BTS Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

  • Published on May 18, 2018
  • BTS with the PPS, the puppies.
    These adorable puppies were provided by:
    The Vanderpump Dogs Foundation
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  • bloody face girl
    bloody face girl Hour ago +1

    3:31 just look at tae

  • Omar Wilson
    Omar Wilson Hour ago

    Kim Taehyung I love fashion
    Jeon Jungkook my passion
    Min yoogie puppy
    He looked so sad

  • Miyoung Kang
    Miyoung Kang Hour ago

    1:12 O wooooow pup-pees

  • Sam Oli
    Sam Oli 2 hours ago

    Taehyung offers the puppy to Jungkook
    Jungkook doesn’t want it
    Then Taehyung just puts the puppy on Jungkook’s lap

  • Beat 99
    Beat 99 5 hours ago

    V's face during the introduction🤣

  • Serenjiminty
    Serenjiminty 5 hours ago

    The thumbnail is everything 💜💜💜💜💜

  • Namjoon’s NamJuice
    Namjoon’s NamJuice 6 hours ago

    Umm guys idk but BTS is cuter than the puppies, umm so yeah🙃💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Megus Taelpan
    Megus Taelpan 6 hours ago

    BTS: 0:00

    COTIK LOVE 7 hours ago

    Собачкам повезло)

  • Garison Jones
    Garison Jones 7 hours ago

    I just came to say k-pop is bull crap 💩

  • Alma Rodriguez Castaneda

    No one:
    Literly no one:
    Like actually no one:
    Jin:My handsome face

  • Bts Army
    Bts Army 7 hours ago

    Yeontan is crying

  • Dawn Poog
    Dawn Poog 8 hours ago

    I like fashion I my passion my fashion I like my passion I like puppies Jimmy my eyes I like my life

  • Ria Cel
    Ria Cel 8 hours ago

    i love this so much🥰

  • feRnandHa gremOry
    feRnandHa gremOry 8 hours ago


    YERA BELTRAN 9 hours ago

    Que bellos! ❤️

  • rainbow cutie rainbow
    rainbow cutie rainbow 9 hours ago

    3:31 ahhhhh

  • rainbow cutie rainbow
    rainbow cutie rainbow 9 hours ago

    Love how rm is saying it in english and in korean for the rest of the members can understand


  • Belle Art and animation

    I'm just having flashbacks of my friend just talking about BTS

  • Jamaica Masian
    Jamaica Masian 10 hours ago

    Those puppies are dang luckyyy

  • LPS December
    LPS December 11 hours ago

    1:01 thank me later

  • abi :
    abi : 12 hours ago

    i just want someone to be as excited to see me as tae is when he sees the puppy pee pad :(

  • berenisse 93
    berenisse 93 12 hours ago

    Me parece que bts nunca tuvo perros

  • maurapukiki
    maurapukiki 12 hours ago +2

    are we gonna talk about the SOFT AND GENTLENESS that is jimin is in this video and his blissful face the way he holds the puppies i love him so much

  • Grace Hellen
    Grace Hellen 13 hours ago

    I love them ☺️

  • Jade R
    Jade R 13 hours ago

    Tae's so happy wiping the puppy's pee 🤣 haha so cute

  • Mochi Park
    Mochi Park 15 hours ago


  • Yin
    Yin 15 hours ago

    NAMJOON APOLOGIZED TO THE PUPPY!!!!! ThIs DuDe DeSeRvEs ThE wOrLd(all of the do)

  • nour black rose
    nour black rose 16 hours ago

    the white puppy really fell in love with taehyung so quickly

  • • LadyDance •
    • LadyDance • 17 hours ago

    0:09 *heart attack* ♥️

  • It's me Mariana
    It's me Mariana 17 hours ago +2

    Hey Jimin!
    You’re nice, keep going! ♥️🤣

  • †la diabla gamer chan†

    Cuando un perro tiene mejor suerte que tu :'v

  • solamente jenni
    solamente jenni 18 hours ago +2

    O:35 como cuando el perrito tiene más suerte que tú con v (tae)💛

  • Shweta Mehta
    Shweta Mehta 18 hours ago

    The puppies r having the best time

  • Moonlight Gurl
    Moonlight Gurl 18 hours ago

    even puppies peeing gets BTS attention..

  • BTS love
    BTS love 19 hours ago

    2:42 When the puppy runs away, it took the sad background music for V

  • BTS love
    BTS love 19 hours ago

    Don't fight DON'T FIGHT

  • Solbon Chimit
    Solbon Chimit 19 hours ago

    They're cheering for the puppy for peeing

  • jUnG sHoOk
    jUnG sHoOk 19 hours ago

    RM: I would tell myself to not make expensive girl

  • jUnG sHoOk
    jUnG sHoOk 19 hours ago

    I can’t tell you how much I have watched this interview

  • SomeNerdyGirl
    SomeNerdyGirl 20 hours ago

    This video is cuteness overload. I think I got a nosebleed

  • XxMelody_Nep Xx
    XxMelody_Nep Xx 20 hours ago

    Tae just loves everything 😂😍

  • ximena Jackson
    ximena Jackson 21 hour ago

    Awwwww is so cute bts end puppies 🤩🤩🤩

  • Miraí- chan
    Miraí- chan 21 hour ago +1

    Eles falam rápido pra caralho,mano amei amo vcs bjos

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow 22 hours ago


  • Roxy Guerrero
    Roxy Guerrero 23 hours ago

    Replay the beginning

  • DemonX Symmhail
    DemonX Symmhail 23 hours ago

    1:11 orgy?

  • Sofía montserrat Avila aguilar

    Jimin and dog jajajaj

  • Mapi *.*
    Mapi *.* Day ago

    Quédate con alguien que te mire como el perrito mira a Kookie 0:54

  • Rocky Jodecy
    Rocky Jodecy Day ago +5

    I just came for
    Suga: “I like puppy “
    Namjoon: I- ok He said he likes his puppies

  • Himawari Uzumaki

    They love puppies.
    I love them.

  • Lucia Helena
    Lucia Helena Day ago

    Amei sou army

  • Miu Miu YouTube
    Miu Miu YouTube Day ago

    No English is not hard too much but BTS is Korea so is hard!But I am in Serbia and English for me is not hard!Btw my dad teach me English and my brother too! Bye! I love BTS!

  • Marilu Garcia
    Marilu Garcia Day ago

    Y Jimmin no soltaba al cachorro

  • Anwar Mridha
    Anwar Mridha Day ago

    0:36 to 0:42 Taetae 😭❤

  • Rebecca Morrison BTS

    Suga. I like puppy

  • Anime 395017
    Anime 395017 Day ago +1

    When is PPS dropping their new album?

  • TeaDreams
    TeaDreams Day ago +1

    Hey Jimin you nice keep going

  • Francheska Russell

    Idiot bts joke

  • awsome emoji and donuts lover girl

    RM/Namjoon is always the translator

  • Deep Space Voyager

    Those Asians be like: Finally some snacks...

  • Carrot Tarrot
    Carrot Tarrot Day ago +1

    Dat puppy Jimin’s holding blends in with his outfit🤣

  • KK Malik
    KK Malik Day ago

    I know all the fangirls would be here.

  • Level9Gay
    Level9Gay Day ago +1

    *puppy pees on the floor*
    Jhope: COOL

  • Evelyn Garcia
    Evelyn Garcia Day ago

    Me to every cute thing i encounter 3:32

  • Zafiro Bb
    Zafiro Bb Day ago

    Like si te encanta ver cómo namjoon traduce de inglés a coreano 🤩🤩🥰😘

  • Kylie
    Kylie Day ago

    V: Fashion
    Jungkook: Passion
    Yoongi: I like pUpEe

  • Aisha Angel
    Aisha Angel Day ago

    3:30 best moment of my life

  • R C
    R C Day ago

    dog: *pees*
    bts: WOW

  • Mackenzie
    Mackenzie Day ago

    my day is not complete if I don't watch this video at least one time

  • Jasmine Kwong
    Jasmine Kwong Day ago

    Jin: my handsome face

  • Mariana letters
    Mariana letters Day ago


  • mariahxworld
    mariahxworld Day ago

    Y did i watch this 3 times inna row 😂❤️

  • Chocolate chipity Gacha

    The look on Tae's face made me so happy

    MARISA VENUTI Day ago +1

    1:17 V saying "HOW ADORABLE is so coot

  • Meme and TT TT
    Meme and TT TT Day ago +1

    Suga sounded like a robot a little bit and when Jin said he liked his handsome face there was a awkward silence.

  • Minzikook ;
    Minzikook ; Day ago

    o cachorro quando eles perguntaram qual sua musica favorita do album: nao entendi, vou me matar

  • Nicole Blythe Ignacio

    Bts + puppies=me dying of massive cutness overload

  • 갑분싸라따뚜이

    Btw to those wondering, “ sincerely, that couldn’t be delivered” is ‘the truth untold’ lol

  • siren
    siren Day ago

    aw shit here we go again, it's the 4565th time i watch this

  • predator cruz
    predator cruz Day ago +1

    3:53 V is so funny

  • Magsnmaisey
    Magsnmaisey Day ago

    Imagine yeontan watching this

  • sarah rodriguez
    sarah rodriguez Day ago +1

    1:01 "I Like puppy" :-)

  • Fatima Rashid
    Fatima Rashid Day ago +3

    Jungkook: just black-
    Taehyung: IM RED!!!
    Rm: red. Red??
    Jhope: yeah me too
    Taehyung and Jhope: *highfive*

  • Fatima Rashid
    Fatima Rashid Day ago +3

    Jimin: My eye-
    Jin: My handsome faceu~
    Everyone: - Awkward silence-
    Jhope:My lifeu
    Bruhhhh I LOVE THEM TO MUCH💕💕💕

  • disney channel
    disney channel Day ago

    oh dear god.

  • Indigo girl
    Indigo girl Day ago

    I want to be the puppy

  • BTS S.korea
    BTS S.korea Day ago

    대단하다 진짜

  • Melike Özkaya
    Melike Özkaya Day ago

    *hEy JiMiN, yOu’Re NiCe, KeEp GoInG*

  • Wynter Summer
    Wynter Summer Day ago

    "He says he like his puppies"

  • Zainab Aqeel
    Zainab Aqeel Day ago +4

    Jin:my handsome face

    *Everyone goes to silence*

    I LOVE U BTS💓💞💕💘

  • Jenny Haddad
    Jenny Haddad Day ago

    Jimin u sexy cuty lovely 😭💜

  • Lencie Wtf
    Lencie Wtf Day ago

    Taes reaction is so cute😭 0:02

  • Arabella Mei Allen

    V: Me,Fashion
    Jungkook: I like my passion
    Suga: I like puppy
    Jimin: My eyes
    Jin: My handsome face
    ... Awkward Silence...
    J-hope: I love my life

  • KatKatie Play Gacha

    Yeontan is probably still having a talk with that puppy V hold to this day

  • Kawaii Gacha wolf

    At 3:30 it’s funny how v tried to bite the puppy

  • Isha Srivastava
    Isha Srivastava Day ago

    2:44 V😍😍😍

  • WolfieChanz_Studio
    WolfieChanz_Studio Day ago +1

    It’s so adorable how Jimin’s doggie didn’t want to go and just went back to Jimin😭😍
    0:35 V and the puppy tho :D
    V is so cute saying "How adorable!!”
    2:43 V’s face is so cute when the puppy was running

    JISIKIN x Day ago +2

    Jhope : I love my... My life
    Me : WhY sO CUte