Tottenham vs. Man City analysis: Spurs in the driver’s seat? | Champions League

  • Published on Apr 9, 2019
  • Alejandro Moreno, Sebastian Salazar, Steve Nicol and Craig Burley of ESPN FC offer post-match analysis for the first leg of Tottenham vs. Manchester City in the quarterfinals of UEFA Champions League 2019, which was won by Spurs thanks to a goal from Son Heung-Min. They discuss whether Mauricio Pochettino’s squad is in the driver’s seat, how much Harry Kane's injury might hurt, and the task facing Pep Guardiola and Man City to avoid another UCL collapse.
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Comments • 981

  • Apex Lian
    Apex Lian Month ago

    LMFAOO imagine Step Smith on this..... 😂😂😂😂😂. Mfs sleepin on Spurs

  • Raul Hernandez
    Raul Hernandez Month ago

    Hahaaaa y’all were wrong F*** yall

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    Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur | Pep Guardiola's Best Available Citizens Lineup

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    Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur | Mauricio Pochettino's Best Available Spurs Lineup

  • Paul Meany
    Paul Meany Month ago

    Why talk about city so much when the yiddos ass raped them

  • veep ster
    veep ster Month ago

    Poor wee Stevie Nicol. So angry and bitter - pissed off and pissed up - about seeing his Liverpool spending the past decade trailing Spurs in the table at the end of most seasons. And now they've gone and opened their incredible new stadium that makes Anfailed look like a dump. It's left him unable to say much worthwhile about Spurs.
    Moreno is just a complete imbecile trying to pander to a broader audience by talking up the bigger clubs rather than offering us proper insight into why something unusual happened or how an underdog overcame the odds. Pathetically weak commentary.
    As for the fat fella, Burpley, sweating off his daily deep-fried Mars Bar and ten pints of Tennants, don't pay much heed to his blather. A Chelsea greaser old boy who hates Spurs as all Chelsea chavs are required to do.

  • Caydaruus Jaamac
    Caydaruus Jaamac Month ago

    Manchester city is win next game

  • Michael Hughes
    Michael Hughes Month ago

    Congrats spurs side on the night

  • Simba Boerboel
    Simba Boerboel Month ago

    Wow...paying the refs but still losing

  • Sampsonite 999
    Sampsonite 999 Month ago

    Yes Totenham have a 1-0 advantage, but Pochettino no longer has a Kane to lean on.

  • jinh lee
    jinh lee Month ago

    Son is the hero for Tott. Kane is the Kryptonite for Son , now Without the kryptonite Son can show his super power.

  • Aydin Coban
    Aydin Coban Month ago

    Americans have no clue about football, all you have is the mls, I’m sure streamers in the UK have more viewers than that dead league lol Imagine being paid to chat a load of shit! 😂😂😂😂

  • Mohinuddin Bhuiyan
    Mohinuddin Bhuiyan Month ago +2

    i support tottenham son heung min is better than sergio aguero

  • Brian Rapp
    Brian Rapp Month ago

    These guys are in the bag for City. They failed to acknowledge that all Tottenham have to do is score once then City had to score 3. That won't happen with Toby and Jan back there.

  • Still
    Still Month ago +1

    I'm not saying much, just some lil info, •Guardiolas team has never advanced after losing a 1-0 in the 1st leg of a CL knock out
    •Man City have never gone past an English opponent in Europe

  • 2b02b
    2b02b Month ago +1

    Great result, feeling great, feeling my way home and then I step in this shit; four solid turds from espn. We need to clean up Tottenham High street for the people! I live in Tottenham.

  • Holly Blansette
    Holly Blansette Month ago

    Why are they making Sons goal into a lucky thing? Bad defending and bad goalkeeping? Why not just admitting that Son is a rising star?

  • James Morris
    James Morris Month ago

    What a joke... They just talked about City underperforming the entire time. Son and Erikson are a super underrated combination and will cause City a great deal of trouble in the next game.

  • Arkajyoti Pal
    Arkajyoti Pal Month ago

    These pussies are messi and guardiola fanboys. They never appreciate anyone else.

  • y1521t21b5
    y1521t21b5 Month ago

    Given the needle in that match, the 2 remaining matches between these teams this season will produce red cards...

  • Yasar
    Yasar Month ago

    what about the fact that it says the hand should move towards the ball and not the ball towards the hand. The problem is the referees aren't smart and educated enough to interpret the simple language of the laws of the game. Has to be intentional and hand towards the ball and not the ball towards the hand. Its clearly written in the rule book.

  • Shanjo Kikon
    Shanjo Kikon Month ago

    These pricks are Man shitty supporters🖕
    especially that pink shirt one fcking cunt...
    not a single word about what Fernandinho did to the king Kane and Spurs winning the game.
    I guess these pricks are pissed.... Well that's good FCK OFF!

  • Barnaby Kariuki
    Barnaby Kariuki Month ago

    Don't understand why city are being talked about having an off day rather than spurs being compact and solid. City really didn't offer anything going forward and that's credit to spurs

  • Gerard O'Connor
    Gerard O'Connor Month ago

    All city lovers ESPN man city channel it should be named .If city were so good with the 1billion investment on that team the tie should be over after 20minutes clearly overstated Carlos kickabouts

  • stelun56
    stelun56 Month ago

    Nobodies aka numpties talk drivel about the beautiful game and nobody can remember why any of them has any authority to do so. ESPN is America's attempt to be involved with the trillion dollar industry. Fuck Off retards

  • JJL Media
    JJL Media Month ago +1

    The city players didnt appeal for the pemalty because it was not a penalty you all are unknown players var is the worst thing to come to football

  • Rutayisire Kevin Niyon

    “Nobody deserved to win the game” 🤣🤣 spurs piped them and it was obvious

  • greg jay
    greg jay Month ago

    Guardiola 3-1 in the return. Pressure is right on him. He has missed Xavi Iniesta and Lionel Messi very badly. To be classified as an elite coach he needs to demonstrate her can win a CL sans these three legends. It should be noted he failed to do it at Bayern M who like MC had a very tasty roster.

  • Tal Martin
    Tal Martin Month ago +1

    Keep Paul! Prefer him to Dan!

  • Flavaofthemonth
    Flavaofthemonth Month ago

    This is terrible to listen to

  • Matt Hutchinson
    Matt Hutchinson Month ago

    dont think that was a pen

  • Ja Hyun
    Ja Hyun Month ago

    손흥민 골 = 토트넘 승 이것은 과학이다.

  • thomas p
    thomas p Month ago

    Did these guys watch the same match everybody else watched? And these guys get paid to do this? They seem perplexed and can't analyze as to why MC lost. There is an easy reason why MC lost. Spurs won by adjusting to the flow of the game.

  • hd Amin
    hd Amin Month ago

    It was better than the coach to correct the defense gap from the left and accelerate in ...

  • Londzale
    Londzale Month ago

    *Guardiola Sucks Dick*

  • daiheadjai
    daiheadjai Month ago

    Tottenham did what Financial Fair Play couldn't/didn't/hasn't/won't.
    Clicked in for analysis, and got "12 reasons why City let Spurs win" and nothing about what Spurs actually did to win (i.e. tactically nullifying City's firepower superiority, defending as a unit, letting City have possession in low-risk situations to rest, etc.).

  • kudz Pakaipa
    kudz Pakaipa Month ago

    I think this is best Spurs can get. They lack accuracy in their passing and shooting, and i believe in big games such as these for the Title/Major Cups, the accuracy is a difference. Very Good Performance hope they qualify, but next season they need to invest in passing master class, explosive wingers.

    JUAN HUNG LO Month ago

    panel of absolute clueless mongrels . Steve nicol being top fucking spastic here. Do you actually pay these cunts.

  • John Jonathan
    John Jonathan Month ago

    Tottenham is politically unpopular compared to man city. City is a liberals wet dream, tons of blacks and Tottenham's game winning scorer is an Asian, the "wrong" kind of minority. The Jewish media machine wants professional sports to be dark as night.

  • Alex Whitham
    Alex Whitham Month ago

    Firing shots at bt sport pundits😂😂

  • Joshua Makshofi
    Joshua Makshofi Month ago

    Delphi and Otamendi should sit the second leg. Company needs minutes at this stage.
    De Bruyne and Sane need to be featured.

  • Penis collada
    Penis collada Month ago

    Anyone else think it was like bt or sky, then hearing some american nonce start talking 😂

  • Saul Annett
    Saul Annett Month ago

    Terrible pundits. Don't know what they're taking about. Completely biased!

  • Truth Be told
    Truth Be told Month ago

    If Spurs score 1 away goal , which they are capable of doing, then city are out.

  • Harry Williams
    Harry Williams Month ago +5

    Craig Burley “They bossed the possession”, Man City had 59% Possession 🤨

  • Dr. Ho Lee Phuk
    Dr. Ho Lee Phuk Month ago +1

    Burley is a fool. Rose was penalized for having arms. This is some of the worst analysis I've ever heard. Three clowns.

  • Gremunky
    Gremunky Month ago

    I love how these guys constantly diss the pundits "back in the UK" as if anyone would know these guys over Rio Ferdinand, Gary Linneker, or Michael Owen who criticised the penalty against PSG. How do these guys think they know more?

  • Precious Ayobami
    Precious Ayobami Month ago

    These guys are all inept and morons. To think they get paid for these.

  • David Butler
    David Butler Month ago

    I feel sorry for American fans having to listen to these guys.

  • Bala Swaggerian
    Bala Swaggerian Month ago

    I love you guys but why are you always one sided, what about Spurs who won the match the had a plan and the got it done at home.... football is not about who has the better team its about who wins.. son goals was beautiful, no body saw it coming.. stop blaming delph or ederson ..give us a break

  • CES 253
    CES 253 Month ago

    How are they getting paid to comment on soccer? Absolutely garbage. Pep Guardiola dick riders ever since Barca. This shit seems like a popularity contest comment session talking about how their beloved Man City didn’t play as good as they wanted them to.

  • The 9Ds
    The 9Ds Month ago

    Kane and son can score from anywhere

  • Drew Bennett
    Drew Bennett Month ago

    Listen I'm a City fan and it wasn't a pen... and the pen itself was sooooooo poor... Spurs deserved to win THIS game... Etihad will be a different story ;)

  • bob jon
    bob jon Month ago

    what are you lot talking about give spurs some credit I think spurs will win next week to they were much better than city last night

  • secretspurs
    secretspurs Month ago

    “Why is Danny Rose lying on his back, sticking his arm out? Because he lose his balance and HAS to stick his arm out!” .... WTF? eriously Nichol, what the actual FUK? You’ve been in America too long mate, the Sun has got to your head. He was sliding in, not “lying on his back”. And for Burley’s argument that he “did it correctly later on”, that was an entirely different situation. Utter mongs.

  • samsabruskongen
    samsabruskongen Month ago

    Nicol is a giant clueless cunt. How on earth is this negative, clueless twit a pundit?

  • millatym04
    millatym04 Month ago

    Second leg City 3-0

  • stormzy aoe
    stormzy aoe Month ago

    Americans talking about football 😂 that guy saying man city were hungover from liseing last year to liverpool in the quarter finals last year 🖕😂 how about spurs just beat them because they played better

  • hkjjb
    hkjjb Month ago

    Wow they didn’t talk about son at all. Racist piece of shit

  • Lal Shrestha
    Lal Shrestha Month ago +1

    If Tottenham score 2 Away goals That will be great , but I just watched this , but I am not watching any of the Champion league match this year , because No Dortmund No Bayern Munich boring Champion league this year
    If Ajax win than Champion league is ok this season otherwise Boring irritating Champion league this season so I am not watching

  • Kury Sanchez
    Kury Sanchez Month ago

    When teams from the same country play ...home and away doesnt mattet

  • Aaron Keane
    Aaron Keane Month ago

    klopp mourinho allegri zidane conte wenger sarri valverde would be getting criticized a lot if they get embarrassed every year while managing a 1.4 billion pound team.

  • Hank Storm
    Hank Storm Month ago

    They had to give the penalty, else the one against PSG wouldn't be justified.

  • TheMusicGuard
    TheMusicGuard Month ago

    Tottenham were far better for 70 minutes. City only had 20 minutes of momentum.

  • Abhilash koushik
    Abhilash koushik Month ago

    Did they even watched the game or what.. Tottenham defense was immense.. rather than being critical.. appreciate Tottenham..

    These mugs SMH

  • Wrighty tv
    Wrighty tv Month ago

    I think Tottenham will knock city out I reckon it will be 2-1 in the 2nd leg.

  • ffs reff
    ffs reff Month ago

    Prem era: Citeh have been relagated 3times and spent 7yrs in the championship
    I don't consider them a proper prem club let alone a top big club?!
    Fake plastic club fullstop

  • icemanST
    icemanST Month ago

    Obviously City needs a couple new players. Look at GSW.

  • kopxpert
    kopxpert Month ago +21

    Man City wasn't their "normal selves" because Spurs didn't let them. Give credit where it's due

  • Neil Lynch
    Neil Lynch Month ago

    These 4 morons (though Nicol's a legend of course! ;) )! If you're busting a gut to to block a shot and the ball STRIKES YOUR ARM, it still struck your arm. Which isn't a penalty as it's totally unintentional. Fuck rule changes, as well. I know how the game should be played, I don't need suits at FIFA to continually make things more confusing / open to misinterpretation. Rose did nothing wrong in what was a perfectly natural and understandable action. 'Like' if you vote me for leader of the free world.

  • Ezekiel Sumbi
    Ezekiel Sumbi Month ago

    Steve nicol is a fraud why tf is he criticizing Sterling he was by far city's best player

  • Paul Singh
    Paul Singh Month ago

    By the laws of the game it was a pen but logically it was not a pen

  • matthew smith
    matthew smith Month ago

    What a bunch of pricks

  • James Treveil
    James Treveil Month ago

    If spurs get an away goal it's going to be very hard for city. They'll need to get 3 to win and against this spurs defence I don't see that happening.

  • Nurlan Iskandarli
    Nurlan Iskandarli Month ago

    These guys have nothing to do with football. Spurs won 1-0, they said tie is still alive as spurs can hope somehow🤣. Man city was poor today and spurs will get a result in etihad too

    • Nurlan Iskandarli
      Nurlan Iskandarli Month ago

      +Slick Ric you dont need to be footballer to comment on it.

    • Slick Ric
      Slick Ric Month ago

      They’ve played more games than you’ve had hot dinners. You Malaysian fan boys sure talk a lot. Never kicked a ball in your life

  • sadfgh ert
    sadfgh ert Month ago

    Its funny know one talks about the fernandinho elbow to the back of Kane's head. A retrospective ban should be in place as its illegal to do this in the UFC let alone football.

  • Abrone Vlogs
    Abrone Vlogs Month ago +5

    Son Heung-min Stadium looks great, from Arsenal fan.

  • Salim Huerta
    Salim Huerta Month ago

    City played with fear which is confusing. Spurs played with nothing to lose which is why they got injured players. City should win this easily if they score in the first half of the 2nd leg otherwise if Spurs holds on to the 70th minute it might go to the City player’s heads because they tend to get nervous in Champions league latter stages

  • ozjuice
    ozjuice Month ago

    These guys are awful

  • Tasos Kefalas
    Tasos Kefalas Month ago

    The fact that not one City player complained about hand ball says a lot about the decision for the pen.

  • Sydney Duke
    Sydney Duke Month ago +2

    No problem with VAR pen, but why did VAR not intervene to send off Fernandinho for a clear and obvious elbow to Kane’s head.

  • Toon Army Kitty
    Toon Army Kitty Month ago

    Liverpool fans regret why this wasn't a league match 😜

  • Tim Parish
    Tim Parish Month ago +5

    Be nice if they'd talk about Spurs - the winning team - in their analysis a few times. So much focus on city being bad but literally one mention of spurs playing well

    • Fred Bill
      Fred Bill 18 days ago

      No worries. I'll just head over and see whether I can get in a club pub on the night. Cheers!

    • Tim Parish
      Tim Parish 18 days ago

      +Fred Bill no mate, got no idea sorry

    • Fred Bill
      Fred Bill 18 days ago

      in the antwerp arms that is...

    • Fred Bill
      Fred Bill 18 days ago

      I don't know whether you live in or near the N17, but do you know whether they take reservations there or whether you can just try to squeeze in? Would love to watch the final there amongst the faithful

    • Tim Parish
      Tim Parish 18 days ago +1

      +Fred Bill this is honestly getting ridiculous now, haha. I was surprised when we got out of the group stages, I never imagined we'd get to the final, but I'm so proud we have

  • Shibbir Choudhury
    Shibbir Choudhury Month ago +1

    Sissoko player of the year..

  • Shibbir Choudhury
    Shibbir Choudhury Month ago +1


  • sherqyan st romain
    sherqyan st romain Month ago

    If that's a pen change that idiotic rule that's dumb cuz if that's a pen top players will just put it into the hands of defenders they make games way to hard on defenders

  • Anoniem3640 Anoniem

    This show is a joke.
    They talk like they know something about football.
    Jokers, pep lovers

  • Trance_World_Artists 2014

    Its a cup competition, anybody can win. These "experts" keep judging the return leg on City's league form, means nothing. Watford will probably beat city in the Cup final, cos its who's best on the day, not league form.

  • Gregory sixmund
    Gregory sixmund Month ago +16

    Son is playing his high level football game without Kane!
    Who agrees??

  • Gregory sixmund
    Gregory sixmund Month ago +4

    Son is playing his high level football game without Kane!
    Who agrees??

  • Kaydzy
    Kaydzy Month ago

    God i hate these guys just love chatting shit

  • Peter Helmore
    Peter Helmore Month ago

    i just hope porto can beat liverpool 3-0 for stevie's sake

  • Makoto
    Makoto Month ago

    is it SON HEUNG MIN or HEUNG MIN SON ????

    • Makoto
      Makoto Month ago

      +Steffen Thordal Thank you

    • Steffen Thordal
      Steffen Thordal Month ago

      "Son" is his last name, and "Heung Min" is his first name. The reason it is used both ways is because the western way of writing a name is and the Korean way is -
      TL;DR It's both :)

  • Rajiv Shrestha
    Rajiv Shrestha Month ago

    Don’t criticize Manchester City player 😡😡
    They are better than any player before some week so best of luck city for upcoming matches 👍👍👍👍

  • swiftktw Larry
    swiftktw Larry Month ago +1

    I think city will come back

  • Thanos
    Thanos Month ago

    With Harry Kane: no win in 5 games.
    Without Harry Kane: title contenders

  • JCM
    JCM Month ago

    Was I the only one who didn't trust city going into this?

  • Alejandro Fernández Pérez

    PUT SUBTITLES PLEASE, i like so much your programme, but somethings it's really difficult to get somethings because I'm not a native English. More people would view these videos if you put subtitles. THANKS.

  • LJM
    LJM Month ago +1

    ESPN calling out BT 😂😂😂

  • Kishan Patel
    Kishan Patel Month ago

    These man talk more shit alongside bein sports. Rio school caragher, talk sense