Real Madrid vs Barcelona 2-1 - Copa Del Rey Final 2014 - Highlights (English Commentary)

  • Published on Feb 2, 2019
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  • prince wilson
    prince wilson Hour ago

    La raclée

  • Heroic Miquio
    Heroic Miquio Day ago

    messi will never ever be like CR7

  • 3cpo Xxx
    3cpo Xxx Day ago

    i love bale

  • Aymen Hamdane
    Aymen Hamdane 2 days ago

    9:13 Zidane

  • Elielton Araújo Justino

    Bale jogou muito bem nesse jogo

  • nima mokhtari
    nima mokhtari 3 days ago +1

    Oh! What happened to young Gareth Bale! So promising, So talented! :/

    DANIEL H.S. 3 days ago

    Cuando bale ........ (Completen el comentario) jaja

  • Nico silva
    Nico silva 4 days ago

    Palmeiras não tem mundial

  • Harshith Gowda
    Harshith Gowda 5 days ago

    Oki correct if I am wrong , Bale wasn't clearly offside in 6:30 there was defender left back , so that goal was completely valid enough !!

  • Kamal Rizal
    Kamal Rizal 7 days ago

    will miss u at madrid gareth

  • Daniel R
    Daniel R 7 days ago +3

    Remember when Bale was made to feel important and given an important role in the team and thrived. Now he's too scared to do anything cause the media slaughters him for anything and everything. Not his fault he's injured a lot, if he's constantly injured than the fitness trainers haven't figured it out. It's literally their job to prevent injuries, reoccurring injuries especially the type he has had point towards a lack of effective treatment. Don't know why Zidane doesn't like him either, seems to be a stupid personally vendetta.

  • EA sport
    EA sport 8 days ago +1

    7:22 WTF

  • FF Gaming Series
    FF Gaming Series 9 days ago +1

    A good chance for Madrid to get treble that season

  • Thee Xyooj
    Thee Xyooj 10 days ago


    ZZZ ZZZ 10 days ago


  • Risky Ade Kurniawan
    Risky Ade Kurniawan 10 days ago

    good old days

  • 田中圭介
    田中圭介 12 days ago


  • Firman Syahz
    Firman Syahz 17 days ago +1

    Bale, he's like thomas in the maze runner 😂

  • matias direct
    matias direct 18 days ago +1

    fabregas de delantero centro? 0:35

  • Ardian Gaming
    Ardian Gaming 19 days ago

    So dimaria dribel

  • blackhawk 357
    blackhawk 357 20 days ago +1

    The best player of barcelona that match was jose manuel pinto

  • Darkzero Setiawan
    Darkzero Setiawan 20 days ago

    No ronaldo,no marcelo, no arbeloa we can defeat barca with messi and neymar

  • Gorka Brotons Molines
    Gorka Brotons Molines 20 days ago

    que baile del madrid

  • Rafi Eranda
    Rafi Eranda 21 day ago

    Where is Marc Bartra now?

    • Rafi Eranda
      Rafi Eranda 20 days ago

      Hasbullah Vida well... good for dortmund tho 🤣

    • Hasbullah Vida
      Hasbullah Vida 20 days ago

      Dortmund now got kick from barca cuz let bale go through him at copa del rey..

  • Dennis Bergkamp
    Dennis Bergkamp 21 day ago

    fabregas was playing striker 😳

    • blackhawk 357
      blackhawk 357 20 days ago

      Barcelona didn't have a CF that season

  • Lj Zongte
    Lj Zongte 22 days ago

    Neymar scared as hell when Pepe comes near

  • JR 07
    JR 07 23 days ago

    Remember when Bale was good?

  • Steven Real
    Steven Real 23 days ago


  • Scott Gadzhimagomedov
    Scott Gadzhimagomedov 24 days ago

    Miss that time ugh(

  • Aniket koshti
    Aniket koshti 24 days ago

    You are here for 7.45

  • Daniel Silecchia
    Daniel Silecchia 25 days ago

    “When you start looking for calls you stop playing the game”

    MARIO BARRAGAN 25 days ago

    Antes el Madrid tenia dos Marcelo en defensa

  • Xasan Mustofoyev
    Xasan Mustofoyev 26 days ago


  • Kouadio Venance Kouakou

    Le Gareth Bale qui avait signé à l'été 2013 était un redoutable joueur quand même. Un peu égoïste mais une véritable fusée. Dommage que les blessures l'aient amoindri autant. Un joueur qui a toujours été décisif dans les grands rendez-vous pour le Real Madrid.

  • Khairul Anuar
    Khairul Anuar 28 days ago

    Bale n di maria was so good,quick n dangerous..

    PETROS REAL 28 days ago +2

    Leave bale alone.real madrid need him.bale please stay

  • BB Ash
    BB Ash 29 days ago +6

    Benzema misses like 1818118 chances..that's why I hate him..😤😤

  • Бахти Кузяев

    Hello??? I want buy this RU-clip channel ??

  • Thc Cannabis Peace
    Thc Cannabis Peace 29 days ago

    I miss the Baleof this time....

  • แบงค์ น้อยแต่ร้อยค่า


  • علي حجازي
    علي حجازي 29 days ago

    الله اكبر الله اكبر هلا مدريد

    WELLYNGTON 29 days ago +4

    Esse dia foi inexplicável ❤ HALA MADRID Y NADA MÁS

  • Iván Córdoba
    Iván Córdoba 29 days ago

    ¿Se puede ser más choni con una traje y gorra?

  • Noor Meharaj
    Noor Meharaj 29 days ago

    7:45 (standard) 👌

    SRK ROHIT Month ago +1

    messi's reaction in the end😂

  • Keys• luv
    Keys• luv Month ago +1

    No Ronaldo=no goal
    No Zidane=no tropy
    Atop Ronaldo end Zidane

  • jesus vera
    jesus vera Month ago

    Baltra scored the teing goal but then caused the winnig goal

  • ĐoànCP Gaming
    ĐoànCP Gaming Month ago

    G.Bale number one

  • M Rhama
    M Rhama Month ago

    7:45 Bartra: ah shit here we go again

  • Umar Chowdhury
    Umar Chowdhury Month ago +30

    9:12 Zidane, assistant coach, showing affection to Bale.
    But 5 years later, such an interaction not very imaginable ...

  • kili villa
    kili villa Month ago

    Madre mía Pepe con pelo jajajaj

  • Yassine BEL
    Yassine BEL Month ago +2

    8:40 Casillas 😍😍😂😂🥰🥰

  • Iman Mukhlis
    Iman Mukhlis Month ago +3

    Cr7, the best striker.. Marcelo the best defender and Sami Khedira the best midfielder were sitting at bench yet real madrid still won against barca.. applause 👏

    • Mufti Fajar
      Mufti Fajar 7 days ago +1

      Sami Khedira the best midfielder? Fckin' kidding me?

  • Jonathan Cortes
    Jonathan Cortes Month ago +1

    Thank god Cristiano Ronaldo they did not play they would of lost and bale didn’t even try to win his 1st trophy with Madrid 😂

  • Iftekhar Almazi
    Iftekhar Almazi Month ago

    Bale scores gem of a goal.

  • Alejandro Santos
    Alejandro Santos Month ago +2

    Aquí es donde me pregunto, por qué siempre el real Madrid le tiene que dar palizas al barça 🔥💯

  • Тарлан
    Тарлан Month ago +4

    Real Madrid the best.🌍⚽️🥇💪

  • Anatoliy Lyakh
    Anatoliy Lyakh Month ago

    Where is Bale now?!!!

  • Mykael Pereira
    Mykael Pereira Month ago

    Do like much play

  • M. Jamil Rahman
    M. Jamil Rahman Month ago

    come on... Wake up!!! You are Great Bale !!!

  • Danial Ahmed
    Danial Ahmed Month ago +5

    Messi's face at the end though 🤣 🤣 🤣

  • wassup
    wassup Month ago +2

    Bartra give a hope and lost it

  • Harry Sanjaya
    Harry Sanjaya Month ago +1

    Hahahahahahahaha, NOOBBBBBB BARCEE

  • J. JR CR7
    J. JR CR7 Month ago Cristiano Ronaldo em Manchester United e Real Madrid

  • Kiều Việt Hiệp

    Messi noob muâhhah

  • Redi Beaux
    Redi Beaux Month ago

    Ancelotti beat Barcelona with Ronaldo, Marcelo, and Alonso on the bench... That's some Alex Ferguson-level shit

  • Ruh Salatası
    Ruh Salatası Month ago

    Ne koymuş be adam 👨

  • Sherlock the Boss
    Sherlock the Boss Month ago

    Bale was all over lol

  • Sherlock the Boss
    Sherlock the Boss Month ago

    Benzema is so shit lol