Rare Times Gordon Ramsay Was Actually Impressed By Food

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • Gordon Ramsay doesn't hold back when it comes to food, but not every one of the famously furious chef's reviews are negative. The man loves food: it just better be good! Here are a few of the rare moments from Ramsay's many reality shows when the swearin' Scot actually liked the food.
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    Ramsay cleans his plate | 0:18
    Mom's perfect french fries | 1:10
    Carrot cake saves the day | 1:46
    Killer clam chowder | 2:27
    The redemption burger | 3:26
    The perfect sausage roll | 4:12
    Bread pudding looks bad, tastes great | 5:00
    A fabulous Bananas Foster | 5:34
    Mother Mary's red velvet cake | 6:23
    "Good and crusty" apple pie | 6:58
    Ramsay's signature dish | 7:35
    Vegan for a night | 8:29
    Friendly on The F Word | 9:13
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  • Mashed
    Mashed  6 months ago +55

    What do you think is the coolest thing that Ramsay's ever eaten?

    • Ray Kuo
      Ray Kuo 3 days ago

      Bull penis

    • Chris -
      Chris - 16 days ago

      Salt and pepper

    • Rik Alex
      Rik Alex Month ago


    • Mister Greenie
      Mister Greenie Month ago

      We want you to shut the fuck up so we can hear the actual voice of Gordon.

    • RJC 72
      RJC 72 Month ago

      Humble pie and crow.

  • Steven Gardner
    Steven Gardner Day ago


  • Jeno Tamas
    Jeno Tamas 8 days ago

    That blind bitch was a fraud. She conned the world, really sick.

  • chris hubbard
    chris hubbard 17 days ago

    God that moment when he compliments the food. It must be such a massive adrenaline rush for the cook and even the entire restaurant. You stand there waiting for him to pretend to (or actually) throw up and he goes, "Wow, this is amazing, everything was perfectly done." And its just the best.

  • Ruby Playz
    Ruby Playz 17 days ago

    Joe: *Am i a joke to you?*

  • Duffney Pahayag
    Duffney Pahayag 21 day ago

    Is that Mayim Bialik?! 😮

  • Boston Nik
    Boston Nik 22 days ago +2

    how come the cameras follow him everytime?🤔

  • Leon Kernan
    Leon Kernan 25 days ago

    A Ramsay video without Nino comments? Time to fix that.

  • Sudhir Patil
    Sudhir Patil 26 days ago +1

    I am hungry

  • Great Leader Kim il Sung
    Great Leader Kim il Sung 27 days ago +1

    This bitch narrating has an annoying voice.

    MONTYthePYTHON 29 days ago

    If you're going to remove perfectly good original audio just to replace it with useless commentary, at least pronounce words correctly.

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight 29 days ago

    I hate arrogant filth talking Ramsay. But I felt very happy every time he complimented. I can only imagine how they felt.

  • Kracken
    Kracken Month ago +1

    You basically just repeated what he said

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Month ago

    He hates vegans because he wants to eat more than just vegetables and non meat meals, that is just my guess

  • Finlay Strang
    Finlay Strang Month ago

    Shayne the train should be on the top 10 people that can beat thanos because big chungus is the group leader and Shaynes dad so obviously Shayne the train would get first dibs

  • Dave Hong
    Dave Hong Month ago +8

    This commentary gave me anxiety...

  • KnightOfTheKing
    KnightOfTheKing Month ago

    In fact, it’s so annoying having you whining over perfectly good videos that I’m going to report you for copyright infringement!

  • KnightOfTheKing
    KnightOfTheKing Month ago +1

    Would have been so much better if that whining voice wasn’t talking over it!

  • myster. E Jones
    myster. E Jones Month ago

    Vegans! Hahahahaha! In Scottish restaurants the 'vegetarian option' is: To Fuck Off! 😊

  • TakaS013
    TakaS013 Month ago +6

    It's not that rare of him liking food dishes, he does that all the time on his multiple tv shows. He just has way more bad food dishes then good ones.

  • SuperPhanom
    SuperPhanom Month ago +1

    The good dishes should be called “Kitchen Good Dreams” not “Kitchen Nightmares”

  • Wotdermatter
    Wotdermatter Month ago +1

    Being from London, let me say that contradictory to the comment, at 4:39, sausage rolls are not STREET FOOD. Get things right before opening the mouth and putting a foot into it.
    'nuf sed. plamuk aka travellingchef.

  • Ajit Khuraijam
    Ajit Khuraijam Month ago +1

    Amy on master chef junior😀😀😀

  • Solar Dxsire
    Solar Dxsire Month ago

    *R a r e*

  • Neil Small
    Neil Small Month ago

    Commentary is annoying and pointless. No one wants to hear you narate him being impressed. Guess you like the sound of your voice that much. 😒

  • Klistern2
    Klistern2 Month ago

    I saw this same video without the shitty narration a while ago. It was better. The girl talking, her voice is infuriating. But hey lets now make 500 re-hash videos to make a few dollars on youtube. Pathetic.

  • Francis Louie
    Francis Louie Month ago +1

    4:13 gordon looks broke

  • Alain Portant
    Alain Portant Month ago

    Please shut up

  • Andrew Lauder
    Andrew Lauder Month ago +1

    The swearing Scot I think that’s the first time I’ve heard someone call him Scottish 🤔

  • Pranav Shinil
    Pranav Shinil Month ago


  • Woosh me Then read my description

    i saw the title:
    “HAH!!! He’ll probably not even be impressed that much!”

  • C Z
    C Z 2 months ago

    I hate that asshole

  • Usha Rohilla
    Usha Rohilla 2 months ago

    i like you

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez 2 months ago

    He’s only mean to those that are supposed to be professionals. They’re supposed to be able to do it correctly

  • R Rockwell
    R Rockwell 2 months ago +2

    Are you allergic to anything? Vegans! I'm definitely using that one.

  • Benign Rabbit
    Benign Rabbit 2 months ago

    Why is this an opinionated video on a chef that just has a bad review by his own peers. Honestly Ramsay is not a cook he is a name all his own foods are cooked by chefs he hires and every Michelin awarded chef talks down to his methods.

  • velozoom
    velozoom 2 months ago

    We don't need the shitty voice over...

  • caley ninalga
    caley ninalga 2 months ago +1

    *Gordan in his head* finally something good for once in their lifes.

  • Stuart Keith Guitars
    Stuart Keith Guitars 2 months ago +4

    You idiots realize that EVERY REALITY SHOW YOU EVER WATCHED......was scripted.....right?

  • Stuart Keith Guitars
    Stuart Keith Guitars 2 months ago

    I can't believe people entertain themselves with the unadulterated CRAP fed to them.
    How about....take the time you spent watch stupid videos today...and learn an art, a skill, SOMETHING? Moron.

  • Mumbo Jumbo De Runter
    Mumbo Jumbo De Runter 2 months ago

    Can't this bitch just shut the F up and show the videos already!

  • timothy790110
    timothy790110 2 months ago

    Will you shut the fuck up please.

  • Miner's Treasures
    Miner's Treasures 2 months ago +1

    It's not fair to judge anything but Kitchen Nightmares because everything else is usually good.

  • Erick Castillo
    Erick Castillo 2 months ago

    rd bu

  • depressed cat
    depressed cat 2 months ago +1


  • Jacques de Morton
    Jacques de Morton 2 months ago

    The celebrity chef era is as relevant as the reality tv era. Who wants to re-create the meals ultra-rich people eat? Not me.
    Chef was once unfashionable term for a cook who was paid by taxpayer funds to provide meals to poor people.
    Restaurants were places where travellers could obtain hot potage.
    Eco mad women, sociopath chef lunatics and crazed suppliers of over prised, ordinary foodstuffs make you want to feel guilty for having a supper of beans and bacon, or a big, hot bowl of scouse.
    Eat what you want, and best still, cook it yourself.

  • Martin Montinola
    Martin Montinola 2 months ago

    I want to hear more from Gordon, not from the narrator 👎🏼

  • Rasmus348e
    Rasmus348e 2 months ago +17

    6:22 is that Jabba the hut hiding under his t-shirt

  • ShawnCadieux1984
    ShawnCadieux1984 2 months ago

    ....this has already been done

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 2 months ago

    Your voice is annoying, just let the shows run

  • Lucas Gibson
    Lucas Gibson 2 months ago

    Didnt come here to hear you. I came for Gordans dialogue. This video is complete shit.

  • pwndecaf
    pwndecaf 2 months ago

    What a snow flake.

  • AllAroundKeenSagittariusAthleteWorker

    Shut the fuck up and show us the videos.

  • Richard Atkins
    Richard Atkins 3 months ago +1

    American commentator with no personality explaining like a school child = 2 second switch off

  • csliger596
    csliger596 3 months ago +4

    Ok that bananas foster at 6:00 looked ridiculously good!

    LANDONS POV 3 months ago

    He's such a little princess

  • cdracos1
    cdracos1 3 months ago

    shit annoying commentary

  • Bryan Dover
    Bryan Dover 3 months ago

    Anyone that pours their heart out into their creation, deserves empathy when they fail. Ramsey's tirades and language is just unacceptable. If you don't like something someone has prepared, HELP them to be better. Why discourage them with a foul mouth and demeaning mannerisms. He is, in short, a snobbish jerk.

    PENGDO 3 months ago

    He's a douchbag.

  • Harry Uzzle
    Harry Uzzle 3 months ago

    Too many freaking commercials

  • delijafromdownunder
    delijafromdownunder 3 months ago

    I watched Ramsays show just before going to a American style restaurant, with kids. Terrible food, i felt like calling the cook over to taste his burger

  • Grimm Born Reaps
    Grimm Born Reaps 3 months ago

    4:03 I'd tell the chef to go his own way. Open your own joint, and let these two salty ass owners sink.

  • Jennifer Carmack
    Jennifer Carmack 3 months ago

    "THAT....was fucking delicious.", Here that from Gordon Ramsey you know you'll go to sleep with a smile on your face that night.

  • A.R. Gentum
    A.R. Gentum 3 months ago

    Who's the dumb bitch yacking?
    Ditch the pathetic commentary.
    F, no that's too good. How about EFF? as in epic fucking failure.

  • brock dickens
    brock dickens 3 months ago

    its not hard to make cake

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly 3 months ago

    That English accent liked to killed me !!!!!! How many years from now will this scene be reenacted in states unborn and accents yet unknown ??

  • Seth Samuel
    Seth Samuel 3 months ago +1

    The two boys at 7:49 remind me of the Aldini's from Food Wars

  • madringking1119
    madringking1119 3 months ago

    I thought he as English too

    • Ninedaysjane
      Ninedaysjane 2 months ago

      Born in Scotland, raised in England.

  • bastian k
    bastian k 4 months ago

    He likes food all the time. it isn't rare

  • GreenPathsChan
    GreenPathsChan 4 months ago

    he goes *gaga*

  • Lewis Lewis
    Lewis Lewis 4 months ago +2

    Dislike for the commentary, would have been better just to play the clips.

  • Andrew Hanouneh
    Andrew Hanouneh 4 months ago +2

    5 ads this SUCKSSSSSSS

  • Homer Slated
    Homer Slated 4 months ago

    That's some impressive man-boobs.

  • David's Garage
    David's Garage 4 months ago

    I was paying attention very closely to your stupid annoying commentary you don't even know how to pronounce anything firckasee? That's how you pronounced it you dumb bitch.

  • Mystery Man
    Mystery Man 4 months ago +1

    Geez stop talking