Why YouTube Rewind 2019 is actually WORSE than 2018

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • It's pretty obvious when you think about it...

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  • Katie
    Katie 2 days ago

    I was watching old rewinds and 2019 is more similar to those. I felt so nostalgic watching 2011/2012 because I completely forgot the viral videos that were popular at that time. I actually liked 2019 but I think I will like it even more 10 years from now. I will say it could be more creative but at least there were creators I actually recognized this year.

  • Adam Janon
    Adam Janon 5 days ago

    The bad thing is that t series is on the music and not b**** lasagna mine all day or congratulations

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom 5 days ago

    Ok im 5 minutes into the video and i've gotten 5 ads so far. RU-clip is really pissing me off today.

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa 7 days ago

    I agree so much🙏 You just said everything i thought about that too

  • Rich Tritschler
    Rich Tritschler 8 days ago

    uh, youtube rewind 2019 only has 8.6M dislikes, not 199M.

  • Jose Pablo Vargas Guzmán

    They censored congratulations on music videos lol

  • SydneyRey
    SydneyRey 10 days ago

    im a new viewer to roomie so bare with me, but whats going on with his right eye? is it ok?

  • Memeos
    Memeos 11 days ago

    6:43 i agree

  • Danny Boi gaming and sports

    What’s worse:
    Rewind 2018: Like
    Rewind 2019: Comment

  • Briar Rose
    Briar Rose 12 days ago

    So passive-aggressive!

  • Q-Teb
    Q-Teb 12 days ago

    I didn't even have to watch the video to immediately like it

  • MarioPieAnimation 64
    MarioPieAnimation 64 13 days ago


  • Netflix Life
    Netflix Life 13 days ago

    Get the bts music director they make damn crazy music videos

  • Coal Varner
    Coal Varner 14 days ago

    Everyone in youtube rewind should collectively copyright strike youtube for just recycling their own clips for views, that would be so good and ironic ugh.

  • Burgundy Black
    Burgundy Black 14 days ago

    Idk why, maybe the accent... but roomie reminds me of a young Tobias Forge.

  • - ᴀᴘʀɪᴄᴏᴛ -

    dave’s face in the thumbnail is mood

  • Claire playz
    Claire playz 18 days ago

    Actually if RU-clip ranked most views then you would get This little girl (nightcore), angel with a shotgun (nightcore), Take a hint (nightcore) at the top. Do there would be no variety

  • Vlaroxe
    Vlaroxe 18 days ago

    Wtf i thought your friend was girl.
    Like if you have the same thought as me 😂

  • אליסה ריזקוב
    אליסה ריזקוב 19 days ago +3

    Honestly RU-clip just sound OFFENDED

  • TiagoTiago
    TiagoTiago 19 days ago +4

    On 18 they tried and failed, so on 19 they didn't even try

  • amoxley216
    amoxley216 19 days ago +2

    during youtube rewind 2018 i just cringed and disliked it
    during youtube rewind 2019 i had to fast forward it because it’s a damn list

  • Dead Man
    Dead Man 20 days ago +1

    I haven't watched any of the past RU-clip rewinds, but, even I can say this is boring.

  • Toaster Man8310
    Toaster Man8310 20 days ago

    I just like the 2018 rewind cringe

  • S A H A R
    S A H A R 20 days ago +1

    lets just all dislike rewind 2019

  • Elisa Grace
    Elisa Grace 20 days ago +1

    If you need to be told why it sucks, then you just hate it for the meme.

    DR MANHATTAN GAMING 21 day ago

    why is there a dude in a red wig in this video?

  • itsurhomie
    itsurhomie 21 day ago +1

    Really am i going to be the only guy to even touch on Dave's appearance?

  • Taupod
    Taupod 21 day ago

    Rewind 2018 made me care enough to at least push dislike.

  • Broken soul
    Broken soul 21 day ago

    RU-clip Rewind is as boring as an car ad for babys...
    They don't care and most of us don't care about Rewind

  • Spencer L
    Spencer L 22 days ago

    It was bad last year but at least they tried lmao

  • SophiaTDB // TheDoughnutBunny

    i was watching this w my little brother n he kissed the screen (on daves side) lmao

  • Mary Umanzor
    Mary Umanzor 23 days ago

    RU-clip: to get roomie pissed lets put Black Gryphone and not him. US:still 2019 rewind is horribable and boaring

  • Rosa Vela Carazas
    Rosa Vela Carazas 23 days ago +1

    I only realize what huge crush I have on Dave now, seeing him next to Roomie

    • itsurhomie
      itsurhomie 21 day ago

      I think you might be barking up the wrong tree

  • NOOB 2 PRO
    NOOB 2 PRO 23 days ago


  • alana penguin
    alana penguin 24 days ago +2

    I thought that the actual yt rewind was just the trailer for it until like half way through 😹

  • xXRafyGamingXx
    xXRafyGamingXx 24 days ago

    bitch shut the fuck up

  • Rieslynn Bernier
    Rieslynn Bernier 24 days ago

    What if no one wanted to be in it because 2018 was so bad

  • Rele Triin
    Rele Triin 25 days ago

    i think you tube rewind in 2020 is gonna e the worst

  • The Pizza Man
    The Pizza Man 25 days ago

    make it bad instead of differing from the norm

  • Zokora von Yensloh
    Zokora von Yensloh 26 days ago

    michelle khare did a yt rewind musical. It's pretty awesome

  • Random Person
    Random Person 26 days ago +1

    Im honestly kinda disappointed of 2019 rewind, because this year there are lots of good things happen that are (to me) very meaningful or memorable. Take Team Trees for example, they could hv done a included a bunch of RU-clip creates help planting trees in YT rewind

  • b00ger901
    b00ger901 27 days ago +8

    2019 wasn't that bad. It's the equivalent of staring at a black screen for 5 minutes.
    2018 made me want to bleach my eyes, do unmentionable things to my wirst and throat, and then proceed to leap from great heights into a vat of something that would cause sixth degree hospitalization.

    • Gotham COD Mobile
      Gotham COD Mobile 9 days ago

      Actually I loved this year's RU-clip Rewind. Maybe it's just me... Please don't "Ok Boomer" me😇

  • Son of Sun
    Son of Sun 27 days ago

    Ricegum is a scum, haha

  • MuscledGamer
    MuscledGamer 28 days ago +22

    I feel offended that everyone compared it to WatchMojo because _WatchMojo made a better RU-clip Rewind 2019_

  • BlueSlimeMC
    BlueSlimeMC 28 days ago

    They didn't put B lasagna in the most liked songs

  • Gr33ntimer15
    Gr33ntimer15 29 days ago

    next year the bigest youtubers should take over and make the rewind instead of letting youtube decide just becuse

  • Glaxel
    Glaxel Month ago

    Good Mythical morning started out with two people on a YT channel.

  • The Hoodie
    The Hoodie Month ago

    YoUtUbE In 2020 WiLl Be ThE BeSt YeAr CaUsE Of CoPa It WiLl Be OnLy CrInGe 1 YeAr OlD StuFf

  • Cate Raderer
    Cate Raderer Month ago

    Hate is closer to love than dispassion
    It’s easy to go from love to hate or hate to love than love to dispassion or dispassion to hate.

  • MrLeonLuffy
    MrLeonLuffy Month ago

    It should have been a decade rewind

  • mousey boi
    mousey boi Month ago

    That’s TOO many ad breaks

  • ShadowTheLight
    ShadowTheLight Month ago +1

    I think they said like because that is what their rating system is called.

  • KingPallace- roblox

    Begging-RU-clip rewind is boring


  • 先生CherryPepsi
    先生CherryPepsi Month ago

    They should let the actual creators that they are "supporting" make the rewind and not have swingset Susan's employees make them.

  • Cameron Pope
    Cameron Pope Month ago

    Roomie your just mad you weren’t in it

  • DaJaanichu
    DaJaanichu Month ago +1

    I think it's more suitable that it's boring. RU-clip rewind is a perfect representation of the way RU-clip works - the older rewinds were mashups filled with creators enjoying themselves, 2016-17s rewinds were memed on, after the demonetisation algorithm destroyed several loved channels and RU-clip received a load of backlash and hatred from it's own viewers, the 2018 rewind was just extremely disconnected from what a lot of viewers wanted to see, and 2019 is an unemotional compilation of statistics. Interpret that how you will.

  • Anime Nerd
    Anime Nerd Month ago


  • Derp Squirtle
    Derp Squirtle Month ago

    Conclusion , it's a statistic report inspired by watchmojo

  • AuRaZ_Yt
    AuRaZ_Yt Month ago

    hai monster eye

  • Kaede Ishimora
    Kaede Ishimora Month ago

    I Believe TGT had a Good take on the rewind in the fact they showed the Most popular games, and not Gamers.
    His whole video on the subject is fantastic.
    I truly can feel RU-clip ignoring Let's Players.
    Haven't been suggested ANY Commentators for a long time.. I have had to find New ones through people I am already currently watching or otherwise I will never find more. But I will get suggested everything else under the sun, especially things I am not interested in nor have shown interest in.
    My main form of entertainment is still and will always be Let's Players.