10 Lies You Still Believe About 6 Pack Abs

  • Published on Jul 28, 2018
  • These are the top 10 lies you still believe about ​how to get six pack abs. If your trying to get abs fast whether it be at home or in the gym these are the best 6 pack ab diet workout & exercise tips for beginners and for those of you that are advanced. Learn how to build abs without much gym equipment and start seeing results now. ​
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    #1 Food and exercises that will burn your belly fat faster - 0:32
    #2 You cannot isolate your lower or upper abs - 1:45
    #3 Having a nicely defined six packs means you have a strong core 2:33
    #4 Abs are made in the kitchen - 3:45
    #5 Higher reps will help you build nicely defined abs better than lower reps with heavy weight - 5:25
    #6 Abs should be treated differently - 7:20
    #7 Genetics - 9:01
    #8 You need special equipment - 10:56
    #9 Need to do cardio to see your abs - 11:50
    #10 Can't get abs with high carb diet -12:18
    Unfortunately as I'm sure many of you already know there are a lot of myths misconceptions and flat-out lies in the fitness industry especially when it comes to the topic of six pack abs. Today I'm going to touch on everything that you need to know to separate fact from fiction when it comes to abs even highly of Whitted topics like how much of an impact genetics play in your ability to get abs and by learning what's real and what's not you'll be able to focus your efforts on things that actually work allowing you to see a shredded midsection in no time. So let's start with the number one lie that's told again and again the idea that there are certain foods and exercises that will burn your belly fat and help you see your abs faster. This is completely untrue due to the fact that there is no way to spot reduce. This means you can't just pick an area of your body that you would like to lose fat from. In fact due to the way that gaining body fat and fat loss works you're more likely to store fat in your midsection first and lose fat from that area last because your body prefers to burn fat from distal areas like your hands and your face before it starts burning fat from proximal areas like your belly. There's a large list of foods and supplements all over the Internet that uninformed people believe can help burn specifically belly fat such as broccoli almonds beans all kinds of Miracle fat burning creams and the list can go on and on but the only way to burn the fat on top of your abs is by burning the fat from your whole body. Eating healthy food will help you do this but there is no healthy food that targets specifically belly fat. Sanding with exercise in fact Exercises like barbell squats will help you burn more belly fat then exercises like crunches. again you cannot Target fat burn. Let's move on to number 2 you cannot isolate just your lower abs or just your upper abs. There are multiple layers of muscles in your abdominal region but when most people are talking about abs they're referring to the rectus abdominis which is the external six-pack looking muscle. That rectus abdominis is one layer of muscle meaning that one layer of muscle both the lower part of it and the upper part have the same insertion points. This means that when you're doing lower ab exercises you're still hitting your upper abs. And the same goes vice versa. There are certain exercises that put more pressure and stress on one part of your rectus abdominis over the other but there is no way to absolutely isolate lower from upper. Exercises that are really great for your lower abs tend to also be really great for your upper abs. Next is the idea that if you have a nicely defined six-pack it automatically means that you have a strong core. And if you have a poorly-defined midsection it means you have a weak core. The strength and functional capacity of your core has very little to do with what it looks like from the outside. Like I said there are multiple layers to your abdominal muscles. The very outside layer is the rectus abdominis but there are deep layers like the transverse abdominis for example as well as other deep tissue muscles that are used for stabilization. Stabilization of the trunk area is one of the primary functions of the core and it's one of the main factors that influences core strength. The rectus abdominis is mostly responsible for trunk flexion while the deeper tissue abdominal muscles are more responsible for the stabilization. So you can have very little rectus abdominis definition whether that be because you don't have a bulky enough rectus abdominis or because you have extra body fat on your stomach but that doesn't change the fact that you can still have plenty of core strength. There are many examples of athletes and especially Fighters that don't exactly have the nicest most defined ABS but it's clear that they have plenty of core strength.
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  • Michael Bonyad
    Michael Bonyad Month ago

    He's right. I have lost 60 lbs to go from 6'1" 236 lbs to 176 lbs and I weight train 4 days a week and 2 days of basketball and the fat around my lower abs does not go away. My diet is mostly clean but it looks like I need to get to 10% for them all to show through. Sucks but it is what it is.

  • Jackie Mez
    Jackie Mez Month ago

    Does this rule apply for @ 13 yr old boy

  • Crxznt
    Crxznt Month ago

    I'm only 16 I don't get to choose what I eat😞

  • Strive Health and Wellbeing

    I changed to working my abs every day and they are better than they have ever been

  • X Legend X
    X Legend X 3 months ago

    Very nice vid really help me out thank you! Keep up the good work!!


    You cant out train a bad diet, PERIOD

  • William Lloyd
    William Lloyd 5 months ago

    I think its exercising? Just saying.

  • eddie bower
    eddie bower 6 months ago

    I love the information thanks again brother

  • UTBaller22
    UTBaller22 6 months ago

    In regards to working your abs everyday being a bad thing, Jeff Cavaliere says hello. Gymnasts say hello as well. I have had this discussion before, but I think it is much harder to overwork your muscles than people lead on to believe, especially your abs. Gymnasts cores are strenuously trained inadvertently everyday. Sometimes gymnast get Sunday off, but many times its 7 days a week several hours a day. The core is either going to adapt and get strong or it is going to break down leading to injury. Gymnasts have an extremely strong core, which shows that point one is usually more true than the latter. Beyond that, gymnasts also show that you do not need to progressively overload your core with weights in order to get a very strong core.

  • Iceton Johnson
    Iceton Johnson 6 months ago

    Hold up hold up I heard that lighter weights gives definition

  • Fat Fit Shred
    Fat Fit Shred 8 months ago

    lot of truth in here....yet still the magical ab workouts and diets keep selling while most people buying them never ever see their abs....

  • Lee Emerson
    Lee Emerson 8 months ago

    Some people do not metabolise carbohydrates in a healthy way. Too many people are pushing ‘One Size Fits All’ diets particularly pertaining to the amount of carbs to eat.

  • Ianto Jones
    Ianto Jones 8 months ago

    Please stop talking with your hands.

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    lori washington 9 months ago

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  • ThorStone96
    ThorStone96 9 months ago

    I work out every other day what ur opinion on that?

  • Ashutosh Singh
    Ashutosh Singh 9 months ago +3

    One more misconception : Having abs will get you laid...

  • raj deep
    raj deep 9 months ago

    thanks man i hate cardio i dont wanna do it i just measure my food n wt on daily basis lost 4kgs😁

  • Hamza Spahic
    Hamza Spahic 9 months ago

    Well you're wrong when it comes to the definition of the abs. I have really strong core and can see my abs but they're not defined well because of the layer of fat that I have.

  • Harry Charles
    Harry Charles 9 months ago

    High carb diet,still got an 8 pack

  • Víctor Laurel buatiche

    This is just a generic information hit cardio works really well on me when I'm trying to be more lean even though my diet it's not the most clean one. So I guess every human being body its a whole different world but it this it's a really good video

  • Velislav Lonev
    Velislav Lonev 9 months ago

    Let me save you some time and tell you its all genetecits in terms of looks, you can have the best diet and training program and still not look half as good as the guy who eats 7 cheeseburgers a meal but has metabolism of a rabbit.

  • rojasan17
    rojasan17 9 months ago

    Makes sense

  • Kawser 1.
    Kawser 1. 9 months ago

    Trust me it’s all genetics. I eat so much junk and my six-pack still dere and I’m just naturally strong all around. ;)

  • Anwaar Aslam
    Anwaar Aslam 9 months ago

    Abs do not grow in size and get bigger like other muscles

  • wasabi saus
    wasabi saus 9 months ago

    I literally eat junk food every day and I have a six pack I train 3 times a week

  • random guy
    random guy 9 months ago

    my left abs are way bigger than my rigth .showld i focus on the left and try to fix this?

  • California domion's
    California domion's 9 months ago +1

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    pure_IDO 9 months ago

    Just do Calisthenics

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    M Louie Reguyal 9 months ago

    One other thing : you can't get the girls you want by having that six packs

  • Patrick S
    Patrick S 9 months ago

    OK, I'm listening. Got bored. Bye, bye. Had a four pack once in my 20s, ha! Was doing situps with a 50 pound weight behind my neck.

  • Basilis Pardalis
    Basilis Pardalis 9 months ago +2

    Have those ab genetic and having a six pack ( ripped af) from when i was 7-8 years old now im 16 and with calisthenics i have an amazing physique and im so happy about that .. my favourite excercise by far is weighted pull ups dips push ups ..except from calisthenics im also doing weight training to get even better gains! Combining both calisthenics and weight training i think is the most efficient type of training those gains are amazing! Sorry for talking too much Lol

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    Nethrex 9 months ago

    Great video!
    However I am not sure how the challenge is healthy as pretty much everyone I have watched agree that losing that much weight that fast unless you are very obese is not healthy?
    I have heard that your max loss should be around 1 pound per week to not lose muscle. Any chance you can explain this to me? :)

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    I was on a boat without a shirt. I was "ab"sailing 😀

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    I fucking knew it! Thank you very much

  • Som Rithearong
    Som Rithearong 9 months ago

    Almost got 4 upper and showing now I just need to make my 2 other abs to show

  • harld kardika
    harld kardika 9 months ago +1

    You shouldn't train abs every single day, but you should _include_ them in every single workout that you do.
    There is a difference there

  • Ren Feral
    Ren Feral 9 months ago

    It is so nice to see someone who knows what they are talking about.

  • Bradley Vlogz
    Bradley Vlogz 9 months ago

    Is it possible to not be able to have a 6 pack?
    I have had the upper 2 abbs even before i did any exercise
    Now no matter how much i work out my abs , do cardio etc
    Nothing changes at all There are no sign of the other 4 abs
    It’s really demotivating

    • fenrirgg
      fenrirgg 9 months ago +1

      Bradley Vlogz just keep training and eating a balanced diet and abs appear.

  • Sothbeachboy 21
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  • Dragon sin of wrath Meliodas Genji

    Are you saying that even if I’m on a low body fat% and if I can only see the upper two abs does that mean that I can’t get full six pack abs

  • Dan Carpenter
    Dan Carpenter 9 months ago

    What equipment is required for the 6 week challenge ? Is this strictly a gym routine or is this an at home dumbbell and calisthenics routine ?

  • M C
    M C 9 months ago

    Too much info

  • Anjou
    Anjou 9 months ago

    this cleared up a lot of stuff i was unsure of👍

  • Gamer Vibes
    Gamer Vibes 9 months ago

    amazing the truth … thank you

  • Devin Moultrie
    Devin Moultrie 9 months ago

    Excellent video brother

  • Marco Gray
    Marco Gray 9 months ago

    Brilliant advice! This guy know’s his stuff! Many many thanks!

  • Dennis XXL
    Dennis XXL 9 months ago +3

    I see and read everywhere diet diet die diet god damn diet. It's like god delivered a message to human: "there is no need to working out just eat healthy diet and you will look godly, have a nice day"

    • xWhiTzZy
      xWhiTzZy 9 months ago

      Dennis XXL I’m not sure what your saying but I’m assuming you say you can’t burn fat so what’s the point in you exercising? It boils down to your body needs to burn more calories than it consumes. That way it burns body fat to make the difference. Exercising causes your body to burn way more calories than if you were sat on a chair all day.
      It’s near impossible to lose weight without dieting and just exercising though since it’s easier to control the amount of calories you intake rather than the amount of calories you burn (a half an hour swim probably burns 100 calories)
      If you gain fat fast and easy it means you consume to many calories and burn too little. Resistance training or building muscle is probably the best way to burn fat due to the fact muscle requires more energy than fat. The bigger the muscle the more calories it consumes even while resting.
      TLDR build more muscle and your body will burn more calories while exercising and resting

    • Dennis XXL
      Dennis XXL 9 months ago

      eat 100 calories every day and do 50 km cardioto lose fat. I just can't believe how elaborate it is to get rid off some fat. If you get fat easily and very hard to lose what is the point of working out and all the big effort dude I wouldn't care of my body then like seriously.

  • justin case
    justin case 9 months ago +6

    So many half truths with this guy. I am literally watching his videos to catch on his mistakes. At first it was fun and now he is going over board...

  • Lil Peep
    Lil Peep 9 months ago

    Thank you for all the information and good videos I just started working out for the first time in my life I was 240 now I’m 227 started lifting weights , riding bike , waking , hiking , and there’s a park where there is a lot but I mean a whole hill with stairs can’t wait till the end of 2019 how I I’ll look thank you for the information and motivation ❤️

  • andrian paul manansala
    andrian paul manansala 9 months ago

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    Fitness Haven 9 months ago +1

    Completely agree with everything you said about the myths out there saying "this is what you need to/should do to get a six-pack." 👍👍👍

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    That said, love your videos. Great stuff that I use for my own journey.

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    Nae O’Connor 9 months ago

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  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 9 months ago

    Ok guys so I’m trying to gain muscle and I’ve got whey protein isolate. I’ve read some articles on protein consumption and was wondering if it’s safe to do it after workouts and only after. Look I don’t want my liver to fail or die at 50. Just wondering if you guys could help me out here. I’m not taking anything other than whey. I’m worried more about health than gains even though I want gains.

    • Zahra Morgani
      Zahra Morgani 9 months ago

      vertrau Auf ihn you don’t specifically have to have a protein shake after your workouts as protein shakes are a second reserve for your protein intake, whether that being time management. You can consume protein through many food sources which are cleaner and don’t consume amounts of added flavour and colour, that’s why many people say eat 1-2 hours after training (protein is essential for muscle development).

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  • dasein
    dasein 9 months ago +7

    EMG studies disagree with what you say about isolating upper or lower abs. It's also like saying you cannot isolate your front delt or side delt. You cannot isolate them but there are exercises meant to target one and not the other.

    • dasein
      dasein 9 months ago

      A McArthur The truth hurts, bitchstain.

    • A McArthur
      A McArthur 9 months ago

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      Abdullai Amir 9 months ago

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    • dasein
      dasein 9 months ago

      Volticz and that is a moot point. It's like saying there are different exercises to target upper and lower chest but you cannot entirely isolate the upper and lower chest. So what? This information does not help me improve my workout.

    • Abdullai Amir
      Abdullai Amir 9 months ago

      Volticz I can independently contract my to calf heads, is that normal? They are the same muscle but I can hit one side way harder by slightly tilting my ankle.

  • dasein
    dasein 9 months ago +69

    I wish this guy would do a better job of getting to the point.

    • sohsohzai wee
      sohsohzai wee 9 months ago

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    • dasein
      dasein 9 months ago +2

      Stuart Bernard what part doesn't make sense? Care to explain? I know I was clear enough. You're just a pathetic little bitch.

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      Stuart Bernard 9 months ago +1

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      dasein 9 months ago +1

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    • The Butcher
      The Butcher 9 months ago

      Daniel Flores I know he gives good advice, all I was saying is that Jeff Cavalier has so many credentials it would take forever to type them all. He says you can work abs everyday. I believe him.

    • Omegametalchase92
      Omegametalchase92 9 months ago +1

      Daniel Flores From Studies done at universities in the physical therapies, The abs are the fastest recovering muscle group within the human body. If you do too little to stress the abs properly, the abs won't continue to grow and you'll continue to hit a plateau in the gains from your abs exercises.

    • Daniel Flores
      Daniel Flores 9 months ago

      The Butcher
      What are you disagreeing with? He gives sound advice

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    Jose A. Justiniano 9 months ago

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