Where's Waldo 360

  • Published on Feb 29, 2016
  • Can you find him? Shot 100% on GoPro and stitched 100% with
    Kolor software.
    Watch how we made it: ru-clip.com/video/XMtUycyCy3s/video.html
    Wanna do VFX in 360? Check out Mettle's SKYBOX STUDIO. mettle.com
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  • King Mochi
    King Mochi 2 days ago +1


  • Charlie Peer
    Charlie Peer 3 days ago

    Why was this recommended

  • creator Space
    creator Space 7 days ago

    It's done well.

  • Trinston Michaels
    Trinston Michaels 8 days ago

    trinston was here

  • M Theory
    M Theory 8 days ago

    Only fuck this is the coolest shit RU-clip can offer! Why did you guys stop making these 360 ones?

  • Brainstormer623
    Brainstormer623 8 days ago

    "First Carmen Sandeigo and now Waldo?"

  • One Geode
    One Geode 11 days ago

    so fun lol

  • Shiina
    Shiina 12 days ago

    I deadass couldn't find Waldo without him revealing himself by running away in the end of each clip (and even some of them I didn't know where to see where he was running) 💀

  • xXNoob SlayerXx
    xXNoob SlayerXx 13 days ago

    144s challenge

  • Pau Pau
    Pau Pau 22 days ago

    Sorry, guys, but you will never really find me

  • Pau Pau
    Pau Pau 22 days ago

    Sorry, guys, but you will never really find me

  • keisha dye
    keisha dye 23 days ago

    This is a boy who's the girl profile I found Mario and toad

  • Kristian Pham
    Kristian Pham 24 days ago

    Is he in VR goggles

  • Kristian Pham
    Kristian Pham 24 days ago

    Is he is be googles

    • Kristian Pham
      Kristian Pham 24 days ago

      Shut up myself I need to fix my grammer

  • jacob and joey gameing


  • Trash
    Trash 28 days ago

    Where is my dad......

  • Srecko Filipovic
    Srecko Filipovic 29 days ago

    I comleted the task and found waldo

  • sad cat
    sad cat Month ago

    The russian

  • pizza time
    pizza time Month ago

    Why are the feds always after him

  • Lucas Bitencourt
    Lucas Bitencourt Month ago


  • Hmongyaj1980
    Hmongyaj1980 Month ago

    3:02 hey I think I actually have been there enforce at L.A.

  • Un!tÿ Stüff
    Un!tÿ Stüff Month ago

    Yeah apple store

  • ItsHugo453 xD
    ItsHugo453 xD Month ago

    Is los Santos gta 5!

  • unicorn squad
    unicorn squad Month ago

    This was so cool!!

  • Galaxykid 6542
    Galaxykid 6542 Month ago

    Thats cool

  • Pau Pau
    Pau Pau Month ago

    -I can't find myself
    -That's the idea, Waldo

  • ToXic SmOke
    ToXic SmOke Month ago

    Im from England and we call it where's wally

  • Munakas Pelaaja
    Munakas Pelaaja Month ago

    this is awesome

  • Spiderman
    Spiderman Month ago

    It's "Where's wally, not where's waldo!!

  • Jerb J
    Jerb J Month ago

    In england it is where’s wally

    DON VAN Month ago

    Why is there a huge man in the distance???? Rofl

  • orangeapples
    orangeapples Month ago

    So much secrets i love it lmao

  • Qui gon Jinn
    Qui gon Jinn Month ago

    Weres harry

  • TTV Cavez
    TTV Cavez Month ago

    Not gonna lie when I first clicked I thought I was watching someone play

    ASTRO REMIX Month ago

    2:34 look at the sun

  • Chavdar
    Chavdar Month ago

    Found em

  • duru celestine
    duru celestine Month ago

    My best is 2160s quality

  • c.lvssicpea
    c.lvssicpea Month ago

    1:37 theres a guy on the building :)
    also in the first and second theres a guy doing magic on the road

    • Good Ninja
      Good Ninja Month ago

      classicqrvntt it’s the guy from the room the “oh hi mark “ meme

  • Dá Bros
    Dá Bros Month ago +1

    Wer is Waldoo?

  • MCA Studios
    MCA Studios Month ago

    This is actually fun to watch while dragging my finger across my phone screen

  • Yalfi
    Yalfi Month ago

    Dude I actually choked when i saw travolta in ghe roof top

  • Gonzalo Android
    Gonzalo Android Month ago

    And at the second one i found mario waldo friendly giant dinky wizard and waldo but who is professor pizza

  • Gonzalo Android
    Gonzalo Android Month ago

    Found mario portal boy waldo and a ufo at the first one

  • Mr Panda
    Mr Panda Month ago

    i like this

  • Saitama
    Saitama Month ago

    1:59 UFO!!

  • creator Space
    creator Space Month ago

    We made it well.

  • Benedict Schaubmar
    Benedict Schaubmar Month ago

    You stole that from a German RU-clip Channel 🤨😡

  • The Rev
    The Rev Month ago

    found him at 00:12

  • marlene banday
    marlene banday Month ago +1

    2:14 100% realistic wizard but still better than I could do

  • cookies.dll
    cookies.dll Month ago +1

    Am I fucking retarded? I seriously, honestly, didn't see him a single time.

  • Jevil The Jevil
    Jevil The Jevil Month ago

    Gta 5 broski

  • RAZOR Studios
    RAZOR Studios Month ago

    2:42 thats creepy

  • RAZOR Studios
    RAZOR Studios Month ago


  • Indiana Nói
    Indiana Nói Month ago

    This is hard while laying in bed

  • Darwin42 Official Channel

    His name is Wally not “Waldo”

  • Wittzzz
    Wittzzz Month ago

    1:14 I was more bothered by the couple trying to figure out what this camera is

  • LucasFTW
    LucasFTW Month ago

    Waldo?? i thought it was Wally

  • C Storm
    C Storm Month ago

    2160 S? *what*

  • Ruby Bandana
    Ruby Bandana Month ago

    I saw mario

  • DAVE? Official Fanpage
    DAVE? Official Fanpage 2 months ago

    At 1:00 there was an explosion, what’s up with that