• Published on Jan 5, 2019
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Comments • 262

  • FAusto Hernande
    FAusto Hernande 6 days ago

    I need help how can I get my career total assists ?

  • nbadna46xy Peters
    nbadna46xy Peters 12 days ago

    @brutalsim Hello brutalism thanks for your retirement video of nba2k 19 I Have Been grinding a lot and I play NBA 2K 19 24/7 I'm 92 overall and I never make 99 overal Before 6 sept. en Because of your video at the end of my career In The Hall Of Fame Because of that video I can close My Road Of mvp and now I know what I've Been practicing 4 and close nba2k 19 and Waiting For NBA 2K 20 Thanks.

  • YMD_shady
    YMD_shady Month ago

    Why is ur character ugly as a mf

  • Colton Meadows
    Colton Meadows Month ago

    When dose it make you retire

  • Seth Covington
    Seth Covington Month ago

    A.i didn’t even say anything about his girl

  • The Arkashka
    The Arkashka 2 months ago

    Please tell me guys, can I comeback to NBA?

  • Edward Crotty
    Edward Crotty 4 months ago +1

    How many seasons did you play?

  • Allen Rogers
    Allen Rogers 5 months ago

    looks like larry fitzgerald

  • Texas football and hs football


    • Jani Spaits
      Jani Spaits 3 months ago

      he is in the audience not on the stage ;)

  • daily laugh
    daily laugh 5 months ago +1

    This boii got the Microsoft edge 1:15

  • Mr Coconut 1324
    Mr Coconut 1324 5 months ago +4

    Didn’t thank his wife or gf? So after all these years he’s still single 😂

    • Baby Pootsie
      Baby Pootsie 5 months ago +1

      Yeah, whatever happened to that bitch from the prelude?

  • kevineitor25 H
    kevineitor25 H 5 months ago

    Bro ur like entering phrase is so cringe bro lmao😂😂

  • Danny DangGang
    Danny DangGang 5 months ago +3

    I wish they showed the accomplishments of the player like trophies rings teams you were on all star selections and all that stuff

  • SDR Slick
    SDR Slick 5 months ago

    I'll never get 99. I hate Mycareer its so boring

  • vEliteDrxbbles
    vEliteDrxbbles 5 months ago

    What happened to the right side of yo shirt😂😂😂

  • Typsy K. Capone
    Typsy K. Capone 6 months ago +1

    I feel like this a lot how my future grammy speech finna go 😂

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown 6 months ago

    Wole on u Jamaican??

  • Matt Doh
    Matt Doh 6 months ago

    2k trash. this whole career trash and cory harris and marcus young r losers

  • The 3 sub club Marcelldelarosa

    I’m sorry but did anyone understand the intro

  • Scoobes
    Scoobes 6 months ago +83

    What if after his speech he woke up in a hospital bed and realized he was in a coma for the whole time

  • Vegeta The Prince of All Sayains

    Well no words for MJ

  • VisionVelt_
    VisionVelt_ 6 months ago

    It’s gonna be ocward calling out giannis for me ya know looking exactly the same way

  • Tyrone Walker
    Tyrone Walker 6 months ago +5

    This sounds like lebron wrote this speech. He always thanks the fans

  • PolarIcedTea
    PolarIcedTea 6 months ago

    That was hella cringey.

  • James Jones
    James Jones 6 months ago +1

    Yo good job brah way to stamp your name in the NBA

    KING L3MUR 6 months ago

    Bye careera

  • Young Joaq
    Young Joaq 6 months ago

    L l.tt

  • Keifer
    Keifer 6 months ago

    So can you still play in park and rec with the retired player's?

  • 9ja Warrior
    9ja Warrior 6 months ago

    ur dude look like a tennis ball

  • Pomer Davison
    Pomer Davison 6 months ago

    how did you get that hair style

  • Sharkie 353
    Sharkie 353 6 months ago +1

    those audience effects during the speech made me cringe... xD

  • Ryan Hubbard MDS
    Ryan Hubbard MDS 6 months ago

    play for the raptors

  • tangrage
    tangrage 6 months ago

    he retire because his lame im the one aye

  • EliteGabriel 87
    EliteGabriel 87 6 months ago

    Imma try to link up with you on Monday! My user is: EliteGabriel87 !!

  • Yes Yeah
    Yes Yeah 6 months ago

    Bro you have your guy a Timberwolve? Same I won 3 championship other them in a three peat

  • Soren Giles
    Soren Giles 6 months ago +82

    5:08 this guy said Jiannis

    • Blitz NA
      Blitz NA 5 months ago

      @JellyLayups Giannis Antetokounmpo xD not Jiannis Ankeompkoppeppt

    • JellyLayups
      JellyLayups 5 months ago +1

      ye u don't know Jiannis Ankeompkoppeppt?

    • Danekidi
      Danekidi 5 months ago

      Did him wrong

  • birds aren't real
    birds aren't real 6 months ago

    2k my career is fucking cringe

  • O.F. HeadOne
    O.F. HeadOne 6 months ago

    I guess I'm not retiring to hall of fame.

  • jazzy Dennis
    jazzy Dennis 6 months ago

    How many years old?

  • Yung Natai
    Yung Natai 6 months ago

    what happened to his gf, smh

  • Johndo
    Johndo 6 months ago +4


  • Markass Brownlee
    Markass Brownlee 6 months ago

    How old was your player

    GODSENT STAXXX 6 months ago

    Where you from bro ?

  • Nyle Bball
    Nyle Bball 6 months ago

    Ur voice though

  • louis auckerman
    louis auckerman 6 months ago +2

    sounds like 21 savage


  • Venoms TV
    Venoms TV 6 months ago

    why does his character sound like mine lol?

  • J0DI3 F1Y
    J0DI3 F1Y 6 months ago

    We all see who’s getting 2k20 for free😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • xd smallzz
    xd smallzz 6 months ago +4

    As soon as he said it’s ya boyyyy some dude invited him to a squad with the name ya boy

  • Ya Caek Puncaek
    Ya Caek Puncaek 6 months ago


  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello 6 months ago

    they should there mom and dad

  • Juicy J
    Juicy J 6 months ago

    I always get to like 95 overall and then it’s like the grind isn’t worth it

  • loser.beast funniest
    loser.beast funniest 6 months ago

    What is he saying

  • Brian bolden
    Brian bolden 6 months ago

    the ad i got is sad

  • Pex Cye
    Pex Cye 6 months ago +4

    Dude the timberwolves is my favorite team

  • JHamto PH
    JHamto PH 6 months ago


  • 6 9
    6 9 6 months ago

    Who’s cutting these unions bro ..........

  • Andy Millbach
    Andy Millbach 6 months ago

    I thought you were speaking a different language in the beginning

  • Nin
    Nin 6 months ago

    I’m sorry but this man really wants to be flight reacts mixes wit solluminati

    • Nin
      Nin 6 months ago

      Brutalsim Da GuRu all love man congrats on 99

    • Brutalsim Da GuRu
      Brutalsim Da GuRu  6 months ago

      lol, you saw that from this video, you should want to be smarter.. bless up tho

  • jesse y
    jesse y 6 months ago +4

    Lol, he shouted out Lonzo, that’s gold.

  • 1,000 Subscribers without a video

    I hit That bell

  • Jonmyster The Long
    Jonmyster The Long 6 months ago

    Man couldn’t even wear a good suit for his retirement?

  • Jonmyster The Long
    Jonmyster The Long 6 months ago

    How are you a 99 overall but Pro 3 wth you should be Elite 3

  • Rondy Dalice
    Rondy Dalice 6 months ago


  • Kluberus
    Kluberus 6 months ago

    Can we get a vid on your total stats added together over your career?

  • sina setayesh
    sina setayesh 6 months ago +1

    Its just my opinion but all sports game r dawg shit in 2019. Nba. Fifa. Pes. Nfl. Etc

  • Xanny
    Xanny 6 months ago

    Being an nba superstar to retire the same year seems lit

  • Ginger Daddy
    Ginger Daddy 6 months ago +165

    It should have ended like “AI out!”

  • Joker Levi Gaming
    Joker Levi Gaming 6 months ago

    when are you going to stop collecting govt wages and get a job

  • Flash PointO
    Flash PointO 6 months ago +2

    Brute squad

  • Nadeer Mussa
    Nadeer Mussa 6 months ago

    When u retire can u use ur player again or nah

  • Its john
    Its john 6 months ago

    Wanna be shakedown

  • Youngboi Kwon
    Youngboi Kwon 6 months ago

    Yo add me-> MONSTERJAY66

  • Reggie Coats
    Reggie Coats 6 months ago

    Damn that was beautiful

  • AnkleMan
    AnkleMan 6 months ago