What stretching actually does to your body ft. Sofie Dossi

  • Published on Mar 31, 2018
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    Ever wondered, what does stretching do to your muscles and your body? What in the best way to stretch? Science has some answers.
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    Michael K. Rowley, Biomechanist: kmichaelrowley
    Beighton Score Test: www.ehlers-danlos.com/assessing-joint-hypermobility/
    Check out USC's other Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy research: pt.usc.edu
    Creator: Dianna Cowern
    Editing: Jabril Ashe
    Research: Sophia Chen
    Thanks to:
    Sofie Dossi, Zak Dossi, and K. Michael Rowley!
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  • Looking In With Victor B

    So the guy saying his body doesn't bend that way is supported by science.

  • Jonathan Weaver
    Jonathan Weaver Day ago

    He looks like my middle school band teacher

  • Darryl Williams
    Darryl Williams 2 days ago

    Sophie is cute

  • Darryl Williams
    Darryl Williams 2 days ago


  • RC Viloria
    RC Viloria 3 days ago

    does stretching make you taller?

  • Lison De Backer
    Lison De Backer 3 days ago

    I did the test and I got 5, I couldn't do anything flexile with my hands but my elbow, knees and legs are quite flexible (but not as much as Sophie obviously)

  • TheFailedWizard
    TheFailedWizard 3 days ago

    When I was roughly 4-6 I would watch tv with my feet wrapped behind my neck touching.

  • Juliana Guarino
    Juliana Guarino 6 days ago

    i do acro on sat day

  • Lily Flower
    Lily Flower 6 days ago

    Very helpful.

  • Shali Koi
    Shali Koi 7 days ago +2

    Ohhhhhhhhhh now we know “Sophie is not human” -someone

  • Shali Koi
    Shali Koi 7 days ago +1

    Maybe one day i will be that flexible I will just keep dreaming and believing

  • Shannon S
    Shannon S 8 days ago

    All of these brainy questions and you left out the most simple one! Is stretching good for you? If so, why? What are the benefits vs downsides of not stretching??? 🤔

  • Dangerman5
    Dangerman5 9 days ago

    I love sophis

  • Que Unlimited
    Que Unlimited 10 days ago

    ...Or she may just eat right and PRACTICE!!! A LOT. I'm in!!!! Don't matter how far I get...worth the journey. 👍

  • Mighty pringls
    Mighty pringls 10 days ago

    When I play Xbox with my freind he lays down on his stomach and literally massages his head with the toes of his feet, he also takes his dogs toy and play with it in his foot... he literally holds the ball with his foot and just plays Xbox and holds a ball with his toes and stuff, It’s pretty scary...

  • Kshitij Iyer
    Kshitij Iyer 11 days ago +4

    Sofie's boyfriend must be having a baller of a time going doggy style

  • Sanjay Sharma
    Sanjay Sharma 11 days ago

    I know I am not hypermobil because i can't even do the splits

  • Kristinarayart
    Kristinarayart 11 days ago

    Yeeeeai! I’m hyper mobile xD I wanna get those splits already T-T

  • Jhezrel Valentine
    Jhezrel Valentine 11 days ago

    Thank you. This is so helpful and practical.

  • Sehun is my aesthetic
    Sehun is my aesthetic 11 days ago +1

    Not to mention that she's younger, thinner and probably stretches her whole life.

  • Loki
    Loki 11 days ago

    Geez, watching that girl do those poses gets gross to watch

  • T Special
    T Special 12 days ago

    She got on my jacket lol

  • Frankie
    Frankie 13 days ago

    I love your energy.

  • Jorge Palacios
    Jorge Palacios 13 days ago +1

    Ok let me correct
    No there is nothing different about sofie
    She started contortion when she was little
    Like me I do contortion
    And there is nothing different about me
    You can do contortion you just need to practice 🤗

  • Dremyofit
    Dremyofit 14 days ago

    I like the breakdown is on the mark!

  • Dev Lunsford
    Dev Lunsford 14 days ago

    Beighton score has been superseded by other wider hypermobility criteria because you can be hypermobile without scoring anything on the test. First check out the Brighton criteria (yes, the confusing similarity in spelling is real, that's not autocorrect) but even that is limiting. Hypermobility is more nuanced than Beighton scale can show. If you think you have it don't be put off by Beighton score, look up hEDS and hypermobility spectrum. It can take a very long time to be diagnosed mostly because of awareness and partly because of rigidly (!) sticking to the Beighton score as only indicator.

    • Dev Lunsford
      Dev Lunsford 14 days ago

      It's a good thing to mention in passing for the purposes of this video, my comment is mostly for people who think they're on the hypermobility spectrum but Beighton tells them they're not.

  • Bill Miller
    Bill Miller 15 days ago

    Not shure it's good when you get older and heavy. I was a double black belt kung fu and karate. Training since i was 15 , im now 62 .at one time i could do anything Chuck Norris did . Splits, putting my feet behind my head, Now i have spine and disc problems, Knees have be operated on , it's hard to walk . I Loved doing martial arts. Now I spend most of my day it a chair. Take muscle relaxers at night......you know what ?.......I would do it again , I had so much fun doing karate and kumg fu.

  • Not Here
    Not Here 15 days ago

    What about anti-mobile people? (i'd actually like to know).

  • PiXinCreate
    PiXinCreate 15 days ago +1

    Does streching makesa person taller?

  • John Rhodes
    John Rhodes 15 days ago

    I sit in a squat to stretch everything but my thoracic spine/chest. Then I stand up raise palms to ceiling and try to push finger tips as far apart as I can, raise chest and pull face back (double chin). Find a hamstring stretch you like. Sit on the floor and feet up on couch and do deep breaths for 5 minutes. My spine resets and I feel a lot better after the deep breathing.

  • Michael Pelz
    Michael Pelz 15 days ago

    I need to look at that study. I've been getting cramps and kinks from moving without stretching. I hope it has some good stretches and effectiveness in there.

  • Off Grid Vince
    Off Grid Vince 15 days ago

    I didn't get past 0:17. So, what does it do? Time stamp anyone?

  • Twisted Soul
    Twisted Soul 15 days ago

    Thumbnail broke my back - mike thyson - spinal

  • ConfirmedToast0
    ConfirmedToast0 16 days ago +1

    Ya see, she doesn’t have a spine!

  • by peacewillow
    by peacewillow 16 days ago

    well, thank you.
    that was actually helpful. 💗

  • The Yeeting Sarah
    The Yeeting Sarah 16 days ago

    I’m hyperextended in my arm

  • FloridaGiant305
    FloridaGiant305 16 days ago

    Im a GROSS Guy and need help!!!! SMH

  • Nibir
    Nibir 16 days ago +1

    Fizzeeks (sic) is an Anglo-Saxon psy-op upon humanity.

  • Nikolaos Pizanias
    Nikolaos Pizanias 16 days ago

    People who flip themselves 180 degrees over have something wrong in the head. What's the point. And I don't think they'll laugh when the spine snaps.

  • Spencer Dana
    Spencer Dana 16 days ago

    I can’t even touch my toes

  • JeremyKate Playz
    JeremyKate Playz 16 days ago

    Sofie is the Contortion Queen

  • Keenan Schouten
    Keenan Schouten 16 days ago +1

    Hyper-mobility is a pathology and makes joints unstable.

    • Keenan Schouten
      Keenan Schouten 13 days ago

      @Kelli Atkins Ligaments and tendons hold joints in a stable position using tension. The looser they are, the less stable the joint is because deformable structures don't transmit force well. People need just enough flexibility for "normal movement."

    • Kelli Atkins
      Kelli Atkins 13 days ago

      Keenan Schouten elaborate

  • camryn
    camryn 16 days ago

    Thumbnail is me when I wake up 😭

  • undeadpresident
    undeadpresident 16 days ago

    How about the physics of the 9/11 attacks? Things like iron-rich microspheres that can only be formed in temperatures exceeding the boiling point of the metal. Collapse rates nearing free-fall speed.

  • Incog Nito
    Incog Nito 16 days ago +1

    Girl stop it. You've got EDS, you're gonna regret this in twenty years

  • gkindustrialmachine1
    gkindustrialmachine1 16 days ago

    Ross sisters ... Solid Potato Salad ... Look them up on youtube

  • Martin Wiegman
    Martin Wiegman 16 days ago

    Awesome video! :)
    What hasn't been pointed out is the myofascial connections through your whole body which work together and can actually change tension and shape through the myofibroblasts. This extends way further than only one muscle group, but through entire chains of fascia, muscle's and joints throught the whole body. In my experience as a physical therapist breath-release exercises speed up the process, because the myofibroblasts wil instantly change the line of pull if addressed correctly. This makes it possible to increase range of motion drastically in a matter of minutes without negative side effects! :D

  • Raf B
    Raf B 16 days ago

    Stretch 5 min per week
    For at least 6 days per week

  • Jake Harlinski
    Jake Harlinski 16 days ago

    You should do one over back cracking , and other types of ‘cracking’ !

  • Simply Sasha
    Simply Sasha 17 days ago +1

    im as flexible as sofie dossi and people call me an alien and that i have no spine but im 1 out of 1000000/million

  • Hello Sweetheart
    Hello Sweetheart 17 days ago

    Can't wait to check out the beighten thing

  • vanillaglue
    vanillaglue 17 days ago +1

    Imagine banging a contortionist? Wicked!

    LIFTING THE VEIL 17 days ago +1

    Omg this is literally everything ive wanted to know!

  • zouzmusic
    zouzmusic 17 days ago

    Hi! First time viewer. Nice video! I did however noticed some audio pops on a lot of the transitions between clips. Typically that's where you're mixing in audio clips without fading them in or out. 2-6 milliseconds will do, and it'd make for a even more pleasant video.

  • Long Ho
    Long Ho 17 days ago

    5 minutes??? i'll take the advice of a calisthenics practitioner, gymnist, yogi, or my own body over these 'experts' (who dont actually do anything physical).

  • Mega585 Montana
    Mega585 Montana 17 days ago

    Am I the only one who got hard watching Sofie 🤦🏾‍♂️😂

  • Moyin Adegbie
    Moyin Adegbie 17 days ago

    She should be at American idol, America got talent, ballet dancing, or even Olympic gymnastics. Let her talent not waste😎❤👍

  • Selenium Nana Hazel Quashie

    This Sophie is a natural Photoshop.She needs fixing right away 🔧🔧🔨⚒️🛠️🛠️⛏️

  • Studio Vulcan
    Studio Vulcan 17 days ago

    Soooo 45 seconds a day, 6 days a week...
    I just stretched a tendon in the groin last night and it's so damn sore, 5 more days to go? I have a very high pain threshold, but i'm shuddering at the thought of this XD