Amazon HQ Driven Out of NYC, People are FURIOUS

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
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Comments • 3 683

  • David Knighton
    David Knighton 7 days ago

    Amazon is not going to some rust belt city because they can't offer the incentives. Face it, it's all about money and location.

  • Jesse Vang
    Jesse Vang 18 days ago

    New York needs to police need to enforce people jumping the booth and going through emergency exits, that alone could pay for most upgrades needed

  • Ray E
    Ray E 23 days ago

    Lol, as someone from New York I can confirm most of us were not upset about Amazon leaving New York AND Amazon came here anyway. Tim Pool, you're a worthless hack and should just admit you're a right winger xD

  • HereIsWisdom 1318
    HereIsWisdom 1318 Month ago

    The ppl in the pic in the article will probably still vote for AOC, so FCK em!

  • icemule
    icemule Month ago

    Amazon can build it here in Spartanburg S.C, they already have a distribution hub here, fuck NYC, oh I forgot, Bezos needs a steady supply of cocks to suck, well NYC beats us in that dept.

  • icemule
    icemule Month ago

    It's Venezuela's whore, AOC'S fault.

  • BassasaurusRex
    BassasaurusRex 5 months ago

    25-40K new jobs just at Amazon. That number didn’t include all of the extra work from restaurants and shops around the area too.

  • Martial Arts Masters Against Police/Military Brutality

    ··Enough of that gentrification inbred Americans are obsessed with. Keep that pusillanimity and all the pantywaist who run that filth out of New York!
    - " Outbreak "

  • Kyle Hankins
    Kyle Hankins 6 months ago

    AOC is a fool, but I think Tucker is right if everybody gets caught up in giving special exemption to corporations, states will just keep bidding down their taxes. Personally, I think we need a federal law against paying of companies opt stay in your state. It might be good for your a state but it hurts the US as a whole.

  • Blood
    Blood 6 months ago

    But Tim.. it doesnt matter if she understands.. it only matters if she feels she's right.

  • Frank Zoppi
    Frank Zoppi 6 months ago

    F New York . It's a ridiculous clown show. I live in NJ and laugh everyday at the clowns that take the ride into that dumpster fire everyday.

  • CrownHetman
    CrownHetman 6 months ago

    Pyrrhic victory mean you win the battle at a very high cost. Example: You have 1000 troops, enemy has 1000 troops. You win the battle by killing or routing all enemy troops but by the same token you lose, lets say 900 troops. That is a 90% loss. A Pyrrhic victory is a borderline stalemate but considered a victory non the less.

    Thank you.

  • Jr Juarez
    Jr Juarez 6 months ago

    Come on Tim why would amazon move to middle America? You act like these giant corporations give a fuck about people. They only give a fuck about profits, if they could legally make a profit by ducking us in the ass you bet you little cheeks they would

  • 3 7
    3 7 6 months ago

    You get what you vote for. They wanted to vote like the socialists parasites that they are and, got exactly what they deserve for, it. Fuck you leftists. Fuck you.

  • overlord2304
    overlord2304 6 months ago

    Why would Amazon have to pay taxes to begin with, not only are taxes theft in the first place but corporate taxes are also just taxing employees twice even if indirectly

  • Chris N
    Chris N 6 months ago

    Driving in Manhattan is the number one way to troll the locals.

    SHRAVAN KUMAR 6 months ago

    Amazon is in a plan to establish it's new HQ in florida,Georgia or Taxes.....
    Sorry it's texas

  • Blork Florkernorp
    Blork Florkernorp 6 months ago

    The Nashville Amazon corporate campus just got even more projected jobs. No state income tax, and 3 major universities graduating Computer Science and IT graduates every semester. Too bad for NYC.

  • Trevor Emerick
    Trevor Emerick 6 months ago

    Amazon, we in Indianapolis would love to have you here

  • Richard Vaughn
    Richard Vaughn 6 months ago

    Moving to big cities is actually bad for your financial prospects as the cost of living will be much higher and your income won't increase much. This is why most people commute from the suburbs.

  • Aaron Carter
    Aaron Carter 6 months ago

    I don't see that as a victory for them at all. Amazon would pay construction companies to construct buildings, employee people to work, increase pay for truckers that have to go further or out of their way to move product and that all adds up to revenue that EASILY justifies a tax cut.

  • Jamie Mezs
    Jamie Mezs 6 months ago

    New york government is dumber than dirt.

  • Destro7000
    Destro7000 6 months ago

    stop looking at Twitter Tim....twitter is gah-bage
    P.S. you mis-pronounced Pyrrhic Victory

  • steven roberts
    steven roberts 6 months ago

    What you dont understand is people dont go to school, learn to code, put in the time and work.... to go live in bumfuck alabama. Amazon chose New York to attract optimal candidates. Period.

  • Reeven
    Reeven 6 months ago

    Could we not behave with corporate overlords as if we're begging scraps from the master's table? Tax Incentives are just an arms race, until nobody but the common folk's paying taxes anymore. If any level of government tries to provide any bait beyond making sure the workforce and infrastructure are available on their territory, there's true socialism at work: they're trying to bend free market in their location's favor using the tax system they control. I'm glad someone, somewhere, grew a spine.

  • David Hunton
    David Hunton 6 months ago

    Pyrrhus (/ˈpɪrəs/; Ancient Greek: Πύρρος, Pyrrhos; 319/318-272 BC) was a Greek general and statesman of the Hellenistic period.
    a Pyrrhic victory means you sacrifice so much to win the war effort would have been better off if you had retreated

  • Alan Callaway
    Alan Callaway 6 months ago


  • dominick951
    dominick951 6 months ago

    Amazon wants to be in New york because New york alone is like 20-30% of Amazon orders. Not to mention theres countless bridges to New jersey etc.

  • Gankageddon
    Gankageddon 6 months ago

    We like businesses in Texas and Florida.

  • british codfish
    british codfish 6 months ago

    Dems can't stand to see new jobs coming. Ruins their subjugation of the poor and feeble-minded.

  • Cliff Campbell
    Cliff Campbell 6 months ago

    Did you catch that? Amazon was going to grease someone's palm with a helicopter. Anyone else think that AOC felt insulted by this? Amazon offered a helicopter to someone not her. AOC and her buddy go all crazy-tard on the N.Y./A deal.

  • Pyrofighter258
    Pyrofighter258 6 months ago

    AOC is doing her best to ruin the economy, but doesn't know anything about the economy. I don't see anything new there.
    Just skip to the part where people stop believing her crap and toss her out.

  • Russell DoFrane
    Russell DoFrane 6 months ago

    None you idiots understand this is a big giant fuck off py-op? Wake up people! None of this shit is real. You think Beezo and his globalist masters give a *fuck* what AOC or her constituents think ? Is that how they built the largest online retail store? Letting low low iq freshmen Representative push him around? I doubt it.

  • Hog Nuts
    Hog Nuts 6 months ago

    They voted for her eat it .

  • James Berlo
    James Berlo 6 months ago

    New York and other major Cities like Boston actually had a way bigger Population in the 40's

  • James Berlo
    James Berlo 6 months ago

    Can you imagine the size of the place ? it would be the size of a 1 & 1/4 18 hole Golf Course !!

  • James Berlo
    James Berlo 6 months ago

    Fuck Unions, they are so corrupt.

  • Magnus Fullauto
    Magnus Fullauto 6 months ago

    Giving tax abatement to attract businesses to certain states and cities is common practice. It's competition.

  • Whale’s Willy
    Whale’s Willy 6 months ago

    Nice job AOC 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Jesus McBeth
    Jesus McBeth 6 months ago

    Nyt fake news pls

    • Jesus McBeth
      Jesus McBeth 6 months ago

      Pffft fake news and typos. Pathetic

  • Alan B
    Alan B 6 months ago

    Amazon was not looking to build a factory in Queens. It's research, development, operations. The kind of workers Amazon wants don't want to live in small towns.

  • TopHatPenguin
    TopHatPenguin 6 months ago +1

    What a shock the bartender who basically knows nothing about economics even though she somehow has a degree in it, is failing ny every way economically....what a s h o c k

  • Ben Curry
    Ben Curry 6 months ago

    The "population" was one of the main features they were looking for, though. It will likely be in a metro.
    Also: "Balls...hehehe...ahem."
    Thanks for all you do.

  • Gotta go
    Gotta go 6 months ago +1

    mmmm, I still don't agree Tim. Corporations like Amazon need to pay their fair share of taxes just like every other citizen has to. People are tired of the corporate welfare system, especially considering that Amazon didn't pay (or paid very little) in federal taxes this past year.
    Plus, Amazon is a shit company to work for. Heard and experienced it myself.

  • Kathryn Smith
    Kathryn Smith 6 months ago

    Oops, all those smiling Amazon boxes are now frowning into the New Year. '2019 won't have new Amazon HQ in NY. Hey, Amazon, come down here to Florida! Build your new HQ here in the Sunshine State as we have Republican FL Gov.

  • ScrubLord
    ScrubLord 6 months ago

    Pyrric victory is pronounced like Fear-ik, and is in referense to the Greek victory over the Romans when the Romans were attempting independance. The Greeks won, but lost so many men that there were too few Greeks left to hold on to their then colony of Rome

  • kevin ivory
    kevin ivory 6 months ago

    Amazon can choose where it goes. Why wouldn't they cut bait if NY is going to jerk them around? I don't have any particular love for Amazon but i wouldn't complain about them coming to my area.

  • Cobweb Recordings
    Cobweb Recordings 6 months ago

    I agree that we can’t keep putting all of the big companies in major cities. I live in Denver and it has made it far worse here.

  • froggie pad
    froggie pad 6 months ago

    I get the distinct feeling AOC is gonna have a tough re-election bid

  • Johnathan Bishop
    Johnathan Bishop 6 months ago

    AOC has been playing too much monopoly.. with those bank error in your favor cards .

  • Judge OvyoursoulvO
    Judge OvyoursoulvO 6 months ago +1

    Those who voted cow fart crazy eyes into the House don't get to be furious. Ever.

  • Derp mug Apwool perry
    Derp mug Apwool perry 6 months ago

    Wahhhhhhh! Wahhhh!

  • Jeff TN
    Jeff TN 6 months ago +1

    Finally socialist libs getting what they voted for...

  • Truthful Chap
    Truthful Chap 6 months ago +1

    Amazon will not be be generating high value jobs that will bring in tax revenue. It is a scam. In the UK Amazon workers are payed so little that workers live nearby in the tents. Wake up, Amazon is a corporate psychopath.

  • madmark50484
    madmark50484 6 months ago

    No government should incentivise anyone to open business! That’s capitalism 101.
    Wouldn’t it be better to incentivise lots of small businesses?

  • Sean Joseph
    Sean Joseph 6 months ago

    Pyrrhic victory
    A Pyrrhic victory is a victory that inflicts such a devastating toll on the victor that it is tantamount to defeat. Someone who wins a Pyrrhic victory has also taken a heavy toll that negates any true sense of achievement.

  • Lye Detector
    Lye Detector 6 months ago

    Tim , your coming around my friend , like it or not you sound more and more like a conservative , You know the right thing for the country is Trump 2020 . Spread the word .

  • Zombie Molly
    Zombie Molly 6 months ago

    Hey... New Head Quarters in Detroit would be good......

  • Inquisitor Greyfax
    Inquisitor Greyfax 6 months ago

    Pyrite is fools gold. Therefore a false victory.

  • Midlander NC
    Midlander NC 6 months ago

    Most states and citys offer these. It costs money to move or add centers of operations. Pay is in the long run, and infrastructure.