Decidueye / Swampert - Pokemon TCG Online Gameplay

  • Published on Dec 31, 2018
  • Andrew Mahone plays Decidueye / Swampert in this Pokémon Trading Card Game Online Gameplay video.
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    ****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******
    ##Pokémon - 23
    * 2 Alolan Ninetales-GX LOT 132
    * 1 Larvitar LOT 115
    * 4 Rowlet SUM 9
    * 1 Dartrix SUM 10
    * 4 Decidueye-GX SUM 12
    * 2 Tapu Lele-GX GRI 60
    * 4 Alolan Vulpix GRI 21
    * 2 Mudkip CES 32
    * 1 Alolan Ninetales-GX GRI 22
    * 2 Swampert CES 35
    ##Trainer Cards - 27
    * 4 Professor Elm’s Lecture LOT 188
    * 1 Rescue Stretcher GRI 130
    * 1 Timer Ball SUM 134
    * 4 Rare Candy SUM 129
    * 1 Acerola BUS 112
    * 1 Judge FLI 108
    * 4 Cynthia UPR 119
    * 2 Guzma BUS 115
    * 4 Ultra Ball SLG 68
    * 1 Counter Gain LOT 170
    * 1 Counter Catcher CIN 91
    * 2 Choice Band GRI 121
    * 1 Max Potion GRI 128
    ##Energy - 10
    * 4 Double Colorless Energy EVO 90
    * 2 Rainbow Energy BKT 152
    * 1 Super Boost Energy {*} UPR 136
    * 3 Fairy Energy XY 140
    Total Cards - 60
    ****** Deck List Generated by the Pokémon TCG Online ******
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Comments • 40

  • Jax, Kase & Dad
    Jax, Kase & Dad 5 months ago

    Great games. Love watching you pilot this deck.

  • TheVeganSquid
    TheVeganSquid Year ago

    I'm so sad my baby passimian became main stream. I did it before it was cool :(

  • joshua bender
    joshua bender Year ago

    Get well soon 💯.... nice psa return 🔥🔥🔥

  • NotAPolarBear
    NotAPolarBear Year ago +1

    I just traded away 4 Decidueyes (1 a full art promo) and 2 full art Tyrannitar for 2 pink Alolan Ninetales

  • Jean-Christophe Guay

    Ma boi Swampert coming in! I'm so sad Swamoleon isn't up to the meta at the moment, I've been toying with it for like 3 weeks and finally realized that it probably wasn't good enough, what do you think of it personally? Yeah I know Alolan ninetales GX is an option now, but sorta expensive and wanna keep it non-gx personally

  • Jaq
    Jaq Year ago +1

    Hey Andrew I feel like Carbink (143/214 Lost Thunder) was looked over, for a double colorless, you can prevent all effects of attacks done to it from any Pokemon that has an ability,
    with an ability heavy format, I tech in this card a lot, and it almost always wins me the gardervoir GX match-up (unless they play Sylveon GX instead of Ninetales)
    the only down side to this card is Guzma, which most people play 3-4 of.

  • Ryan Prusak
    Ryan Prusak Year ago +1

    Yveltal gx is also really good for the surprise ohko on anything. Played ZoroDeciTales at a cup and yveltal was very useful. I wasn’t playing the larvitar, but playing both seems like a good idea to me.

  • Sebi Z
    Sebi Z Year ago +1

    Cool deck

  • James Carter
    James Carter Year ago

    So glad you’re feeling better! Best of luck, man! You’ve got this. We’ve missed you!

  • ArtyFarts
    ArtyFarts Year ago

    Maybe play one copy of memory energy so u can beacon even with the ninetails?

  • Anderson Clark
    Anderson Clark Year ago

    Missed you dude! Is there a list of the cards in this deck?

  • Jamesta James
    Jamesta James Year ago

    Finally caught up with all the vids just today and you throw this at me lol

  • sam shepherd
    sam shepherd Year ago

    Hey andrew,
    When will fullgribgames be doing single card pre orders of team up?

    • Tricky Gym
      Tricky Gym  Year ago

      i'll make sure to let everyone know when we do !!!

  • Tanish Sachdeva
    Tanish Sachdeva Year ago

    Your new character looks awesome mahone

  • Tanish Sachdeva
    Tanish Sachdeva Year ago

    Happy New year

  • Deuce Loosely ptcg
    Deuce Loosely ptcg Year ago +10

    Y didnt u feather arrow the marshadow for k.o??

    • Tricky Gym
      Tricky Gym  Year ago +1

      WOOPS. must be the pain killers 🤔

  • Piper Lepine
    Piper Lepine Year ago

    This deck seems cool, I’m assuming against blacephlon you just play swampert ninetales against them and forgo the owl. Are there any tough matchups for it?

    • Piper Lepine
      Piper Lepine Year ago

      PokeGX yeah I agree ZDT is better in general but the blacephelon mu seems better for this

    • PokeGX
      PokeGX Year ago

      I recommend the Zoroark version of DeciTales,it's much more consistent (in my opinion) and makes easier the malamar matchup,also it lets you OHKO some things like leles with Choice+feather arrow
      Also in that version you can have a copie of alolan muk (SUM) to counter the hoopas and the shuckles and, the thoughest matchups are against blacephalon,zorocontrol and the mirror is really difficult.
      Hope this comment helps you (happy new year from Spain)

  • Matt Gregg
    Matt Gregg Year ago

    Happy New Years Mahone. Hope your recovery is quick and are back to kickflipping soon.

  • Anthony Yin
    Anthony Yin Year ago +4

    11:55 you forgot to feather arrow happy new year

  • ForTheWinTCG
    ForTheWinTCG Year ago

    11:41 Forgot to feather arrow the Marshadow for KO there buddy xD
    Not that it mattered though, you destroyed that Malamar deck!

  • Cody James
    Cody James Year ago

    Mahone has Havea........ Have a happy new year mahone.

  • IdiotsRuS
    IdiotsRuS Year ago

    Hey Mahone hope u gets better soon. But OMG when did u change ur avatar XD

  • Alex Wilson
    Alex Wilson Year ago

    Forgetting to feather arrow again 😂

  • Pokémon table top Games


  • Husky Handreo
    Husky Handreo Year ago +1

    Happy New Year, Andrew. A fan of your videos. ☺ Pokémon is awesome.

  • Schwarz Rin
    Schwarz Rin Year ago +4

    Missed ya for a bit there. Glad you’re recovering. I’m happy I saw you doing a PSA Graded return back on Derium’s. It was good to see a cameo there.

  • ForTheWinTCG
    ForTheWinTCG Year ago

    Eyy decidueye getting some love

  • The step between genius and insanity is very short

    2 min within ptcgradio’s vid _conspiracy theory thickens_

    • Tricky Gym
      Tricky Gym  Year ago

      omg. hahahahahhahahahahaha

    • The step between genius and insanity is very short
      The step between genius and insanity is very short Year ago +3

      Mahone's Tricky Gym Well, you see, on June 9th Andrew Mahone uploaded a video of Malamar with a Mewtwo that was largely ignored by major deck lists until he and Riley were thinking about a psychic Pokémon that was like Raikou (while pronouncing it wrong). On July 5th, ptcgradio made a video about that mewtwo and how he ignored it, and how amazing of a Pokémon it actually was. It was at this moment Andrew Mahone became a pivotal influencer on the meta and popularizing cards which gave him unprecedented genius in the Pokémon metagame. Tord Reklev? Ha, he got nothing on Mahone. It was exactly 20 days between these two videos. 20 multiplied by the amount of time in the first of DarkIntegralGaming’s vids on the the unfair unown damage is 720 minutes. Ptcgradio made a vid about unown damage breaking the Pokémon tag and mentioned that Andrew Mahone might’ve came up with this. That video got 400 likes (prob won’t be by the time you read this). 400 minus 20 times my IQ (which is 6 by the way) is 280. If you add the minutes and the likes together you get 1000 which is also the IQ of Andrew Mahone playing the Meganium Greninja deck. 🤯🤯

    • The step between genius and insanity is very short
      The step between genius and insanity is very short Year ago

      Mahone's Tricky Gym Oml senpai noticed me 🤭☺️

    • Tricky Gym
      Tricky Gym  Year ago

      *applies tinfoil hat* ... okay go on