LOKI | 2019 Marvel Comic Con Panel (Tom Hiddleston)


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  • wishious
    wishious 4 days ago

    Not gonna lie, I barely heard what he said. Was too busy watching his hand in his pocket 🙈

  • Loki Lvr
    Loki Lvr 13 days ago +1

    They better not kill him off for real this time!

  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith 14 days ago

    I want to see Loki appear in Love an Thunder and kill Valkyrie and Jane Foster. Thank You very much.

  • P Lestrange
    P Lestrange 17 days ago +1

    Favourite character oh my gosh. He deserves so much & im so glad loki & tom are getting a tv show!! Beyond excited!! And can't wait!! Love hearing tom talk too omg

  • jess
    jess 22 days ago

    That music that plays when Tom walked on stage is that gonna be the theme song cause i REALLY hope it is

  • America’s A**
    America’s A** Month ago

    Omg he wore the same clothes when he was with Lizzy in that same place

  • John Mendenilla
    John Mendenilla Month ago +1

    He was born to that role God of Mischief 👏

  • karin tomčányová

    I wanna know if Thor will be there.... i want to see his reaction to alive Loki......can't wait till 2021.

  • Молли Бессер

    It won't leave me alone...
    Time's gone, Stark's daughter has grown up and pretty,she's trying to live her life. Loki,after many curved moments of his own, appears on Earth for any purpose, maybe to get help for brother, even knowing terranian won't easily believe him, but the need is overally great, no matter what. And falls in love instantly, inspite of all his "to love mortal is a useless game, 100 is nothing compared to bla bla". And as long as he s an egoiste, he steel her to try to.. prolong her life by any magical means and to persuade her, but she refuses, and finally he sets her free, 'cause love the greater improvementor, even than sufferings. And she comes back and all seems normal, the remnants of A team help Thor at any place in universe, but any enemy - free reign, screenwriters - uses this opportunity. Stark's heiress disappears again, everybody accuses Loki, but he's desperate already, too, he tries to prove himself, and step by step they know what's really happened, then as usual, search, fight and win, everybody comes back to their right place, stark's heiress live her life on and got a boyfriend absolutely normal or quite opposite, desides to step on father's way, but still refuses that strange man, and Loki stays brokenhearted, and it will be a twoways go - becomes angrier with mortals in general and terranian in personal OR becomes softier. But all of that with a great sense of humor, not that pinky flaffy soapy, no way.

  • Grace Wang
    Grace Wang Month ago +1

    the only villain that I luvv d MOSTTTTTT!!!!!
    will he appear on Thor 4? *curious

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader Month ago +1


  • Lisa Ellis
    Lisa Ellis Month ago +1

    His , beautiful smile is back!

  • Mira Sofia
    Mira Sofia Month ago +2

    Don't get me wrong, I really like Loki and Marvel, but I can't shake the feeling that this man is wasting his talent.

  • Ack
    Ack Month ago

    There was a panel??
    Mother f u ck n h e l l
    Hhh this honestly epicc

  • Lady Loki
    Lady Loki Month ago +2

    Where’s the “my wife loves you” guy? That man was heaven sent!

  • Just Me
    Just Me Month ago +1

    I'm low key excited about the Loki series!!!!!!!!

  • Omega25
    Omega25 Month ago +2

    0:46 whoever got a hold of Tom’s hand is lucky

  • Anna Lane
    Anna Lane Month ago +3

    He is just a wonderful actor, I don't' normally go into the genres he acts in since he is so versatile, but I have been checking out the different films that he has been into.

  • Melted_ Marshmallow-M.M

    I saw Tom touch that person's hand,

    I'm pretty sure they're never wash it again
    Neither would I.... Never would I...

  • Miks Min23
    Miks Min23 Month ago +3

    Hessss freakin aliveeeeee 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Riyaad Khan
    Riyaad Khan Month ago +4

    I assure you brother. The sun will shine on us again.
    I’m not crying you’re crying

  • pintao _
    pintao _ Month ago +6

    Everyone is there just for him💖

  • elliott rourke
    elliott rourke Month ago


  • krizia fransaver
    krizia fransaver Month ago +2

    I LOVE YOU LOKI! 💝💝💝😍😍

  • Jashan Jotu
    Jashan Jotu Month ago +5

    some say iron man's casting is best i say loki's casting is the best

  • AnaxErik4ever
    AnaxErik4ever Month ago +5

    Ha ha ha, six years later, and he's back in the same place he appeared in for the live Loki introduction to Marvel's next movie line up. C'mon though, dying in Infinity War?! Even if I hadn't been spoiled that detail (Yup, I still haven't seen Infinity War and End Game.), I would know Loki could never truly die. Tricksters are always "dead" long enough to lull you into a false sense of security so they can pull the rug out from under you at that moment and laugh in your face as you scramble to your feet.
    Tom, thank you for doing this for your fans out in San Diego, and also for the millions of us who are watching this video around the world. You are worth all of the cheering and fanfare you receive, whether from Marvel fans or from other media.

  • Marcela Marsilli
    Marcela Marsilli Month ago

    Le pica algo en la pierna?

  • riya sethi
    riya sethi Month ago +3

    He was looking damn hottttttt

  • freiddys dy
    freiddys dy Month ago +1

    Y los subtítulos >:"v

  • Amirah Cooper
    Amirah Cooper Month ago

    th...thats all we get. I WANT A REFUND

  • Storytellermiller Miller

    So this is bittersweet because the Loki we saw grow and even sacrifice himself for his bother to Thanos doesn't exist anymore yet we get to see him go on another journey of growth. Yup bittersweet

  • Squicx
    Squicx Month ago +2

    that one guy that started the loki chant must be proud

  • Usagi Pinkdevil
    Usagi Pinkdevil Month ago +3

    i love his smile.

  • Barraq Sohail
    Barraq Sohail Month ago +3

    I love loki so damn much ! ❤❤❤❤

  • nitro.
    nitro. Month ago

    Is this series before Infinity War or after his death?

  • Mcbooger
    Mcbooger Month ago +5

    "YOUR SAVIOR IS HERE" should be the permanent Loki entrance

  • I LoveChristmas
    I LoveChristmas Month ago +6

    He's the best and he deserves all the love in the world. 😍😍😍💖💖💖

  • Marinelife7
    Marinelife7 Month ago +3


  • Yahirel Gonzalez-
    Yahirel Gonzalez- Month ago

    For some strangely, odd reason, the way Tom says ‘territory’, has me on my knees.

  • Thor odinson
    Thor odinson Month ago

    Omg yass0utsjdkgcmgckgdoydktkgc

  • Maria 1798
    Maria 1798 Month ago

    Tom my husband you looks amazing

  • Shan Fran
    Shan Fran Month ago +1

    Tom lo adoro tanto!😍
    Enserio me encantaría verlo como JB 007
    Pd: ese es el logo oficial de la serie? 😒🤦‍♀️

  • Macarena Viera
    Macarena Viera Month ago +3

    Loki my love😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍📿😍😍

  • Capitan Burger
    Capitan Burger Month ago +3

    Tom Hiddleston: Ehehehehe

  • Lisa Joanna
    Lisa Joanna Month ago +2

    they haven't even started production yet? I was thinking we would be seeing something pretty soon, since there have been talks about this series for a long time now.

    I'm too impatient for this!

  • Alma Allen
    Alma Allen Month ago

    Yo creí que estaba sub XD

  • Молли Бессер

    Tseems they have catched themselves in a loop - who will have thrown the crown in the fire, who will have helped the brother in many occasions, who will have become a proud loving brother, at last? Tom said the right thing - so far to go now once again. This seemed to be good idea to erase Loki from this existence, but escaping with tesseract almost in the beginning kinda ruined all the previous story, sorry.
    I MEAN, WE FANS WOULD HAVE BEEN SATISFIED JUST TO KNOW THAT THAT WAS FAKED DEATH AGAIN (I MEAN - FOR ODIN'S SAKE, he's an icegiant/yotunheimer/whatever, they don't normally just die like this), OR WITH THOSE TIMEJUMPS THEY COULD PREVENT IT ANYHOW, EVEN INCIDENTALLY... But filmmakers kinda fucked up logic, that's unbelievable...

  • Молли Бессер

    We're waiting, Loki, oh yeah we will be ))

  • Анька БарсЕгян

    His left hand 😂😂. All video I watched his hand. Tom is so excited and...

  • Назерке Машинасыбарова

    Как я скучала по Локи. Буду с удовольствием ждать сериал. Хоть это почти через два года. Даже если я за это время выйду замуж и рожу ребенка, я все равно буду с удовольствием ждать Локи 😍

  • Nastya Nastya
    Nastya Nastya Month ago


  • Amanda Nies
    Amanda Nies Month ago +3

    Tom is such a genuinely nice person. As talented as he is, he is also very sweet. Six years ago, when promoting "Thor: The Dark World", a young girl brought in a 220-year-old copy of Shakespeare's "Coriolanus" (he happened to be playing the title role at the time) and asked him to read a line out for the crowd. Not only did he do that, but he also signed the book for her and gave her a hug afterwards. It melted my heart.

  • Amanda Nies
    Amanda Nies Month ago +2

    The fan who he gave a handshake to probably fainted from joy. I would. He is such a sweet guy, and immensely talented.

  • Georgia Robbie
    Georgia Robbie Month ago

    Oh my god I love Tom so much! He is SO perfect.
    Loki has been my favourite Marvel character since 2011 and I really hope this show pays off for him. Even though I am very disappointed in the way that Loki was handled by Marvel these last 2 years. (Like the last good thing that happened to him was in 2017 in Ragnarok.) But that's beside the point. Even though I was upset and (sort of still am) about all of that. And at mostly the fact that he has to start his redemption all over again. I am still very excited to see what happens to him in this show. And I hope that we will get back the redeemed Loki that we all love. (Even though I still loved him when he was the villain :D) Because by God, he damn well deserves it and so does Tom. Bring back the God of Mischief that we all love.

  • Kapten Vågskum
    Kapten Vågskum Month ago +3

    It's 2AM and I'm chanting "LOKI LOKI LOKI".... LOKI LOKI LOKI

  • maki pizon
    maki pizon Month ago +1

    they should replace the font of the title. my 10 year old kid can create a better design than this. 😂

  • firaa shalkiaaa
    firaa shalkiaaa Month ago

    Why the fuck am i crying when tom appeard

  • RJ Deal
    RJ Deal Month ago

    My theory and big fear is that Loki did die at the end of Thor: the Dark World and was replaced by this space-jumping post-Avengers Loki who was on Svartalfheim and watched it happen. He realized that this was his opportunity to return to Asgard and overpower/banish/enchant Odin. It was that Loki that ruled Asgard for three years, matured, grew, and reconciled with Thor during Thor Ragnarok only to then really be killed by Thanos in Infinity War. I think that's why it seemed clear from Comic Con that Loki is definitely not in Thor: Love and Thunder. I really, really, really, really hope I'm wrong.

  • Doctor Weird
    Doctor Weird Month ago

    so they are using the 2012 version i wonder how that will correlate to the events to come

  • indira salsabilla
    indira salsabilla Month ago +2

    LOKI LOKI LOKI!!!! just let me be in that crowd