17 Bizarre Things Found On Google Earth

  • Published on Nov 16, 2016
  • Top 17 Most Bizarre Images Found on Google Earth! SUBSCRIBE Here: bit.ly/2aScxnD With the amount of photograph’s taken to cover the planet it’s not surprising that from time to time something odd is discovered! Here are 17 Really Bizarre Things Found On Google Earth!
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Comments • 120

  • dylpyl
    dylpyl 2 years ago

    Algee? Are you fucking illiterate? Jesus Christ learn to pronounce words correctly.

  • brookie cookies lps mangle

    you copied somone

  • Sabrina Sinclair
    Sabrina Sinclair 2 years ago

    ghostkill2525 it's gravity falls... The feels...

  • Connor C
    Connor C 2 years ago

    Aircraft is all aluminum u fucking idiots

  • microbusss
    microbusss 2 years ago

    the Pink Bunny is no more
    it has decomposed

  • ßlackßean8.
    ßlackßean8. 2 years ago

    where is Holga

  • MyShadowWatcher
    MyShadowWatcher 2 years ago

    I live in Alberta, literally three hours from the Badlands, how did I not know about this?!

  • Gamer: 76
    Gamer: 76 2 years ago


  • Okay Then
    Okay Then 2 years ago +1

    coco-cola should get a fine for the bottles

  • Rose Blight
    Rose Blight 2 years ago

    Tonopah test range is actually miles from the city of Tonapah, NV. and was home of the Stealth Fighter (I have a silver coins to prove it).

  • Duckier Future67
    Duckier Future67 2 years ago

    Guys in canada in alberta I went there and I said mom look it looks like a first nation

  • Deadow
    Deadow 2 years ago

    Scientology is very bad kids -_-

  • Below May
    Below May 2 years ago


  • speedy jay
    speedy jay 2 years ago

    #15 reminds me of the graveyard in unwind

  • Mayonaka The Saiyan
    Mayonaka The Saiyan 2 years ago

    I like your voice

  • payton hankins
    payton hankins 2 years ago +1

    I'm terrified I'm from Az and I know EXACTLY where Surprise is

  • Easton W
    Easton W 2 years ago

    Suddenly I find myself going to Walmart on Google Maps

  • ChasmaHyena
    ChasmaHyena 2 years ago

    wtf is lancel doing here

  • Tannisha MacKenzie
    Tannisha MacKenzie 3 years ago

    I seen the badlands guardian

  • Benny Chalker
    Benny Chalker 3 years ago


  • Benny Chalker
    Benny Chalker 3 years ago

    Illuminati confirmed

  • Alligator Urine
    Alligator Urine 3 years ago +1

    5:04 its illuminati dumby

  • Evan K.
    Evan K. 3 years ago

    Davis Monthon Air Force Base is in Tucson, Arizona. I live super close to it. So cool.

  • Salty Butter Biscuit
    Salty Butter Biscuit 3 years ago

    Mitskuni would be loosing his mind

  • CPS London
    CPS London 3 years ago

    Belsize? ..... should have said Belize !!

  • Hammad Mubarik
    Hammad Mubarik 3 years ago +1

    my name is hammad to

  • Pineapple Lover
    Pineapple Lover 3 years ago

    What is topless and bottom less


    • Rapnoc
      Rapnoc 3 years ago

      LoloGalactic Gîrł I dint get it,but im dying xD

  • Pineapple Lover
    Pineapple Lover 3 years ago

    Everyone knows that the triangle stands for illuminate. DUH!

  • Merge
    Merge 3 years ago

    Who remembers the opening which the "wacky Wednesday" voice

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 3 years ago

    Isn't that the same narrator that used to narrate top15s?

  • Vincent The Vince
    Vincent The Vince 3 years ago +3

    Me: DID YOU SAY GIANT BUNNY??? * looks at the picture * Me: its a giant usachan! * points to my face * You: WTF

  • Joshua
    Joshua 3 years ago

    lol ive seen the triangle on google maps before. i live in surprise az

  • Night Ember
    Night Ember 3 years ago +1

    OK where are all the giant cocks

  • Daniel Williamsin
    Daniel Williamsin 3 years ago

    The spirals a work of art

  • Goth Moth
    Goth Moth 3 years ago +2

    the pentagram is pagan not satanist or cult....

  • Apples756
    Apples756 3 years ago +1

    Where is the hamad

    • Duck Meat
      Duck Meat 3 years ago

      Apples756 I can't find HAMAD on google

  • Thomas The Memester McGee

    OK where is coronel ?? Fuckin click bait

    • Ryu Hacco!
      Ryu Hacco! 3 years ago +1

      ImpactEvilGaming Waldo AND Colonel Sanders both appeared in the thumbnail, imbecile...

    • ImpactEvilGaming
      ImpactEvilGaming 3 years ago

      Thomas The Memester McGee Waldo you dumbass

  • JAI Itachi chan
    JAI Itachi chan 3 years ago +1

    👽Phone home!!🕳🕳🕳Bottomless bottomless bottomless down down down where where where noone noone noone knows knows knows???🤔🤔🤔

    • JAI Itachi chan
      JAI Itachi chan 2 years ago

      Herman Lai I speak and write English fluently. This is just YOUR ASSUMPTION that I DON'T!! I'm Australian Born with Australian Parents. This is a form of bigotry and NOTHING to do with the actual video. This isn't my real name either.

  • Elemeno
    Elemeno 3 years ago

    499th like

  • Yuu Takemiya
    Yuu Takemiya 3 years ago +5

    The pentagram is just a symbol for a magick circle.

    • Henrik sundqvist
      Henrik sundqvist 2 years ago

      Shiro no Kenshin

    • Yuu Takemiya
      Yuu Takemiya 2 years ago

      @Henrik Sunqvist This I know

    • Henrik sundqvist
      Henrik sundqvist 2 years ago

      Shiro no Kenshin
      Pentagram? if it's circled Pentagram and white...It protects you wrom demons, ghosts and i heard it's to make rituals, like if you're possessed or an demon is hunting you. You need to know WHAT ritual are you making to expel the demons.

    • MrBeard17
      MrBeard17 3 years ago

      Im in it for the religious sex.

    • Lavar Ball
      Lavar Ball 3 years ago


  • hightechburrito 1
    hightechburrito 1 3 years ago +2

    4:37 "belsize"? it's pronounced 'bell-ease'

  • DaGameNerd
    DaGameNerd 3 years ago +57

    So...where's Waldo?

    • 2L of Regret
      2L of Regret 2 years ago

      Mekhi Halliday same in Australia

    • Mekhi Halliday
      Mekhi Halliday 2 years ago +1

      John Porter and in NewZealand we call it Wally

    • John Porter
      John Porter 2 years ago +1

      America call Wally, Waldo and U.K. Wally.

  • Sam Etzweiler McCloud
    Sam Etzweiler McCloud 3 years ago

    did this guy really pronounce Belize wrong

    • Jewþ25
      Jewþ25 3 years ago

      Sam Etzweiler welcome to belzize

  • AD-SD-vids and stop motion

    4 38
    bells eyes??
    its buh-leez
    why do british people never know how to pronounce things?

    • Stormstar AJ
      Stormstar AJ 3 years ago +1

      people can make mistakes.

    • Alicia Seecharan
      Alicia Seecharan 3 years ago +1

      The government is always looking at us.... We can't run. We can't hide.... AhhhhHHH!!!!

    • abbi martin
      abbi martin 3 years ago

      AD-SD-vids and stop motion its belzise duh not mean to sound rude (I'm from Britain) 👻👻

    • armweak13
      armweak13 3 years ago

      AD-SD-vids and stop motion , and he called the steppes in central asia "steeps"! I would think if one's job was narration, they would be able to read words properly.

  • lowkeynatalia
    lowkeynatalia 3 years ago

    there a google earth?

    • Ryu Hacco!
      Ryu Hacco! 3 years ago +2

      NataliaPlayz Google Earth is a software used to look around the world with the help of a satellite. If you're talking about another planet, no.

  • Chackbro1
    Chackbro1 3 years ago +1

    this is pretty awesome

  • Jaxson Davis72
    Jaxson Davis72 3 years ago

    there are probably a million Dickson on the ground on Google maps

  • Gry Svensson
    Gry Svensson 3 years ago +1

    Donald trump.

    • ImpactEvilGaming
      ImpactEvilGaming 3 years ago +1

      Gry Svensson HAHAHA your hilarious you fucking idiot

  • fear ha I laugh at fear
    fear ha I laugh at fear 3 years ago +3

    It isn't a pentagram it's a devil's trap

    • The Cubed
      The Cubed 3 years ago

      @CatBoy & BoneBoy's Official Channel!
      Colt. C-O-L-T. It's another Supernatural reference.

    • Ryu Hacco!
      Ryu Hacco! 3 years ago

      The Cubed cult.* A cult isn't a proper noun.

    • Shex Starh
      Shex Starh 3 years ago

      fear ha I laugh at fear

    • The Cubed
      The Cubed 3 years ago

      That's just where they put the Colt.

    • fear ha I laugh at fear
      fear ha I laugh at fear 3 years ago +1

      Joseph Stark i was making a supernatural reference. also I'm not into you I would not like to "make love" with you

  • oriana garrido
    oriana garrido 3 years ago +19

    From all the Bottomless things that are Bottomless.
    Nothing is more Bottomless than than the Bottomless Pit.

    Which of course is Bottomless.

    • ghostkill2525
      ghostkill2525 2 years ago +1

      oriana garrido hay is it really bottomless or is like that one episode of (something falls?)

    • Mabem Emolgan
      Mabem Emolgan 2 years ago +1

      *flashes back to gravity falls

      The feels

    • oriana garrido
      oriana garrido 3 years ago

      @CatBoy & BoneBoy's Official Channel! pfff..
      Maybe ...
      a Vulcan!

    • Ryu Hacco!
      Ryu Hacco! 3 years ago +3

      oriana garrido What on Earth could be topless? That's the real question.

  • LordOfYams
    LordOfYams 3 years ago +5

    "Number 7, North Korea"

  • ForkInTheRoad
    ForkInTheRoad 3 years ago

    You need to work on your Pronunciation.

  • Pasteloween
    Pasteloween 3 years ago

    I think your forgetting someone ~

  • iamdb1990
    iamdb1990 3 years ago

    4:38 said that wrong lol

    • armweak13
      armweak13 3 years ago

      iamdb1990 , don't forget the "steeps" of central asia.

    • iamdb1990
      iamdb1990 3 years ago +1

      algae wasn't as bad as whatever he was trying at 4:38... Belize/Belzize lol

    • ForkInTheRoad
      ForkInTheRoad 3 years ago +1

      He said A LOT of words wrong, Belize, Algae ect

  • Amjace
    Amjace 3 years ago +3

    Pls reply

  • Mike Ameltoe
    Mike Ameltoe 3 years ago

    I'm early asf.. let me tell a joke

    Read more

  • Affan Khan
    Affan Khan 3 years ago +4


  • GhostJacked
    GhostJacked 3 years ago


  • GhostJacked
    GhostJacked 3 years ago