How To Build A Staircase Landing For A Deck

  • Published on Sep 1, 2017
  • Well, I'm back at building my deck. The concrete pad I poured for my landing is out of square and isn't level so I had to do some problem solving the get the landing built true.
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  • stevensrspcplusmc
    stevensrspcplusmc Month ago

    Not worried about losing a finger..I would worry about the board in the face😜

  • Romelia Polly
    Romelia Polly 9 months ago

    You should visit woodprix website if you would like to make it by yourself I think.

  • Alleinherrscher
    Alleinherrscher 10 months ago

    You need a sled for your table saw, or you use the circular saw

  • Egor Mrinskiy
    Egor Mrinskiy 11 months ago

    Try to make it with woodprix plans :)

  • Adam Cannon
    Adam Cannon Year ago

    Free hand is pretty crazy considering you have a TRACK SAW! You out west gentleman like it risky business.

  • uncle ted
    uncle ted Year ago

    Freehand on a table saw is nothing new to trim Carpenters, we have to do it quite often to cover mistakes of sloppy Framers.

  • jimmy t
    jimmy t Year ago

    wot sort of dumb ass is gonna do that🤔😂 lv it.

  • Michael Hull
    Michael Hull Year ago

    Freehand on a table saw a lot.
    Have all 11 digits still.

  • Frank Kovach
    Frank Kovach Year ago

    To give the upper landing more support, why not just throw in a brace off the main timber post on that end? It would make for another good timber framing "how-to" video.

  • Frank Kovach
    Frank Kovach Year ago

    You can obviously do what you want. I wouldn't freehand on my table saw, I don't think, but I'm not sure why you tried this when you had the tracksaw and bandsaw close by. That is all.

  • Orion3
    Orion3 Year ago

    I bet a wrap around flower tray would look nice on that landing.

  • ouagadougou62
    ouagadougou62 Year ago

    Good work on the landing, wouldn't it have been a lot easier and faster to get your slope to have a board under your joice near the house? All the time it took you to rip the other joices, you could have done something else. Glad to see you're going to use the space under for storage.

  • David Money
    David Money Year ago

    For those tapered cuts on the table saw, try cutting the first one free hand then measure both ends of the board and add them together. If you then use that measurement to set the fence from the blade you can pass all the remaining boards through alongside the first one and it will copy the first board exactly. It saves marking out each board and gives a much straighter cut than free hand. I use this method all the time for cutting long firring timbers for flat roofs and you can also do it with a circular saw and a rip fence if you find yourself without a table saw.

  • Romelia Polly
    Romelia Polly Year ago

    My works too. Used Woodprix handbooks and build it with no problems.

  • rapunzel eh?
    rapunzel eh? Year ago

    if you're installing hardwood or laminate flooring in an old house, if you don't freehand it will take forever to cut the bits against the wall.

  • bubba 22
    bubba 22 Year ago

    And why risk it with the table saw just snap a line on it and cut it with a skill saw

  • bubba 22
    bubba 22 Year ago

    Running a string at level and measuring up to thst would of been easier

  • The13point1
    The13point1 Year ago

    So.... why not make one landing wall 3/4" shorter than the other, instead of tapering the joists?

  • Joex51
    Joex51 Year ago

    use solid piece of wood for bump out on fascia instead of block you just create a bunch of bee hives. 3/4 slope in 4 feet is excessive 1/4 inch would have been fin,e why make a landing all you have done is put an offset in the stairs.

  • luishion
    luishion Year ago

    Is that support beam cracked ?

  • Eric Herlitz
    Eric Herlitz Year ago

    Nice dust collection at 5:04

  • Silky Steve
    Silky Steve Year ago +1

    You could have used under the landing as a doghouse or cool hideout for your kids. :D

  • PeteBillings
    PeteBillings Year ago

    The Safety officers in the comment section are so lame.

  • Julian Bouzas
    Julian Bouzas Year ago

    You must be an example for who are watching, USE THE DISC PROTECTION!!!!!

  • pasde tesaffaires

    Dude you rock ! Every video is a piece of cake to whatch , i love so much how you work , logic / on the line / as it suppose to , love it , keep going on and keep let us know your creation cause you are an artist and an exemple to follow , rock on !

  • Woodworker Anonymous

    Careful Samurai, without a support from the top step back to the post (sort of like a collar tie). I believe you will create significant outward force whenever the staircase and top landing get loaded with multiple people at the same time. I realize you dont want to ruin the aesthetics of the cantilever deck, but over time or during parties there could be risk.

  • Zylon FPV
    Zylon FPV Year ago

    Are you going to put a door on your landing? Could be useful for some storage space.

  • Silver Fox
    Silver Fox Year ago

    Dude is getting paid by viewers to build his own house! He's a fucking genius!!!!!! 🤣

  • jon bob
    jon bob Year ago

    Classic samurai good stuff

  • Robert Cress
    Robert Cress Year ago

    Inside would make a nice storage shed under the stairs.

  • Justin Lawrence
    Justin Lawrence Year ago

    Samurai you legend, crack me up every time 😂👏

  • markgriz
    markgriz Year ago

    BJEAKE Year ago +1

    When do you run the electrical under the landing and install the secret door, so the kids have a fort to play in? :) Nice video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mike Fister
    Mike Fister Year ago +1

    btw, wasn't that a perfect area to leave for some outdoor storage?

  • Mike Fister
    Mike Fister Year ago

    Use your bandsaw to rip - that's what it is made for and it is VRY safe...

  • duchessds74
    duchessds74 Year ago

    I have a nice, big (kinda expensive) butcher block that's over 10 years old. Is there some way I can "revitalize" it? Get rid of some of the stains, deep cuts, etc.?

  • AD
    AD Year ago

    I think he needs a complete body suit that can hold more hand tools...

  • Joe Wappel
    Joe Wappel Year ago

    Anyone who free hands on a table saw is just taking chances with their safety. I don't know any woodworker that suggests you freehand ripping any board. This is a very unsafe practice.

  • Greg Altenhofel
    Greg Altenhofel Year ago +1

    I do like the what looks like will be an access door for storage.

  • Everett Hamilton
    Everett Hamilton Year ago

    I don't understand how you got your landing height, which should be a multiple of your unit rise, if you were able to change your total rise at the drop of a hat when you switched it to the other side. Are the two sets of stairs going to have different rises?

  • James Herbst
    James Herbst Year ago

    free hand table saw ... done that plenty of times... there is a way to attach a "fence board" (?) to the one youre cutting to as to still use the fence of the table saw and keep those precious fingers out the way ...

  • Bernd Heiden
    Bernd Heiden Year ago

    Your music is way too loud as compared to your voice! You could probably reduce the volume by close to 50 %.

  • Recovering_Californian

    13:04 Since you're sending the stairs off in the other direction maybe make a couple of doors where you're standing for storage.

  • Marinus van der Lubbe

    ripping tapers on a table saw without a fence has nothing to do with "confidence" - confidence and time are a dangerous combination!!! GOOD LUCK

  • Chris Is
    Chris Is Year ago +1

    + Critical Review Apparently our host isn't much of a Dutchman after all, fierce democrats as we are in Holland. Can't react properly, my friend, so I'll just bid you a goodnight.

  • Werner Holzmann
    Werner Holzmann Year ago

    Als jullie de filmpjes niet willen zien, KIJK dan gewoon niet.
    Maar in vredesnaam, onthoud ons van dat zure commentaar!

  • Talal Alkhadra
    Talal Alkhadra Year ago

    hey brother ! as always . . . good stuff . . .
    but that under-landing could have been a great storage area, no?
    just a door and the lawnmower would have a great home to come to 😁
    oooops . . . I spoke too soon . . . I just saw the opening on back there!!! lesson learned LOL

  • Matthew Kelly
    Matthew Kelly Year ago

    Dude, you need a laser man.

  • Cappa Man
    Cappa Man Year ago

    So I'm kind of curious why there is no pressure treated against the concrete or do you have pressure-treated up there were some other treated wood

    • Cappa Man
      Cappa Man Year ago

      The Samurai Carpenter OK got it is a reason why you don't you typar versus Tyvek but I have found out in the past 20 years that that Tyvek breaks down into a dust doesn't hold up over time

    • The Samurai Carpenter
      The Samurai Carpenter  Year ago

      The bottom plates are PT.

  • R Dunphy
    R Dunphy Year ago

    a surface drain would have taken any rain fall to your drainage system.

  • cuck lord
    cuck lord Year ago

    I dont have a fence on my table saw I'm fifteen by the way 😂

  • Werner Hoffmans
    Werner Hoffmans Year ago

    Big project! Impressive how you are able to get so much construction done in a limited time frame (before winter). Guess it really helps to be a professional besides just hobbying / DIY-ing :-)

  • Sam S.
    Sam S. Year ago

    What kind of boots do you wear?

  • Districk malone
    Districk malone Year ago

    your first cut off can be a guide for next cuts

  • Jonathan Quickstrip

    free hand?! you crazy son of
    a bitch! but thanks, you just gave me the confidence to do my own free handing. I'm a better carpenter now thanks to you.

  • Drew Cummings
    Drew Cummings Year ago

    You have a badass bandsaw, why not cut with aggressive blade then run edge through jointer. Super simple and straight.

  • Oren Hazi
    Oren Hazi Year ago +10

    WHY? You have a giant bandsaw, like, ten feet away!

  • Gareth Martin
    Gareth Martin Year ago

    Nope......I got nothin'.....

  • Tony Ennis
    Tony Ennis Year ago

    Heyas Samurai, you seem to know your way around the square and the level, how did this happen?

  • Gary Adams
    Gary Adams Year ago

    if you come to uk ill buy you a beer

  • Thomas Russell
    Thomas Russell Year ago

    I had commented that you should have put a door in the end for using it for storage, then you showed the other end under the deck, so never mind. Your beam riser sounds like it should support the upper landing just fine. Nice design choice to help keep the walkway free of head bummping angle braces, now all you have to watch out for is the riser beams. Sometimes being tall must suck.

  • Doc Work
    Doc Work Year ago

    Way to nail the landing! ;-)

  • Thomas Skeels
    Thomas Skeels Year ago

    I love watching you work, and learning great ideas from you, but your videos are too short and without great detail! Please, please make longer, more in depth videos, please!

  • Tony Ennis
    Tony Ennis Year ago

    Once you cut the first 2x (freehand), you can use it as the fence for the others. Just set the Biesemeier and butt the board against it. Yeah get a clamp on it yadda. Then you only have to measure one board and set the Biesemeier one time.

  • WoodShaped
    WoodShaped Year ago

    Doing the table saw free hand is a lot like the bandsaw work, at least that is what it reminded me of. Why don't people go crazy over bandsaw work?

    • WoodShaped
      WoodShaped Year ago +1

      Tony Ennis Point taken

    • Tony Ennis
      Tony Ennis Year ago

      You know, not true. A tablesaw takes fingers instantly and kickbacked wood takes eyes instantly. You have to really want to cut your fingers off to do it on any bandsaw I have ever used. There's no comparison.

    • WoodShaped
      WoodShaped Year ago

      Tony Ennis Yeah I can see that but there are just as many dangers if you don’t have proper control

    • Tony Ennis
      Tony Ennis Year ago

      Because bandsaws don't throw the wood back at the operator at lightspeed.

  • Tim Conway
    Tim Conway Year ago

    my tablesaw is a £150 piece of crap. I never use the fence if i want an accurate cut. Freehand all the way!

  • Gareth Williams
    Gareth Williams Year ago +2

    I work as a paramedic and it is always the most experienced carpenters, lumberjacks and machinists who get injuries because they get complacent and think it's too much hassle to fit guards. The worst one was a gent ripping some 9" timber without a riving knife. It kicked back and ripped his throat out. He was only found when his neighbour came over to complain about the saw running so late at night.

  • Terry Pullen
    Terry Pullen Year ago

    I am a little disappointed about the new stair layout. I was looking forward to seeing the two stair runs running counter to each other. This reversing direction along with a good handrail system gives a staircase a very dynamic look, oh well. Also I thought the idea was to create a divider that would give more privacy to the under deck area and create two spaces on the patio.

  • Derrick Roberts
    Derrick Roberts Year ago

    Samurai keep the vids coming!

  • BC ElginTex
    BC ElginTex Year ago

    my wife and I will be on an Alaskan cruise that stops in your city.

  • ikust007
    ikust007 Year ago

    I really admire your work and knowledge but I do not understand, since you are so good with hand tools why not use a plane or shaving plane to do those angled pieces ?

  • North Tustin STEAM Works

    Should have used the first off-cut as the taper sled. Just attach to the edge of the next board with some small finish nails and slide against your fence. Would have made every board a perfect duplicate. All hand cut and thereʻs no way to ensure the landing deck will be flat/square/level...

  • Anthony Lind
    Anthony Lind Year ago

    "Especially I can teach you what not to do." I learn a lot both ways!

  • Daisy Cutter
    Daisy Cutter Year ago

    Kinda disappointed to see the (PreSchool) Play set in the background,...would think the Samurai could have made something unique, and would be a nice project for all us with little ones,...he could have even had a contest to win, or auctioned it off for charity when the kids grew up,...??

  • graeme spinks
    graeme spinks Year ago

    run the steps down the side of the landing so when you walk down the steps you walk straight under the awning

  • Lucas Black
    Lucas Black Year ago

    Loved this video - Can't wait for the next one!

  • MJPyro
    MJPyro Year ago

    I was wondering when you were going to get back to finishing this up. I'm sure your wife was too. Most of us aren't master wood craftsmen so this is the type of video I like.

  • Matt Nelson
    Matt Nelson Year ago

    Safety glasses!!!

  • Joel Heaton
    Joel Heaton Year ago

    Just read Fine Homebuilding and you'll be good.

  • Truman
    Truman Year ago

    looks like a giant dog house.... seriously, glad to see you back working on the house!

  • 1019wc1019
    1019wc1019 Year ago

    Ive only done 2 foundations so far so i know how you feel about concrete work. good thing you get 2 chances to get a house square (once on the footings and once on the walls)

  • bert skelton
    bert skelton Year ago

    I would tape the off cut to the rest of the board and use the fence. Bert.

  • James O'Connell
    James O'Connell Year ago

    The saw-plate itself acts as a fence, so long as you have your eyeballs straight, white woods are easy... Southern Yellow Pine, make yourself a cheater board, or a sled!!

  • Zachary Mitchell
    Zachary Mitchell Year ago

    I'm glad to see that your continuing to work on your house. Huge project. I believe in you brother. I'm a lazy pos but your an inspiration. Never give up!

    • Zachary Mitchell
      Zachary Mitchell Year ago

      Shoot the stairs down the backside. Great idea. Sharpen ur tools more. It's cool to watch

  • sween187
    sween187 Year ago

    do a have spiral staircase for the bottom half, to bring it out level with the landing, look super swank.

  • Dale Martin
    Dale Martin Year ago

    When are you going to show the fabrication of the steel base for your live edge table?

  • Joel Heaton
    Joel Heaton Year ago

    Should we all start a channel?

  • Corey Dowie
    Corey Dowie Year ago

    no one caught the high speed skilsaw planing of the end just to make plywood fit smooth at 9:00.
    Can't count the amount of times I've used that technique ;)

  • Tammy Finch
    Tammy Finch Year ago

    Why not just come straight out from the side of the deck. No mid landings, no emptying out on to patio or back, no cantalever of any part of top deck and finally a lot more room underneath for storage.😉

    • The Handyman
      The Handyman Year ago

      That would be one massive set of stairs for one man to lift. He is using large timber stringers. Getting them that long might be difficult.

  • Andy T
    Andy T Year ago

    Good idea on the stairs I was thinking that

  • 4n 2earth
    4n 2earth Year ago

    Looks like you got yer dog house ready right there under the landing. Way to plan ahead, Sam-R-U!

  • Rottinrock
    Rottinrock Year ago

    should have put a couple of windows in that little play house

  • Philipe Do Carmo
    Philipe Do Carmo Year ago +8

    If the stair is going to the back why would you need a landing?

    • MAZ
      MAZ Year ago

      as he said in the video. the decision to run the stairs to the back came after he had started, also it looks like without the landing the stairs would just run straight into the house, the staircase still needed to be offset

  • moomman89
    moomman89 Year ago

    You should have put the Tyvek upside down so the birds looking back can read it.Ha Ha Ha

  • Torrey Denton
    Torrey Denton Year ago

    cut the tablesaw on these joists :)

  • Reginald Farrell
    Reginald Farrell Year ago

    Saw the opening on the back side for a door or something. Great use of dead space for grill, kids toys, ect.

    • Andrew mamrus
      Andrew mamrus Year ago

      think that;s what the hole at 10:30 is for, was thinking the same think myself

  • Dale Pettit
    Dale Pettit Year ago

    hey what ever happened with the logo contest? did u announce a winner? you should show them all if possible, or at least top 20. I'm just curious what everyone came up with even if they didn't win...

    • The Samurai Carpenter
      The Samurai Carpenter  Year ago

      I showed the top for designs in the last video. Haven't announced a winner yet.

  • Shaun Conboy
    Shaun Conboy Year ago

    So much nonsense in this comments section. Firstly yes perhaps he should use eye protection but if you watch his previous videos you'll know he has a pretty good dust extraction system which should clear all/most chips (nothing wrong with playing it safe and wearing eye protection though).
    However I do agree that a riving knife is a necessity on a table saw as you are only using a table saw for straight cuts and therefore there is no benefit to not having one fitted.
    Nothing wrong with free handing on a table saw, in fact I see it as a very useful "skill". Although it isn't difficult.
    But once you have one cut to the correct dimensions that then becomes a perfect jig for the rest and you can use it to run the rest through the saw with the use of the fence to insure all the joists are identical.
    I use this technique for almost all firings/tapered cuts.
    Also why use timber packers/shims underneath your walls? Your asking for wet rot especially somewhere you have recognised as a potential problem area with damp issues.
    Finally I would say that I don't believe the stairs will be structurally sound as the top trim joists on a staircase are usually the most important on an interrupted staircase such as is being built for this deck. A 50/50 cantilever is not a stable structure. I believe although it may initially be feel solid, over time and with use it will become loose and dangerous. Perhaps some braces from your post and beam framing to the strings of your stairs will be necessary.
    Otherwise I love your videos and can see you are a very talented woodworker Mr Samurai. Keep doing your furniture as it is all beautiful. Especially your workbench as I understand the importance of a good solid workbench.
    Thumbs up dude :)

  • steve godffrey
    steve godffrey Year ago

    Really enjoyed this video!

  • PA16803
    PA16803 Year ago

    I' m sure you have a lot going on but you really have not made much progress