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JINJER - Pisces (Live Session) | Napalm Records - REACTION!

  • Published on May 13, 2017
  • What a lady!!!!!!
    Requested by 'Yama Kazi', cheers!
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    Anathema, Tuesday, 26 Sep 2017 at 7:00 PM | O2 Ritz, Manchester
    Jinjer, Wednesday , 22 Nov 2017 at 8:00PM | Gullivers, Manchester
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Comments • 747

  • Truant MYFHC
    Truant MYFHC  Year ago +58


    • Travis McElroy
      Travis McElroy Month ago

      I love your vids brohamulous!!

    • Ingvarr Czapliński
      Ingvarr Czapliński 6 months ago

      You can listen Space of Variations- Tibet another great ukrainian metal band

    • James Netherian
      James Netherian 10 months ago

      reminds me of opeth and meshuggah

    • Otto Ziegler
      Otto Ziegler 11 months ago

      i´m in love omg

    • Phil And Stuff
      Phil And Stuff Year ago

      Truant MYFHC Every Friday I yell at this chick who is into meral: "Jinjer Friday!" in... yes, your English accent. It's fun, and Jinjer is fucking amazing. We yell "Jinjer Friday" at each other always on Friday just 'cause.

  • sherolled 27
    sherolled 27 Day ago

    i live for jinjer reactions giggle

  • Robert M
    Robert M 9 days ago

    I think they are from Ukraine

  • dewalims
    dewalims 9 days ago

    Have you heard about Glassjaw? Try listen to "You Think You're (John Fucking Lennon)" let see then

  • Malcolm Golden
    Malcolm Golden 10 days ago

    Teacher teacher. Is my favorite song by them. This is second on my list.

  • FriarTuck102
    FriarTuck102 15 days ago

    She's like if Aida Nicholaychuk was possessed by Lucifer.

  • Hexcrab
    Hexcrab 15 days ago

    Ukraine in the building.

  • ThatSydneyLyfeTho #swizzlemedia

    Lol ur face bro ! epic one

  • Loretta 253
    Loretta 253 23 days ago

    the same reaction as me 😂😂

  • VanderMeme Productions

    First time hearing this band and vocalist. I think I'm in love...

  • Олег Ковалёв

    *- Это наша Девчонка с Ребятами…‼ - Выкусите…!* B)
    *_(Друзья СНГ, Соседи - присоединяйтесь…)._*

    *Впрочем, Мы нежадные, да… **_- слушайте-смотрите все-все нА-здоровье и, как Мы, любите Их - “JINJER”!_* ;)

  • Pedro Cunha
    Pedro Cunha Month ago

    Best reaction video ever!

  • James Swain
    James Swain Month ago

    Sounds like someone did a deal with the devil at the crossroads.

  • Jay B
    Jay B Month ago

    Everyone makes a big deal about her first big switch, understandably.
    but, "searching for a hook to catch on." destroys vocality itself, when she hits "Sun beam"

  • Jay Joyner
    Jay Joyner Month ago

    *so hot*

  • Ernie De La Torre
    Ernie De La Torre Month ago

    I got the Opeth feel too. Tati gets down with those screams! Harder than Mikeal from Opeth imo

  • Ric Schmeelk
    Ric Schmeelk Month ago

    Comments in every _Pisces_ reaction video:
    "I was _not_ expecting that."

  • Barbara Vance
    Barbara Vance Month ago

    They are from the Ukraine!😍 I love them! The mix of powerful growls to the sweet melodic is amazing! You are right she is beautiful! But, they have some fantastic riffs! It was played flawless!

  • Guillermo Aldana
    Guillermo Aldana Month ago

    That's what I said hahahah love her.

  • Goran Ilincic
    Goran Ilincic Month ago

    Hope that you still got nerves for a reccomendations.Please check Serbian band called Rain Delay. "Shiseido" song.It's on english,do not worry. 😉

  • Jerrell Balwin
    Jerrell Balwin Month ago

    I don't know if I want to bone her or run like hell

  • ziochristmas
    ziochristmas Month ago

    Yes we all love her

  • Duane Grabert
    Duane Grabert Month ago

    I do love the "deer in the headlights" look that most people give after that song finishes.

  • Duane Grabert
    Duane Grabert Month ago

    No one expects Tatiana to do that.

  • El D
    El D Month ago +1

    I said the same thing relating them to Opeth.

  • lololololololol ol
    lololololololol ol 2 months ago

    4:00 Is that Truant MYFC playing bass in the background?

  • skullduggery
    skullduggery 2 months ago

    Great reactions, love yer channel! New Jinjer vid out today:

  • bungee1965
    bungee1965 2 months ago

    Don't know if you know but JinJer new record Teacher Teacher

  • MongoSaqqara RadCats
    MongoSaqqara RadCats 2 months ago

    Best heavy band i've heard in years.

  • Дмитро Харко
    Дмитро Харко 2 months ago +1

    Jinjer - це справжнє чудо, справжнє національне надбання !

  • Legalize Shemp
    Legalize Shemp 2 months ago

    Nicely done! True, yet understated, introduction by Yamakazi.

  • Станіслав Кологойда

    Наша дівчинка)!!!

  • Tony Beu
    Tony Beu 2 months ago

    What's up man....check out "breakdown of sanity"-my heart in your hands....very good music

  • Пластмаса Пластмасова

    Its ukrainas group, very good. Listen Arch Enemy, she`s voice powerful too.

  • Kraunator
    Kraunator 2 months ago

    Not pronouncing it wrong, its worlplay on Ginger.

  • Insane Fan Of Metal
    Insane Fan Of Metal 2 months ago

    Fashion for women growl began with these guys:))

  • Evan Sullivan
    Evan Sullivan 2 months ago

    Are u Irish or Scottish I’m both Irish n Scottish

  • Ciaran Crighton
    Ciaran Crighton 2 months ago

    RU-clip recommended me this band, it actually did something great

  • Evan Sullivan
    Evan Sullivan 2 months ago

    She is fucking hot n sexy as hell great ranges singing n heavy as fuck she can scream n growl better than a lot of guys

    SPUD PEARCE 2 months ago

    You seem to have had the almost religious experience i had when i first heard it!!!!!*!**

  • MCMaterac
    MCMaterac 2 months ago

    4:38 - I don't know Opeth, but seems like it's a good call. Their wikipedia page reads: "While explaining their influences, the band has noted other metal acts like Opeth, Karnivool and Textures, in addition to groups across the spectrum of R&B, soul and hip-hop such as Cypress Hill.".

  • Robert Kidd
    Robert Kidd 2 months ago

    Tatiana Shmaylyuk is a Goddess , Her transitions from her voice to her growl are so awesome , do believe they are a Ukrainian. Pisces In classical interpretations, the symbol of the fish is derived from the ichthyocentaurs, who aided Aphrodite when she was born from the sea.

  • Я Така
    Я Така 2 months ago

    We have someone to suit)) We still have such very cool guys in Ukraine. I just adore them !!!!

    MR GAMEandDRINK 2 months ago

    do you even vape bruh? hold that shit.. youre just breathing while sucking a weird metal dick

  • Altoid 84
    Altoid 84 3 months ago

    When I heard Pisces the first time I think i fell in love. Future wife goals. Haha. Check out "Words of Wisdom" by Jinjer. Another great one.

  • AFreshBreathOfMetal
    AFreshBreathOfMetal 3 months ago

    She sounds exactly like Idina Menzel in the clean parts!

  • Luke Skywodka
    Luke Skywodka 3 months ago

    I wonder how she sounds live in 5 years...

  • Insane Fan Of Metal
    Insane Fan Of Metal 3 months ago

    Listen to Holy Moses - End Of Time)))

  • ethan gospodareck
    ethan gospodareck 3 months ago

    Love watching reactions to this. Yes they're a Ukrainian band. Tatiana is amazing

  • Amocoru
    Amocoru 3 months ago

    I had to pause the video at the start before she even began singing. I was like fuckin hell mate she's a hard 10. Gave myself a minute to get over it and embrace her gorgeous vocals. What a brilliant fucking talent.

  • SuperUltraFunTime
    SuperUltraFunTime 3 months ago

    Watching this back in 2019. And I'm happy the hype died down over Jinjer a little bit.
    They're truly a great band, they don't need to be ruined by being called "over-hyped" at some point

  • Nerds Playhouse
    Nerds Playhouse 3 months ago

    "I was not expecting that."
    Said every RU-clipr ever who reacted to Jinjer
    (Otep is dope too for the record)

  • Scott Hodorff
    Scott Hodorff 3 months ago

    There From Ukraine

  • barking wolff
    barking wolff 3 months ago

    She insane, she impossible talented, she incredible, she good-sick-crazy, she is the embodiment of life !
    She sings like an Angel, she screams like a Banshee, she growls like a Devil...
    All kinds of mind and life at whole!

  • Francis Fernandez Cappola

    Please check this and react it!!! -

  • marina trunova
    marina trunova 3 months ago +2

    🇺🇦Украина супер.

  • Michael Wilson
    Michael Wilson 3 months ago

    Check out blazing war machine song polarity

  • TheBluearmy33
    TheBluearmy33 3 months ago

    Tatiana is the best metal singers ever!!! To be able to sing melodically then to switch to screaming then back to singing and have such range is beyond difficult. She's truly an amazing singer. Queen!!!!😆🤘🏻👑 I'm new here and just subbed!

  • Brandon Jansen
    Brandon Jansen 3 months ago +1

    She's Ukrainian

  • Валерія Волошина

    Could you make a reaction on Space Of Variations - TIBET? Thank you!

  • daniel Webster
    daniel Webster 4 months ago

    After seeing some of her interviews, I'm super impressed with her ability to sing without her accent!

  • Jay B
    Jay B 4 months ago see yourself, seeing 'God' (or w/e, or nothing, but 'it' was seen... and I'm an atheist)
    (edit: edit was always intended - 5:23 is the real moment)

  • TTIG
    TTIG 4 months ago

    Her blowjobs must be, jizz

  • Sanket Joshi
    Sanket Joshi 4 months ago

    happy that you as well made the opeth connection at 4:36

  • OpiateTaylor39
    OpiateTaylor39 4 months ago

    I want to meet the demon trapped inside that tiny creature making all those incredible screams.

  • Jay B
    Jay B 4 months ago +2

    You seriously looked like a kid in a candy store, and I wish I had myself recorded for that first "Jinjer" moment.....

    J YA DEAD HOMIE 4 months ago

    Amy Lee meets Morbid Angel

  • Nic Shulver
    Nic Shulver 5 months ago +1

    Best reaction to Pisces that I've seen. I loved it that you were still shocked by the switch over in the final chorus - lots of people miss that. Good analysis.

  • jinnetta justice
    jinnetta justice 5 months ago

    Good videos I'm a metal fan

  • no pasaran
    no pasaran 5 months ago +1


  • BobbyG
    BobbyG 5 months ago

    Fuck this song gives me chills, so damn good.

  • Jesse Handke
    Jesse Handke 5 months ago

    Seriously. The first time I heard JINJER was this song as well. I was really interested since I am a Pisces, and I was not let down. Just as surprised as you were, though!

  • jinnetta justice
    jinnetta justice 5 months ago

    I was like wow

  • jinnetta justice
    jinnetta justice 5 months ago

    Keep waiting for the mam to jump out

  • jinnetta justice
    jinnetta justice 5 months ago

    She's so cool

  • Jason VonIrsik
    Jason VonIrsik 5 months ago

    I'm not sold just yet. Let's look at live performances.

    • Jason VonIrsik
      Jason VonIrsik 5 months ago

      Ok well here ya go. Seems legit.

  • Jason VonIrsik
    Jason VonIrsik 5 months ago

    OPETH with female cleans. Sure.

  • fLESHeye
    fLESHeye 5 months ago

    I have two requests of smaller pretty unknown swedish bands.
    My own grave - None shall see
    DRÅP - Ner på knä

  • sean Hudson
    sean Hudson 5 months ago

    I had the same reaction, a buddy of mine just told me to check this out.

  • Shannon de Beer
    Shannon de Beer 5 months ago

    After watching more than 30 different reaction videos to this song , yours is by far the most similar to my sentiment upon hearing this song. i also hear the Opeth vibes in there and she is phenomenal. New subscriber here. :) Well done!

  • Diogo
    Diogo 5 months ago

    Please do Arch Enemy - Dead Eyes See No Future (Live)!

  • Christoffer Nero
    Christoffer Nero 5 months ago

    Jinjer: I speak astronomy
    Slipknot: Custer
    Slipknot: Goodbye
    Liliac: Chain of thornes
    Thundermother: Revival
    Thundermother: We fight for rock n roll
    Thundermother: Its just a tease
    The heard: Tower of silence
    Apovalypso Orchestra: The garden of earthly delights

  • Paul Retzbach
    Paul Retzbach 5 months ago

    That’s Tatiana!! She’s from Russia

  • PlacidDragon
    PlacidDragon 5 months ago

    Do i spy a Crown III tank ? :D

  • blackcountryme
    blackcountryme 6 months ago

    By these, I speak astronomy

  • blackcountryme
    blackcountryme 6 months ago

    This song is great, the melodic voice that caresses you and kisses you on both cheeks, with the dreamlike clean guitar, than the chorus grabs you around d the throat and bitch slaps you back into reality, the dream is over... Then fades back into the dreamlike state, this is a fever dream of a song. And yes she is a very beautiful woman, with a very beautiful voice and a talent to be sure. Not taking away from that guitar or the right amount of drums, a ticking heartbeat of a song. I brought the album after hearing two songs and watching reaction videos!

  • Fabrice Schirlo
    Fabrice Schirlo 6 months ago

    Your reaction is just awesome😂😂👌🏻

  • Elfeis Ojeis
    Elfeis Ojeis 6 months ago

    it seems like all the males reaction to this video is to utter "she's pretty" as though by saying it they're reassuring the world that they are not gay. I you react to a male singer the same way? By saying "He's pretty"

  • Jared Paez
    Jared Paez 6 months ago

    LOL 5:28 is always my favorite point in in these videos, cause it's always the best surprised reaction.
    The first guttural part is always fun but that last part.

  • hungry pete goes yeet
    hungry pete goes yeet 6 months ago

    Idk about anyone else but i dont think anyone is exspecting a girl to scream like that and that smooth

  • concho sewing
    concho sewing 6 months ago

    hahaha your face when growl kicked in! :D

  • Kevin Hill
    Kevin Hill 6 months ago


  • zoonie96
    zoonie96 6 months ago

    They r totally like...addictive

  • Neal
    Neal 6 months ago

    I've probably watched every Jinjer reaction vid on RU-clip, multiple times, and I have to come back and say you have the overall best reaction. Most people just have the initial shock and disbelief. The look on your face.... You have wonderment and joy and truly appreciate what you are seeing/hearing.

  • øyvind siglen
    øyvind siglen 6 months ago +1

    Are you sure you're not the bass player of Jinjer? haha

  • Ailer Magin
    Ailer Magin 6 months ago

    Hey friend, im from Colombia, a Hugh, please a reaction for ''Honey bucket'' the melvins.

  • cycobabe van blommestein

    amazing ladyyyyyyyyy such a great voice and grunt

  • Draconis Lupus
    Draconis Lupus 7 months ago

    Love your face when Tatiana does the mid breath switch from growl to clean. Priceless.
    She is probably the best female rock vocalist in the business today and backed by a great technically talented instrumentalists.

  • Gamer CMO
    Gamer CMO 7 months ago

    React Até o Fim

  • Jack Chu
    Jack Chu 7 months ago +9

    As a musician I appreciate this band so much! Everything is on point and am so proud of my country men! Україна молодець!! Привіт з Манчестера!

    • Jack Chu
      Jack Chu 4 months ago

      +sp co that's the best I can do for you really, check out the link cause even though funny enough I'm Ukrainian ivrt recently discovered Jinjer as I wasn't keeping up much with our music so all I can do is to find some links like that and send you or you can try find out yourself

    • sp co
      sp co 4 months ago

      Now I'm interested in more Ukrainian bands. Do you have any recommendations?