Disney's Frozen 2 Theories That Make So Much Sense

  • Published on Mar 2, 2019
  • These Frozen Theories About Anna And Elsa Change The Game
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    This year brings about two of the most hotly anticipated Disney movies of all time. Toy Story 4 hits theatres this summer, with Frozen 2 coming a few short months later in November. Ever since the first movie was released in 2013, Disney fans have been waiting patiently to see what Elsa and Anna get up to in the next instalment of the franchise. As soon as the second movie was announced, the internet has run wild with all sorts of theories, ranging from some downright bizarre ideas to some genuinely plausible plot lines that Disney writers themselves would be proud of. Grab the popcorn and sit back as we dive into Frozen 2 Theories That Make So Much Sense. You might be surprised at what we’ve unearthed.
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  • Chanel Williams
    Chanel Williams 13 hours ago

    Part 2 of Frozen the two girl should have been married and everything just let it be a cartoon movie that everybody will love I ain't see it I'm charging seeing myself Frozen for nothing for the belko cartoon movie for the kids and everybody to see🌬❄❄❄❄

  • Anya Quezada
    Anya Quezada Day ago +1

    that first theory is totally wrong

  • The Demon Dragon Girl

    Every single theory..... xD

  • Matilene Coelho
    Matilene Coelho 3 days ago

    Quen Brazileiros da like

  • Matilene Coelho
    Matilene Coelho 3 days ago

    Quen Brazileiros da like

  • Cherī Cherī
    Cherī Cherī 5 days ago

    Elsa and ana’s mother came from the north, she has powers I believe of the wind, their father on the other hand has no magic, and was born in arendale
    Elsa got her magic from her mother, and Anna doesn’t have magic. Therefore you could argue that Anna is the rightful queen of arendale and Elsa belongs in the north 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Naly K
    Naly K 13 days ago

    I need:
    -Hans to come back
    -Elsa to get a girlfriend
    -I don’t want Anna to have powers, bc it would be too obvious

  • Dr Vijay Padman
    Dr Vijay Padman 15 days ago

    If i see repunzel in the first movie I am going to drown in see or jumping of a cliff

  • lee y.n
    lee y.n 16 days ago

    disney: honestly we put rapunzel in there because we were lazy-

  • Penny LPS
    Penny LPS 17 days ago +1

    Hopefully Ana gets 🔥 powers

  • Sameemoo Rashad
    Sameemoo Rashad 18 days ago +1

    And on #6 they could be evil becouse there kinda like rocks,like the rock monster in frozen 2 trailer

  • Briana Mills
    Briana Mills 18 days ago

    You come up with interesting theories, and thanks for your thoughts...but I don't take the movie any more seriously.

  • Sejal Jain
    Sejal Jain 18 days ago


  • Catryn Gonzales
    Catryn Gonzales 18 days ago

    1. Same necklace bruhh

  • destroyer life 4 3ver
    destroyer life 4 3ver 19 days ago +1

    I think that elsa and anna have 3 other sisters and each sister has a element elsa not just ice but also water? Anna fire? One siter with air. One sister with earth. One sister withe lightning.

  • Marvion Williamson
    Marvion Williamson 19 days ago

    What the hell Elsa is gay

  • chinmaya vedantam
    chinmaya vedantam 19 days ago

    Isn't all princesses related to each other. They all born in Disney it makes them related to each other

  • Melanie Gorall
    Melanie Gorall 20 days ago

    elsa- winter
    anna- spring
    rapunzel (SUN) - summer
    trailer leaf girl- autumn

  • Eshika Essain
    Eshika Essain 20 days ago


  • Kewu Kings
    Kewu Kings 20 days ago

    never like the trolls anyway

  • Samar Khan
    Samar Khan 21 day ago

    I agree with skittleBaby

  • dekkubo boo
    dekkubo boo 21 day ago +1

    must of this film was inspired by Chilly

  • Aysegül Dogruöz
    Aysegül Dogruöz 21 day ago

    I wish Anna has powers haha

    THE ENTERTAINING JHALLI 22 days ago +1

    The channel gave literally 10 awesome theories but guess what?
    Disney isn't going to apply any of them because They're *DISNEY* 😂👏😂

  • Hash Myth
    Hash Myth 22 days ago

    Theory about why Anna didn't have powers is actually from the seen in the movie talking about the trolls and the picture in the book.
    It showed a king laying down as they perform magic on him... Possibility due to illness or such but most likely he had some magic that was bestowed within him and passed on to Elsa.
    From the new trailer I don't see any magic still from Anna so most likely she will be powerless (magic wise) still.

  • Llamas Are nice
    Llamas Are nice 22 days ago

    I think elsa is single and never ready to mingle this is to much change for me idc wether she's dating a girl or a boy I just think she should stay single in my opinion. Have a good day night evening noon/afternoon dawn all that good stuff
    Edit: plot twist
    Olaf becomes human and starts eating elsa or not cause the LGBTQ+ thing but what if olaf is gay?
    I might have spelled it wrong

  • Annie Sunset123
    Annie Sunset123 23 days ago

    Let me get the raid

  • C Grills
    C Grills 23 days ago

    Why bring the transgender debate into little kids movie? I guess becoming WOKE will alienate a lot of people and Disney can afford to loose the money.

  • Nicole Keegan
    Nicole Keegan 23 days ago +1

    Frozen fever was in spring
    Frozen was in summer /Winter
    So this new movie is probably in autummn

  • Nicole Keegan
    Nicole Keegan 23 days ago

    This is actually really interesting I really wanna go see this movie now 😅😅

    ROBERT LONGO Month ago

    anna might be more powerful than elsa

  • julia Choque
    julia Choque Month ago

    Esta en imgles!!!!!! Q vaaá no le den like :V

  • Aliah G
    Aliah G Month ago

    Anna already have powers she doesn't have fire powers she has warm powers

    DOAMA Month ago

    2:38. Yes, it is the current year... Well spotted.

    • DOAMA
      DOAMA Month ago

      Frozen is either set in the mid 9th-Century or the early 19th-Century, while Rapunzel is set during the 14th-Century.

    DOAMA Month ago

    One thing that could potentially support the "Fire Powers" theory is the fact Anna thawed from the ice. There is a what-if scenario, in which, Anna's natural affinity with Fire automatically thawed her from the ice, which would also explain why and how she survived for so long when everything else freezes solid.

    DOAMA Month ago

    "Man wearing a black coat."
    It is very obviously green.

  • Kelven Wise
    Kelven Wise Month ago

    Her birthmark

  • Kelven Wise
    Kelven Wise Month ago

    Maybye Anna's birth mark blocked our powers

  • Amber L.
    Amber L. Month ago

    I think that the two new characters have 2 other seasonal powers and they end up at a disagreement and fight.

  • Evelyn Conner
    Evelyn Conner Month ago

    Elsa doesn't need to be lesbian (don't come at me) and I don't mean to be offencive but she doesn't need to be 🙄

  • Star• Chan
    Star• Chan Month ago

    My theory with the one about the for seasons on the snowflake: Elsa=Winter, Anna=Summer, Rapunzel=Spring, unknown relative=Autumn

  • Zara Rahman
    Zara Rahman Month ago

    I think the new movie will have more of Frozen's origin (Sorry for my bad grammar. English is not my native language)

  • Aryana Kreger
    Aryana Kreger Month ago

    hi. my name is Aryana

  • Sam L
    Sam L Month ago

    Watch none of the theories are true and It’s just a movie that doesn’t make sense. Now that is comedy gold 😂

  • The Asian Cousins
    The Asian Cousins Month ago


  • Kiarax Gacha
    Kiarax Gacha Month ago +1

    Why girlfriend??? SHE AINT LES

  • Shiyas Usman
    Shiyas Usman Month ago +1

    Who cares......

    I am waiting.....................😃

  • Emma Rogers
    Emma Rogers Month ago

    It was confirmed by Disney that Anna and Elsa’s parents did live and got ship wreaked on an island. That is where the mother gives birth to a baby boy before getting killed by an animal in the jungle. So this would mean that Tarzan is Anna and Elsa’s little brother. You welcome for the help.

  • Zachary Smith
    Zachary Smith Month ago

    I want Anna to have Fier powers

  • rotip jafar
    rotip jafar Month ago

    Aku suka frozen

  • Elen Souza
    Elen Souza Month ago +1

    Eu não gostei que os pais da anna e da Elsa tinham que esfalece😢😢😢

  • las tigrases Paulino

    Elsa tú película mencanta

  • Chloe Okonkwo
    Chloe Okonkwo Month ago

    Wait why do they keep saying 'girlfriend' isn't it supposed to be boyfriend

  • Jeck Bayaca
    Jeck Bayaca Month ago

    The trolls are not bad

  • Jeck Bayaca
    Jeck Bayaca Month ago

    All fake

  • _Briyonce- 112
    _Briyonce- 112 Month ago


  • Darling Stuff
    Darling Stuff Month ago


  • Darling Stuff
    Darling Stuff Month ago


  • Emmanuel gaming
    Emmanuel gaming Month ago

    They are not alive they were sloterd bye a leoperd

  • NaLu Heartfilia
    NaLu Heartfilia Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks ugine and hand look similar?