What NOT to Wear in Paris 2019 | How To Avoid Looking Like a Tourist in Paris & Europe

  • Published on Mar 13, 2019
  • How to avoid looking like a tourist in Paris? What to wear in Europe? Follow our advice on the things you should not wear in Paris if you don't want to stick out like a sore thumb! The Paris dress code is not at all overwhelming, we're not saying you have to completely embody the Parisian style and dress like a Parisian - there are just a few practical tips to follow.
    This video was inspired by Charli's blog post "How To Dress in Paris to Fit in with the Locals": frenchyet.com/how-to-dress-in-paris-to-fit-in-with-the-locals/
    'Your ticket is booked, your plans made, all that’s left is packing. So what do you wear around Paris if you don’t want to scream “tourist”? Before you start packing, learn the Dos and Don’ts of dressing in Paris for both men and women.
    In France, dressing nicely is considered good manners, but not looking like a tourist is also a practical matter in Paris. The more you fit in, the less of a target you’ll be for scammers, pickpockets and people trying to sell you stuff you don’t want. It will also save you being stared at by disapproving locals in restaurants. You will get better service wherever you go if you are dressed according to French custom.'
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    I hope you enjoyed these tips on the Paris dress style! Again, this is really around how not to look like a tourist while travelling - it's not a vein fashionista thing! We just want to make sure you feel comfortable and only stand out to the extent that YOU feel at ease with.
    Did we miss anything out according to you? Let us know down below!
    For more dos and don'ts Paris check out my most popular video "What NOT to do in France: Avoid these Faux Pas in France": ru-clip.com/video/Mp2DVYJ63u4/video.html
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  • Not Even French
    Not Even French  3 months ago +37

    Hey friends! Would LOVE to hear your opinion on this! Anything we missed? Put it in the comments so everyone can benefit from the knowledge! For more detail, check out Charli's blog post: frenchyet.com/how-to-dress-in-paris-to-fit-in-with-the-locals/

    • tishtosh
      tishtosh 20 days ago

      I can't believe you didn't mention the foulard, which is the singular most essential piece of clothing worn by all French, and in other European countries as well. Ever since I traveled in Italy and France, I now have a huge wardrobe of scarves, aka foulards, and I wear them every day. Nothing else much matters, people wear also all the latest American trends, and there are many American shops on the Champs Élysée, like The Gap, American Dream, Nike. The French young people love current American Street wear, and American music is everywhere, piped into all the grocery stores and in so many movies. Watching French TV, I hear songs in English every single day, in programs, news, and movies. But for clothing, why don't you even mention the foulard? I'm shocked.

    • Pirkka Kevytmaito
      Pirkka Kevytmaito Month ago

      I wore my twenty one pilots hoodie to the supermarket once and people stared... A lot. But I had someone come up to me and say they were also a tøp fan.

    • shalom charlotte
      shalom charlotte 2 months ago

      That was so charming and friendly!

    • Ferdinand Destouches
      Ferdinand Destouches 2 months ago +2

      Hello, you don't pronounce St James the good way. St James is a village in Normandy, close to the Mont St Michel. You can't pronounce it the english way. It just sounds as you read it in french (saint jââme).
      On dit bien St James. Bien vu pour les marinières. Ce sont les meilleures. Et faites chez moi, en Normandie..! Cheers

    • Roux Anne-Laure
      Roux Anne-Laure 2 months ago

      Leggings and sport wear should be banned from supermarkets 🙂

  • Cami_ playz
    Cami_ playz 2 hours ago

    When I heard no leggings I ran to my closet

    Well I’m screwed

  • Madeleine TTCHWSK

    Hy je suis française et je suis d'accord avec tout ça ! Par contre les bérets j'insisterai sur le fait que ça reste rare et que ça sera toujours remarqué.

  • Joyce Chua
    Joyce Chua Day ago +1

    "It's Paris, not Kilimanjaro." LMAO - oh, sorry. * Laughs quietly *

  • SilvaMorasten
    SilvaMorasten 2 days ago

    my gosh, such a SHALLOW ISSUES, who the hell wants to travel to the city where I will be treated according to what kind of shoes I wear??

  • Maria Smith
    Maria Smith 3 days ago

    Backpacks are a huge fashion thing right now. Maybe this is an old video. They would go perfectly with a guy wearing sandals. I saw a guiy the other day with both. He looked amazing.

  • Ella Christina
    Ella Christina 3 days ago

    The American sounds so condescending to non Parisians. Wtf.

  • Maria Smith
    Maria Smith 3 days ago

    YES, French women wear sweat pants. They look as scummy as anyone else. But in Paris people don't show too much skin because of how rude French men are. However, Men can and DO look GOOD in sandals, and the idea that they should not wear them is OUTDATED. This is just a list of what these 2 women think. They are pretty obviously not fashion savvy. I would avoid wearing anything low rise, especially low rise jeans, as those do make you look like a bumpkin. Basically the same rules apply as anywhere else. And if it is cold, wearing a beret would not be a problem. I can't imagine they would even put it together that it was anything but a hat. And there is an easy way to deal with their rudeness. Be rude right back. Although honestly, I never noticed anyone in France being unpleasant.

  • Frau Nunez
    Frau Nunez 4 days ago

    Totally wrong 👎

  • Ben Lucas
    Ben Lucas 4 days ago

    Sounds easy. Dont dress trashy, sloppy, flashy or trendy. Look conservative, neat and classy.

  • Eboni
    Eboni 5 days ago

    so basically my whole wardrobe?

  • steemdup
    steemdup 5 days ago

    as they say: classy not Trashy :)

  • Liv Tickner
    Liv Tickner 6 days ago +1

    So basically you can’t wear anything

  • Olivia Dong
    Olivia Dong 6 days ago

    I was wondering why you wanna look like French, you are still an American after all

  • Black Moonshine
    Black Moonshine 8 days ago

    So it's offensive to wear hoodies or sportswear but it seems to not be offensive in paris to piss everywhere on the streets and throw your trash whereever possible but not in the trash? Seems legit

  • Toy Dubz
    Toy Dubz 8 days ago

    Who is wearing berets in France? How much more cliche can you get??!! 😂😂

    • Dee Wood
      Dee Wood 18 hours ago

      Our motorcycle club wears black Harley Davidson berets along with motorcycle jackets, I must say, they look terrific, the French are missing out!

  • MJ
    MJ 8 days ago

    I learned after many trips to France how to spot tourists . Fake nails, bleached highlights. Clunky runners., denim shorts. All you Advice was great. French women wear the best red lipstick ever And stay classy. Also don’t dress your kids like mini hookers or basketball players

  • Tim Hickey
    Tim Hickey 8 days ago

    These rules seem so oppressive!

  • Jason Piki
    Jason Piki 9 days ago

    Why the fuck would anyone want to live in Paris? All the romanticism has got to your damn heads

  • Elizabeth Puckett
    Elizabeth Puckett 9 days ago +2

    I was excited for Paris. Now I have nothing nice enough according them.

  • Paul GARCIA
    Paul GARCIA 10 days ago

    Trip shirt(marinière ) + black trouser + low sock + low dock Martens (1461) + jean jacket is The best for men and women

  • Bella Smith
    Bella Smith 10 days ago

    Sooo basically wear everything I like 😂 very reassuring 🙂

  • Kristine Yesa
    Kristine Yesa 11 days ago +3

    why would I avoid looking like a tourist...if im there really as a tourist? 🤔

    • Vi Haze
      Vi Haze 8 days ago

      I believe they said in the video. You'll be treated better and you won't be targeted for scams as much.

  • Emily Gwen
    Emily Gwen 11 days ago

    so basically dont dress like an american

  • Olivia Lee
    Olivia Lee 11 days ago

    Dont get it, if you are not white, you could be adhering to all of these rules you would still stick out no? Not that many Asians in France.

  • Kelly Russell
    Kelly Russell 11 days ago +1

    I can't wear leggings in France?

    I'm not going.

    • Yana
      Yana 8 days ago

      Kelly Russell haha 😂 when it’s warm out in the summer

    • Kelly Russell
      Kelly Russell 8 days ago

      @Yana THANK. GOD.
      Now what about shorts? I keep hearing that French women don't wear shorts.

    • Yana
      Yana 9 days ago +1

      Kelly Russell people wear leggings here

  • Raquel Kutsch
    Raquel Kutsch 12 days ago

    Could you show some looks

  • Berry Nuts
    Berry Nuts 17 days ago

    I hate that they laugh on every description like who are you? From a non parisian perspective you like ordinary mothers ready to the laundry not even stylish

  • Chiara Bazaga-Benito
    Chiara Bazaga-Benito 17 days ago

    These rules are almost all right, except for the streetwear. Leggings are not that common and are mostly seen as bad, but men go out in sweatpants all the time. Not poor sweatpants you get at H&M or something but like Adidas, Nike...

  • Louane Ternier
    Louane Ternier 18 days ago

    Cliché sur cliché 🤯

  • Brigid Kavanagh
    Brigid Kavanagh 18 days ago

    IMHO these are universal guidelines. I'm in NYC and the same holds true here. And not just for metro cities. It's a style mindset that every generation considers.

  • P. sh
    P. sh 18 days ago

    and btw ...selma hayek is classy and curvey and she shows it ..yeah in PARIS..so stop look like lame pale english women and be little bite colourefull for gods sake

  • P. sh
    P. sh 18 days ago

    who gives sh*it if ppl notice ur not f*cking french women in paris .. iv been in paris every summer and i know for a fact that ur full of sh*t .. if u look like a little skinny boy with no curves its not our fault .. if you are a beautiful curvey woman .. do not hide it .. and belive me guys dont mind it ..only jealous skinny ugly women would do that

  • Zara Ford
    Zara Ford 19 days ago

    TBH just wear what you like and feel comfortable in. I'm from the UK and I love dressing sexy and wearing sexy outfits I also love wearing very high heels. I want to move to and live in Paris, France in 3 years time and when I do I won't change how I dress. Of course dress appropriately for where you are going for example if you are going to work you dress in more conservative workwear and if you are going to church or a funeral you dress conservatively. However when I live in France I will still dress the same such as sexy when I want to showing some cleavage and leg in short or tight clothes especially when its very hot or in the evening. Some women on here are saying that in Paris men often catcall women however if you are worried about this maybe just get a taxi when you are wearing a more revealing outfit, definitely get a taxi on your way back home at night! If your walking normally in the day or a night always carry pepper spray (it is legal in France) and a rape alarm and you will be very safe! and won't have to worry about anything.

  • Kai Empress
    Kai Empress 19 days ago

    Do you think Birkenstocks would be ok to walk around in there?

  • Emma Joseph
    Emma Joseph 19 days ago

    hey!!!!same here i can spot a french miles away in the states or in d uk.they all wear delaves jeans whites sneackers & slogan tee shirts.same 4 women leggings sandales lots of earings & joulleries

  • K W
    K W 20 days ago +1

    I actually gravitate towards a lot of the French style but why do we have to look like we’re from the country we’re visiting?

  • mary nguyen
    mary nguyen 20 days ago

    Hello people, you can even have sex under bridge along la Seine river. No one give a damn care of your business. It's more freedom than we have in the US. US is full of crazy laws. Cannot have alcohol in public, in Paris I buy and sip Vin chaud walking on the street, see parents let their kids taste their red wine at dinner table. I bought the chocolate with rhum at Godiva, California for my 12 daughter, the sale clerk stared at me as I am a monster! Wear what you like and be who you are in Paris.

  • Duchess RavenWaves
    Duchess RavenWaves 22 days ago

    It just seems the French are way too superficial. I was married to a Frenchman. He criticized everything i wore...not that my clothes were skimpy...just too casual and he was way too formal: suit and tie on all the time...just not when he slept. Maybe I was too American or that he was too French. :b

  • Adina Lesperance
    Adina Lesperance 22 days ago +2

    Darn. There go my plans to wear my Mickey Mouse ears while traipsing through Paris...

  • Sunrise2day
    Sunrise2day 22 days ago +1

    Show examples next time please.

  • Robert McDonnell
    Robert McDonnell 23 days ago +1

    Lol you guys should chill

  • Zuza Kulej
    Zuza Kulej 23 days ago

    semi true.. From my point of view this is a pattern:
    SHOES: used Adidas originals or Vans or jodhpur shoes or mocassins
    LEGS: black 20/15 DEN tights or socks
    PANTS: Levis or some vintage jeans high rise or boyfriend-like or fabric cigarette pants
    SHIRT: whatever, but not patterned
    DRESS/SKIRT: yes (but not figure-hugging or short or low-neck)
    JACKET: Canada Goose or trench coat or jeans sport jacket
    HAIR: natural, after good conditioner, nothing fency just loosen
    MAKEUP: good cream, lipstick and mascara
    NAILS: short, without polish or with transparent one
    and Parisian are all about BIO, quality food/wine, joga or group sport classes, hammam, reading books, art (even check type of advertisements in metro.. 90% is culture related)

  • Calima Nozaka
    Calima Nozaka 23 days ago

    Bof, pardon my french but truth is parisians don't give a sh*t about what you're wearing. They had seen it all and as long as you are not naked they won't be staring at you. And that's great! Wear what you like, do you, just don't try too hard, the more relaxed and happy you are and the more people will want to speak with you (if they happen to be comfortable with english, good luck with that! 🤪)

  • Laura Isaza
    Laura Isaza 23 days ago

    If I’m getting milk from a store you best believe I’m wearing leggings and a sweatshirt and I couldn’t care less if I get told off, not dressing up for a milk run 😂😂

  • yarn crafter
    yarn crafter 23 days ago

    French people are big hypocrites they play modest but on the other hand they have nude beaches .cant stand the French people and I am French they put on A big show .

  • Helloiamnessa
    Helloiamnessa 23 days ago

    Thank you ^_^

  • Poppy Wolf
    Poppy Wolf 24 days ago +2

    If this is true, what a stuck up stiff clothing regime...What a boring middle of the road mark you have to hit. Where are the characters and eccentrics...

  • magiseternity
    magiseternity 24 days ago +1

    Wow,that sounds boring,no colour eyeshadow and intense rainbows? I will be taking my business elsewhere hahaha.

  • Rucha Soman
    Rucha Soman 25 days ago

    What these girls are saying should be followed everywhere..just be mindful of environment and your health when thinking about fashion and you'll end up with a list similar to this one...

  • Sonia Mardok
    Sonia Mardok 26 days ago +3

    I never worried about what to wear in Paris, why would you care so much?

  • Leo Stark
    Leo Stark 26 days ago

    trash bags from America

  • Anjali Senner
    Anjali Senner 27 days ago

    Who cares what they wear

  • Valerie Pemberton
    Valerie Pemberton 27 days ago

    I've been watching other Paris what to wear videos and almost all of the women are wearing black leggings!

  • J B
    J B 28 days ago

    I'm sorry I studied in Paris and no way they judge you on your looks. The sweatpants rule is BS. IDK what age of Paris you'r talking about but certainly not the time i went which was back in 2012. You're basically pointing out stuff to look classy on ANY country!! You're making Paris look extremely snobby when they are not!

  • Sharon Heyward
    Sharon Heyward 29 days ago +2

    Two snobs pontificating on what others should do most french don’t care what they do care is manners and courtesy

  • hitomi2232
    hitomi2232 29 days ago

    and that is why i dont like france lol

  • PrincessofErised
    PrincessofErised Month ago +1

    *negative commenters ignoring the title of the video* "How dare you tell me what not to wear as a tourist in Paris in a video that clearly states it is about what not to wear in Paris to stand out as a tourist" ummmmm

  • Tiny Acorn
    Tiny Acorn Month ago

    This was the first helpful video I’ve found on what to wear in Paris. Thank you!!!

  • kaangelstar10
    kaangelstar10 Month ago

    I think I did well on my trip to Paris, (except when I went to the Eiffel Tower I really wanted to look like a tourist that day for pictures - red beret and red lipstick) .... but I think I wouldn't be able to live in Paris, first of all because half of my closet consist on Disney clothing

  • Seth E
    Seth E Month ago


  • Nora O'connor
    Nora O'connor Month ago

    U people seemed so controlled by what u should wear. How about wearing what ever u want. Tt saddened me to c u taking all this on board. What about inviduality and women being independent and wearing whatevef they want to. U should be v grateful for tourists. I'm saddened to hear young women like u buying I.nto this

    • Nora O'connor
      Nora O'connor Month ago

      We really don't cré what French h people think we should wear. Look ur president's wife wearing short skirts and dresses that do her no favour and u tell us non French what to wear,

  • 1tsybitsyspider
    1tsybitsyspider Month ago

    Damn I’d be in trouble coz my boobs are always out and if it’s hot my stomach is also present. I basically only wear leisure wear too 😂
    I wish we would adopt that rule about man sandals. American men definitely don’t take care of their feet and I wish I didn’t always have to see it.

  • Cridhe Bunny
    Cridhe Bunny Month ago

    Personally, I never understood why Americans tought that France is a "sexy" country...
    In the meantime, I think French (and Belgian) people think the same think about America...
    I mean, you have a total Liberty of expression, so I guess it comes from that

  • digrigx
    digrigx Month ago

    The American girl doesn’t shut up :)

  • Roman Ruiz
    Roman Ruiz Month ago

    People getting awfully defensive over something that is told at the onset to just be advice for a particular group of people.

  • MG Gonzales
    MG Gonzales Month ago

    so what if you look like a tourist anyways??? strange. and why you have to pretend as Parisian? french people doesn't even follow the dress code here in Dubai LOL ( where I'm staying by the way)

  • kristine niko
    kristine niko Month ago

    you look like Kate Middleton

  • James Debearn
    James Debearn Month ago +1

    All French want to be American Dress American they LOVE America and WISH they were American

  • Therese Ember
    Therese Ember Month ago

    I highly recommend wearing ankle-high, memory foam, comfortable footwear. Pack moleskin in case you get a blister. Apply Tinactin to prevent Athlete’s foot. Get a pedicure before your trip. Do NOT wear brand new shoes that you haven’t broken in. It will be miserable if your feet are killing you, so break your shoes in well beforehand. Safe sure-footedness is far more critical than fashion trends when you are traveling, so avoid getting physically hurt to begin with. Put safety precautions first.
    If you are carrying heavy luggage or backpack, your shoes need to be more supportive as well. Choose a wide toe box and more room at the toe, to accommodate socks and foot-swelling moreso when you’re walking downhill.
    Wear an abdominal elastic support so that you don’t sprain your back. Wear Stella calf sleeves or TED hose to protect your ankles, knees and circulation and to prevent leg cramps. Take Magnesium 250 mg. to prevent leg cramps before you go out walking. Apply Aspercream to your legs and feet before you go walking. Protect your feet, knees, legs, back and neck when traveling. Pack Salonpas patches in case you get sore muscles. Schweppes tonic water also has quinine in it which soothes foot/leg cramps.
    The cobblestone, potholes and uneven sidewalks can cause you to suddenly sprain your ankle, especially when you’re distracted sightseeing. So make sure that your shoes protect your “ankles”. Bring orthotic arch supports. Soak in a hot bath of Epsom salts the night before your trip (which has Magnesium in it). Bring a Cabeau neck support also for the plane trip, so that you don’t get a kink in your neck on the long night flight to Europe.
    Safety is #1. Fashion is further down the list.
    Sign up for medical insurance just in case: TravMed.
    Safe travels...

  • Elodie Vernont
    Elodie Vernont Month ago

    When I was young, 30 years ago, we could wear shorts, skirts, dresses almost anywhere in France... Now it is becoming very difficult because of the high pourcentage of immigrants or kids of immigrants. Now, I am Canadian and I am so happy to see young girls wearing shirts, skirts...

  • Petite Camila
    Petite Camila Month ago

    Idk how you guys are seeing france and french people, but there are no rules. Just like for every country just dont come with clichés that arent even close to reality. Like France being the country of love or everyone eating cheese x) I hate clichés everyone has on france it’s just a simple country and we’re normal people lol
    Also I go out with leggings and uggs and I dont caaaare about people looking, dont try to make people like you by not being yourself please. Looking like a tourist is not a bad thing, tourists are cool, just stop with all the ( especially romantic) clichés, for me that’s all ❤️

  • Isâac Lebrok
    Isâac Lebrok Month ago

    Stupide rules!!! My France is not like this!

  • Vlasta Au
    Vlasta Au Month ago

    I am proud of my origines from Czech/Ukranian and on my style. I do not exaggerate with make-up or dresses but just underline the parts what I like.. I like to be in "my own skin" like and elegant and cool chill woman, in the night out a little bit as a distinctive woman. I am moving to Paris but I want to be always myself. I am not gonna to change in Parisian woman otherwise it´s not real me.

  • deisy diaz
    deisy diaz Month ago +1

    I recently went to Paris for the first time and took as many suggestions from many videos including this one. Nobody follows these tips, nobody cares, there are so many people that what you decide will no matter.
    Dress however makes you happy!

  • On the move
    On the move Month ago

    Ha! I follow Charlie on Twitter and Instagram! Woo hoo!

  • Lizzie Bananas
    Lizzie Bananas Month ago +1

    If someone is wearing a souvenir T-shirt in that city, I assume they have had a spillage.

  • MissGourmandefr
    MissGourmandefr Month ago

    However you dress, the moment you start talking (unless you have perfect French) you will be busted lol

  • Bichonmommy R
    Bichonmommy R Month ago +1

    i would need to wear my Nike Run to escape the yellow vests i’m bound to encounter.

  • prowland8471
    prowland8471 Month ago +1

    good video....paris just got knocked off my to-do list....sounds like a snobbish country for one that can keep the muslim terrorist under control or their pickpockets for that matter.....

  • barbaracadogane
    barbaracadogane Month ago

    Je sais pas avec qui vous êtes mariés mais pour qu'il vous dise que porter un leggings pour aller acheter du lait est offensant c'est que c'est un sacré macho! Nan mais vraiment faut savoir qu'à un moment vous ne parlez que de la bourgeoisie parisienne et pas des parisiens en générale

  • Simply Julie
    Simply Julie Month ago +6

    I’m French, and I live in Paris. Everyone wears Huggs, heels, leggings and « shows off their clevage »
    Some of these advices are true, but some are very cliché.

  • Alexandra Anca Codreanu

    Hey, I have never been to Paris (yet) but according to you I may be taken for a Parisian visiting Bucharest. How cool is that! (or so I think Americans would express their enthusiasm) :)

  • Ak Ventura
    Ak Ventura Month ago

    Uggs used to rock french fashion some years ago

  • bombaymahal
    bombaymahal Month ago

    What if wear havaianas w nice jeans and a jacket

  • D Stuart
    D Stuart Month ago

    Short time American expats telling people how to dress in Paris--the irony is breathtaking. Americans can't help but be spotted no matter what they wear--they are so fat! That is the first indicator a person is probably an AMERICAN tourist; 75% of Americans are overweight, 42% are OBESE. OMG

  • good dev
    good dev Month ago

    I've seen so many french people visiting my country Iran (in cities like shiraz and isfahan)) and they don't try to change themselves so why we have to do that!!! This video seems racist.we as humans have the right to visit a country and the people in that country should be civilized enough to accept you as a tourist. Normally a tourist will visit lots of places and it's better they wear comfortable clothes and carry a backpack. you are not there to please the people ,you are there to enjoy and visit new places. you can avoid scammers just by ignoring them.that's all.

  • Princess Lunafreya
    Princess Lunafreya Month ago

    Blue jeans are something that's also frowned upon in Paris according to my mom.

  • ack153
    ack153 Month ago

    Disney? That's like all of Japan right there. lol

  • Rochelle watters
    Rochelle watters Month ago +1

    POSERS hahahahahaha

  • myenteric plexus
    myenteric plexus Month ago +1

    But then everybody would look like you two, which is boring

  • Pretty Pierette
    Pretty Pierette Month ago +1

    It's not even safe to tour France now...........

  • Angus Mac
    Angus Mac Month ago

    For men - wear some red, yellow or burgundy pants and a big, scruffy-looking scarf over your slightly too-tight and worn-out t-shirt. And don't comb your hair.
    Or...wear what you like. There are so many tourists in Paris, why would anyone care if you looked like one?.

  • Hannah Katherine
    Hannah Katherine Month ago

    wait so does that mean I can't wear my Birkenstocks

    • Hannah Katherine
      Hannah Katherine Month ago +1

      Nicky Homann lol

    • Nicky Homann
      Nicky Homann Month ago +1

      Haha- rather dig out your bright pink/ yellow Crocs... for cooler days- wear them with bright orange or green socks- you'll fit right in...

  • Rochelle watters
    Rochelle watters Month ago +1

    And you are an authority on this how or why? Talk about ridiculous!

  • Kathleen Kerg
    Kathleen Kerg 2 months ago

    What about having a camera bag with all the accessories in it, and having it carried over from shoulder to hip, around Paris?

  • Princess Julia
    Princess Julia 2 months ago +1

    If you dont want to sound like s tourist then try sounding the word beret the correct way lol !!!!!!!! Hilarious

  • Maria Heloisa Brant
    Maria Heloisa Brant 2 months ago

    Asian woman is the most chic they have good cloths. And the Brasilian woman is very beautiful and walk with class.

  • Delphine Ent.
    Delphine Ent. 2 months ago

    So what if I am a tourist in Paris?! Why should I try to hide it or act like locals? Jeez, I don’t care! You have to have such low self-esteem to be embarrassed that you are not French! 🙄😂 I am not French and I am ok with it.😜 I think you people went little bit over board here. Get over yourself!😂😂😂

  • Chlarie Peace
    Chlarie Peace 2 months ago

    I would love go to Paris 🗼