    Anlushac11 Year ago +8

    Only a no tech person would consider salvaging parts of a modern Soviet nuclear sub insignificant. I bet they spent years studying metallurgy, Soviet welding techniques to get insight on how the Soviets thought, operated and, and put their subs togehther, real crush depth info, etc.

  • David Gray
    David Gray Year ago

    you me the Globmar explorer back in the 70's? Old news US cold was History.

  • John Krivokapic
    John Krivokapic Year ago

    Finders keepers losers weepers.

  • Stefan Creciunas
    Stefan Creciunas Year ago

    Rusia ar face orice. Nu te mai ascunzi pe fundul mari. Penultima data când s-au ascuns au avut probleme.

  • David Boudreau
    David Boudreau Year ago +15

    We didn't STEAL it! Sean Connery gave it to the Baldwins.

  • Christopher Montoya
    Christopher Montoya Year ago +17

    This is extremely old news & if China or Russia was able to do this they would not hesitate , Don’t be a hater just because you haven’t been able to do the same...... just for the record the United States did not steal anything United States we covered a derelict and sunken vessel from the bottom of the ocean which is completely legal under international maritime recovery laws......

    • Scott Fuller
      Scott Fuller Year ago

      Christopher Montoya .......No such thing exists in International Maritime Law.....No nation is legally entitled to disturb touch, recover or otherwise salvage a sunken military item, submarine/aircraft/missile etc......especially if they have human need to READ the International Law of The Sea......!

    • geo A
      geo A Year ago +1

      Stupid people, there are no rules on a war

    • Greg Menego
      Greg Menego Year ago

      @Bee be Cee
      Like all the 3rd. Reich loot stolen during WW2

    • Bee be Cee
      Bee be Cee Year ago

      The right thing to do is to return it to the rightful owner.

  • Raimundo Nonato Justino da Costa

    Vielen Dank! 🙌💖

  • Peter
    Peter Year ago

    That was naughty. Hope you returned one of your used in its place. . Exchange is no robbery and hopefully apologies with FREE SEASON TICKETS TO DISNEYLAND ?

    • charles hedberg
      charles hedberg Year ago +1

      No give em tickets to the lakers.that should really make em happy huh!...

  • Joe Rhodes
    Joe Rhodes Year ago +7

    At a guess, Anderson was paid by the CIA to write the story and claim the operation a failure. Having even a piece of a current Soviet sub would tell a lot about the design and engineering of the entire sub and how it compared to ours.

    • Stanley Jedrzejczyk
      Stanley Jedrzejczyk Year ago +3

      Naah. Anderson wrote his smear column because he was a Communist who hated America, anyway.

  • Mark Thompson
    Mark Thompson Year ago +6

    The Glomar Explorer, an alleged mining ship built by the billionaire Howard Hughes. They didn't get the Russian sub as planned as it broke up. The piece they did get didn't amount to much. Watch the video called Blind Mans Bluff or read the book. Explains a lot.

    • tegunn
      tegunn Year ago

      Of course that's what they say. I'd like to see the piece that fell should still be down there..

    • Kartoshka
      Kartoshka Year ago +1

      Mark Thompson The C.I.A. was probably interested in retrieving not only documents, schematics, and notes... they were interested in the nuclear missiles design about its advantages and its flaws
      something makes me think they cut and dumped the mid section after they acquired at least one of the nukes as a ploy to throw people off from the 'success'

    • charles hedberg
      charles hedberg Year ago +1

      Beside what a bullshit headline you think.US steals USSR sub. Major point here is it is called ( 1 ) Salvage .it is non-operational.a sunken sub on the bottom of the ocean .the Soviets gave up on it .& it is not declare a war grave so guess who the hell wrote the headline here and what the hell are they implying. fucken commie loving jackasses....
      They should look up the rules of the Salvage of the ocean( 2 )is in US Waters off the coast of Hawaii

    • charles hedberg
      charles hedberg Year ago +1

      Only gose to show that theres always a traitor in the bunch. a rotten bunch of people. must be a Democrat or rhino somebody sure as hell spelled to beans you ever notice that when the CIA discloses anything it does to the senate or congress all sudden the news gets all of it. Treasonous & Traitorous, the reason why this happens becuase no body ever does anything to them divulges classified information if you would take these bastards out and hang them in public .but all they do is put them in jeil when they catch em for a couple months and let em write a book either way they come out smalling like a rose & wealther to...& to this country's enemy's a hero to their cause fucken commies......

  • Sophia Hayden
    Sophia Hayden Year ago

    How they stole my country's submarine. We seal you

    • charles hedberg
      charles hedberg Year ago

      To your dont have to steal Salvage is there for the taking anybody can have it after it is abandoned for the country that owned it.& your rusting subs that are slowly sinking at there Morris next to the dock when they are going critical that is definitely your problem just cleaning up you'll have a larger mess then Chernobyl to clean there is 13 Subs just in that one spot that we're halfway sunk you figure 13 reactors going new nuclear

    • charles hedberg
      charles hedberg Year ago +1

      We did steal Salvage Steel besides we don't need any Rusty submarines in your dry docks you're sitting around Rusting way already waiting for the little reactors to go trinoble on them .they'll have a hell of a mess waiting to get cleaned up i dont think President Putin has enough money to clean all that mess up are there radioactivity that will happen on the docks the CIA has it that there's over 35 nuclear subs standing rusting away that are highly radioactive & deadly to go around.that are contaminating the immediate area already...

    • charles hedberg
      charles hedberg Year ago +1

      How can you call stealing something when you say your country looked for it and gave up.right! Then that sub that is junk at the bottom of the ocean it sure as hell non-operational wouldnt you say. It is referred to in the court system as( Salvage) anybody Cuba, China the US can declare it as Salvage and and collect it if they so choose it is not a wargrave because the last we were not at of yet so why was a USSR sub in US waters??The US has water rights 200 miles off its coasts was the sub trying to provoke a international incident???.....

  • miodrag perisic
    miodrag perisic Year ago

    cold war maybi britain submarine provoke

  • joe Recto
    joe Recto Year ago +14

    It is NOT theft or robbery. It was a salvage op. The Soviets had no clue as to the location of their sub, and abandoned the search for it.
    I remember seeing the ship leaving S.F. Bay. It was awesome.

    • joe Recto
      joe Recto Year ago

      @Dejan Santic I would like to see your evidence to support your claim.

    • Dejan Santic
      Dejan Santic Year ago

      The Soviets had no clue.....but americans knew where it was???how??cos they sunk it......

  • MadeInCCCP
    MadeInCCCP Year ago +3

    In Soviet Russia, submarine steals YOU

    C0LDBR3Z3HD Year ago +9

    How about a commentary on the next video? Tired of reading. Just do it please!

    • tegunn
      tegunn Year ago

      With one of those computer voices? No thank you...just learn to read.

    • Evan Faraday
      Evan Faraday Year ago +1

      You can't read?

    • Mark Landrebe
      Mark Landrebe Year ago