Turkish Airlines Full Flight: Istanbul to Sofia - Boeing 737-800

  • Published on Jun 29, 2018
  • A full length, full flight video with Turkish Airlines onboard Boeing 737-800 TC-JVD, operating flight TK1029 from Istanbul to Sofia on April 20 2018.

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    Airline: Turkish Airlines
    Flight: TK1029
    Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 TC-JVD
    From: Istanbul (IST)
    To: Sofia (SOF)
    Departure: 19:49
    Arrival: 20:43
    Flight Time: 0:54
    Seat: 7F
    Flight Path: infl.it/tk1029map
    Our journey today begins in the crowded terminal at Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport. We make our way through the crowds in the packed terminal to our gate, where we catch a bus across the ramp to a remote stand where our aircraft is waiting to take us to Sofia.
    We board through the front steps and take our seat in 7F, and wait for the aircraft to be refuelled. After a short delay we push back and taxi to runway 35R where we join the queue for evening departures. The sun sets as we line up for takeoff, and we depart getting a beautiful view of Istanbul at dusk. Once we are over the sea and heading east, the sun rises once more illuminating the engine in a beautiful orange colour, before it sets once more over Bulgaria.
    We commence our descent and make a beautiful approach and landing over the city of Sofia, where we land on schedule and taxi into the gate We disembark and head towards the taxi ramp to get a ride to a nearby hotel.
    0:00:04 Inside terminal at Istanbul Ataturk Airport, walking to gate
    0:07:16 Ramp view
    0:07:33 At gate 306, waiting for boarding
    0:08:40 Boarding commences, boarding bus to aircraft
    0:09:49 Bus ride across airport to remote stand
    0:12:39 Leaving bus, boarding the aircraft
    0:16:33 Cabin view
    0:18:19 Cabin view
    0:25:41 Cabin view
    0:27:05 Pushback and engine start
    0:31:06 Safety video, taxi to runway 35R
    0:43:13 Takeoff runway 35R
    0:56:02 Snack and drinks service
    1:16:59 Commencing descent into Sofia
    1:34:06 Final approach and landing into Sofia
    1:36:28 Landing at Sofia, taxi to gate
    1:46:46 Disembark aircraft, walk through terminal to street
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  • İlkay Mutlu
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    I'm living the Sofia I visit Istanbul every year my thing is go to Sofia in Istanbul with plane is wastes of money but 6 h with bus

    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  11 months ago

      Wow didn’t realise it was only 6 hours by bus! Probably a lot more scenic too!

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    Riza Kalen Year ago

    Riza Kalen

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      PepiOnLine 10 months ago

      I live in sofia. it's beautiful. but the air is very dirty

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    Cyrus Bahador Year ago

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      Well, RU-clip is my second job, so I guess you could call it for work :)

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      Hi Nick! Thanks for watching and welcome to Full Flight Club :D Haven't flown with Air Serbia yet. Definitely on the plans though - I was going to on this trip but everything changed :)

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    nsw72 Year ago

    Wait. When asked to "stand by" did that pilot actually respond ...:"standing by"??! (29:08 --- )
    Great safety vid by TK :) Worlds apart from the staid old announcements of days past. Another very catchy one is the Virgin America (now part of Alaskan) safety video.

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      That's awesome, Lufthansa flights SOF-MUC coming up next :)

  • Johnny Bray
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    I love it and this must be short haul flight.
    Boeing 737-800 are one of my favorite type of aircrafts. I flew AirTran Airways Boeing 737-800 three times eight years ago: MCO-DTW on May 21st when I headed for one of my ten cousins’ high school graduation in Laingsburg, Michigan. DTW-MCO on May 25th when I headed home and MKE-MCO on July 15th when I headed home at that night from visiting my ex girlfriend in Hartford, Wisconsin began on June 14th but got first flight delay for 3 or 4 hours.
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    QuantumBraced Year ago

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    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      Depends on the wind direction. Landing with a tailwind can be very dangerous, and cause a very long landing.

  • Валери Владимиров

    Thank you for this amazing video. I watch every your flight but this time you landed in my city Sofia- the city where I live and I am very glad. Thank you again!!! 😊

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      inflight Video Thank you too. And I will show you my city with pleasure when you come again. 😊

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      Awesome! Thank you for watching! Sofia seems like a fantastic city, I would love to return and visit properly one day!

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      Thank you Eunos, I definitely hope to start doing it again soon - I just got lazy I guess with so many flights being edited!

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      Rather Be Traveling Year ago

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    • Noel Philips
      Noel Philips  Year ago

      So there's several parts to this, it's a long old process. FR24 CSV, modify all the columns into the correct (GPX) format. Then use GPSVisualiser to convert to a GPX. Once I've done that I interpolate and spline with Topofusion (to get the smooth curves) and upload that GPX to CloudAhoy, which lets me play the flight in real time (screen record). Once that's done, I use Dashware with the video of the map and the original GPX as the data source with a custom gauge I created for the airshow display at the bottom of the screen. This spits out a new MP4 which I drop onto the video and time to a specific point (crossing a road or something). Hope that helps :)

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