JINJER - Pisces (Live Session) | Napalm Records - REACTION!

  • Published on May 13, 2017
  • What a lady!!!!!!
    Requested by 'Yama Kazi', cheers!
    Original Video - ru-clip.com/video/SQNtGoM3FVU/video.html
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  • Truant MYFHC
    Truant MYFHC  2 years ago +76

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    • Travis McElroy
      Travis McElroy 9 months ago

      I love your vids brohamulous!!

    • Ingvarr Czapliński
      Ingvarr Czapliński Year ago

      You can listen Space of Variations- Tibet another great ukrainian metal band

    • James Netherian
      James Netherian Year ago

      reminds me of opeth and meshuggah

    • Otto Ziegler
      Otto Ziegler Year ago

      i´m in love omg

    • Phil And Stuff
      Phil And Stuff Year ago

      Truant MYFHC Every Friday I yell at this chick who is into meral: "Jinjer Friday!" in... yes, your English accent. It's fun, and Jinjer is fucking amazing. We yell "Jinjer Friday" at each other always on Friday just 'cause.

  • remmile
    remmile 16 days ago +1

    the original version of this meme

  • Tammy Mckeon
    Tammy Mckeon 18 days ago +2

    Check out "I Speak Astronomy" by Jinjer too

  • Osama Haffar
    Osama Haffar Month ago +1

    Comeback to youtube, we miss you :(

  • Jay B
    Jay B Month ago

    I've gotten to the point of disbelieving all reactions to Pisces.
    This is still my standard.

  • Omy RiveraG
    Omy RiveraG Month ago +1

    "Jisuscraist, that lady was like... holy shit" feel you bro.. feel you

  • Josh Brough
    Josh Brough 2 months ago

    This reaction finally looks genuine!most reactions are clearly over the top or fake, if you like female vocals give a band called spoil engine a try,

  • M e m e n t o M o r i
    M e m e n t o M o r i 2 months ago

    5:25 😂

  • Glowskulls Media
    Glowskulls Media 2 months ago

    she is nothing compare to cerebral bore vocalist

  • Brian Dodd
    Brian Dodd 3 months ago

    I have watched many reactoins to this particular Jinjer recording. Not many people mention all three vocal changes. Most focus on the melodic begining and the growl. They just mix the melodic in with the vocal scream toward the end. But the vocal scream is different than the melodic begining. I am not talking about the gutteral growl as the scream.... that is obviously different. Thank you for noticing the 3 different ranges there!!! Earned yourself a new sub bro!!!!!!!

  • Aldo Vazquez
    Aldo Vazquez 3 months ago

    Joker begings his laugh at the end again

  • Robert Durbin
    Robert Durbin 4 months ago

    You should try this band and song. Send in the Archers: Awakening

  • Brad Murlin
    Brad Murlin 4 months ago

    Why does the first reaction have to be about her looks?

  • SantaTheEmo
    SantaTheEmo 4 months ago

    Vaping, because you cant suck dick on youtube and have to suck on something

  • Benny BooBoo
    Benny BooBoo 4 months ago +2

    2:14 everyone's reaction ever

  • David Scheidler
    David Scheidler 4 months ago

    What kind of vape do you use ?

  • Brian Fuller
    Brian Fuller 4 months ago +2

    Want awesome clean vocals? And growling? In a hot vocalist? Before a solid band? Jinjer.

  • E. s
    E. s 5 months ago

    Слава Україні та її талантам!

  • Jesus Lago
    Jesus Lago 5 months ago

    ru-clip.com/video/PogzrU8WPjo/video.html, if you enjoyed this, the next song gonna make you go crazy

  • Vow of Practicality
    Vow of Practicality 5 months ago

    His reaction when she goes full cookie monster. lmao

    • Renix
      Renix 4 months ago

      cookie monster xD wtf haha

  • Валерий Еримит

    I felt this feeling when I first heard ... kayfonul yes ?! Barking for this moment 😁

  • Ержан Рулит
    Ержан Рулит 5 months ago

    I love you jinjer 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Kronic Killa
    Kronic Killa 5 months ago

    That part at 5:24 is impressive!

  • Kronic Killa
    Kronic Killa 5 months ago

    For whatever reason when she goes deep in the vocal range its a turnoff for me...

  • Lars Thielen
    Lars Thielen 5 months ago

    Liebe diese Frau....stimme der hammer sanft....und auf einmal explosiv.....gesanglich das beste an frau was es gibt.... Bin selber Sänger aber diese Power hoch runter erreichen viele Männer nicht
    .. Respekt.... 😘👍🤘


  • Carolina Ron
    Carolina Ron 5 months ago

    Reminds me so much of cradle of filth..

  • Theonewhodrums
    Theonewhodrums 5 months ago

    2:17 That fucking face tho. 🤣🤣

  • Thomas Whiteowl
    Thomas Whiteowl 5 months ago

    It's also a brilliant song.

  • Joerie Neyt
    Joerie Neyt 5 months ago

    Great reaction. I've grown addicted to this song (and the reactions to it). By the way Sir (don't take this any wrong way, because it's just an impulsive subjective observation), you have really beautiful eyes.

  • John Cooper
    John Cooper 5 months ago

    Ukrainian metal will beat your ass off :)

  • Sarah woldhuis
    Sarah woldhuis 5 months ago

    Try teacher teacher and perennial

  • deborah austin
    deborah austin 6 months ago


  • DeL UsioN
    DeL UsioN 6 months ago

    Check out this one
    Undying Inc - Alpha Absolute
    Fucking great band from India.
    Commenters,you all gotta check this out too. Its 2 years old video but bang on. And this is coming from a fan of Gojira.

  • Michael K.
    Michael K. 6 months ago

    Good reaction to Awesome song!

  • Methadras
    Methadras 6 months ago

    Tatiana Shmaylyuk is a sonic demon

  • Jonathan Blaine
    Jonathan Blaine 6 months ago +1

    Watching all of these Jinjer reacts in a row I'm glad I didn't try to make some sort of drinking game out of taking shots for every "wow" or "holy shit". I'd be dead right now. Floored by Tatiana. Gotta love her.

  • Alex Ansh
    Alex Ansh 6 months ago

    I’am french, I love jinjer, I love your reactions because I had the same.

  • Alex Gur
    Alex Gur 6 months ago

    🇺🇦 😍!!! 🇺🇦 😍!!! 🇺🇦 😍!!!

  • tr3c00l91
    tr3c00l91 7 months ago

    2:14 - That moment when you fell in love dude... :D

  • Nazgulth
    Nazgulth 7 months ago

    The ending of this song, instrumentally, is probably even better than the vocals, and I think the vocals are super tight. Just another killer song by an absolutely killer metal band

  • Andre Akerele
    Andre Akerele 7 months ago

    She is amazing!!

  • Chodaboy566 XBOX
    Chodaboy566 XBOX 7 months ago

    I feel anyone who listens/sees this vid for the first time falls in love with the song/band, I did

  • Jeff Kemper
    Jeff Kemper 7 months ago

    Holy Shit! That really says it all. Jinjer is the freaking BOMB!! Great reaction!

  • Ledoj Renreg
    Ledoj Renreg 7 months ago

    My wife listens to them. 🤘

  • Cubia Cerebrate
    Cubia Cerebrate 7 months ago

    Watching people react to this song for the first time, is like crack in my veins! I think we are all the same the first time we hear it. When you get past the shock, you can how the lyrics are well written and very beautiful.

  • Roland Van Der Nat
    Roland Van Der Nat 7 months ago +1

    LMAO, you're so flustered, you didn't even say MYFH once! :D

  • Judge Porceddu
    Judge Porceddu 7 months ago +1

    another day
    another Pisces reaction
    another set of goosebumbs and basking in Jinjer's glory
    another day of being blown away by Tatiana with the growl of a Panther and clean voice of butterflies in a clear blue sky.

  • Emiliano Bernal
    Emiliano Bernal 7 months ago

    I don't get it, what's SO special? Yeah, she can scream, so what? This is a 100% overrated

  • Eric Sutherland
    Eric Sutherland 7 months ago +1

    First time I heard this I was sure I died and went to heavy metal heaven absolutely bad ass. Ur reaction was priceless vape on brother

  • Jaroslaw Rhein
    Jaroslaw Rhein 7 months ago

    Ай да пиздаболка она.

  • Medusa White
    Medusa White 7 months ago

    New subscriber. Awesome reaction. You should react to Arch Enemy war eternal. The vocalist Alissa is insane

  • pokeround
    pokeround 7 months ago +2

    The standout feature of your reactions is you NEVER interrupt the performance. I don't know whether this is a conscious decision on your part or not but it makes these some of the best reactions on YT. Props, brah!

  • sherolled 27
    sherolled 27 8 months ago

    i live for jinjer reactions giggle

  • Robert M
    Robert M 8 months ago

    I think they are from Ukraine

  • dewalims
    dewalims 8 months ago

    Have you heard about Glassjaw? Try listen to "You Think You're (John Fucking Lennon)" let see then

  • Malcolm Golden
    Malcolm Golden 8 months ago

    Teacher teacher. Is my favorite song by them. This is second on my list.

  • FriarTuck102
    FriarTuck102 8 months ago

    She's like if Aida Nicholaychuk was possessed by Lucifer.

  • Hexcrab
    Hexcrab 8 months ago

    Ukraine in the building.

  • ThvtSyDneYlyf3th0
    ThvtSyDneYlyf3th0 8 months ago

    Lol ur face bro ! epic one

  • Loretta 253
    Loretta 253 8 months ago

    the same reaction as me 😂😂