Hair Transplant Before and After

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
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    G'day everyone my name is Dwaine Woolley and I have had three hair transplants in my life. So I had the first hair transplant when I was 26. The 2nd when I was 27 and the 3rd when I was 28. In fact I'm still 28 I turn 29 in a few months. I started losing my hair when I was just 18 years old and it sucked. Now 10 years later I've got it all back again. Having my hair back again has made me really happy, confident and not insecure. I'm able to focus on things I want to get done now, when I talk to people I don't have to worry about them staring at my hair line. You know just things like that it's been life changing to have my hair back again.
    This is what I looked like before. And this is what I look like now. Hair transplant results month to month.
    If you do want to contact Doctor Arambulo, the surgeon that did my hair, here is her website:
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  • Comforting Kitten
    Comforting Kitten 19 hours ago

    I'm losing my hair. Someone murder me.

  • Za Ta
    Za Ta 3 days ago

    Hi, I’m from Australia. Could you recommend a Surgeon/Clinic in Australia? From what I’ve read, there isn’t that many worth going to. I’m not that comfortable going to get a transplant done in another country because if if something was to go wrong, I’m screwed. Also, do you take finasteride? Thanks for your videos :)

    • Dwaine Woolley
      Dwaine Woolley  3 days ago

      I dont take finasteride no. But i will if i lose more hair. Im not really familiar with any hair transplant clinics in Australia

  • Chris Matson
    Chris Matson 4 days ago

    Just wondering why you didn't take propecia after the original transplant? From everything iv read that's pretty much needed after a transplant as your going to continue to lose the rest of the hair on the top and crown that isn't transplanted.

    • Dwaine Woolley
      Dwaine Woolley  4 days ago

      My father and brothers have receded hair. But no one is completely bald. I figured i would be the same so I didnt take any. Probably should have

  • Jamie Natchios
    Jamie Natchios 6 days ago

    Good video. Very informative and to the point. Cheers!

  • Larry Hoover
    Larry Hoover 7 days ago

    How much did you pay ?

  • Heera Lal
    Heera Lal 11 days ago

    Congrats for good results. I also receive great hair transplant results from Dr Suneet soni of Medispa India, is one of the best cosmetic surgeons and specially for natural looking hair transplant, he is unmatchable.

  • Julius Cezar Jimenez
    Julius Cezar Jimenez 14 days ago

    You look alot younger now.

  • babbisp1
    babbisp1 14 days ago

    Is there a time limit before one considers a hair transplant or can you always just accept donor follicles if you've lost it all?

    • babbisp1
      babbisp1 14 days ago

      +Dwaine Woolley So there is a time limit. Im just wondering how much hair from the back of your scalp is resistant to balding?

    • Dwaine Woolley
      Dwaine Woolley  14 days ago

      You cant use another person’s hair. It must be your own hair. You can also use hair from other parts of your body which some patients have done. Although i think id rather be bald than have armpit hair growing on my head😂

  • David Paterson
    David Paterson 14 days ago +7

    Legit the only video that gets to the point and shows nice process pictures. And we'll explain. You're my hero!!

  • Joze Reo
    Joze Reo 16 days ago

    I feel like you still look gwapo as a kalbo Dwaine

  • Depro Nine
    Depro Nine 19 days ago

    Total costs?

  • Let live Life
    Let live Life 19 days ago

    If you ever go back for more coverage make sure they do your temples it would make your forehead much smaller & shape your face better even if you have to shave

  • The goddess Heaven
    The goddess Heaven 20 days ago

    Alam ko ang bad effect nyan is sexlife...

  • Philip Roberts
    Philip Roberts 23 days ago

    Anaesthetic not Anastasia

  • Khunkimheng Sun
    Khunkimheng Sun 25 days ago

    This is very informative man :) ty

  • Doxil vik
    Doxil vik 28 days ago

    How much it cost ?

  • Alvanessa rose Aoyama
    Alvanessa rose Aoyama 28 days ago

    kuya dwaine kain po kayo brocollisprout maganda po siya talagang totobo po bagong hair niyo..4 times a week po..

  • Yazan Mohammad
    Yazan Mohammad 29 days ago

    How much cost in Dallas?

  • Graeme Davin
    Graeme Davin Month ago

    Not true there is scars in both.

  • Texanboiii
    Texanboiii Month ago

    Can you wear a hat/cap if no sunlight for a month?

  • Marco Ylagan
    Marco Ylagan Month ago

    Hello from the USA 🇺🇸

  • Marco Ylagan
    Marco Ylagan Month ago

    He is speaking pure English

  • Nach Mazlan
    Nach Mazlan Month ago

    Looking good mate

  • Wendell Solis
    Wendell Solis Month ago

    Did you have any discount from your 2nd hair transplant, after doing the first transplant from their clinic?

  • Dave Clark
    Dave Clark Month ago

    How long do you need to take off work after a hair transplant ?

  • Rayhan Ihsan Nasution

    I'm curious what your behind looks like, is it just normal or what? Because the source of the transplanted was like holed right? 😁

    AGENTSIXTY9 Month ago

    How much did you pay per procedure that’s what we all want to know??

  • Ben Böcek
    Ben Böcek Month ago

    What about back of the your head any scars

  • hermanmern
    hermanmern Month ago

    Hello, i just want to ask, where did you get your hair for the 2nd n 3rd surgery? I mean, did the original hair regrow again, and used that for the 2nd surgery and same process for the 3rd time?
    Sorry, bad English.

    • R-A-H_-
      R-A-H_- Month ago

      Or you can use other hair on your body, this guy used his beard

    • R-A-H_-
      R-A-H_- Month ago

      I believe they used the ones they didn’t use on the back, I may be wrong

  • lapstreet21
    lapstreet21 Month ago

    Finesteride for life

  • Hair Transplant Network

    Looking good Dwaine,
    Great video 👍🏼

  • Jeff Odena
    Jeff Odena Month ago

    Magkano nagastos mo?

  • Aakash Pathak
    Aakash Pathak Month ago

    can i grow long hair...after transplant

  • Marites Ejan
    Marites Ejan Month ago

    Wow good day ni gwapo ka samot ni bata sa imong buhok

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky 2 months ago +2

    Bryan Ahern need this 👍🏼😊

  • Genghis Khan
    Genghis Khan 2 months ago

    Hi dwaine, i'm an migrant worker here in south korea, looking forward to have an hair transplant in december or january....may i know how much dra. arambulo charge if i choose 3,000 grafts of hair?

    • Genghis Khan
      Genghis Khan 2 months ago

      +Dwaine Woolley ok, may i know how much you paid for your surgery and how many grafts you've took?

    • Dwaine Woolley
      Dwaine Woolley  2 months ago

      Hi there! Best to ask the doctor on their website under the contact us section as it depends case by case

  • jasper fatty
    jasper fatty 2 months ago +1

    That looks really good, they did an amazing job.....

  • Gerjoker94
    Gerjoker94 2 months ago

    Where is the Link?

  • Shena Catamco
    Shena Catamco 2 months ago

    New subscriber here @dwanta halos tanang vlog nnU ako ng Nakit-an ....your vlog is my stress-reliever after whole day teaching kids.....

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    Wow paawgeeee!

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    manuel del rossario 2 months ago

    How about the cost?

  • christopher esmero
    christopher esmero 2 months ago

    How much nman idol mgagastos s hair transplant?

  • Charmaine Daria
    Charmaine Daria 2 months ago +7

    Congrats that you have healthy hair now

  • Charmaine Daria
    Charmaine Daria 2 months ago

    Awww, really?

    SUPREMACY PH 2 months ago +2

    Nakakalbo kasi ang pagsuot ng cap.
    legit !! Katulad sa mga kamaganak ko na mahilig magsuot ng cap lahat sila napapanot at nakakalbo

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    Could you do a shout out po?
    Pa shoutout po kay Max Parapowpoo 😂 He’s coming to the Philippines!! Pleaseeee❤️

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    You look good bald anyway. 👍🏻hair or no hair.

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    Parang I like better the "before" picture ah. Makinis. Lol.

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    Hi, I've seen you and your wife video on Facebook so I am here na , new subscriber 😁

  • Learn Filipino For Free

    Nice video dwaine. I’m a baldy myself, and have had to resort to shaving my head, and wearing a hat, lol so maybe I should give that doctor a call.

  • Gerald Tan
    Gerald Tan 2 months ago

    What happened on the back parts of ur head ?

  • Gerald Tan
    Gerald Tan 2 months ago

    I wanna ask how how much it cost?

  • johnnie hotrod
    johnnie hotrod 2 months ago

    man,now that you've got your hair back,please tone down a little bit of your usage with shampoo ..... shampoo has chemicals ..... shampoo kills the little ones that will replace the hair that falls everyday,that's why you go bald .... anyway,i stopped using shampoo a long time ago ... I've noticed that everytime I used shampoo,l lost a lot hair compare to when I'm not using it ...... believe it or not,I have a long now like your shanta (but a little shorter,wearing it for 3 years now) .... if you can't avoid using shampoo then make it like once or twice a month & don't wet your hair everyday or everytime you take shower ..... lastly,if prince william will ask me some advice then that's the same thing I'm gonna say to him ....... that's what I told (your friend) aheezy tribe too ...... it's big sacrifice man,but it saves your hair ........ good luck mabuhay !!!!

  • Romelus Saladar
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    Dwaine THIS IS FANTASTIC !!! DO MORE topics like this.. and we ENJOY your FILO LIFESTYLE and your LOVEY DOVEY life with your wife !!! MORE MORE MORE !!!

  • Gloria Sahagun
    Gloria Sahagun 2 months ago

    Hi Dwaine!huwag kang mag alala kung mawawala ang buhokmo someday. You still very handsome without hair at saka uso naman ng bald dito sa America.... bye!!!!god bless you

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    Salamat sa pagbahagi, Kapatid! Very educational. Dang, that anesthesia sounds miserable as does the post care stuff. I have had terrible experiences with that stuff in the past. I am glad that the surgeries have worked out for you so well.

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      I want too
      Nawawala pagod ko pag pinapanood ko kayong mag asawa
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    Wow. Such amazing results 👌I'm really curious on how much it all costs to get done? I'm beginning to recede like you kuya Dwaine and therefore becoming more insecure and less confident by the day 😫
    I have been using 'NOVU HAIR' for more than 6months now but havnt seen any improvement.
    (Much love from your poor little halfie fan from NZ) 🇳🇿🇵🇭😎

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