Hair Transplant Before and After

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • G'day everyone my name is Dwaine Woolley and I have had three hair transplants in my life. So I had the first hair transplant when I was 26. The 2nd when I was 27 and the 3rd when I was 28. In fact I'm still 28 I turn 29 in a few months. I started losing my hair when I was just 18 years old and it sucked. Now 10 years later I've got it all back again. Having my hair back again has made me really happy, confident and not insecure. I'm able to focus on things I want to get done now, when I talk to people I don't have to worry about them staring at my hair line. You know just things like that it's been life changing to have my hair back again.
    This is what I looked like before. And this is what I look like now. Hair transplant results month to month.
    If you want to contact Doctor Arambulo, the surgeon that did my hair, here is her website:
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  • varun009
    varun009 2 days ago

    Did you try propecia or rogaine?

  • B W
    B W 7 days ago

    G'day Dwaine, do you think you could break down the $AUD cost of your 3 surgeries? I'm 28 and thinking about it. My hair loss is pretty similar to yours, I'd probably need a similar amounts of grafts.

  • Geek
    Geek 8 days ago

    How many grafts did u have in total??

  • Apple Snow
    Apple Snow 8 days ago

    Hi, I got a question. Is there still a need to continue using hair loss meds like finasteride or minoxidil in order to maintain the transplanted hair for years ? Or not? And what's your personal hair care routine that makes you keep the transplanted hairs at it's finest condition? :) will definitely appreciate your reply.

  • Sonja Persch
    Sonja Persch 10 days ago +4

    I don't know who you are and I haven't even seen any other video of you so far but I've got to say I'm really happy for you and that you feel better about yourself now!

  • Huhujw Hhjjj
    Huhujw Hhjjj 11 days ago +1

    Somebody needs to show Donald Trump this video 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Hari Charan
    Hari Charan 11 days ago

    Why You had taken 3 times surgery
    After 1st surgery u were getting hair loss Or what? Plz explain.. Is it necessary to take 3 times of surgery...

    • Dwaine Woolley
      Dwaine Woolley  10 days ago

      I explained this in the video . Did you watch it?

  • TheIntrigue
    TheIntrigue 15 days ago

    Good choice with going for a natural looking hairline. If you went with a super low straight hairline you would get less density coverage and the hairline wouldn't match the thinner nature of your hair. Caarn mate #straya

  • BMX lover
    BMX lover 16 days ago +2

    Im losing my hair and im only sucks, my dad and my grandpa are bald and im gonna be too. I would love to have a hair transplant as soon as possible

    • Dwaine Woolley
      Dwaine Woolley  16 days ago +1

      Wait until you’re at least 21 I’d say man. Just in case you get a transplant but then keep losing hair.

  • whawhay
    whawhay 18 days ago +2

    I just did this yesterday and am very nervous with the results in upcoming weeks

  • Divide
    Divide 19 days ago

    Then take a look at the very scarred donar area at the back of the head. The part a lot of people don't show. But otherwise, nice video.

  • Itsthemuscledad
    Itsthemuscledad 22 days ago

    dude can you show us your donor area. and can u tell me how many grafts each transplant? and how many total for the 3 hair transplant. and the cost pls.

  • Flori Flor
    Flori Flor 22 days ago

    Hello mate I’m after the hair transplant for myself.what u suggest?

    • Flori Flor
      Flori Flor 22 days ago

      Dwaine Woolley thank you so much they did a good job on your hair looks good congrats 👏

    • Dwaine Woolley
      Dwaine Woolley  22 days ago +1

      These guys did all 3 of my transplants

  • Peejay Tañada
    Peejay Tañada 23 days ago +1

    Sir Dwaine sa pilipinas ka ba nagpa hair transplant at magkano po? please answer.. magpapa hair transplant din po ako kahit mahal. #despirado.. mga 200k po ba para pag-ipunan kuna..

  • der hansbourg karl
    der hansbourg karl 26 days ago

    total fake !! impossible !! myto !!!!! sad man

  • Herexes
    Herexes 27 days ago

    wait, so were you balding or was the hairline just receding?

    • VideoLad
      VideoLad 6 days ago

      They are the same thing. Temporal recession is the first stage of Male Pattern Baldness.

  • belgutei bayarsaikhan

    Tbh u look bald better

  • Diary ng Dairy Boys TV

    Magkano nagastos mo sa hair transplant mo idol?

  • Chris Opthof
    Chris Opthof Month ago

    I know it sounds weird, but my hair literally started falling out at like 6th grade. Got made fun of quite a bit and still lack confidence to this day. I am 23 years old currently. Last year I went to a consult appointment with a hair transplant place near me. They said that unfortunately i'll have to wait until i'm 25 to get a transplant, AT LEAST. I assume it's because they are making sure that i'm done with my hair falling out. It just sucks

    • Julia Iva
      Julia Iva 28 days ago

      Hello Chris please contact me by whatsapp +905367084040 there are a lot of treatments for hair loss for young people as you.. Hair transplantation is not a must

  • Cameron Graham
    Cameron Graham Month ago

    Nah buddy you got that fat ass forehead everybody gonna look at now

  • Ahmed Mohyuddin
    Ahmed Mohyuddin Month ago

    Worst and late result👎👎👎

  • Ant B
    Ant B Month ago

    You on fin?

  • Abdul Said
    Abdul Said Month ago

    Shoutout to your surgeon

  • h.riverzon zon
    h.riverzon zon Month ago

    How much it cost ?

    • Julia Iva
      Julia Iva 28 days ago

      Hello sir if you are interested in details please contact me by whatsapp +905367084040

  • p000000Lverr
    p000000Lverr 2 months ago

    super insecure

  • Jared Meyer
    Jared Meyer 2 months ago

    Congrats man 👏

  • Matthew s
    Matthew s 2 months ago +1

    This gave me so much hope! I’m just curious if you ever tried to take a DHT blocker before getting a hair transplant?

  • Tyree Webster
    Tyree Webster 2 months ago

    I’d like one.

    • Tyree Webster
      Tyree Webster 25 days ago

      Julia Iva perhaps sometime in the future as my hair is thinning at the front and I feel very insecure about it

    • Julia Iva
      Julia Iva 28 days ago

      Are you planning this operation?

  • Lucian Constantin
    Lucian Constantin 2 months ago

    Looks really good but what happens with the back of the head ? Does the thing that makes hair grow regenerate or it's a gone ?

    • Julia Iva
      Julia Iva 28 days ago

      No, it does not regenerate. This is the one of import points that doctor should take the folliculars carefully from back side so there won't be boldness as small spots. Are you planning to do this operation?

  • CNN Youtube channel
    CNN Youtube channel 2 months ago

    But how much money you spend your first hair transplant before sir'plss tell me

  • CNN Youtube channel
    CNN Youtube channel 2 months ago

    Turkery is the one cheapest transplant in the world'the minimun prize is $2,000 including accommodation

  • kevin james cooking show

    saan clinic po kayo idol pls magkano po nagastos ninyo

  • jack oblisk
    jack oblisk 2 months ago

    Hairline looks natural, great work!

  • Yan Campos
    Yan Campos 2 months ago

    Dam you have a big ass forehead

  • grim reaper karting
    grim reaper karting 2 months ago

    U still got a big arse forehead 🤣

  • N Y
    N Y 2 months ago

    Great, natural result.

  • imjerome
    imjerome 2 months ago

    i am just wondering why you cannot tell your viewer how many grafts and how much you paid for per graft for your 1st 2nd and 3rd visit... or is it that you have agreed not to reveal maybe because of ex deal. i mean you've come this far telling us your experience by way of this extensive documentation except for the cost which people really need to know so that people can prepare. Salamat po

  • NoName
    NoName 2 months ago

    That’s why you take finasteride for a couple of years before transplant and continue later on as well instead of getting 3+ transplants

    • NoName
      NoName 2 months ago

      Do you still take finasteride?

    • Dwaine Woolley
      Dwaine Woolley  2 months ago

      The problem is as soon as you stop taking finasteride you start losing hair anyway

  • Le Troll
    Le Troll 2 months ago +1

    Dude your still a SLAP HEAD.... you need to lower your hairline more...

  • bruno burtoni
    bruno burtoni 3 months ago +2

    you takin finasteride?

  • S B
    S B 3 months ago +1

    Great video! I just have a question, you had to do a transplant 3 times because you kept loosing your real hair. Would you recommend one to wait longer before doing a transplant? Im 23 today and really want to do a transplant but im pretty sure that if i do it today, i will have to do the transplant twice.

  • sputnik
    sputnik 3 months ago

    PS Before you did this did you ever try Rogaine ??

  • sputnik
    sputnik 3 months ago

    So this looks great and you look great with it . The same is happening to me . Thank you and enjoy your looks :::::

  • siekierkaKam
    siekierkaKam 3 months ago +1

    you got great results amigo, I'm happy for you !

  • Steve Kweku Amoatin
    Steve Kweku Amoatin 3 months ago

    Let me see the back!

    L3GENDBAAP 3 months ago

    dude you looked waaaay better bald than with hair

  • Robd collector
    Robd collector 3 months ago curious to ask...during the first few months did you go out in public with your hair growing oddly..what about work?

  • Itsthemuscledad
    Itsthemuscledad 3 months ago

    did you get fut or fue?

  • Itsthemuscledad
    Itsthemuscledad 3 months ago

    Did the donor area regrow hair? or na?

    • Julia Iva
      Julia Iva 28 days ago

      Hello sir please contact me by whatsapp +905367084040 to inform you about all details

  • Ashley Alex Hendrickse
    Ashley Alex Hendrickse 3 months ago +3

    you look super badass with a bald head dude!

  • Aimie Ganih
    Aimie Ganih 3 months ago

    I suggest that you need to make another hair transplant for your both left and right forehead because it look like those hairline spots were started receding.. but if it is necessary..

  • Donny Deer
    Donny Deer 3 months ago

    That’s the problem - trying to work out when to get your transplant. You are too young to have stopped receding and you should have been told this at your first consultation. The earlier you start getting transplants, you must expect a few more visits over the following years. Take my word for it, once you get older you just accept that nature will win every time and accept your hair loss. Just remember that only so much hair can be moved from the back to the front or the top of the head. You will end up with hair on the top of your head, but little at the back and sides. I’m not knocking your video or what you have gone through. But think well ahead as to how you may look as you age. Nobody can tell you how much hair you are going to lose naturally.
    I am following the progress being made on growing unlimited hair from your own stem cells which is then transplanted. It may be a few years away but we can live in hairy hope lol. Hope you stay happy with the work done and wish you well in life.

  • Michael Gardener
    Michael Gardener 3 months ago

    What about the back of your head is that bald now or patchy

  • TheClimateChanged
    TheClimateChanged 3 months ago

    You look better bald

  • Boomer STan
    Boomer STan 3 months ago +2

    how much did it cost you for all 3 combined in terms of US dollars??

    • Max Kowalszyk
      Max Kowalszyk Month ago

      I paid 2000$ in Turkey for 4500 grafts transplant FUE with Sapphire needles and pretty satisfied with my result

    • Sasha
      Sasha 3 months ago

      M10 Official That’s $5,802 in USD if it was Philippine peso which is what he said

    • Jacob Andersen
      Jacob Andersen 3 months ago

      @Dwaine Woolley you know in terms of restoring all your hair, that's not too bad! looks great!

    • Boomer STan
      Boomer STan 3 months ago

      @Dwaine Woolley bruh

    • Dwaine Woolley
      Dwaine Woolley  3 months ago +2

      About 300k pesos

  • Giuseppe Corleone
    Giuseppe Corleone 3 months ago +1

    How much did it cost?

  • Charlés
    Charlés 4 months ago +1

    Thank you for this GREAT informative video, respect for all the details and honesty, thank you for helping out young men following the same journey as you!

  • Kimberly Walker
    Kimberly Walker 4 months ago

    Looks natural!

  • tuluks Vui
    tuluks Vui 4 months ago +2

    Best vid straight to point no rubbish talk very good thanks mate

  • Aaron Dodson
    Aaron Dodson 4 months ago

    Should have took finasteride after your first